Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who loves Islamists? Israel loves Islamists! Israel & FSA work together

Israel and  NATO Islamic mercs-  Work hand in glove

Ok, so we have been noticing the Israeli government and army getting themselves more involved in the destabilisation of Syria. Well.... maybe not more involved, since Israel has been part and parcel of the not so covert war on Syria for some time now. Possibly longer then any of us realize.
Israel is the biggest beneficiary, in the middle east,  of the destruction of Syria.
Which is why Israel is "in bed" with the Islamists.
Which is why Israel is very pleased when the NATO mercs kill and displace Christians. This is the same type of action Israel has undertaken in the Middle East themselves. On many occasions. In the past and to this day.

Many Palestinian Christians have left, because of Israeli/follower of Judaism indoctrination/violence not because of the Arabs. And, the abuse continues to this very day.

How any Christian organization supports this abuse is beyond me. But, then I am not much for any religion at all.

With this background in mind and recalling the news of recent days. Israeli strikes on Syria in response to 'mortar'
Let's check out the video,link  left by Brian. Thanks Brian!!!
From Syriangirl; Israel and FSA Jointly Attack Syria

Then let's read this: Syrian Rebels take villages near Israel-held area

I will translate from double speak, to realityNATO's Islamist mercs ,supported by Israel, have laid seige to villages near Israel, killing and maiming countless innocent men, women and children

Syrian rebels control almost all the villages near the frontier with the Israel-held Golan Heights, the Israeli defense minister said Wednesday, bringing the conflict dangerously close to the Jewish state and raising the possibility of an armed clash with the region's strongest power.

During a tour of the Golan Heights, Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave a scathing assessment of Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces and said Israel will remain "vigilant and alert."

"Almost all of the villages, from the foot of this ridge to the very top, are already in the hands of the Syrian rebels," said Barak, who was accompanied by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "The Syrian army is displaying ever-diminishing efficiency."

Israeli military officials said Barak's assessment depicted a situation that is not entirely new, and that rebels have held those villages for several weeks. It was not clear how many villages the rebels hold along the Golan Heights, which is about 40 miles (65 kilometers) from the Syrian capital of Damascus.
The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to discuss the sensitive information, said the situation is dynamic and could change easily, with the villages returning to Assad's hands.
Israeli experts said nothing prevents Assad's forces from entering the villages and retaking them, even ones in the U.N. zone.
"Just like any other place, it is a battleground between the army and the rebels," said Itamar Rabinovich, the former chief Israeli negotiator with Syria.
He said Israel would likely continue to remain on the sidelines of the fighting because Israeli officials believe Assad will eventually fall and that any support for rebels would backfire.
But privately, "Israel is rooting for the right kind of insurgents," he said, ones who follow a moderate line and have no links to Islamist extremist groups.
Moshe Maoz, professor emeritus at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, said the exchange of fire this week was "based on a mistake," and that if such incidents continued, they would be infrequent.
"The Syrian army doesn't have any interest in provoking Israel," he said. "Syria has enough problems."

As the Professor accurately claims, the Syrian Army and Syrian have no interest in provoking Israel. Syria does indeed have enough problems. What is not said is Israel has a very big interest in provoking Syria, which is why Israel has aided the NATO mercs.


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  2. it was always a no-brainer that Assad opposed israel, as he supports palestine(who unfortunately support the insurgency and so israel!) and that the opposition needs israel to gain power....get rid of assad benefits israel in its desire to be the sole power in the middle east

  3. matt the dyke is upset

    Matthew VanDyke · 3,694 like this
    Tuesday at 5:01am ·
    ‎#Syria gov't news stations are now saying on TV that I am a #terrorist. Very dangerous for me here now. Millions of people in Syria have likely seen the numerous broadcasts on 4 different channels (Akhmariya Suria, Dunya, Sama, Khabar), some with photos and video of me fighting in Libya, and the broadcasts claim that I have joined the FSA as a fighter. They use the word terrorist to describe me. At least one station also had my name scrolling in the news feed at the bottom of the screen throughout the day and saying that I was helping FSA terrorists. Some people on the street have already recognized me from the television reports. I am now more of a target than ever. I'm not sure how much the regime would pay for my capture or death at this point. My only question is, what took them so long to catch on? I have been here for weeks helping the FSA with this film and advising them on some things based on my experience in Libya and academic background. This won't affect my work, I will not alter my schedule and I will finish the film before going to Libya to give a speech at the Libya Summit in Tripoli, as planned. And I will be back to Syria in 2013 to do more work for the revolution, and the Assad regime can use whatever label they want to describe me. I'm not the first one they've called a terrorist, and I won't be the last.

  4. how americans see europe:

    ever wonder what its like being an american looking at the wide world?
    this may explain a lot:

  5. We can't trust these claims about who controls what territory.

    As Lizzie Phelan demonstrated with Mohammad Rafea, the rebels and their media helpers constantly lie:

    Mohamad insisted that like many of the other Al-Arabiya reports, it was a fake and nothing more than propaganda, Shakal was much less sceptical.

    Mohamad and I left, and got in his car so he could drop me off at my hotel. He had been on and off the phone since the report and with each phone call he became more certain of his inital disbelief. "Are you really sure? But what about the pictures?" I quizzed. "I am going to Zabadani, do you want to come with me?" he retorted. I looked at him, and nearly two weeks into spending every day of being taken care of by him, I knew him well enough that it was nowhere within him to take the slightest risk of putting another person in harms way. So off we went.
    As we drove through the freezing night, and got higher and higher, and closer towards Zabadani, snow began to fall. Not a checkpoint on the way, until we stopped at the entrance to Zabadani. There, a small group of no more than five soldiers huddled around a fire, relaxed and chatting away. Mohamad wound down the window, told them about the report and they immediately laughed. "Go right through," they said. "Drive all the way into Lebanon if you want."

    Right through to the centre of the city and not a soul in sight, let alone the convoys of armed anti-government fighters we had seen beaming supposedly live on Al-Arabiya about 45 minutes before. No gunshots, or sounds of clashes, just a city sleeping. Mohamad was right, but he could not have slept even the few hours that he caught every day, without seeing it for himself.

    Very quickly after that night, the apparently fake images of armed oppositionists inside Zabadani, became reality. Bearing out what Mohamad concluded was a media campaign that created facts on the ground.

    Many of these stories are not believable on the face of it and we know the military/media uses false stories as war propaganda. We've exposed a number of faked videos regarding Syria right here.

    We've also already heard a number of contradictory claims about actions on the border (like whether pilots can and are firing in certain areas).

    On the other hand, Press TV reported rebels in control of the Syrian side of a border crossing with Turkey where weapons were allegedly being imported.

    If the Syrian Army has given up control over its borders, whether its allowing weapons in or giving up whole towns on the border to rebels, or even disengaging militarily from the border, then it's game over militarily. It's foolish of them to concede these borders.

    They should be amassing at the borders! Getting ready to attack outward--anywhere and everywhere on their borders (like the thousands of kilometer borders with Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel). Why not attack outward then retreat back to Syria to engage in a rebel war?

    I would think maintaining control of the smuggling routes would be their top priority. And then attacking key areas of Turkey and Jordan and maybe sending soldiers into a cat and mouse game in Lebanon and attacking Israel indirectly. Syria needs some sort of aggressive strategy at this point.

    1. "They should be amassing at the borders! Getting ready to attack outward--anywhere and everywhere on their borders ....
      I would think maintaining control of the smuggling routes would be their top priority. ..."

      I agree, the lack of defence of the trade routes and borders is troubling.

  6. Sources of the Syrian Red Crescent told "al-Intiqad" website it had received a threat from the so-called "Free Syrian Army", forbidding their vehicles from hospitalizing Syrian army soldiers.

    The source confirmed that those who threatened the Red Crescent were the same people who assaulted them and stole two of their vehicles in Damascus.

    Also, the source stated that the regime and the so-called opposition must treat the organization and its medical staff well and not damage or hijack its vehicles.
    Moreover, the source further indicated that the Red Crescent is an impartial humanitarian organization that has nothing to do with the ongoing conflict. Its role is to aid and hospitalize those wounded or dead in clashes irrelevant of their political views or stances.

    Syrian warplanes bombed insurgent vehicles in Ras al-Ain region, causing tens of deaths in the Turkish-Syrian borders.

    On another note, many rebels were killed in severe clashes with the regime's Army in al-Sayyeda Zeinab (AS) area in Damascus. During the encounter, the security forces exposed an ammunition and artillery warehouse containing mortar missiles, light weaponry, and grenades.
    Moreover, a security source revealed that an army unit confiscated a large amount of weaponry and ammunition in Akraba near al-Sayyeda Zeinab after pursuing armed terrorist groups.

    In addition, in Homs, al-Intiqad learnt that clashes broke out today in Homs' old neighborhoods resulting in several killings. Additionally, a man and woman were killed from a sniper in al-Zahera, Homs.

  7. i doubt the 'rebels' occupying the villages at the golan are syrian at all

  8. Dan Holliday :
    'This is a report of what's going on in Gaza as of right now, by my friend Catherine Charrett (PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University): Catherine played an instrumental part in the Aberystwyth Friends of Palestine - Student Society, and her commitment to the Palestinian cause is exemplary. I hope she will be safe, and that the Palestinians will soon be free of the perpetual misery and suffering they are forced to endure at the hands of Israel.'

  9. A study in psychopathy -

    Netanhayu is an actor, an empty vessel devoid of soul, here he mimics concern and indignation but actually every gesture and intonation is calculated and his point of view is laughably lopsided.
    Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with foreign ambassadors in Ashkelon