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Allies weigh Syria no fly zone and special forces on the ground

This is going to be a very long post, but, it is worth reading. In my humble opinion.

First; The news  breaking in Australian media as I type.
The rest that follows was a post began yesterday, but sidetracked by the UN vote regarding Israel's nukes.

Allies weigh Syria no-fly zone and special forces

A NO-FLY zone, ground troops and special forces form the main planks of British-US contingency plans drawn up over recent months in anticipation of a Syrian chemical attack. 
If a political decision is made to intervene, a limited no-fly zone could be imposed to stop the Syrian Air Force dropping bombs with chemical warheads.

Special operations forces would be deployed, backed by a substantial number of support troops, up to 75,000, to seize or safeguard the Syrian regime's chemical weapons facilities.

"We have (US) special operations forces at the right posture, they don't have to be sent," a US official said, suggesting those troops are already in the region.
 The preferred method of armed intervention would be for a "multinational coalition", according to the US official. Partners in any operation to deal with Syria's chemical weapons could include Jordan, Turkey, Israel and Britain.

  Authorisation for military intervention in Syria from the UN Security Council remained "improbable" because of resistance from Russia and China, the US official said.

As an alternative, the Obama administration would turn to other international legal options, such as charging Syria with "gross violation of international humanitarian law" as a legal basis for any military action.
The official said: "That wouldn't require a UN mandate. We could make a strong argument that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime crosses not just the US red line, but the red line of the conscience of humanity."

 NATO, World Bully Army has run out of patience with it's MERCS.  

Makdisi. Defection or sacked? Irrelevant
 At this point in time this “news’ ain’t much of an issue.

The alleged defection reported by “ A diplomat in the region”, of Syrian foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdisi appears to be all allegations.

Defection claims conflict with reports that Makdisi was ousted by the Syrian government.
 “Press reports also indicated that Jihad al-Makdissi has reportedly been sacked as Syria's foreign ministry spokesman.
Golan Heights- no spin, just facts
Despite headlines screaming of Syria’s breach...Israel’s breach is clear for all to see.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon accused the Syrian government Monday of serious violations of the 1974 agreement that separated Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights and called on both countries to halt firing across the cease-fire line.
Both countries stop firing. Problem? Definitely.

We really don’t know who is firing on the Syrian side. Since Ban Ki is quoted expressing concerns about the presence of armed opposition members in the demilitarized zone. The 'armed opposition' is of course the NATO mercs.

 The UN secretary-general said that he was concerned that the presence of "armed members of the opposition"
 Which means it could be the NATO mercs firing across the ceasefire line.
We can be absolutely sure what entity is firing from the Israeli side. That would be the IDF.
Therefore which nation is truly in breach of the ceasefire agreement? Israel.

"I am concerned that the presence of armed members of the opposition and the ongoing military activities of the Syrian security forces have the potential to ignite a larger conflict between Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic with grave consequences,"

Just what Israel wants.... a larger conflict.

As reflected in this editorial from JP: Syrian people need urgent help from Israel, Turkey

The author is a political and religious commentator from Turkey, and an executive producer at A9 TV. She is also the spokesperson of a prominent international interfaith organization.
The disorder and bloodshed in Syria today is of greater concern to Turkey and Israel than to any other countries.

If normal diplomatic relations still existed between the two countries, there is no doubt that the Syria issue is the first thing their leaders would have sat down to discuss.
 So forth and so on- How many post have I written on the topic of Israel and Turkey colluding against Syria? Diplomatic relations are hunky dory between the two nations despite the nonsense in this JP piece.
The last paragraph  quoted below says it all. When Turkey and Israel act together and they will under the NATO umbrella, Russian and Chinese resistance becomes moot.
In conclusion, if Israel and Turkey were in accord with their foreign policies, it goes without saying that things would be solved more swiftly and it is very likely that this alliance would stem the current support of Russia for the ruthless Syrian government.

Turkey will help Israel as a NATO proxy to both attack Syria and aid Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facility.

The “chemical weapons” meme is back in the news.
I hope you read the first news story opening this post?
This meme has, of course, been seen previously. And, repeatedly. Iraq. Libya.
This meme is as predictable as incubator baby memes and of course the unsubstantiated rape meme

Rant alert!
Personally I find this type of propaganda appalling. The use of fabricated narratives created solely to demonize a targeted government or nation, takes away from all the horrific crimes against humanity that are actually taking place and are not getting any notice or recognition.

Are rapes taking place?  Probably. That is what makes this type of  propaganda believable. However this story from CNN reeks to high heaven. . No names. Very emotional devices. Tears welling up, etc.

“A woman approached me as I was rushing toward the D.C. Metro after giving a talk on rape in Syria last month. She asked in a low voice if she could share some information.” She had DVDs, she said.

Who is this no name woman in Washington promoting the narrative?  How did this no name woman know where the CNN mouthpiece, Lauren Wolfe,  was going to be at just the right time, in just the right place, so that the unnamed woman  could  just so happen to approach CNN’s journalist as she was rushing towards DC Metro? Was the unnamed woman stalking the CNN mouthpiece?
Lauren Wolfe's unbelievable tale continues on with this...
 In a taxi recently en route to Heathrow Airport, I was told another startling story. The driver turned to me and said, "I am Syrian. And I have a story to tell you that I keep wishing is not true."
Unbelievable. Not in the way of "fantastic" Just plain, not believable. As in lies. Do these people just drop out of the sky and happen onto this CNN writer??

                    “The first casualty of war is TRUTH”

Let's get back to the chemical weapons meme:

Syria is not going to use chemical weapons. NATO will do that. NATO’s mercs will do that. NATO has the most to gain from chemical weapons being employed. Therefore, if 'chemical weapons' do happen to be used we would be most definitely be looking at a false flag, perpetrated by NATO's mercs, with the assistance of one of the NATO allied nations. I have serious doubt that a false flag will even be resorted to.
Just repeating the meme over and over will see some people believe it actually happened.
Like many believe WMD’s were actually found in Iraq. When they weren’t
One just has to keep “catapulting the propaganda’

Just to expose the utter bullshit of this most recent media hype
Tue Dec 4, 2012 7:36pm IST

The chemical threat made it urgent for the alliance to send Patriot anti-missile missiles to Turkey, Rasmussen said.
Nonsense! Chemical threat? Turkey requested patriot missiles some time ago on the basis of “border security”
It seems doubtful  that anyone would believe the "border security" narrative as a viable meme. Since Turkey  has allowed the free flow of terrorists and weapons over it's border into Syria, hence the chemical weapon rehash.

Flashback to an older post from Nov /2012: Turkey's right way to intervene
Turkey plans to officially request NATO deploy a Patriot missile defense system in its territories as a security precaution against a potential large-scale military offensive from Syria as Syrian shelling on the border raises tensions.

Initially reported on November 2/12- Excellent catch by the Anonymous link commenter

If your interested DEBKA


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  2. So why the urgency?

    Are the stingers not having the Afghan effect?

    The Lebanon sectarianism (today) which the US and UN so presciently warned about is flaring

    But the Sakr story threatens to undue the leverage gained by the Beirut assassination?

    Jordan King is no more than a lackey at this point. Between IM and Saudi loans not to mention US military encampments (along with Brotherhood threats), the King is in no position to negotiate with anyone

    Another Iran drone capture, alleged. Recall the Iran shooting at a US drone story on US election day? And was that WSJ article leaked out about ramped up drones on Iran coast a leak to cover the Iran capture story?


    Russia mixed messages: Putin did backtrack on explicit backing for Assad and agreed to attend opposition meeting?

    Is Morsi caught in a military counter coup? Where is Tantawi? Saudi would be likely source of "money"?

    Israel desperately needs a distraction. Merkel warns Netanyahu country faces seclusion

    Arafat results due in next few weeks. Early Nov revelation Israel assassinated his deputy in '88

    Then there is the Netanyahu settlement push and the IAEA story. No wonder Israel is seeking Turkey and Jordan "ok" to strike Syria chemical weapons...

    UN providing the Northern catalyst for Israel intervention saying Syria is violating Golan?

    So why is the UN saying that asylum is not an escape? Assad has to see the Libya writing on the wall and the Gadhafi fate of knowing too much

    Iraq is the wildcard as the Kurd and Southern split intensifies. Iraq refused the Turkish Energy Minister plane last week.

    The Exxon southern Iraq pullout was a telltale marker...

    1. anonymous link person
      I used one link in the newest post
      why the urgency?

      I suspect it is because the rebels are not gaining in Damascus

  3. Assad ‘a prisoner’ as rebels draw closer to capturing Damascus.
    "The magnificent views across Damascus from the Syrian presidential palace on Mount Qassioun are unlikely to provide much comfort these days for the country’s beleaguered despot, President Assad.

    "The skyline to the north, east and south was stained yesterday by columns of smoke from artillery blasts and airstrikes as heavy fighting around the capital continued for a sixth day, and intensified close to Damascus airport."

  4. Great stuff, Penny. (Not forgetting the planted cluster bomb meme, too) Yes, good potential for a false flag there.

    1. Hey Felix

      Oh yes, cluster bombs forgot about that one
      How have you been?

    2. cluster bombs are al the rage over at US Embassy Damascus FB page:

    3. Hi Penny, been a bit tied up with a domestic trail of corruption. Hope to get back on track soon.

  5. WASHINGTON DC, (SANA) – US officials said on Wednesday that the US Administration decided to include Jabhet a
    l-Nasra, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda, on the list of terrorist organizations.

    Associated Press quoted the officials as saying that this step entails freezing the funds and assets of Jabhet al-Nasra in the US and bodies that are under US judicial jurisdiction, in addition to preventing US citizens from providing this terrorist group with financial supports.

    The officials who requested that their names be withheld said that the US Administration hopes that this step would encourage other countries to take similar steps and prevent people from joining this blacklisted group.

    The officials said that the US Administration planned to announce this officially this week, but decided to postpone the announcement until it reassures Syrian opposition leaders that this action isn't directed against them.


  6. Syriangirl Partisan shared a link.
    3 hours ago
    FSA mixing chemical weapons in preparation for a False flag! Turkish chemical weapons in hand. All hands on deck guys , the chemical weapons false flag seems to be upon us, we must expose them!
    whos chemical weapons?!
    'Ali Örnek:
    Hiba Kelanee the chemmicals they are using are Turkish products. Tekkim is a famous Turkish chemmical brand. "Tek" (single) kim (kimyasal -chemmical) here its official site:'

  7. A Conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy and Senator John McCain, held at the 2012 FPI Forum at the Newseum in Washington DC on November 27

    1. Hans: John McCain and Levy, together?
      Let me grab some bismuth first

  8. "Though Assad may fight for a while longer, he clearly appears to be losing the war. This is true even in the capital Damascus, where the rebels have also advanced in the past few days. They are fighting pitched battles with government forces in the city's outskirts and have caused a shutdown of international air traffic and other disruptions.
    Internationally, Assad's isolation is growing as well. "A senior Turkish official said that Russia had agreed on Monday to a new diplomatic approach that would seek ways to persuade President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power," the New York Times reported.
    The Syrian leader appears to have his back against a wall. Whether he chooses to step down or to fight on could be literally a matter of life or death for him - and for thousands of Syrians of all sects and stripes. As the death toll in the nearly two-year uprising tops 40,000 people and the United Nations is scaling down aid operations in fear for its staff, a sense of desperate urgency hangs over the country."

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  10. special forces on the ground,...means aggressive invasion.So far te US prefers drones bombers or jihadis

    1. And of course don't forget the vast majority of Syrians who have taken up arms against their brutal dictator. Why waste any resources when they can do the job of getting Assad off their back.