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Clinton/Lavrov "surprise" meeting. Iskander to counter Patriot?

Started out today, intending to post nothing. Just answer comments. My mistake is reading the news.
So here we go.....Washington Post:
Here is the headline-Clinton, Russian foreign minister to meet on Syria 
The spin:
In a potential sign that Russia’s support of embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may be softening, Moscow’s top diplomat will meet jointly Thursday with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the United Nations envoy for Syria, a senior State Department official said.
Then there is the rest of it

The State Department official gave no exact agenda for the session among Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.N.-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. The official requested anonymity in talking about the meeting, because the hastily arranged three-way session will be private

No exact agenda

But the U.S. goal was clear. A stronger U.N. mandate would put further pressure on Assad to step down

Russia is extremely unlikely to back any military action against Syria, and U.S. officials say military action is not their goal.

The US says military action is not their goal? Come on!! Military action on the part of the US and other’s has been ongoing since 2011.
Stronger U.N. condemnation of Assad could help Russia persuade Assad that he cannot hold out. It was not clear, however, that Lavrov has any such intention.

If it is not clear that Lavrov has any intention of persuading Assad he cannot hold out, why open the article spinning a “softening”?
Thursday’s meeting, on the sidelines of a gathering of the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, comes at Brahimi’s invitation.

Brahimi has called for world powers to issue a U.N. Security Council resolution based on a deal they reached in Geneva in June to set up a transitional government in a bid to end the bloodshed in Syria. The document called for a transitional administration but did not specify what role, if any, Assad would have.

Talk of asylum and accountability from the US, for what it’s worth. And, that ain’t worth much!

The State Department said it couldn’t vouch for the sincerity of the Assad asylum offers and noted that they raise serious questions of accountability for abuses committed by his government.

If Assad leaves Syria, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, the United States would insist on his being held accountable for “the horrible abuses he has committed against his own people.”

“No one is getting a free pass here,” Toner said. “We want to see Assad gone yesterday. We want to see a peaceful political transition take place, [and] Assad has no credibility in that process. He has to go, but there are issues of accountability that have to be addressed.”
State Department Toner "We want to see Assad gone yesterday"
Hell, last year would have been better. Can it be made anymore clearer? The US, Israel and partners in destruction want Assad gone. Not the Syrian people.
No one is getting a free pass? Except for the US, Turkey, Israel etc.,
No accountability for the human rights abuses and mass casualties brought on by those nations leaders.

Makdissi get’s a mention. Clearly there was not a defection

United States had received numerous reports that Syrian foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi, who disappeared this week, is currently in London.
If Makdissi has defected, Toner said ....

Makdissi has “disappeared”. If he has disappeared how is it known he is in London?
It’s not
But a British official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press that it was unlikely Makdissi was in London.

If he has defected? If he did, wouldn’t the US know? Of course they would.
Perhaps Makdissi was killed by the mercs? And the NATO nations are spinning defection?

Let's  see what unfolds after this meeting
My take on this meeting? Highly doubtful that Brahimi requested this meeting.  I wonder if this news report  had anything to do with this sudden meeting ?

Thanks to my anonymous linkie person, who left this tidbit in the comment section of yesterday’s post!
Media reports revealed on Wednesday Russia's intention to provide the Syrian administration with Iskander Missiles in the face of the U.S. Patriots, which highlighted the international powers' division over the Syrian issue.

Let’s all be realistic. The US does not attack any nation that can put up a good fight.
The US and it’s chicken hawk coalition partners prey on the weak. Iraq. Libya. Afghanistan.
Syria has so far put up a dam good fight. If Russia was indeed intending to provide Iskander Missiles.... the NATO bullies would have a much harder time of taking down Syria

Lastly: Clearly Syria get’s it. A conspiracy to create a false flag to justify intervention.
It’s that obvious!!Syria says chemical scare "pretext for intervention"

Western powers are whipping up fears of a fateful move to the use of chemical weapons in Syria's civil war as a "pretext for intervention", President Bashar al-Assad's deputy foreign minister said on Thursday.

"In fact, we fear a conspiracy ... by the United States and some European states, which might have supplied such weapons to terrorist organizations in Syria, in order to claim later that Syria is the one that used these weapons," he said on Lebanon's Al Manar television, the voice of Hezbollah.

"We fear there is a conspiracy to provide a pretext for any subsequent interventions in Syria by these countries that are increasing pressure on Syria."

                 Hilary is looking scarier then ever. Rumours swirl that she will take a run for presidency in 2016. 


  1. During David Cameron's recent visit to Jordan (after he had flogged weapons to the Gulf Monarchs) he effectively offered Assad asylum in the UK. I wonder if Makdissi's disappearance, seemingly to the capital, has anything to do with negotiating a settlement? Perhaps not.

    As for Iskander missiles, I doubt these rumours. Syria already has in its possession some of the most advanced anti-ship missiles in the world and advanced anti-aircraft and radar systems. I believe that the Patriots are, as far as NATO is concerned, for show. The Turkish Government, meanwhile, hopes that they are a step towards a no-fly zone between the border and Aleppo. But just imagine the process involved with implementing this.

    What I'd like to know is what happens if the insurgency takes a previously secure chemical weapons point and parade their bounty on youtube, threatening to use them against pro-Government supporters?


    1. "What I'd like to know is what happens if the insurgency takes a previously secure chemical weapons point and parade their bounty on youtube, threatening to use them against pro-Government supporters?"

      if the nato mercs take previously secure weapons and parade them around I suppose this would give NATO the excuse they have been looking for

    2. I fell like we've already seen this but we've seen such a parade of horrors and terrorism in the last couple of years that I forget all the particulars.

      Anyway, searching Youtube I see this video that purports to show 'rebels' mixing chemicals:

      For some reason the psy warriors have figured out it works better to simply boast on the internet about their crimes. Since there is now more evidence of FSA threats of using chemical weapons than there are of the Syrian government making such threats, do you think MSM reporting will reflect this?

  2. So let me get this right. Russia, Syria's strongest ally, is only meeting with Syria's envoy to the U.N. but will meet with the U.S. Secretary of State and top contender for president in 2016? And let's not forget that Putin met with Erdogan last week!

    Why isn't Putin flying into Syria to meet with Assad?

    Oh, and let's also not forget that Lavrov also met with the "opposition" last week:

    As well as last year:

    Lavrov has also met with a "top" defector of the "regime":

    Now Lavrov did meet with the deputy Prime Minister back in August but this didn't get much attention and was spun that the deputy hinted Assad could step down:

    Lavrov did meet with Assad back in February 2012, but this was spun as Russia convincing Syria to give up concessions in negotiations:

    "We [Russia] confirmed our readiness to act for a rapid solution to the crisis based on the plan put forward by the Arab League," Mr Lavrov said, though Syrian officials later clarified that he was not referring to the current Arab League plan which calls for Mr Assad to step down in favour of his vice-president..

    1. Oh, and let's also not forget that Lavrov also met with the "opposition" last week:

      WWM: that is not the same opposition that is armed by NATO.

      "Damascus-based Syrian National Coordination Committee (NCC)"

      keep in mind there has always been internal opposition that had not aligned with the NATO opposition
      despite the attempt by Hillary
      This is the opposition that has met on numerous occasions with Russian leaders
      This is the opposition that walked on on the NATO council
      covered previously on the blog on a number of occasions

    2. Well, it's just a good cop/bad cop routine, as far as I can tell. The Russians met with the "Syrian National Council's" leader, Burhan Ghalioun, in November 2011. This umbrella group "was formed . . . to present a united front for the opposition", and was supposedly interested in a peaceful solution, but notice the BBC reports:

      In March [2012], the SNC announced that it had created a military bureau to co-ordinate the various armed anti-government groups in Syria.

      But the main armed group, the Free Syrian Army, responded by saying it would not co-operate with the new bureau. . . .

      Burhan Ghalioun, who was re-elected as SNC leader on Tuesday, said he would step down once a replacement was found.

      While the NCC appears to be more legitimate and peaceful than the other groups, there are still warning signs.

      The NCC has apparently "endorsed" the FSA and wants Arab League help (which Syria was dumped from last year), even though they pretend to be pacifists that don't want foreign intervention. (according to Wikipedia--which means the official propaganda version).

      Also, did the NCC attend Iran's "National Syrian Dialogue?" I don't see that they did, implying that Iran at least doesn't view them as legitimate opposition.

      But at least Iran seems to be keeping this in its proper perspective:

      Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that talks between the Syrian government and opposition forces were possible if the latter gives up armed conflicts, Press TV reported.

      Khamenei underlined the prevention of arms flow into Syria as the only solution to the country's crisis.

      Even if there are legitimate opposition and activists involved in some of these groups, Russia should not be promoting them as they are too closely linked with the militants. Why should Russia help armed insurgents negotiate with the government? Would the U.S. ever intervene in such a way with its ally? No, it would take a hard line stance saying its ally (Syria) has every right to defend itself from illegal attack and it will do everything in its power to help it defend itself. Obama or Hillary, etc. would meet with Assad and they would step up military sales rather than end them. They would send troops and hint that they may defend their ally militarily (indeed the U.S. is saying an attack on Turkey will be treated like an attack on the U.S.). Instead, Russia has said they will not intervene militarily.

      I see these half-assed diplomatic moves by Russia as proof in their complicity in the conspiracy to bring Syria down. All the various iterations of rebel groups and armies is just subterfuge and a diversion anyway. It's part of the script to confuse and give these attacks legitimacy.

  3. While we are distracted by this chemical weapons psy op, Russia quietly agrees to allow NATO to deploy missiles in Turkey.

    "Mr Lavrov, who had, alongside President Putin, held talks with the Turkish leadership, said that Moscow respected Turkey’s right to self-defence and Russia would not make a formal objection about the stationing of the Patriot system. However, his statements directly contradicted the stance of the US, UK and Nato, which maintain that a desperate Assad regime may use weapons of mass destruction against its enemies."

    So Russia is agreeing the deployment of these weapons is defensive?

  4. Pressure from the Wests'/NATO bankers, IMO, will convince Russia to
    abandon their support for Assad. Money talks, as always. If Russia had not joined the WTO, maybe things would be different. Hope I'm wrong about this. An independent Syria is good for the balance of power in the region.

  5. '“No one is getting a free pass here,” Toner said. “We want to see Assad gone yesterday. We want to see a peaceful political transition take place, [and] Assad has no credibility in that process. He has to go, but there are issues of accountability that have to be addressed.”'

    id like to see Obama gone along with the republicrats and the institution of real democratic the US.Toner is one of those who attaches to great power like a leech. Assad has plenty of credibility ...but how much has Toner and his ilk when they are aiding islamic terrorism...pity there is noone to tell Toner off to his face

  6. Syriangirl Partisan shared a link.
    2 hours ago
    The reason why the US is now considering putting Al Nusra front on a terrorist list. Quote: " National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, CNN reports. The al-Nusra Front has expressed opposition to this new coalition and some fear the group wouldn't accept its authority if Assad is defeated."
    Do you remember that video that came out where a bunch of FSA leaders said we don't accept the govt the US set up as the govt, and want to run an islamic state? Nusra front was among them.
    Since they wouldn't yield under the power umbrellah of the US, they were then declared terrorists, otherwise they would have been freedom fighters all the way.

  7. 'Meanwhile, the resistance of the Syrian regime has dictated rapid changes in Saudi policy in Lebanon and neighboring Syria. These changes are manifested by rearrangements at the top posts of Saudi intelligence, increasing funds of armed groups in Syria, and the transfer of al-Qaeda militants in South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley towards the city of Tripoli in anticipation of the zero hour, which coincided with the announcement by the Syrian rebels of beginning of the battle for the liberation of Damascus.

    The Minister noted that the serious ongoing developments in Lebanon and Syria meet a Saudi-Qatari agenda, especially since everyone knows that Sheikh Ahmad Al-Asir, funded by Qatar, is coordinating with extremists in North Lebanon, who are also financed by Doha regime and Saudi Arabia.

    In fact, according to documents held by concerned parties, the roles are distributed amongst the two countries; where Saudi Wahhabis finance the Wahhabi movements, while Qatar funds Salafist movements and groups close to al-Qaeda. All of those are overseen by the United States and European countries.'

    'liberation of Damascus? well: into a salafist enslavement

  8. French military advisers meet with rebels inside Syria (DPA)

    Perhpas this is an ongoing negotiation to try and return the initial Specops caputred in the early days?

    Russia says niet
    Russia sees slim chance of resolving Syria crisis at talks

    Clinton ups rhetoric against Sovietization of eurasia
    "There is a move to re-Sovietise the region," said the US Secretary of State. "It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that. But let's make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it."

    Fed days ago Russia proposed missile defense CIS system.

    1. So France admits to an act of war. Nice.

      Re Russia sees slim chance of talks leading anywhere. . .

      Maybe this is because Russia and gang are deciding Syria's fate for it without legitimate Syrian input. Let's see, Brahini and Lavrov are to meet again to discuss the same issue they've discussed many times already, like they did in early November 2012:

      The Geneva Declaration, that was agreed in June 30 when Kofi Annan was still international mediator, called for a transitional administration but did not specify what role, if any, Russia’s ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would have.

      “It is important that the Geneva Declaration be turned into a resolution from the Security Council to gain the power to enable it to become an applicable political project,” Brahimi said after a meeting between him, Lavrov and Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby in the Egyptian capital, according to Reuters.

      And this is what the compromise position will ultimately look like, is my guess (from the same story linked directly above):

      China said on Thursday it had proposed a new initiative to head off an escalation of violence in Syria, including a phased, region-by-region ceasefire and the establishment of a transitional governing body.

      So Russia is negotiating a transition in government? Why? Shouldn't they negotiate the rebels and outside forces (like France) putting their weapons down first?

      The coordinated missile defense story rings hollow coming as it does right as Russia admits it will do nothing about the missile deployments to Turkey and Bulgaria, etc.

      The "re-Sovietization" story is similarly designed to create tension between the West and ex-Soviet region when in reality they are cooperating with one another and complicit. Didn't Russia just join the WTO a few months ago? And yet Hillary has the gall to imply that this region is organizing against the West? And Russia is playing along as if they are standing up to the West when they are giving the West everything they want.

      The obvious lies coming from diplomats and politicians all over the world, especially from the West, are too much to handle. We shouldn't believe a word these dirt bags say. I don't trust Lavrov, Erdogan, Clinton, Obama, Cameron, or Hollande. It's all a show.

      Thanks for the links.

  9. I don't know if this was covered here or not, but DEBKAfile reports that a U.S. carrier is off Syria's shore.

    DEBKAfile’s anonymous military sources claim the THAD and Aegis arrived at the Syrian coast aboard the USS Eisenhower.

    “The United States now stands ready for direct military intervention in the Syrian conflict when the weather permits,” the news source wrote.

    Don't know if this is scaremongering (e.g. it's really in transit and passing nearby but not significant), or the read deal.

    Of course Russia wasn't able or willing to protect Syria by projecting its force by sending an aircraft carrier into the region because its sole carrier is in dry dock:

    The Admiral Kuznetsov is expected to be docked at Sevmash shipyards in 2012 for full-scale modernization, which will continue for at least five years.

    Russia is aiming to finish drafting plans for a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier for its Navy by 2012 and build at least three of the ships for its Northern and Pacific fleets.

    "In my personal opinion, designing of a new aircraft carrier is vital for us", reports Interfax citing ADM Chirkov. . . .

    He specified that development of conceptual design of the carrier would finish by 2020. . . .

    It is noteworthy that Chirkov said in July that certain research institutes had been already tasked to develop a project of aircraft carrier. The money has been appropriated for that purpose as well.

    In 2009, sources in naval headquarters said that the Russian Navy Development Concept provided shaping of five or six carrier strike groups by 2050-2060. It was planned to start construction of aircraft carriers in 2012.

    However, the then-defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov said Russian defense ministry had no money for building aircraft carriers and their supply ships till 2020. "So far, there is no money for that purpose within arms procurement program until 2020", said Serdiukov commenting [on the] plans to build new aircraft carriers for Russian Navy.

    1. The Navy Times reports:

      The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower will put its deployment on pause and will be back in port at Norfolk, Va., in time for Christmas.

      But its time home will be brief.

      After its flight deck is resurfaced it will re-deploy back to the Middle East, putting it on station for a total of 10 months.

      Ike’s departure from the 5th Fleet is leaving the John C. Stennis as the only carrier in the region until the spring, one carrier fewer than the Navy planned.

      Bringing Ike back temporarily is an unusual move, but it gives the Navy time to finish unexpected repairs on the carrier Nimitz.

      That ship was supposed to relieve the Eisenhower in 5th Fleet early next year. Two sources said that cooling pumps on the Nimitz’s propulsion system needed repairs that could require two months to finish.

      The Navy decisions will have a ripple effect across carrier strike group deployment schedules.



  10. Ali Örnek

    Okab Saqr has changed the story. Contrary to his statements in Al Sharq Al Awsat he claimed that he was sending "MILK" not weapons to Syria!!! He blamed also Al Akhbar to censor the records and manipulate the story. "I was talking with the commander of FSA for determining how much milk do they need to distribute the children"

    What a coward! Did not he challenge just a few days ago?
    and on those chemical weapons:
    so who is into using chemical weapons?

  11. A brief about the kind-of "press-conference" of Oqab Saqr (Future Movement headed by Saad Hariri) in Istanbul

    After the reveal of the records of the Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr, in which he talks with an agent about what the militants of FSA in Syria need of weapons, and the agent answers: "RPJ, machine guns, qualitative weapons ...etc", he held a kind-of press-conference in which he was hysteric and said Al-Nahar newspaper and OTV (both are Lebanese), who broadcasted the records have cut a part of the records that show its context.
    According to him, he says in the missing part that he was negotiating with them to release the kidnapped Lebanese civilians in the hands of FSA in north Aleppo, and he was offering them weapons because they asked that as a precondition for that.

    In his conference he was insulting all the time. He insulted the media accused him, insulting the Lebanese politicians who support the resistance-axis represented by Syria-Hizbullah-Iran, even imitated Sayed Hassan Nasrallah when he was greeting the resistance members who fought against the Israeli aggression in 2006, and substituted the greeting words with insults!

    He even said he was merely sending blankets and milk for Syrian people.

    While Mr. Oqab Saqr needed several days to address the records, OTV didn't need more than few hours to denounce his conference and explained:

    He added a part at the beginning in which he says a short speech talking about the kidnapped people. The sound-technician at OTV showed the graph of voice signals of this "missed" part how different they are from that of the records (they have different speed and pattern) and showed that he cut a phrase said by the agent at the other side of the phone in which he says: "Ey Khayee" ,that is: "Yes bro" and inserted it in the part he added.

    In another investigation at OTV, Friday, 10:30PM Beirut-Time, the guest says:
    - We cannot separate this accident from the context; the Saudi foreign minister, prince Saud Al-Faysal stated literally that we should supply weapons to the "Syrian opposition"
    (I put this between "" because we distinguish between "opposition" which is political and "militia" which is not called opposition anymore)
    And it's known that Al-Hariri is the agent of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon. (in the recordings Oqab Saqr mentioned Al-Hariri and said that he is getting crazy and can't sleep till the Syrian "regime" is toppled)

    - If he is in Turkey (for long months ago) for the purpose of sending blankets and milk he could deliver them easily and directly to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon or to the Srian Red Crux/Crescent!

    - The records simply confirmed a pretty known reality about Oqab Saqr. OTV has browsed several references from the international media: The Guardian, Newyork TImes, TV5 (or another French TV) and many others talking about him as an agent supplying weapons into Syria.

    - In the recordings that haven't been revealed yet, The Saudi intelligence man Bandar Bin Sultan, Al-Hariri and the Sadui king are all mentioned. Do those men all work for Red Crescent?!

    - When Syria said Oqab Saqr is in Istanbul working as an agent supplying weapons for militants inside Syria and infiltrate them through the Turkish borders, the 14-March politicians in Lebanon (tails of USA, Israel Saudi Arabia, Qatar and France) denied and said he is in Belgium and made fun of the Syrian claims. What is he doing in Turkey all these months as a Lebanese MP?!

  12. a blog discussion of the Sakr tapes

  13. 1. Most of the members of the Istanbul council are representatives of the «Muslim Brotherhood».

    The main fighting force is still directed by Turkey and it equips the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is recruited from Syrian army deserters and criminals, «al-Qaeda» insurgents, Salafists and jihadists…

    About 80% of the units recognize as their spiritual leader Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour who lives in Saudi Arabia.
    2. A famous French journalist, Thierry Meyssan, pointed out a strange thing, evidence of a new transition in U.S. tactics.

    Surprisingly, he wrote, was the fact that the command of the NATO air base at Incirlik six times in a row gave instructions to the jihadists to prepare a broad offensive, which the Syrian army effectively resisted in classic battle.

    Each time it surrounded and destroyed FSA militants. As noted by Meyssan, «the first attempt can be viewed as a tactical error, the second was down to the tyranny of some illiterate general, and for the sixth time we can consider another hypothesis: NATO deliberately sends its fighters to their death».

    From Morocco to Xinjiang, jihadists have increasingly been acting on their own initiative, so Washington decided to cut the number of burdensome and dangerous fighters, and began to give orders to the jihadists that put them under fire from the Syrian army, which destroyed them on mass. (2)

  14. Each time it surrounded and destroyed FSA militants. As noted by Meyssan, «the first attempt can be viewed as a tactical error, the second was down to the tyranny of some illiterate general, and for the sixth time we can consider another hypothesis: NATO deliberately sends its fighters to their death».

    It is more like Russian/Iranian/Syrian eavesdropping technology is very effective. The FSA rats are controlled by a German ship off the coast of Syria. Iran has a listening post also in that region.

  15. Here's a different source for the Iskander story:

    which links to what appears to be the original source in the Farsi language "Mashregh, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard media outlet."

  16. anonymous comes to the defence of syria
    must be another anonymous! earlier message seemed to be attacking syria

  17. interesting:
    Sarina. ﺳﺮﻳﻨﺎ ‏@xxSxx_S
    Hours after decision of patriot missiles was made,#Russia arms #Syria with ballistic missiles.
    source is a former CIA spy in iran!

    1. 'According to Mashregh, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard media outlet, Russia had warned Turkey not to escalate the situation, but with Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles, it delivered its first shipment of Iskanders to Syria.

      Reporting today, Mashregh said the handover occurred when Russian naval logistic vessels docked at Tartus in Syria.

      The Iskandar is a surface-to-surface missile that no missile defense system can trace or destroy, Mashregh said. Russia had earlier threatened that should America put its missile defense system in Poland, it would retaliate by placing its Iskander missiles at Kaliningrad, its Baltic Sea port.

      Russia’s delivery of Iskanders to Bashar Assad’s embattled regime clearly shows that the security and stability of Syria remains Russia’s red line, Mashregh said. It is unknown how many of these missiles have been delivered but the numbers given are sufficient to destroy any Patriot missiles in Turkey, it said.

      The delivery of the missile not only threatens the security of Turkey but also Israel, which would have to recalculate its strategy with its defensive and offensive capabilities.

      As reported in a WND exclusive on Dec. 5, Iran’s Islamic regime also sees the toppling of the Assad regime as its red line and has 170 ballistic missiles targeting Tel Aviv in underground missile silos, some with biological warheads.

      In August, a commentary in Mashregh, representing the regime’s views, warned America and Israel that further instability in Syria would spark a pre-emptive attack on Israel in which the use of weapons of mass destruction – biological, chemical and even nuclear bombs – won’t be off the table. It stated that certain groups (proxies, such as Hezbollah) have been armed with WMDs and that Israel will be their target.

      The Mashregh commentary charged that Israel is one of the conspirators behind the Syrian crisis in order to strategically change the geopolitics of the region and defeat one of the main players in the Islamic world’s “resistance front” (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah). It warned Israel that with the direction it has chosen, “There is a dead end, and the threat of mass killing awaits.”'

    2. The Russian Iskander is a very serious and accurate missile system.

    3. a big shout out to LVB

  18. Syria 24 English
    18 minutes ago
    #Iran and #Russia unforgettable blow to Intelligence officers of America and active Turkish ,Arab and French agents in Syria.

    According to Tabnak news agency, while the Syrian Army in a preemptive move and in a pincer operation in Damascus suburb eliminated thousands of armed terrorists and disbanded their combat structure, informed sources state that Iran in cooperation with Russia by decoding the plans and movements of the terrorists who by the guidance from American Intel officers inside Turkey were preparing to launch a large scale assault on Damascus and take over the four airports around it and Daraa - Damascus highway and also Damascus international airport road, ruining all the terrorists' hopes for victory before winter.

    The informed sources reported after that terrorists summoned 50,000 of their mercenaries to launch an attack on Damascus from four fronts, these moves were watched by Iranian and Russian military observers and by suggestion of both countries, Syrian elite military units launched a preemptive attack on the imported terrorist mercenaries.Reports suggest more than 5,000 terrorist were killed, a few thousands injured and hundreds of them arrested.


  19. Cherine شيرين ‏@ana_cherine
    Gone too soon, 5 month old Yousef Ali Fadel was killed in Jabal Mohsen yesterday by Salafi missiles #Tripoli #Lebanon

  20. a look at the koran toting and quoting islamist terrorists

  21. A quarrel over funds distribution between two terrorist groups left a number of terrorists killed and injured in Kherbet Ghazaleh in #Daraa countryside.

    A source at the Interior Ministry said that a quarrel erupted in the town between the terrorist Ammar Abdul-Rahim al-Ammour, leader of a terrorist group and his brother on the one hand and several other terrorists, Khaled Abdul-Hamid Bdeiwi and his brothers Mahmoud, Nazir and Ahmad who are affiliated to al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group over distributing funds that they received from abroad.

    The source added that the clash left the terrorist Mahmoud Ahmad Bdeiwi killed and his brother Khaled seriously wounded. The terrorist Ammar al-Ammour and his brothers were injured.


    so here they these sons of allah, crying allah akbar as they slaughter one another over money, like common pirates

  22. #RealSyria - Russia Today Channel documented the moves of Syrian Arab Army in areas of Damascus countryside, pointing out that the moves were synchronized by the shortage of clashes after striking the Free Army militants during the past few days.

    The channel quoted its correspondent in Syria that the clashes in Damascus countryside have decreased than before due to the moves by the Syrian Army.

    The reporter revealed that after the Syrian took control over Daria city, the strikes against the militants in other areas of Damascus countryside will be easier.

    The correspondent of the channel affirmed that the highway of Damascus International airport is secure, especially after the Syrian Army took control over Aqraba and Beit Sahem areas.


  23. Susan Dirgham ‏@SusanDirgham
    "Islam should move on to bring the UK under its control and indeed, eventually, the whole world" Syria fights extremism …
    note the turks and iraqis in this mix of 'syrian rebels'

  24. australiaactivist susan dirgham has come under tweeting attacks:
    Susan Dirgham ‏@SusanDirgham
    @monaeltahawy Mona, I have just been tweeted, "hell is waiting for you". It's not difficult to make 'enemies' when you have a point of view.
    View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite
    1h Donuts82 ‏@donuts82
    @SusanDirgham Stop your propaganda bullshit! Stop licking #Assad 's ass.. Or he'll fart mustard gaz in your face lol #FSA #Syria
    Retweeted by Susan Dirgham
    nice guy! a real donut!

  25. Sophia ‏@les_politiques
    @sanleb It makes me angry...They have destroyed the physical infrastructure and the social fabric of few countries now...
    View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite
    12h Sophia ‏@les_politiques
    Since Afghanistan, jihadists hv become a global paramilitary for US & oil monarchies. Within this larger context,the war on terror is a scam
    12h Sophia ‏@les_politiques
    ...while Palestine is still waiting for justice, dignity & liberation (2)
    12h Sophia ‏@les_politiques
    The Arab & Muslim world has a class of citizens fully indoctrinated to fight for their religion when it is not attacked (1)

  26. Syria's civil war could approach a turning point.
    "The civil war in Syria could be approaching a turning point. Rebels Saturday night are threatening the Damascus airport, the Assad regime's lifeline to its few remaining allies.

    The outskirts of Damascus have become a battleground, with some of the fiercest fighting the city has seen yet. Syrian rebels say they're closing in on the capital, street by street.

    Now within their sights is their biggest target: the Damascus International Airport, about 12 miles southeast of the city.
    Heavy bombardment was reported Saturday in the suburbs in the surrounding area.

    Rebel leaders called the airport a legitimate target, and gave a stark warning to the regime and outside travelers to avoid it at all costs.

    Fighting near the airport road forced the suspension of commercial flights this week. Some airlines have already stopped altogether.

    A rebel takeover of the airport would also cut off weapons supplies from regime allies like Iran, said Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy."

  27. "During a conference on Syria organized by former diplomats in Tehran last week, Sadegh Zibakalam, a professor of international relations at Tehran University, shocked his audience by publicly criticizing Iran’s support for the Syrian government.

    “What sort of foreign policy do we have that we support a regime that will be gone in one or two months?” he said. Mr. Zibakalam criticized those in power, saying that foreign policy must be based on national interests and not on ideology.

    But even opposition figures say the government has no choice but to stick with the current Syrian leadership to the bitter end. “That way,” Mr. Shamsolvaezin said, “we can at least influence the unrest that will inevitably follow his downfall.”

  28. are people aware tho saudi likes to say it dissuades jihadis from going to syria:

    Saudi Arabia sent prisoners to fight in Syria

    An official source at the Arab secret resistance movement – Hasm - noted recently that even if Al Saud regime was claiming officially not to like the idea of young Saudis going to fight Jihad in Syria, it was secretly sending young detainees to do just that.

    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The source explained that the Saudi authorities were forcing young Saudi detainees to go into Syria to take part in a conflict they did not really understand, while their families were expectantly awaiting their return home, believing they were sitting in a Saudi prison on Saudi soil.

    The source added that even though Saudi Arabia was carefully ensuring that all prisoners entered Syria without proper identification papers or apparent link to the Kingdom, news of such a plot were starting to circulate.

    Smuggled through Turkey to enter Syria, the detainees are prevented from getting in touch with their families and they often die without their families being ever notified.

    As violence continues in Syria, the number of dead also increases. Saudi Arabia said the source even refuses to ensure that its dead are returned back to their homeland for a proper burial, as they seek to cover its crimes.

    Depending on the circumstances the state will claim that detainees were killed trying to escape, or that they escaped, or that they simply that its records make no mention of such people.

    The source emphasized that only if detainees-fighters were to return alive to Saudi Arabia and tell the world what they had been put through by the regime will people in the Kingdom know of the truth.

    He added that often the dead’s remains were burnt, as to leave no trace of their existence and presence on Syrian ground.

    1. "...even if Al Saud regime was claiming officially not to like the idea of young Saudis going to fight Jihad in Syria, it was secretly sending young detainees to do just that."

      Yes, it is called Duplicity - saying one thing (most often in order to deceive and manipulate others), while doing another thing altogether - which is, of course, their true intention.

      It is a concept they have learned well throughout the ages, and most recently from their friends in the CIA and various US Presidential administrations of both parties.

      "Friends" = whoever buys all that oil and keeps them in power and alive to enjoy their obscene wealth.

  29. Docs re release of over 1000 prisoners awaiting death in #Saudi prisons, agree to Jihad in #Syria. … … …

    Dylan Syriana originally shared this post:
    (Top Secret)
    Honored Major General Saud AlThanyan (May God protect him)

    May Allah's Peace & Mercy be upon you.

    Re the Royal fax# 112, on 19/4/1433 Hijri the one mentioning the prisoners in the Saudi prisons that are sentenced to death by sword we wanna inform you that after contacting those proved guilty of drug smuggling, murder & rape from the following nationalities: 105 Yemeni, 21 Palestinian, 212 Saudi, 96 Sudanese, 254 Syrian, 82 Jordanian, 68 Somali, 32 Afghani, 194 Egyptian, 203 Pakistani, 23 Iraqi & 44 from Kuwait.

    We have agreed to spare them from death, give their families & parents monthly salaries, who will be banned from leaving Saudi Arabia in exchange of training the prisoners & preparing them for Jihad in Syria.

    Follow up Manager in the Interior Ministry
    Abd Allah Bin Ramizan

    A Copy to the head of the Promotion of Virtue & Prevention of Vice Committee
    A Copy to the General Intelligence


  30. Breaking News …AIN publishes secret document by Saudi MoI to release foreign detainees to fight in Syria

  31. americans are sickening: 'If Assad leaves Syria, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, the United States would insist on his being held accountable for “the horrible abuses he has committed against his own people.”

    “No one is getting a free pass here,” Toner said. “We want to see Assad gone yesterday. '
    who are you to tell another countries head of state to go? why is Toner in office after the brazen lie he made? and it is a Hitler Big Lie

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