Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Global Domination? Whoa Canada!

Mostly lame article from Boston Globe. Lots of cliches and stereotypes. Whatever is easier for the masses?

There is a place on earth that most Americans never think about—a vast, strange land where the days can be cold, but the people are friendly and the health care is free. We remember this place exists only occasionally: when we find out our favorite comedian was born there, or when someone we know decides to move there for college. For the most part, though, it hardly enters into our conception of the world. Canada is there, and it isn’t.
But there is a new and unfamiliar wind blowing in the North—one of national ambition and passionate, even aggressive, patriotism. Its proponents seek to transform Canada from the polite and accommodating country it’s been for most of its history into a major, muscular force on the world stage. The Canada they envision will be powerful, rich, and influential. It will never again be ignored, or dismissed sneeringly as “America’s hat.”

Nope, not America's hat. Just America's right hand.
Nonsense aside about cold weather, free healthcare and polite people......
I can wholeheartedly agree with this. Canada is being remade into a  fascist militaristic nation. As good as any third world tin pot tyranny. High youth unemployment, recruiters in the schools.
Canada as a nation and it's people are being groomed.
It's a process: gain the confidence of the people, build up confidence, appeal to ego.... 
Same as when a pedophile grooms it's unsuspecting target. Or a psychopath 'works on' it's next victim.
Canadians are being groomed for fascism on a global scale

“Every day brings a new development in what seems to be a very consistent and well thought out, almost ideological reeducation program,” said Ian McKay, a historian at Queen’s University and coauthor of the recent book “Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety.”
 This call to arms has been embraced and passionately promoted by the Harper government, whose approach to foreign policy has been marked by militaristic rhetoric and an emphasis on Canada’s martial history. Perhaps the most overt manifestation of this effort has been the $28 million promotional campaign to recast the War of 1812, when British forces in Canada fought off an invasion attempt by the United States, as a defining moment in Canadian history. “This kind of talk is just everywhere,” said Ian McKay. “They’re [also] redesigning the Canadian passport, and they’re going to put on the back...all kinds of ennobling, exciting things about Canadian history, one of which is a long salute to Canada’s role in war. There won’t be any word in these passport history lessons on peace. Not one. Not a peep.”

No lessons on peace. Just in your face militarism. Not militarism by stealth.
Are Canadians 'buying' the rebrand? 
Some are. Some are not.
That said, more Canadians need to get wise to how they are being manipulated.

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