Sunday, December 30, 2012

Notice: Commenting is now moderated

There is a troll lurking here, has been for many months now.
The troll has the ability to spends hours and hours here
One can only assume that the troll is paid. To troll.
Due to it's bad behaviour and useless commentary, all comments are now moderated.
The troll cannot be allowed the sunlight it desires in the form of attention being payed to it.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this causes all the great participants here.
Please do continue to leave your comments, thoughts and opinions on the topics posted
That type of interaction is most welcome. And appreciated.
All  insults, personal attacks and other useless garbage will be deleted without hesitation.


  1. hi Pen, sorry it comes to this but i think you are correct to put the moderation on and regain the upper hand. i found out my troll is anthony clifton / davy / tony -- those are just the ones i am aware of. seems to be a contributor at VT. probably on that payroll i guess. shameless. the slime trail leads into the patriot movement and ron paul. as in the early days after the S&L collapse, that was when the banksters first realized their biggest enemy and began to infiltrate the patriot movement and clearly, nothing has changed. there is great treachery within.

    1. Yeah AP, it is to bad.
      It seems a certain group of people are trying to silence others from discussion and sharing ideas and thoughts
      And from actually getting to the truth.
      There most certainly is great treachery within

    2. AP, I suppose you read my comment at AE about the multi-alias character. That was when it hit me about him trolling on so many of our sites. I guess I'm slow.

      He's still trying but with toned down comments.

      Unfortunately he was far from the worst hitting my place and some very sick ones are letting me know they are still around just in case I turn off the moderation.

    3. Kenny AE??
      A multi alias character?
      Hmmm... It seems that is something going on as I type

    4. Here's the link to my comment about the Clifton/Davy/anon character. Scott removed the comment by him.

    5. i did see it Kenny. for a troll, i guess the job description is literally to create multiple personas, as many anonymous ones as possible, and go around harassing citizens. while bragging about being so patriotic. i don't know i guess for some people lying for a living and harassing people = patriotism.

  2. I've had to do the same Penny. It may be by design to try and cut down on communication. Do the trolls look at enabling moderation as a victory of sorts?

    1. Hey Kenny

      I believe it is by design.
      The trolls may look at the moderation as a victory of sorts.. In some sort of bizarre way of looking at things
      While moderation may cut the flow of talk amongst interested persons, that would only be temporary. A slight delay.
      In the end the trolls virtually guarantee their own silence
      Hmmm.. makes me think of that saying about cutting off one's nose to spite one's own face

      ""Cutting off the nose to spite the face" is an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face" is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one's anger."

      You, me and AP and many others will just keep on posting
      Right? :)
      I know it

    2. i don't personally consider having to put moderation on a victory for the trolls. i know that people want to comment anonymously but back in the day i had the settings at registered users only, and that was fine. some people begged me to allow anonymous commenting, i don't even remember who it was now it was so long ago. but i do feel that people who want to comment should get an ID. i know i know, people don't want to give booger their information. well, all of us bloggers have given over plenty of information, as do the people who comment with IDs. and it's not like the authorities don't know who you are anyway even if you don't have a booger ID, so the whole argument for anonymous commenting just sort of falls apart to my mind. it has made things way too easy for trolls to abuse everyone else. we need to slow it down, and if comments go in moderation and people have to wait a bit, that is the price we pay for having a troll free environment.

      it is like if you were sitting in your living room with your friends and family, talking, and suddenly some idiot stranger barges into your house and starts screaming and yelling and picking fights... it's just unacceptable behavior. it would be unacceptable in daily life and it is unacceptable online. the anonymity has allowed this sort of thing to become commonplace and we all have come to accept it as the lowered standard of behavior, as if we can't do anything about it, but we can. we can turn on moderation.

    3. Hey AP

      "it is like if you were sitting in your living room with your friends and family, talking, and suddenly some idiot stranger barges into your house and starts screaming and yelling and picking fights... it's just unacceptable behavior. it would be unacceptable in daily life and it is unacceptable online"

      this is a very good analogy
      And, in my house an arse like the troll would be kicked to the curb....

  3. Oh and btw: If we have trolls it can only be for one reason

    We are all on to something that 'someone' feels threatened by

    1. It was obvious that the infamous anonymous was your specificly attributed hasbara troll (ha I just watched The Hobbit and I can now put a face on trolls, hahaha).

      Breaking, just in. Venezuela has just extradited a french agent who was conspiring to kill Chavez in 2009.

      Sarkozy, than scum, apparently wanted to suck up to his atlanto-sionist masters and do their evil work. He got Ghadafi but failed on Chavez.

    2. Hey Gallier

      At first I thought it was just some idiot spouting nonsense
      But then.. the clues kept getting dropped
      Memri and that other mouthpiece David Horowitz
      And other suspicious 'sources'
      Then the jig was up.
      And it seemed
      Haughty Troll (HT) should really have been called
      HHT Haughty Hasbara Troll

      It will be a never ending battle for Venezuela

  4. Some folks get paid to muddy the waters, guess it's a job. Love your work on Syria Penny, keep it up.

    1. Hey anonymous: the only way this troll could spend the time here that it does is if it is a paid gig
      There is no other way

  5. You cant have Seen Thde Hobbit...trolls dont like sunlight
    they prefer to lurk in shadows and darkness

  6. Professional internet saboteurs and disinformation specialists (trolls is a much nicer term) showing up on your site is a sign of success. Success, for me is twofold: you have pertinent and vitally important information to give that is anti-illuminati in terms of exposing their plans, foils and false-flags; and, you are getting enough hits to warrant attention at whatever threshhold they consider "a threat".

    Congratulations, and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Slozo: goodness it has been a while
      How are you!
      Success eh? Well if this is success... What the heck is failure?
      I don't know.
      I sort of figured that the fear factor has to be increasing amongst the elites and along with it the on line 'trolls' to do their best, or as best as they are capable of to.. censor, shut down and generally create an intolerable atmosphere to exchange ideas
      As for an inability to take an alternative opinion
      Slozo, you have always been one of my toughest readers
      Gallier and I have had to agree to disagree previously
      BUT, I never and nor did either of you stoop to the level of this shiite

  7. Penny hates to have independent comment that does not follow her narrow line. These she will class as 'troll" this saves on her having to attempt an honest rebuttal or counter argument.
    None of Penny's friends are 'trolls' because they will never debate with her or present a counter argument. Penny dreams of a world where everyone thinks like her. Then it would be a world without 'trols'. This behaviour and ideology reminds one of Hitler and Stalin. But would Penny actually gas people or lock them up? No she will keep her small mind happy by simply deleting them. Happy New Year.


    1. Hey all who have left comments regarding the troll

      Here is just one example of the numerous inane comments left by the troll. Just today!!
      Yes, the troll is obsessive.

      I believe there were approximately 8 the other day before I put moderation on.
      Including one that suggested the insertion of something in my posterior.

      Note the use of "Hitler"? Nothing says hasbara like throwing around Hitler as an adhominem or an abusrd base of comparison.
      Note the 'gassing' and 'locking up' mentions.

      Why did I let this through?
      I guess, simply to demonstrate the sheer mind numbing types of comments that have been ongoing for months now

  8. My husband has this to add

    "If people such as troll think they are doing something for the "cause" they aren't. They only look petty,foolish and unintelligent.

    Was anyone here around when the Muslims against Sharia were around?? Now that was a hoot!
    God I wish Nobody was around to reminisce over that one.

    That outfit was a few of the Khazars masquerading as muslims.... it got wild, then some detective showed up here tracking their online presence

    There have only been two instances I have had real hassles on the blog and in both cases the Khazar crowd has been behind- pushing their agenda- promoting misunderstanding and suspicion between the Western world citizens and the Arab world citizens
    This agenda, of course, fits into the Israeli expansionist agenda in the ME. The theft of land and resources from the people who are actually semitic and who are really the residents of said land for thousands of years..

    But I digress...

  9. interesting...trolls can be so reasonable...but they add in little lies and twists to lead the unwitting rational people to a given conclusion
    We can guess Mr Anon supports the jihadis and their war on syria, they idea themselves from scrutiny the better to utter the most outrageous ideas.
    So who is he/she
    Anons should be banned unless they identify themsselves

    1. Yes brian
      Mr anon 1 and his partner mr anon 2 support the jihadis and cheer for the destruction of syria with the hopes that Assad's life will end in an equally horrific manner as Gadaffi's did

      The anons also have an axe to grind with Russia
      And use Israeli propaganda as a resource, including Israeli mouthpieces almost exclusively

  10. trolls are cowards, bottom line. they are too cowardly to even have a booger id. they don't want anyone to bother them back. they just like to go around saying whatever they want, and they don't want to take any responsibility for it. they got no skin in the game. they want to come to the table and play the game and bark the rules, because they have nothing to lose, because they put nothing in in the first place.

    when you go to the trouble to have a blog, and a booger id, and you put it all out there for years, working without a net aside from your fellow bloggers and readers, it is impossible to take people like this seriously. you don't owe them ANYTHING. i mean NOTHING. what they think and want is of absolutely zero consequence. you don't owe them a forum. if these assclowns had even one ounce of the courage of their convictions, they could write their own blog. oh but that is so much trouble. that would involve work. that would involve an identity. what fun is that when they can go around polluting other people's work?

    lazy cowards. pathetic.