Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sandy Hook: Multiple Shooters and audio

The media is clearly doing damage control regarding the Sandy Hook shootings:

When the incident began there were numerous media reports (take note that is more then one report) of multiple shooters at the school.The media is using the 'confusion' meme. Frankly, I do not buy it.
There is no reason to assume anyone, let alone more then one individual, would be "confused" about seeing two shooters.

From Here

Authorities expected to encounter a second shooter as they converged on the building, according to a recording of a 911 tape that was independently verified by Hearst Connecticut Newspapers on Tuesday.

"I have reports of two shooters running past the building, past the gym, which would be rear," a dispatcher said on the tape, before trailing off. Shortly afterward, the operator told a State Police trooper who was racing to the scene from the nearby Troop A barracks in Southbury to "make sure you have your vest on."

 A number of news outlets also raised the possibility that there was a second gunman.
There are two audios available:

Included with linked article

And here 

In the previous post on this incident  I asked why the media used such an absurdly outdated picture of the shooter. Given the fact he was a 20 year old man not a boy, using this picture didn't seem to make any sense. 
However, there appears to be what could be construed as an orchestrated smear, via the media, to make the deceased mother culpable. As if she was careless with the guns in the house around some child. Adam Lanza, who by the way was medicated on Fanapt according to his Uncle, was not a child. He was an adult. Was he old enough to own guns himself in the state of Connecticut?  He certainly was of the right age to join the military and kill all sorts of innocent people in foreign lands.

Always remember, perception is everything. Your perception of any given news story can be managed via the media delivered message.
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UPDATED: Gallier brought this video to my attention. I had not seen this previously.  Do not miss the opening minutes before the father appears on camera. 

Adding this story from 5 days ago. There are 7 guns mentioned as being recovered

 The Associated Press three weapons were found inside Sandy Hook Elementary School and a fourth weapon was found outside.

Three other guns have also been recovered, but it was not clear where they were found, the official told AP. They were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun.

 I am relinking an old post on the Dawson College school shooting in Quebec, Canada 2008.
 The similarities: Gun control is advocated and no mention of psychiatric meds being used by the shooter as an issue.

 Dawson College School Shooter Coroners report released

What caught my eye then as now was this info (Unfortunately the links are not viable). 
However the quote is what  was  reported more then 4 years ago

Kimveer Gill was prescribed anti-depressants. What kind? Who knows?

This is his mom speaking

"Why didn't anyone notify us that he was feeling badly?" she asked, after a Quebec coroner told her that Kimveer Gill had seen a doctor, was prescribed antidepressants, but then stopped taking them."

"He told me he'd seen a doctor who gave him medication for anxiety, so I didn't know he was depressed."

 The coroner told the mother Kimveer Gill had been prescribed antidepressants but then 'stopped taking them'?  What type of meds? When did Kimveer Gill allegedly stop taking them? No info. Just a push for gun control.


  1. Looks like a giant CIA psy-op, part of the Strategy of Tension. Maybe a pedophile element involved.

    - Aangirfan

    1. comment I left at Aangirfans

      It is equally plausible that Adam Lanza was kidnapped, his mother killed at the house, one weapon taken from the house to show up/be used at the school.

      Multiple shooters in attendance at the school,one of them leave a dead Adam Lanza to tidy up the story
      Media starts tidying up the narrative to the usual "lone" gunman... and parading distraught children around

      One thing I noticed when this story broke, some tv station was on, don't know which one
      Hubby is watching, I listen and say do you notice how many times talking head says the word :christmas:?

      I do not believe this narrative at all:

      'The kids were being so good. They asked, "Can we go see if anyone is out there? I just want Christmas, I don't want to die, I just want to have Christmas."

      'I said, "You're going to have Christmas and Hanukkah." I tried to be positive. If they started crying I would take their face and say it's going to be OK.'

      If the kids said I want to see Christmas, which I doubt....
      Scared kids almost always cry for their mother. If not mom then dad
      So I don't believe the I just want Christmas part at all
      But then the teachers response is even more nonsensical
      Because the answer to I want Christmas
      Would be -You will see Christmas.....
      But the teacher throws Hanukkah in as a response to wanting Christmas???

      This reeks of narrative creation, promoting the concept of the Judeo- Christian society were supposed to have at Christmas time.

      For all the dolts out there who believe this perception management crap

      Hanukkah and Christmas are not related. Not even close.
      Other then them taking place roughly the same time of year?

      Christmas is alleged to be about the birth of Christ
      Since the followers of Judaism do not believe in Jesus Christ, in fact it can be said he may even be reviled by many followers of Judaism except for that one sect of them.... the messianic Jews.

      And Hanukkah is what "the festival of lights"?? Which has something to do with lamp oil and war for goodness sakes

      I call bullshit on that teachers 'story'
      She can say whatever the hell she wants, no one is going to question her

    2. Hi Penny, have you seen that video of the strange behaviour of one of the victims father? It's a true WTF moment.

      Don't bother for the text around, just watch the beginning of the video.

    3. Hey Gallier

      Wow, that is a true WTF moment.

  2. Syria 24 English
    21 minutes ago
    Al-Watan Newspaper reports that "Syrian Arab Army has achieved a rapid progress during those last hours in #Daraya city".

    Al-Watan reported from resources about the developments of Daraya's battle that "tens of the armed men have surrendered to the Syrian Army which is annihilating with the rest of the terrorists, especially the snipers of them, to determine the battle of Daraya.

    The resources pointed out that "the majority of the militants that have been hunted in Daraya are from foreign nationalities with few Syrians; a large number of the surrenders are Turkish, Saudis, Libyans, and other Asian nationalities.

    Al-Safeer Newspaper reported from Palestinian resources about al-Yarmouk Camp that "the international envoy representative of Lakhdar Brahimi in Syria "Mukhtar Lmani" and Brahimi's office in Cairo insert efforts in intentions to prohibit the collapse of the Camp from a possible battle even if it came late.

    According to the same resource" Palestinian personalities of the battalions are trying to reach to a kind of formula with the militants that enable them to avoid this battle".

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    Apologies in particular to my anonymous linkie person
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  4. Pen, i think the whole thing is a scam. Also, i have clamped down on comment policy too. There are way too many people out there with absolutely zero accountability for their opinions, and i am not giving them a forum anymore.

    1. AP

      I saw you had touched on the Sandy Hook shooting over at your place.

      (That is Twelfth Bough in the sidebar for anyone unfamiliar with AP's place)

      Something is wrong with the entire picture coming out of the whole Sandy Hook scenario.

      I noticed immediately the media was spinning on the gun control issue... nothing smells of fresh narrative creation like media spin

      In the five years I have had this blog, I have sniffed through great gobs of smelly media narratives and this one does not pass the sniff test.

      The convenient shooter death and that of his mother the numerous (how many?) definitely more then one report of multiple shooters
      The question of the gun that was supposed to be used in the killings being found in the car???
      If Adam Lanza was already dead who put the gun in the car after the alleged shootings?
      Or how did the gun get in the back of the car if it was used in the shootings?

      Fishy, fishy, fishy....

  5. Wrote this comment over at AP's place
    Putting it here for the hell of it ;)
    Sans the commentary about spam and trollers
    Focusing on the lack of visuals from Sandy Hook and certain ideas being bandied about

    "Regarding the lack of imagery from Sandy Hook?
    I have thought about this..
    Here is what comes to my mind
    The use of the imagery is not necessary for any kind of trauma/shock value
    Most of us are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc
    Most of us have family.
    We have all gone to school
    As have our family members

    We can all imagine the horror of this situation without the help of images by personalizing this in our own minds.
    This is the psychological 'advantage' in school shootings And mall shootings....
    These are everyday places that all of us go to
    These settings and the potential for harm in all cases is terror inducing enough. Leaving us all feeling threatened and vulnerable. No imagery necessary.
    That's my thinking about it anyway
    For whatever it may or may not be worth
    I don't know?"

  6. what do americans fear most?..the loss of their guns

  7. Great work compiling all of this. Yes, it looks like yet another "Arlington Rd." to me. I don't know if you're aware but it's been reported that Lanza's father is a CIA analyst working with DARPA (as is most likely the case for his mother, Nancy given her apparent connections to DARPA, etc.). See "Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst" at Although the "Kremlin" aspect of the article seems a bit far-fetched, the rest sounds pretty plausible and IMO, too detailed to be fake. Also, others have suggested that the whole Libor scandal connection to the Sandy Hook tragedy is disinfo which in my mind makes perfect sense because the elite never carry out a major psy-op without having a pitfall to throw everyone off the trail. And now we know what trail they were trying to throw us off of... -- the postman (

  8. Hello Postman, I found your link from the human giant's blogspot. I was at your site, trying to get through the posted links and now it seems that your account is suspended. Is there anyway you can post up the links here on your blog spot? You have some fascinating thoughts.

    As far as Sandy Hook, I agree - way too many inconsistencies from the media and clearly this was a planned event. I remember watching the local news when the shooters hit the Oak Creek Sikh in Wisconsin last August, just a month after the Aurora shootings. I was watching the news early Sunday morning in CA when they rolled the local news piece, in it, the witnesses say 3 shooters. They explain that one left on foot and the other 2 in a car. Only hours later was it edited to one shooter and not mentioned again on any broadcasts. Again, immediately calling for gun control.