Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sandy Hook/ Newtown Recap

Sandy Hook, still top of the news heap.

I had two posts on this news which I will relink here for ease of access. Then we are going to check out the work of a couple other bloggers.
Sandy Hook: Gun Control or Psychiatric Med Control ?
I must mention the news of Adam Lanza being on Fanapt seems to be in the process of
 One should immediately realize that if for no other reason, which is unlikely, the main stream media would wish to avoid offending their advertisers and avoid losing the dollars/revenues from big pharma. Nothing bad about psychiatric drugs can ever make it way to the mass consciousness via the msm/corporate news media

Sandy Hook: Multiple Shooters and audio

This post contains the audio accounts from the first responders. There were multiple reports of more then one shooter including the take down of an individual outside of the school. The audio was verified as the actual legit audio.

I do not think we should forget that just prior to the shootings the DSM had expanded it's "definitions" of mental illness including moving Aspergers in with  Austism. Re-defining "depression" while expanding the parameters for diagnosis...

Updated DSM Expands many "definitions" of mental illness

One could not help but notice Obama playing the mental health card quite frequently after Sandy Hook...

HHQ over at Undeleted Evidence put together quite a good read: Dunblane 2.0: The Sandy Hook Elementary School Black Op Including an alternative suspect... 

 AP @ Twelfth Bough chimes in with this:  missing

Then there is Aangirfan, aangirfan, who know doubt has done numerous posts on the subject of Sandy Hook. Head there and scroll through.


  1. Yes, lots on Sandy Hook.


    - Aangirfan

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    3. You should be deleting any association you have with Angirfan, who said this: OMG how embarrassing!

      "People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned."

    4. I still contend you need to take your beef up with Aangirfan. So please do.

  2. I can see that one of their narratives is going to be that since mental illness of some degree, no matter how mild, is now so common and anti-depressants and other behaviour modifying drugs are so casually prescribed the authorities have to apply the cautionary principle and will require mental health checks before a gun license is issued. It will all sound very reasonable. Oh and until these checks are done your firearms permits are null and void, and the penalties for having an unlicensed firearm will increase dramatically.

    This will not be the only reason for more and mandatory mental health checks, Big Brother wants to take very good care of us. Here's what's being rolled out in Britain-
    All school children in Britain should be tested for mental health illnesses, say experts
    The Scottish Child Health Programme

    1. Hey Freethinker
      The mental health agenda is being primed to fit into the whole control agenda, clearly
      Recall not so long ago when psychiatric diagnosis were used to squelch dissent in the USSR
      That was bad then
      But, not now?

  3. Much obliged for the link over and a tip of the hat to your coverage as well. Thanks for your tireless work Penny, and best of the new year to you and yours.

    1. No problem HHQ
      so glad to see you back. It feels like old times and the early days of blogging
      Hoping you stick around :)
      Thanks for you new year wishes
      May the new year be kinder to us all
      sadly I doubt it

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    1. No problem AP and hoping you are enjoying the holidays with your family?
      I have been. All very nice

    2. Yes, definitely Penny. i am trying to wrap my mind around the meta-level of this psyop.the comment below from Waylon is interesting. it seems that some information is problematic and becomes hard to find, like this other FB pic of lanza with tattoo that i also saw early on and then couldn't find easily. in contrast, WHY i wonder does the video showing the acting father still up on youtube?? doesn't that seem odd, when there are other bits that are scrubbed?

      Carol Valentine made a great point at her place about Sandy being a nickname for Cassandra, and Cassandra in mythoology being a redhead who could foretell the future but no one believed her.. i think at least some of the sloppiness we see is intentional to be a blatant in-your-face calling card from the spooky elites to the truther community, that they want us to know that they can do the most obvious psyops and still get away with it. just like the hurricane was very obviously moving in a non-natural way, the way no other hurricane had ever moved before. so what. things can be pointed out till the cows come home and most people will never believe it. i guess to me it seems like a mask-dropping sort of thing.

      if i can get that fleshed out into a post, i will.but meantime i wanted to put it somewhere for other minds to consider.

  5. Here's something else that seems to be disappearing from the Sandy Hook official narrative:

    A day or two after the shootings I saw a picture of Adam Lanza with a tattoo on his wrist. I searched "Adam Lanza + tattoo" and that returned about 1.8 million hits. The tattoo on his wrist was "Anarchist Communist".

    Recently I posted a comment on a site and was asked for a reference to this information. When I searched it this time nothing leads directly to what I found the first time. The only interesting reference now is that Adam Lanza's FB page has been removed ... gone down the memory hole, I guess. A copy of his FB page can be seen but the tattoo is hardly legible.

    1. Hey Waylon:

      I was unaware that Adam Lanza had a tatoo.
      Seems odd for a scrawny undersized child like individual

      BTW: I responded to your other comment and left you a link you may be interested in
      Connecting Rockefeller and MacKenzie King in a most surprising way...
      I will bring it here for you

      MacKenzie King was a PR man and did the damage control for the fallout from the ludlow mine massacre
      check it out

  6. Hey Penny,

    Happy belated New Year, eh!! Hope you had a great one. :)

    Here's a new article I wrote about SSRI drugs, mass murders, guns and some other stuff. Hope you'll enjoy it.

  7. Penny

    Did you hear Noor is leaving us.

    It is upsetting news. Can she be dissuaded?