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Syria: Putin Talks, Israeli reporters in Syria, Benghazi and more

Syria: Always on my mind. What has been happening?
Vladimir Putin call for non-military solution for Syria

Video available at link above 
Reminds listeners of the mess in Benghazi, Libya. Including the death of an “Ambassador”
 More on Benghazi at the end of the post
Russia's President Putin says he is concerned that the push to unseat Syrian President Bashar Assad could plunge the country even deeper into violence.

Speaking during his annual news conference, Mr Putin said mistakes from Libya should not be repeated in Syria.

He stressed that Russia was not interested in the survival of Assad's regime, but that change should not come through military victory.
The  most recent “kidnap”  psyop undertaken by the US media.

Specifically NBC, owned by GE. GE of the dysfuctional nuclear power station aka  Fukushima and of course Military:Industrial complex extraordinaire.  In collusion  with other corporate media outlets. Not excluding help from the affiliates in Turkey.  Affiliates being media and NATO mercs.

 NATO's mercenaries have been getting plenty of bad press. Kidnappings and killings galore

Most recently two Russians have been kidnapped.Kidnappings draw Russia further into Syria
Don’t expect those very real kidnappings to see much western msm coverage

 The kidnapping of Russian nationals on Monday is drawing Moscow deeper into the Syrian crisis, which is becoming increasingly internationalised as battle lines get more sharply defined between foreign supporters of the government and the armed opposition.

The foreign ministry of Russia has confirmed that two of its citizens, V.V. Gorelov, and Abdessattar, who holds dual Russian-Syrian nationality, were kidnapped from the coastal city of Latakia. An Italian was also abducted. All three worked in the Syria-owned Hmisho steel plant.

“We are now actively engaged and all the necessary steps are being taken in Syria, and in other countries that may have an impact on the situation,” said Sergei Lavrov the Russian foreign minister. The kidnappers have demanded a ransom, but the abductions may have been triggered more by political motives rather than criminal intent.

Recall that NATO’s mercs claimed that Russians were legitimate targets??
You probably don’t. So, read below.

Haitham al-Maleh, a member of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces told Russia Today that his group identified Russians as legitimate targets because Moscow actively supported the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. “Russia, like Iran, supports the Assad regime with weapons and ammunition, as well as in the political arena, so the citizens of these countries are legitimate targets for militants in Syria,"
In other words. NATO's mercs were showing their true colours in a bold fashion. Something just had to done to make them look palatable. Hell, even heroic. As if on cue...the  NBC psyop.
Of course, as per the norm,  all western mainstream media worked together to create and manage your perception about what really happened- Psyop. Correspondent's disappearance largely kept secret

NBC was able to keep the abduction of chief Middle East correspondent Richard Engel in Syria largely a secret until he escaped late Monday because it persuaded some of this country's most prominent news organizations to hold back on the story.


I like this pic and accompanying story .
This image taken from undated amateur video posted on the Internet shows NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel, center, with NBC Turkey reporter Aziz Akyavas, left, and NBC photographer John Kooistra, right, after they were taken hostage in Syria. More than a dozen heavily armed gunmen kidnapped and held Engel and several colleagues for five days inside Syria, keeping them blindfolded and tied up before they finally escaped unharmed during a firefight between their captors and anti-regime rebels  Engel said

Engel said. Engel the narrative man.  And look a  screen shot grabbed from video uploaded to the net. Hmmmm.....NATO's mercs are notorious for uploading video to the internet. What with their suitcase internet and satellite connectivity all provided to them by the US.......
What advantage would Syrian troops or any loyalists the the country of Syria have to gain by putting this video on line? Obvious answer? NONE!!
Since NATO’s mercs are targeting foreign citizens in Syria and many innocent Syrians in such a horrific manner, while repeatedly demonstrating their brutality at every opportunity. Clearly a feel good story was in order. You know some good PR?
Especially before the holidays... So warm and fuzzy. NOT 

Head over to MoA to check out the work done by b on this media psyop flop. 
Soon, maybe the return of Danny? 

 Israeli “journalists” moving freely about with the NATO mercs in Syria
You read that right. Not a surprise in the least.

 Keeping in mind that Israel was always going to be the big winner in the ME from the ruin of Syria. Golan Heights confiscation. Mineral rights. Water rights..
A clip from the show: Language Hebrew  
 A report by two Israeli journalists working undercover in the rebel-held Idlib region of Syria has been picked up by the Damascus regime and its Lebanese supporters Hezbollah as proof that the insurgents are siding with the Israeli “enemy”

Two Israeli journalists operating freely in Syria alongside NATO's rebels!! How brazen is that???

But that did not stop the journalists from sounding out the rebels on their attitude towards their southern neighbour. “We are only against Bashar al-Assad and his regime,” said one rebel commander. “If Israel’s [former Prime Minister and General] Ariel Sharon comes to me and says he is against Bashar, he has my confidence.” 

Wow, what a rebel commander! Seriously. Ariel Sharon, war criminal, would have his confidence..
It makes sense!
From one war criminal to another....

 Having mentioned the spinning of multiple narratives to justify US intervention
It appears the chemical weapons meme gained the most traction with the corporate media audience

Americans reject an immediate U.S. military intervention in Syria’s raging civil war, but are open to the possibility should President Bashar al-Assad’s struggling regime use or lose control of its massive stockpile of chemical weapons 

In general, Americans widely oppose U.S. military involvement in Syria, but majorities support establishing a no-fly zone and direct action rises if chemical weapons are used by the government. 
Market research pays off

Cleaning house for Kerry? That would be Senator (Heinz ketchup) Kerry
Speaking of Benghazi and the State Department
 Report blames management failures after Libya attack that killed ambassador

An Obama administration official said the officials who resigned were Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, and Raymond Maxwell, the deputy assistant secretary of state.
Kerry can bring in his people


  1. Guess who voted against?
    UN GA passes resolution against glorification of Nazism

    MOSCOW, November 27 (Itar-Tass) — The resolution of the United Nations General Assembly against glorification of Nazism has sent a signal to countries which face an urgent need to take resolute measures to fight this evil, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.
    “The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly passed a Russia-sponsored resolution on ‘Inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance’ at its meeting in New York on November 26,” the Russian Foreign Ministry reports.
    The co-authors of the Russia-proposed draft resolution included Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Gabon, Guinea, Zimbabwe, India, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Laos, Lebanon, Mauritania, Myanmar, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Rwanda, the Seychelles, Syria, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Sri Lanka, the Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan.
    One hundred twenty states voted for the resolution, three countries said “no” to the draft (the United States, Canada and the Marshall Islands) while 57 countries abstained from voting.

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  5. Another very good article from Scott Taylor - especially with regard to mass media bias and hypocrisy, etc.

    I found the part about Syria's use of cluster bombs especially interesting - nothing that Syria like the USA (yep, you heard me right) never signed onto the treaty banning the use of those very imprecise, unguided weapons that often kill innocents, not only at the time they are dropped, but also long afterwards being that they are widely dispersed and the unexploded "bomblets" are often found by children, farmers, etc. - and then explode, blowing off hands, feet, arms and legs.

    When Syria does this (even on the very small scale of Dec. 12 that has been hyped by mass media into a frenzy) it is obviously their typical "worse than Hitler" narrative - but when the USA and NATO have dropped thousands more of these same cluster bombs all over Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, it somehow never recieved this OMG "worse than Hitler" reaction from mass media.

    Makes a reasonable person wonder why, doesn't it? Unless, of course, like many of us here, you already know the answer. :)

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to everyone, and God have mercy on all the innocents around the world who are suffering and dying at the bloody hands of the globalist billionaires who do not and will not ever care about anything but themselves and their power.

    Peace on Earth. It will come, but sadly, not quite yet.

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