Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Syrian rebel to Ynet: Israel will benefit from backing us

Long time readers here will remember this woman allegedly from Canada
She just had to leave her family and go to Syria to join the rebels.......
She was pegged as an obvious psyop way back. And this article makes that fact  all the more obvious.
So, let us all share a laugh at the absurdity of this psyop...

In special interview, (with Ynet) Syrian woman who left comfortable family life in Canada to help rebel forces in Aleppo and Idlib says Israel making 'big mistake' by not supporting struggle against Assad.

Thabia Qanfani, an engineer, was born in Damascus and settled with her family in Canada after leaving Syria in 1995 for a job in the United Arab Emirates. In a special interview with Ynet from her home in Toronto, she describes her rare and inspiring journey, which led to her joining the rebels in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces. 

 But over the past year, as a civil war rages in her homeland, Qanfani decided to put the "Canadian dream" on hold and chase after another dream – a Syria without President Bashar Assad.

"My entire family supported me – my husband, mother and son, who encouraged me to help other children in Syria. It is hard to up and leave your family like that, but I had to help the innocent Syrians," she tells Ynet.
In May Qanfani traveled to Egypt. "I met numerous politicians there and realized that their presence is not doing any good. I realized that they have no political culture, and this is what caused the foot-dragging at the beginning of the revolution," she says. 

A month later Qanfani arrived at her next destination, Turkey. "I met officers from the Free Syrian Army and suggested to unite the opposition and set up a political council that would represent the revolutionary army," she recalls. 

From Canada to Syria via Egypt and Turkey. Why, when Syria is her "home"?

IDF anyone?

According to Qanfani, many officers were convinced. "In Turkey we began formulating a joint command for the rebel units. Meanwhile, I joined the Free Syrian Army battalions on the Turkish-Syrian border."

For the next four months Qanfani traveled back and forth between Syria and Turkey. The longest period of time she spent with rebels operating deep within Syrian territory was 10 days – in Aleppo, the country's largest city. "While I was in Aleppo the Berri clan, which is loyal to Assad, treacherously butchered nine teenagers belonging to the Free Syrian Army. The regime's forces asked the FSA for a 24-hour ceasefire, but the clan violated the truce and murdered nine brave youngsters," she recounts.

We may recall that the NATO/mercs slaughtered many members of the Berri clan in a targeted politcal kill. Her story is preposterous. It is the first time this narrative has ever been mentioned and is obviously being put forth to justify terrorists killings with Israeli help.

 "Assad could not have continued the campaign in Aleppo and in the other parts of Syria without the daily assistance - in the form of equipment or fighters - from Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. (convenient propaganda) I've seen with my own eyes Iranians and Hezbollah members who joined Assad's forces. I can tell the difference between Syrians and Iranians or Lebanese," says Qanfani, who did not take part in the actual fighting but understands that an armed struggle is necessary in order to achieve the ultimate goal - toppling Assad.



 "The rebels, in my opinion, would welcome any support from Israel. They have already requested military aid from a number of sources, including Israel. But your decision-makers are not showing any interest in the rebels, and this I believe is a big mistake on the part of the Israeli government

Ms Qanfani makes abundantly clear that Israel is involved. She has IDF or some version of aformentioned military outfit written all over her

Update on yesterday's post Syria: US "designating" terrorists to use down the road..

The US did indeed designate al-Nusra as a terrorist group.

Which prompted a quick rejection from the NATO mercs on the ground
Which may result in the 'unintended consequence' of NATO intervention.
Unintended of course.

Rebels in brigades fighting around Aleppo have told CNN that the move is a miscalculation.
 There is also more than a smattering of foreign fighters in al-Nusra's ranks -- Jordanian, Iraqi, Libyan, a few from Central Asia.
For now, the group has no formal affiliation with al Qaeda, and according to other Islamist fighters it is probably wary of being pigeonholed as part of the group, for fear of causing a backlash among a population that historically is among the less conservative in the Arab world.
One leading Islamist in Aleppo described al-Nusra as similar to jihadist groups in Iraq before they morphed into al Qaeda. So far, he said, al-Nusra has yet to receive al Qaeda's seal of approval.
The U.S. State Department thinks otherwise.
al qaeda's seal of approval? Come on. Once al-Nusra has the US State departments approval the al Qaeda stamp is a given


  1. Spent some time searching here to find where this woman was addressed previously

    felix if your about?? I recall you bringing her to my attention
    WWM and Freethinker if either of you can help that would be terrific
    I would love to relink the previous stuff

    1. Some chat with Felix in comments here: http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/alleged-defection-of-manaf-tlass.html
      She was Kanafani back then. Also http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/157789

      From the recent Ynet I see some narrative building here:

      "There is a fear that extremist elements will take over, but so far the rebels have resisted their infiltration attempts," she says, but adds that "should the international silence continue, the rebels will need the assistance of any external element to put an end to the problem. I don’t see al-Qaeda people on the ground, but I can tell you that if the international community will not come to our aid – this will give al-Qaeda and opportunity to enter the picture."

      As if Al-Qaeda and associated cut-throats were not already involved up to their oxters (obscure word of the day).

  2. thanks Freethinker

    felixJuly 7, 2012 7:16 PM

    Penny - here's a good one, a female Canadian engineer from Toronto joins the FSA. Video - Thwaiba Kanafani joins Free Syrian Army
    I came from Canada to answer the call of my home land...
    One comes out, Tlas, one come in Kanafani. Hilarious.

    Rastan2012 has also been busy uploading defections today. They really need to get somewhere a bit more comfortable looking.

    Syrian revolution_Syria_Thwaiba Kanafani_Alasad fooled the world_part-1 Here she is - ثويبه كنفاني with her specs on speaking back in February delivering a Syrian history lesson.
    (2 parts)

    felixJuly 7, 2012 7:17 PM

    Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeRmAkMKQPE
    PennyJuly 8, 2012 6:44 AM

    Felix an alleged Canadian engineer...
    I spent some time looking around
    Her bio seemed to originate from Linked In
    You know that place all the so called professionals post their wares

    Do you recall not to long ago linkedin was hacked?

    6.5 million user passwords hacked


    How many professional ID's were created?

    Cause if you can steal'em, you can make them!!
    felixJuly 9, 2012 1:39 AM

    You're dead right, Penny - she doesn't have many Canadian fb friends, but over a thousand in Syria, mainly. Just propaganda.


    If the international community will not come to "our" aid?
    Does she mean Israel's aid? I think she does.
    Israel, we are supposed to believe is 'scared' of the Islamists
    lol, lol lol

    Kananfani, Qanfani, whatever
    Either version not likely to be the Israeli soldier/spy real name

  3. Will Syria be a better country?
    "The “Friends of the Syrian People,” a group of countries formed last year to shape a post-al-Assad Syria meet today in Morocco for its fourth meeting, which could turn into a critical one, mainly because of two reasons.

    First, the stage of the civil war in Syria gives the impression that the Bashar al-Assad regime has been making its last efforts to keep itself up. The latest statement on that belonged to the German foreign intelligence service (BND), which implied that the days of the regime might be numbered. The Turkish government has had the information for weeks now that considerable parts of the country are out of Damascus’ control now. On the other hand the extension of the civil war and disorganized nature of the rebel forces have caused a radical Islamist group named al-Nusra to emerge and start fighting with the rebels supported by the Friends of the Syrian People as well. Kurdish secessionist factions have already started to fight on behalf of the al-Assad forces; the whole thing could turn into chaos.

    Secondly, the winds in international politics have started to change further against Syria. There have been a series of interesting developments over the last 10 days. Russian President Vladimir Putin for example said in Istanbul in a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan on Dec. 3 that his country was not an advocate of the al-Assad regime. It was important for Russia as the country (with China) that had vetoed any U.N. resolution on Syria three consecutive times. The next day his spokesman told journalists in Asghabad that Turkish and Russian diplomats could start working on some new ideas, followed by Ankara sources saying that Turkey and Russia had agreed to work on a new Syria plan. On Dec. 7, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.N./Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi met in Dublin on Syria and endorsed the July 1, 2012 Geneva consensus on a transitional government in Syria between Russia and the West. The next day Lavrov spoke again and said that it would be wrong to assume that Russia’s position on Syria was changed, further confusing people."

    1. One is best off assuming Turkey and BND are lying.

      BND has been built up as a trustworthy source on Syria in the Western MSM so we must be skeptical.

      BND was tasked with obtaining intelligence and Germany sent a listening ship earlier this year: http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/08/19/233059.html

      A number of Western MSM sources claimed the BND had the best sources in Syria.

      And of course BND has 'confirmed' that al-Qaeda is active in Syria: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/07/26/252950/bnd-qaeda-behind-terror-in-syria/

      Even though this appears to help those opposing invasion because it admits to outside forces committing terrorism, it actually helps the West because it provides extra justification for the war . . . either now or in the future.

  4. Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela is under going very serious operation on his cancerous cells. Syria is dependent on Venezuela and Chavez to protect and supply them with diesel fuel, without this fuel which is provided free the armed forces would grind to a halt. USA and it's mercenaries allies are too scared to impound this fuel. Already looks like the CIA is causing trouble with opposition MP's demanding that new election be held after 30 days (it's in the constitution). May your thoughts be with Chavez at this time of need and hope he has a recovery before 30 days.

    1. Hey Hans

      Yah, I saw that news
      I think it was reported today his surgery was successful
      Hopefully the Venezuelan people will kick the CIA idiots out of their nation

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  6. Thanks for the follow up Penny. Good post.

    That is cute how they plan on issuing al-Qaeda Seals of Approval. Kind of like being selected for the Oprah book of the month; it's guaranteed to bring fame and notoriety.

    I also love the good cop/bad cop routine the 'rebels' have going on. The West pretends it is only supporting the good cops and is trying to hold the bad cops back. And a special shout out to the psy operatives for the bit about the rebels pushing back at the 'terrorist' designation and the U.S. having to behave diplomatically on whom they label "terrorist." As if the U.S. designation is anything but an arbitrary act of power to provide legal cover for acts of war and terrorism. U.S. laws prohibiting support for designated groups are hypocritical and some of the most unjust laws in the history of jurisprudence. Most of these bogeymen were created by the U.S. anyway, and are still controlled or perpetuated by the U.S. I bet most of these groups are simply virtual groups created by our vast secret intelligence system anyway . . . and don't exist in any real sense . . . like Anonymous . . . but with a few actors hired to play the insurgent roles and maybe some actual mercenaries and operatives for the missions, which are run by Western commanders.

    For instance. In Syria. As the woman's story above shows . . . .

    It doesn't seem logical that Syrian based "activists" would have such slick operations right off the bat.

    I mean they are organizing political organizations like the ones mentioned in the story above, they are doing things like organizing local body count organizations to obtain country wide figures (allegedly), they are running media operations, meeting with foreign dignitaries, running terrorist operations, running military operations, escorting journahoes, running alternative police forces in "occupied" territories, etc., etc. It's simply not credible. How does this organizational structure just simply spring up in such a short time in a relatively liberal and pacified country such as Syira?

    Furthermore, there is evidence most Syrians oppose armed invasion and revolution and support the government. Therefore, the West is most likely running the rebels and 'opposition' groups, and have been right from the beginning. Indeed, the fact so many NGOs were active in the region just before the 'Arab Spring' is very suspicious. The similarity of the 'revolutions' as well as the fact they benefit the West and Israel are also suspicious facts.

    Yep. I'm going with psy op on this story Penny. Notice how they pick (attractive) women for these roles to soften the image of the invasion of Syria and back up the story of legitimate opposition groups. Same thing with that woman dressed in blue in the picture accompanying the NPR story I linked to in the last post. She was part of some political organization of Syrian rebels, like the woman in the above story, and was helping organize police forces in occupied Syria and chose the blue uniforms the police wore. Barf.

  7. This woman, from Canada, allegedly.
    If any of this story were true she would have no need to get into Syria via Egypt and Turkey, because we are supposed to believe she was born in Syria..
    She is most likely Israeli and heavily involved with the destabilization as Israel has been all along and they decided to use here because she is "attractive' to get the male audience all excited about a GI jane type individual

    "That is cute how they plan on issuing al-Qaeda Seals of Approval. Kind of like being selected for the Oprah book of the month; it's guaranteed to bring fame and notoriety."