Sunday, December 2, 2012

Syria's "rebels" show off their US provided Satellite Equipment

Following up on the Syrian internet shutdown Syria's internet down. Who benefits?

The satellite communications equipment that allegedly kept Syrian rebels online

The U.S. government has been providing Syrian rebels with "non-lethal equipment," including communication tools to get around Internet outages.

The internet shutdown in Syria was not going to impede the NATO mercs, because the shutdown could not have impeded the mercs, since they have lots of fancy satellite equipment given to them by the US eand others. But, let us focus on the US providing the means to wage war on the Syrian government, army and it's civilians.

First today's news, an article, that will leave no doubt about the mercs ability to communicate without the internet in Syria being operational

Following a 48-hour internet blackout in Syria, rebels have released pictures of equipment that, they claim, kept them online throughout the cut.
Rebels released images on Sunday of satellite equipment in an unnamed office that apparently kept them online during the shutdown.
In an unnamed office? Wondering if US Ambassador Rob Ford was present?

The U.S. government has been providing Syrian rebels with "non-lethal equipment," including communication tools to get around Internet outages.

When one enlarges the picture a certain name becomes clear--HUGHES
Hughes satellite broadband products and services address the complex challenges of mobile operations.
How much does this equipment cost?
How is it that alleged ragtag rebels can afford such, what has to be top of the line, very,  no extremely expensive equipment??

Now it’s time to flashback!
To a previous post from July 2011- US creates "Shadow Internet" A tool for spooks & the new battleground

 If you have been a reader for a while now, you may recall this one, but, hey, it never hurts to refresh the memory. If your newer this may be the first time you see this info so by all means partake.
Whet your whistle:
The US wants to create a 'shadow internet' and mobile phone service?
Despite the fact, it is quite obvious the US has this "service" in place.
In nations such as Syria, Egypt, Tunisia just to name a few.

Clearly the US is presently knee deep in government destabilization in the already mentioned nations and others.

US seeks shadow internet and mobile networks in "repressive countries"

 Let's read some more about the Shadow Internet- U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors (this is a very long article, worth reading entirely, so click on the link)

The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents (bought and paid for) can use to undermine repressive (unacceptable to the west)governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks.
 The effort includes secretive projects to create independent cellphone networks inside foreign countries. as well as one operation out of a spy novel in a fifth-floor shop on L Street in Washington, where a group of young entrepreneurs who look as if they could be in a garage band are fitting deceptively innocent-looking hardware into a prototype “Internet in a suitcase.”

Internet in a suitcase. Take a look again at the rebels hardware.
The map below rather then showing 'repressive governments' clearly shows targeted nations


  1. Eretz Zen
    I've translated the OTV report about Hariri's involvement in arms smuggling into Syria and the killing of the Lebanese Salafi terrorists by Syrian Army ambush... feel free to share with English speakers:

  2. The Jewish people has natural, historical, legal rights to its homeland with its eternal capital Jerusalem. The State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people has rights and claims to areas that are under dispute in the land of Israel. Last week’s vote by the UNGA to grant the Palestinians non-member observer state status will not be used as the basis for future peace negotiations. JTA, 2 Dec

    The Thirteenth Tribe talk, is it not a crime in Canada to mix Jewish and Israel in the same sentence?

  3. Syriangirl Partisan shared a link.
    4 hours ago
    A citizen Journalist from Aleppo going by "Aleppo Guy" (Different to Mr. Aleppo) Video tapes how Syrians are surviving in spite of the NATO FSA rats. The old market was burned to the ground and many businesses destroyed, but instead of giving up, the people brought their wares to the areas protected by the Army! Never Say die!

  4. this just came to my attention over on US Embassy Damascus FB page:
    Tarik Dugmag of Canada, is in debate with a friend of the FSA named Muns...
    Tarik Dugmag: Muns just a little note for you and for all the supporters of FSA and terrorism I helped many Syrian families seeking refuge to Canada and all the services were for free because they were seeking protection whether or not they were with or against the regime. So you do not teach me what humanity means. I worked directly with UNHCR and fought for those families to get refugee referrals and just to let you know most families were denied a UN referral but I stood with them and got them Canadian referral approvals. I fought the Immigration and Refugee Board also for free for those families to stay in Canada and stay protected.
    11 hours ago · Like

    Tarik Dugmag : Unlike other consultants and lawyers who were taking advantage of people in need I traveled to Syria multiple times and met those families who were scared and received threats from your FSA and unfortunate enough some of them were murdered by FSA soldiers and all the proofs I had in hand were legitimate documents issued by government department showed no involvement in the Syrian army nor any other governmental department. I met doctors and paramedics. I met journalist, mousques' imams, and churchs' priest and all of them had the same story about FSA. I do not have to explain myself further but YES I am proud that I saw the truth in my own eyes and I did not have to be misled by media. Wake up my friend...
    11 hours ago · Like

    Tarik Dugmag : If you want more information to make you feel better I was in Syria on the day the UN Security Council session took place on Jan 28, 2012 resulting in the Canadian Embassy in Damascus closure and I had multiple families with me the week before to speed up the process of issuing their visa. Go and ask around although it is not anyone's business to know what I was doing.
    10 hours ago · Like...............

  5. "Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying Syria “would not use chemical weapons — if there are any — against its own people under any circumstances.”

    And then the spokesman for the ministry got on the next plane to Britain — so take the truth of that for what you will."

    "Makdissi belongs to Syria's Christian minority, which has largely stood behind Assad. He worked with the foreign ministry for 10 years and speaks fluent English, a rarity in a state apparatus shaped by the Baath Party's anti-Western ideology.

    "He defected. All I can say is that he is out of Syria," the diplomatic source, who did not want to be named, said.

    Lebanon's al-Manar Television, citing government sources, said Makdissi was sacked for making statements that did not reflect the government's position."

  6. how many of the FSA videos are real?

  7. Assad Facing Setbacks as Syrian Capital Is Besieged.

    "A Russian political analyst with contacts at the Foreign Ministry said that “people sent by the Russian leadership” who had contact with Mr. Assad two weeks ago described a man who has lost all hope of victory or escape.

    “His mood is that he will be killed anyway,” Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of a Russian foreign affairs journal and the head of an influential policy group, said in an interview in Moscow, adding that only an “extremely bold” diplomatic proposal could possibly convince Mr. Assad that he could leave power and survive.

    “If he will try to go, to leave, to exit, he will be killed by his own people,” Mr. Lukyanov said, speculating that security forces dominated by Mr. Assad’s minority Alawite sect would not let him depart and leave them to face revenge. “If he stays, he will be killed by his opponents. He is in a trap. It is not about Russia or anybody else. It is about his physical survival.”

    1. Well, if the New York Times says so then it must be true - ROFL.

    2. "Fyodor Lukyanov is editor-in-chief of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, published in Russian and English with the participation of Foreign Affairs magazine."

      Ah, NYT and Foreign Affairs mag. - double persuasive!

    3. "Syria's new opposition coalition did not comment on the reported defection. But Ausama Monajed, of the Syrian National Council, another anti-Assad group, said: "It is another huge blow to the regime, similar to the defection of the prime minister Riyad Hijab. Makdissi has been their mouthpiece, the person who used to legitimise their actions against the people. It tells you that regime is on its last legs. Its demise will come soon."

      Syrian state media did not mention the story. But it was seized on by western governments. "If the man charged with lying to the outside world can't stomach Assad any more it is a pretty damning indictment of the regime – and a message to others who might be thinking of following suit," one diplomat said."


  9. Frankly, Syria, we don’t give a damn
    After Assad’s envoy complains about Israeli participation at anti-corruption conference, Jerusalem’s envoy to Vienna snaps back: ‘With all that’s going on in Syria, we really don’t care’
    There were a “few shorts laughs” and some delegates — even from countries not known for their close ties with Israel — raised their thumbs to signal their approval, he said.
    “This was, of course, a bit of an undiplomatic way to say this, but I think it was appreciated by everyone around,” Shir-on said. Speaking from the dais, the Israeli ambassador could not see the Syrian official’s response, but people afterwards said he was “really embarrassed,” Shir-On said.
    “They usually want to get into this debate, where they can say we don’t accept Israel, the occupier, and the poor Palestinians, etcetera. So he was a bit embarrassed because he was not expecting such an answer. He just shrunk in his chair.”

  10. '1. While the group was reported to include between 17 and 44 men, sources told Al-Akhbar there were only 15, all of them Salafis “by affiliation and conviction.” Sources said they were heading for Tal Kalakh only to be ambushed in the village of Tal Tisreen after crossing into Syrian territory.
    2.Security sources confirmed that the alleged individuals behind the recruiting have disappeared from public view since news of the incident broke.
    3.The reaction of the father of Khodor Alameddin – whose body was shown on the Syria TV broadcast – was striking. He blamed his son’s death on “the deceivers” who had sent him to Syria without his family’s knowledge, and called for action to be taken against the groups responsible for such “brainwashing.'
    so we have salafi lebanese being enticed to go on jihad against syria...the unidentified recruiters have disappeared, showing us their commitment to jihad! SO who were they? ready to lure men ot their doom while not prepared to go themselves...

    1. "SO who were they? ready to lure men ot their doom while not prepared to go themselves..."

      Sounds like a classic example of the manipulation and deception that the CIA is famous (and infamous) for.