Wednesday, December 12, 2012

US recognizes NATO Council in Cairo as 'representing' Syria

Not that the council really does represent the Syrian people.
The Council represents the interests of  multinational corporations, bankers,the war machine and certain nations in the middle east. The gullible masses, particularly in the 'free' west, are supposed to believe it is so. Simply on the basis that the NATO nations along with their GCC partners and Israel dictate it.

It has been reported that the US has ‘recognized’ the NATO/Muslim Brotherhood monstrosity, resident in Cairo, Egypt. It was only a matter of time.

This of course means nothing but tyranny to the Syrian people. And debt servitude.
Covered previously here.: Banksters and big business pillaging Syria

With this announcement comes ‘aid’
Some of that support appeared to be forthcoming with Saudi Arabia announcing a $100 million aid package at the conference.
The news of this ‘recognition’ of the NATO council is followed by news from Leon Panetta that......
Official DoD pic

Syria chemical weapons intelligence has "leveled off"

“The Obama administration Tuesday appeared to temper its recent assertions that the Syrian government may be preparing to use chemical weapons, with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta telling reporters the relevant intelligence had "really kind of leveled off."

What a farce. All that “news’ was spin. Perception management. Mind Control.

It seems pretty clear that the US/NATO war machine has been and continues to  prep  multiple narratives.

1.Chemical Weapons

2.Terrorism- designation of al Nusra as ‘terrorists’ affiliated with Al Q necessitating intervention

3.Humanitarianism-killing to liberate

Russia expresses it’s surprise- I doubt they are surprised.

"As the coalition has been recognized as the only legitimate representative, it seems that the United States decided to place all bets on the armed victory of this very national coalition," said Lavrov.

I would think Russia like the NATO nutters have been prepping multiple scenarios
Russia Won’t Pressure Syria’s Assad to Quit
Russia won’t pressure Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to quit and wants to include government representatives in talks on the country’s future, a senior lawmaker said.

“Assad’s resignation cannot be a precondition for the start of this process,” Alexei Pushkov, the head of the foreign-affairs committee in the lower house of parliament, said in an interview today in Moscow. “This is a sovereign right.”

What about China?

China said Wednesday that it hoped all relevant parties in Syria will work to realize the just, peaceful and proper settlement of the Syrian issue.

"Syria's future and destiny should be decided by the Syrian people on their own," Hong said at at a regular news briefing here.

In case you missed it...NATO’s Islamist mercs at work
Encouraging children to behead others You know the ‘Allahu Akbar' crowd?
The ones the West have been aiding and comforting with arms and more....

NATO’s mercs are terrorists. By design.  As was intended. To terrorize the Syrians into submission.

UPDATE: and and interesting one at that?
 Syria has allegedly issued arrest warrants for Saad Hariri

Syria issued arrest warrants Tuesday for Hariri, Saqr and Meqdad over charges of providing weapons and funds for “terrorist groups” in Syria.

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said the Interpol’s office at the Internal Security Forces received the warrants at midday Tuesday, adding that copies had been sent to all Arab states.

  The move comes almost two weeks after a Lebanese television station aired audio recordings of Saqr allegedly discussing supplying Syrian rebels with arms and conveying Hariri’s hope that the opposition defeats the Syrian Army.

One wonders what it is that keeps Hariri on his short leash? 
              Especially when one considers the Israeli involvement in the killing of the senior Hariri


  1. Hi, hope all is well with you? It's been crazy lately for me.

    Anyway, it's a pretty sad state of affairs now, this signals more bad times ahead soon for Syria. I have recently had to write a huge e-mail to a friend in the US who was believing the propaganda about Assad being a 'monster' and so on. I pointed out what I knew from my first hand experience of the country and its people, and I think it helped to allow the truth out for a few people, and now I am being asked for my experiences to be copy pasted on different websites.

    Not much else I can do, hoping that others with more influence can get the truth out.

    Merry Christmas to all at this difficult time.


    1. Only a monster would do things like this to his own country and people.
      "The Obama administration told The New York Times that Assad’s use of the Scuds indicates his desperation. Perhaps that’s true: Elliot Higgins, who has been tracking the arsenals of both sides of the 20-month Syrian civil war, observes that Assad’s aircraft are dropping naval mines as if they’re bombs — except without any kind of guidance system or even tail fin that guides a bomb to its intended target, indicating that accuracy isn’t exactly a big concern for Assad. But the Scuds, incendiaries and mines might simply reinforce that Assad is an inventive killer who doesn’t mind using the munitions he’s got to eliminate his foes."

    2. Scuds is another bogus story
      Same as the chemical weapons
      Unsubstantiated claims
      Just like the one made by the HT

    3. Hi Marie

      wanted to get back to you.
      I saw your post about your return to the UK
      Indeed it looks as if much is about to get worse for Syria

      ". I have recently had to write a huge e-mail to a friend in the US who was believing the propaganda about Assad being a 'monster' and so on. I pointed out what I knew from my first hand experience of the country and its people, and I think it helped to allow the truth out for a few people"

      Kudos to you Marie
      How is it that people will believe the most obvious propaganda
      And it is really obvious
      There is ample evidence that NATO has had it's sites set on Syria for a long time
      And no one can put two and two together?
      The patterns are so obvious- demonize those we wish to invade
      and it's the same everytime
      The same narratives
      The same cartoon character "evil" leader
      Black vs white
      Same propaganda tactics, everytime
      babies in incubators, chemical weapons etc
      wash, rinse, repeat
      wash, rinse, repeat
      It is that formulaic

    4. Re the Anon's link (HT?) - Wired Danger-Room By Spencer Ackerman planting narratives yet again.

      Also Brown Moses aka Elliot Higgins comes up again. The Naval Mines Dropped On Dry Land In Syria story is hilarious and shows what a credulous fool (or knave) Brown Moses is. Reportedly this 'Naval Mine' was dropped by SAA helicopter (because they've run out of bombs? postulates BM) and the video shows them very gingerly examining this unexploded munition. Whatever this thing is (naval mine or industrial pressure vessel) it was not recently dropped there from a height as there is no sign of impact crater or displaced sand or soil thrown up by the impact (as there would have to be, if it were dropped, since it is half buried). Nor do they explain why the access plate has been unbolted. Clearly a lot of soil has accumulated around this thing since that plate was removed. Whatever it is (naval mine or industrial scrap), it looks like its been lying there, part dismantled, for a long time.

      As if the BM story wasn't preposterous enough Ackerman then goes on to embellish it by saying-
      "without any kind of guidance system or even tail fin that guides a bomb to its intended target, indicating that accuracy isn’t exactly a big concern for Assad. But the Scuds, incendiaries and mines might simply reinforce that Assad is an inventive killer who doesn’t mind using the munitions he’s got to eliminate his foes"
      Oh the evil fiend!

      Really, who could take this bullshit seriously?

    5. The Big Jewcy: Spencer Ackerman – National Security

      "Spencer Ackerman took very little time to climb the ladder to become one of the most recognized voices when it comes to national security issues, the pentagon, the military, and a host of other fun issues that has earned him plenty of notice in places like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera, and his current post, blogging at’s “Danger Room” blog...

      So how does one become a “national security blogger” exactly?

      How indeed? But then how does one become a Hasbarat or Sayan or just a general purpose stooge of the spooks?

      Perhaps he was chosen at a young age?
      Camp Kinderland

    6. Hey Freethinker

      Oh look Spencer Ackerman is an 'alumni'!

      Regarding the scud psyop. Over at MoA a commenter made the connection between the scud and the patriot as a propaganda device that the masses have already been programmed with from the 1991 attack on Iraq.

      As Bush junior said, gotta keep repeating it to
      "catapult the propaganda"
      Since this theme has already been previously implanted it just has to be relaunched, or refreshed, to dredge up the memories
      Making it pretty typical of all the other garbage that get's thrown at us

      RE: HT?

  2. Why does Russia and China want Syria to "start a process" to decide Syria's future? What does that mean?

    Why doesn't Russia or China address the changes that Syria has already made? What exactly does China or Russia expect the Syrian government to do? Hold elections? They already did. Change the constitution or other laws? Which ones? They already did most of these things.

    Russia admits these groups are only interested in "armed victory" so why would Russia insist on starting a "process" with them?

    Clearly Russia is like the American Democrat party. They are only pretending to stand up for principles. They are actually doing damage by giving people false hope that their efforts are designed to stop the invasion. These efforts are more likely designed to aid and abet the attack on Syria--just like Democrats' opposition to Republican policies is not sincere but actually designed to further these policies.

    1. WWM: Thus far I have to say Russia has adhered to a fairly consistent language wrt Syria

      That the Syrians have to decide

      Also I notice Israeli and US rhetoric is very heated towards Russia
      Very heated

    2. Yeah, the Republican vs. Democratic rhetoric is very heated as well. But actions speak louder than words. The Russian vs. West drama is used as a distraction and gives antiwar people false hope that international diplomacy and processes can ameliorate the situation.

      And the Russians have stuck to a consistent message. But they have undermined this message in deed and they need to go beyond this message if they are sincere in stopping an invasion or standing up for the principle of sovereignty.

    3. And although Russia's message has been consistent it hasn't been detailed enough. Sure, Syrians should decide their future. But why not address the fact that Syria has already addressed opposition demands and held new elections? In other words they are deciding their future. Did Russia send observers to the last elections? Do they agree they were fair?

      Also, why doesn't Putin fly into Damascus to meet with Assad as he meets with Turkey's leaders? Why doesn't Russia make a big deal about rushing arms to Syria as the U.S. would do if its ally in the region, Israel, were in danger of being attacked?

      All of those things I just proposed are better than sticking to a vague but consistent message that Syrians must decide their own fate. Russia is doing Syria no good.

  3. "Paris has confirmed that the French aircraft carrier, Charles De Gaulle, has now stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, just outside Syria.

    French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told BFMTV on Tuesday that although French Marines are onboard the vessel, it does not mean that France is preparing for a military intervention in Syria.

    He, however, justified the presence of the French aircraft carrier in waters just outside Syria as part of Paris’ policy to maintain military readiness in the face of any threat."

    "In a joint press conference with Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Ankara on Tuesday, Abbas urged Israel to stop settlement expansion on Palestinian land"

    1. France is a NATO nation and is clearly ready for an attack...

  4. RE: allegations of scuds and their propaganda value
    This says it all...

    It was not immediately clear why Assad's forces would deploy Scuds, which can have a range of up to a few hundred km and are best-known internationally from the 1991 Gulf War when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein fired them at Israel.

    Israeli propaganda at it's finest

    and this

    "White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday said he "cannot confirm" that Syria has fired scud missiles at rebels"

    Of course it cannot be confirmed

  5. the US in the title is not the american people who havent been consulted. but the politicians who band together and use the electoral system to gain power

    1. "the US in the title is not the american people"

      not at all

      The US government, like the Canadian government does not represent the people
      They are in the pockets of others parties
      Despite the facade of 'elections'

    2. And does the Syrian Dictatorship represent the Syrian people, most of whom are Sunnis, where as the government is dominated by Alawites? At least you Canadians and the Americans can live in hope of changing a government every few years; a luxury not afforded to Syrians. They have to have a bloody civil war to get rid of an unwanted government, which now appears to be getting voted out of power by force of arms. Democracies don't seem to blow apart like Assad and Gaddafi dictatorships. The historical record bears testimony to this simple fact.

    3. And does the Syrian Dictatorship represent the Syrian people, most of whom are Sunnis, where as the government is dominated by Alawites?

      Obviously you can't comfortably answer that question.

    4. yes anon the current syria govt does represent the people as shown by their listening to the wish for reforms, The govt consists of sunni shia and christian, for its a secular govt...not as you would have it a salafist-sunni dominated one....There is no civil war on syria...thats why your lot need the foreign jihadis and a media wlling to use the word 'syrian civil war'
      The support Assad has is sho in this 2011 video:

      according to you he has little support at all

    5. Assad should arm all these supposed supporters like Gaddafi was supposed to have done. Didn't do Gaddafi much good though, just like Hitler, when he armed the citizens of Berlin. Assad is just another dictator getting voted out by the alternative to democratic elections. Assad has no future in Syria and after his response to protesting Syrians, will be as revolting to them as a roast pig at a Ramadan feast.


    "We must look at the facts: There is a trend for the government to progressively lose control over an increasing part of the territory," Bogdanov, the Foreign Ministry's pointman on Syria, said during hearings at a Kremlin advisory body, the Public Chamber. "An opposition victory can't be excluded."

    Bogdanov's statement marks a clear attempt by the Kremlin to begin positioning itself for Assad's eventual defeat. He said that Russia is prepared to evacuate thousands of its citizens from Syria, although he didn't say when that might happen."

    1. Checking in on the MSM:

      "Bogdanov, a deputy foreign minister and the Kremlin's special envoy for Middle East affairs, said the Syrian government was "losing control of more and more territory" and Moscow was preparing to evacuate Russian citizens if necessary.

      Syria has relied on war planes and helicopters to bombard rebel districts but Damascus denied accusations by U.S. and NATO officials that it had fired Scud missiles in recent days. . . .

      The head of NATO said he thought Assad's government was nearing collapse and the new leader of Syria's opposition told Reuters the people of Syria no longer needed international forces to protect them. . . .

      In the latest blow to the government, a car bomb killed at least 16 men, women and children . . . ."

      Why killing children is a blow to the "government" and not simply a sick crime that Obama, Hillary and the presstitutes are excusing and probably responsible for is a mystery to me. Well, not a mystery really. These are sick people we're dealing with at Yahoo and AP and the New York Times. Killing children is a blow to the government in a horse race coverage story about rebels v the government. But the mere allegation from U.S. officials (i.e. rumours, lies) that Syria has chemical weapons and then the presstitutes print story after story about this hypothetical threat that has killed zero real children. These sick people are running interference for a war on Syria and using terrorism to achieve it but blaming their victims for said terrorism (it's Assad that is to be tried for war crimes according to the MSM and West, not the West for sponsoring this terrorism). Sick. Sick. Sick.

      And notice Russia playing along.

    2. Correction. These journahoes, Steve Gutterman and Oliver Holmes, hustle for Reuters.

  7. Freethinker,

    I saw that post about the mine looking thing--reminded me of those old-fashioned helmets that scuba divers used to wear. I agree it looked more like it washed up to shore months ago rather than falling from the sky.


    Re the Scud missile being used for propaganda. For sure. It definitely retriggers wiring that was established in Western populations during the 90s. For those of us that were around I remember the propaganda making fun at how ineffectual the scud missiles were. So I don't know how much it is designed to scare the West as it is to associate a crazed dictator in our mind (whose missiles are equally ineffectual).

    One would think they would focus on the fact Syria evidently has some advanced anti-ship missiles that engages in evasive behavior so that seems to be a much bigger threat than the scuds to the West. Although the scuds could be sent into Jordan, Turkey, and Israel, with relative success, no?

    Would be interested to see LVB's take on it.