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ADHD drugs retard the growth and development of boys

In more ways then one may think, realize or be aware of. 
So, let's connect some dots?

In 2011 there was a study with rhesus monkeys

The study was conducted on young rhesus monkeys under 5 years old. The monkeys were divided into groups with one receiving a low dose of methylphenidate, similar to the dose a human ADHD patient would receive, and the other group receiving a high dose, or 10 times what is used in humans. A separate control group was given only the material that the drug was dissolved in for the other monkeys but not the drug itself. These doses were administered over a 40-month time frame. The study was designed to evaluate possible toxic effects of the drug, such as DNA damage, so the effects they discovered were surprising.

The researchers, including Dr. Donald Mattison from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, discovered that testicular descent was significantly postponed in the monkeys that received the high dose of methylphenidate and lower blood testosterone levels and testicular volume were present in both sets of monkeys

Move ahead to 2013 & male children, you know, human boys

The study, published in The Medical Journal of Australia,  investigated the growth and attainment of puberty in boys with ADHD who were taking stimulant medication. Sixty-five boys aged 12 to 16 who were taking ADHD stimulants for at least three years were compared against 174 similarly aged boys who did not have ADHD (referred to as 'healthy controls').

On average, the boys taking stimulants had taken them for an average of six years by the time the study was conducted. Researchers were provided height and weight data for each boy from the beginning of treatment (referred to as 'baseline') until the present. At baseline, the heights and weights of the boys were similar to those of healthy controls of the same age.

However, by age 12 to 14, boys who were taking stimulants for ADHD had significantly lower weight and body mass index than their peers who did not have ADHD. Likewise, by age 14 to 16, boys on stimulants had significantly lower height and weight. The higher their medication dose, the slower their growth rate was.

Also by age 14 to 16, boys taking stimulants were significantly delayed in terms of pubertal development compared to similarly aged healthy controls
The researchers concluded that taking stimulant medication for more than three years results in a slower rate of development during puberty.

Now, the human body is a complex living organism, affected greatly by what is ingested or taken in to it, right? What other developments were slowed or retarded.
Delayed or entirely uncompleted?
Let us look at another study. Remember we are dot connecting here.
 Or perhaps running a thread through it all? Whichever?

  Ritalin may affect young brains

 "The changes we saw in the brains of treated rats occurred in areas strongly linked to higher executive functioning, addiction and appetite(instant gratification vs an ability to delay gratification), social relationships and stress, said Professor Teresa Milner, the study's lead author. "These alterations gradually disappeared over time once the rats no longer received the drug."

Ritalin may affect young brains? Understatement of the year, but, lets go with it.
Ritalin retards growth and pubescent development in males.
Ritalin alters, changes or retards brain development
Specifically the higher executive functions of the brain
Let's move forward to one of so many psychiatric diagnosis. A newer one. One that has been making the rounds the past few years. Adult ADHD

Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults

These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, or difficult or failed relationships
 Many have had multiple traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to do several things at once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer "quick fixes," rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards.(instant gratification vs an ability to delay gratification)

The stimulants prescribed for ADHD diagnosed children, cause changes in the brains of treated rats linked to higher functions.
Addiction. Social relationships and stress.

Is adult ADHD, born of childhood diagnosis and prescribed medications that subsequently retarded or damaged normal development including the higher functions to their brain?

Looks to be possible!

FYI: Boys are diagnosed more often with ADHD then girls

ADHD diagnoses in kids increasing: boys were three times more likely to be diagnosed than girls

Now, lets take our dots that have connected us from delayed or impeded growth and development- moved to damaged brains- in young males- then consider the combination of ADHD drugs, which are stimulants,  with SSRI's drugs. 

What are the risks? School shooters?

Stay tuned... 


  1. One conclusion I can draw from all this is as a society we are medicating the children far to much
    It really indicates a general malaise that is ugly.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I tend to think the ADHD diagnosis is a way to get rid of troublesome youths, hence why more boys are targeted.
    As for school shooters, my perception was that it's anti-depressant mediations (and not stimulants) triggering those sorts of violent attacks.

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    2. take 2:

      Hi njt

      thanks for reading it! :)

      When I did this post I read what qualifies as the parameters for deciding whether a child is ADHD or not.

      IMHO it was laughable.
      Is your child 'always on the go'?
      does your child run and climb excessively
      Is your child fidgety?

      How does one define always on the go?
      What is excessive running and climbing?
      Aren't all kids fidgety?

      I realized upon reading the description for ADHD that my very bright active and interested in everything child would have fit the bill. But, as an adult, an unmedicated adult she can read for hours because she loves reading, is employed is active outdoors etc.,

      These parameters are extremely subjective. Particularly if one is a harried parent or a lazy parent
      And there are lazy parents out there. Ones who have kids and somehow believe they don't have to raise them?
      I recently had a young mother tell me she could never stay home and raise her own child.
      I felt like asking her "Then why did you have him?"
      Other parents I have come across will put the kid in daycare and go shopping.


      I don't want to get into the whole needing money debate yes some parents have to work etc
      But some don't.
      But when you come home, give the kids attention,spend time with them NOT in front of the tv, computer, video games
      Talk, walk, read, interact, play games etc
      I honestly think this bizarre societal trend of having children and not raising them is contributing to the behavioural problems of many children
      Raising children to the best of your ability is the single most important job you can ever have as a parent
      The future of humanity depends upon it
      And that is what people don't get

      School Shooters: It most likely is anti depressant meds that increase or encourage the bizarre, angry and violent behaviour
      But, the stimulants and antidepressants are often used in combination
      And when one takes a brain that is damaged on stimulants and alter it with antidepressants it's like a totally explosive combination

  3. Not to mention that getting people off these drugs is often a nightmare as well. Once the body is no longer operating properly, not producing the proper chemicals for optimum brain function it can be devastating for the individual. These things are almost as bad as heroin or methadone.

    I'm starting to think they'd love it if we are all addicted to this shit - customers for life!

    Another point - they sure are attacking our boys aren't they? With these drugs - never letting them be boys, young men and finally men.

    People always want a quick fix, often not realising that these bandaid solutions have a myriad of problems themselves, which can often be worse than the problem they are 'designed' to fix. It's truly criminal.

    1. Yes the pharaceutical in sync with the elites are targetting the males and I do not think that is a coincidence

      I believe it is be design... to ensure obedience
      To ensure servitude
      Common sense tells us it is the male that is most likely to challenge authority
      Therefore if one was to target a sex to weaken the population
      which sex would be the target?
      Obviously the male

      this goes along well with the feminization of men
      did you notice how expanded the men's cosmetic section is in the drug store and apparently there are control garments for men...
      men or women?

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