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Assad mobbed by supporters/New peace plan

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The speech was given  in Damascus
Still believe the NATO media lies that Syrians have risen up against Assad?

Excerpts from the speech read entirely at link- SANA

"At the beginning they wanted it a fake revolution but the Syrian people rebelled against them, then they tried to impose it by money, media and arms secretly and when they failed, they moved to the second phase through dropping the masks of a "peaceful revolution" and unveiled the cover of the weapons they were using secretly to use them openly starting their attempts to occupy cities as to pounce upon other cities," President al-Assad said, adding that "their brutal behaviors didn't deter our people, thanks to their awareness and steadfastness, to unveil their lies and reject them. Therefore they decided to take revenge on the people through spreading terrorism everywhere.

The President stressed that the Takfiries were working at the back rows through bombings mass killing leaving the armed gangs at the front line but the unity of the Syrian people and army obliged them to move for fighting at the front lines where they led the rudder of the blood, killing and mutilation ship.

"Each citizen is responsible and able to provide something even if it is tiny or limited as he/she may consider, because the homeland is for everyone; we all defend it each with his/her capacity and capability, because the thought is a way of defense, the stance is a way of defense, construction is a way of defense and protecting people's properties is a way of defense," President al-Assad added. "Since the attack is launched against the homeland with all its human and material components, the mindful citizen has certainly known that passivity, waiting for time or others to solve the problem is a sort of pushing the country towards the abyss, and not participating in solutions is a kind of taking the homeland backwards with no progress towards overcoming what the home is going through.

"They have killed civilians and the innocent to kill light and brightness in our country; they have assassinated the qualified and intellectuals to spread their ignorance on our minds; they sabotaged the infrastructure built with the people's money to make suffering pervade into our lives; they;deprived children;of their schools to devastate the future of the country and express their ignorance and they cut off electricity, communications and fuel supply, leaving the elderly and children suffering from the cold weather without medicine, emphasizing their savagery. But their theft has been manifested through sabotaging wheat stocks, stealing wheat and flour to make the loaf like a dream for citizens and to starve people…

 Is it a conflict for power and post or is it a conflict between the homeland and its enemies? Is it a struggle for authority or is it a revenge on the Syrian people who did not give those terrorist killers the key word for dismembering Syria and its society.''Because takfiri thought is strange to our country, they had to import it from abroad, whether in terrorists or thought…

Thus, takfiris, terrorists, Qaeda members calling themselves Jihadis streamed from everywhere to command the combat operations on the ground…The gunmen, having failed, retreated to the backlines as aides in acts of kidnapping, pillaging and sabotage…Servants, and at best, guides who spy on their fellow citizens to serve criminals takfiris who only speak the language of slaughtering and mangling." '

'The crisis has other dimensions, not only internal ones as it became clear to all who want to see. Regionally, there are sides who seek to;divide Syria, others to weaken it, and some sides are providing the criminals with funds and weapons, while others with support and training…It was no surprise to us what some neighboring countries have done to weaken and control the Syrian people, and the countries who sought a foothold in a history they don't have, writing it instead in the blood of innocent Syrians, but Syria and the Syrian people are strong, and they vow that they will not forget.''

''Syria has always been, and will remain, a free and sovereign country that won't accept submission and guardianship, which has been a nuisance for the West, so they sought to take advantage of internal events to drive Syria out of the political equation in the region to get rid of this irksome problem and to strike the culture of resistance and turn us into inferiors…But the West is not the entire international community, as there are world countries, namely Russia and China, and many others which won't agree to meddling in the internal affairs of countries and destabilizing the region."


 freethinkerJanuary 8, 2013 7:03 AM


  1. Penny the only reason why a Zionist rag like the Telegraph and ITN are showing this is to make the crowd appear to be "rent a crowd" type. They want the people that read and watch ITN to think he needs propaganda to appear to be popular which he is at least far more popular then Cameron.

  2. HI Hans

    That thought crossed my mind, believe me..
    But a rent a crowd would not be that enthusiastic.
    they would sit, clap politely and line up for their pay when it is over
    The opera house was packed and the response was very enthusiastic

    1. was also thinking back in 2011 when millions would come out to support a sovereign syria the msm would 'claim' that all these people were ordered to come out and cheer and gather, wave flags etc
      which was absurd how could millions be compelled to do so
      A preposterous claim on the part of the NATO media.

    2. Fox ran the same clip and headlined it as "Assad chased out by angry mob."

    3. FOX News showed the same clip and headlined it as "Assad chased out by angry mob."

    4. Hans: Your comment got posted twice
      Hilarious Fox News.....not a surprise
      Look at Assad and listen to the chanting
      It is the same chant as at all the pro sovereign rallies previously

    5. Watched the video again & the security is doing it's job, but Assad looks rather energized.

    6. 'back in 2011 when millions would come out to support a sovereign syria the msm would 'claim' that all these people were ordered to come out and cheer and gather, wave flags etc'

      earnest sounding statements like this are meant for the common reader, ive been confronted by this sort of ploy by those who expect not not be 2011 rally in Damascus had over a million people...
      someone should challenge the MSM purveyors of this rubbish to show evidence...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks freethinker
      will add that to the post

  4. In your post is not full video. Please watch full:

    Siria loves Assad.

  5. for a man the western and arab media claim is killing/raping/torturing syrians , he's pretty popular!