Monday, January 28, 2013

France says send more arms to kill more Syrians

Assad isn't about to fall? Syria: No sign Assad will be overthrown says France

 France says "send more arms"

Sanity is not going to prevail with the so called  leftist progressive face of NATO, in France. Not a surprise.

 Promises of funding and other aid made at a December conference of the Friends of Syria group have failed to materialize. France, which has spearheaded the formation of a viable Syrian opposition-in-exile, wants to make sure that aid which has been already promised comes through.

The United States set an example ahead of the Paris gathering by announcing Friday it plans to send $10 million in new aid to help alleviate hunger in northern Syria.

France Diplomate

After France : Kuwait

Speaking at a conference here Monday, where representatives of 50 nations and organisations met with the SNC, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Syria was facing "collapse" and this presented serious risks that radical, Islamist groups could take advantage of the situation. "In the face of the collapse of a state and society, it is Islamist groups that risk gaining ground if we do not act as we should," Fabius told participants.
The Conference included the "core group" on Syria and also representatives of the European Union.
Kuwait was represented by its Ambassador to Syria, Aziz Al-Behani, who was withdrawn from Damascus along with ambassadors from GCC countries several months ago.
Fabius, who was speaking only two days before a major donor conference on Syria to be held in Kuwait


  1. 'here representatives of 50 nations '

    this is misleading....none of those reps have the permission of the peoples of those nations...they represent the ruling parties

  2. Fabius, who was speaking only two days before a major donor conference on Syria to be held in Kuwait

    Never ending conferences! The tilting of the battle is now in place the militias are armed and trained by Iran this allows the SAA to concentrate of annihilating those rodents who are still around. This was the best tactical move done by Syria and Iran. The peoples guerrilla army will prevail as was seen recently in the defense of Armenian villages. The defeat of the Thirtieth Tribe will soon be a reality.