Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lies of the State: Corporate tax cuts = jobs

So many lies emanate from the "State".
 I scratch my head at just how widely believed all this nonsense is?
What am I talking about?
For the past 20 years or so the plebs have dutifully believed the lies of their government.
We have to cut corporate taxes so multinationals can compete globally, to create jobs.
Get a clue! Tax cuts have NOT created jobs. And tax cuts and breaks for multinationals WILL NOT create jobs.

Case in Point

Corporations’ stockpile of ‘dead money’ tops $500 billion:

 “Rather than investing the windfall from their tax cuts to create jobs, Canada’s largest non-financial corporations are hoarding cash and paying fat compensation to their CEOs”

Corporate income tax cuts by recent Liberal governments and the Harper Conservatives have failed to have the desired effect of prompting economic growth, the study concludes.

“Proponents of ever lower corporate taxes argued that the money corporations saved from lower taxes would be reinvested in real assets such as new factories, new machinery and equipment, and training, thus boosting economic growth and productivity, and helping create more and better jobs,” the study said.

“However, this is not what has happened. Real investment has languished while profitable corporations have been paying out much more in dividends to shareholders and accumulating more financial assets.”
CLC Secretary-Treasurer Hassan Yussuff said the taxes being paid by business have steadily declined in recent decades.

“Corporate income taxes amounted to only 8.3 per cent of all government revenues in 2011, down from 8.8 per cent in 2010 and from an average of 11 per cent in the 1960s and ’70s,” he said. 

“In return for tax breaks, companies are supposed to be investing their windfall to create good jobs in Canada but instead they are hoarding cash.”

All the tax breaks to corporations have been made up by you, the pleb. The great unwashed. The useless feeders. The "tube people".
The multinationals vaccumed/drained/picked& pilfered your pockets clean of all your wealth while conspiring/colluding with agents for the state
Because conspiracies happen everyday, everywhere...
 A conspiracy is a plan to commit an action by more than one person, group or entity
It's that, in your face. So, why are the people so blind?

It's no different in Canada, then the US. Then in the UK. Then in  Germany...France, Australia, Ireland etc


  1. just a quickie for today
    time constraints

  2. Hmm - interesting, Pen. It almost seems as if you are turning a corner here . . . I like this more aggressive stance in some ways. Not sure if plebes was spelled incorrectly on purpose but I got the picture in any case . . .

    . . . but it does beg the question - and please don't take this the wrong way:
    1) who is reading your blog (what sort of person typically makes up your readership)?
    2) If your frustration (and trust me, I get that too) is directed at ignorant people who would never read your blog . . . then, what does the venting serve other than as a head-banging exercise?

    We all appreciate your hard work - at least I really do, don't want to always speak for others. Let's get back on track to informing and educating the curious, the already informed, etc that visit this site.

    Take care,

    1. Take 2

      Hi Slozo.

      A bit of frustration was at play, sure
      but I am also engaging in using language in different ways
      Which was why I used the word "conspire"

      I have been working on the Trivium and really get the way words are used to manipulate. Also the presentation by Jose made me realize that the words are 'spells'.

      Sometimes, one has to go for a different angle in presenting info

      As for the audience, surely mostly like minded
      But, something has to be written every now and then for those who are still under the spell of the politicos and their corporate masters