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NATO's hired guns attacked Aleppo University in Syria & much, much more.....

Claims by the 'opposition' are nonsense.
We are going to look at the Aleppo University attack by NATO mercs. Read about the offensive Syrian Army launched . Peruse the Russia/India report. Learn about another UN Security Council meeting set to take place near the end of January/13 including the possibility of a team of International Observers.
Going Long. Sit a spell and take it all in!
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Recall this?   NATO backed fighters harbour disdain for the people of Aleppo

"While relations grow testier between the rebels and Aleppines, for whom many fighters harbor some disdain"

If you hadn't read that piece previously, your might want to go back and refresh
Therefore, the attack on the Aleppo University should be considered a clear sign of that disdain.
Disdain manifested as more terror on the Syrian people.

Damage at Aleppo University from SANA

Quoting from two news sources, saved when this story broke yesterday.

1st- A large explosion has struck Aleppo University in northern Syria, causing an unknown number of casualties, activists and state television say.

“Fighting between rebels and government forces has reached a stalemate in Aleppo and left the city divided. The university is located in an area under government control.”
Over recent months, Aleppo and the capital, Damascus, have been hit by a wave of explosions that have killed scores of people. Many of the bombings, which have largely targeted government buildings, have been claimed by groups fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.
2nd- So far there are 82 fatalities and more than 160 wounded in a terrorist attack that targeted students on their first day of exams at the University of Aleppo,” Akkad told AFP by telephone.

As well as students, the campus houses some 30,000 people who have fled homes in areas of the city ravaged by fighting since July last year.

The explosions struck an area near the university dormitories and the architecture faculty, the Observatory said.

State television said “terrorists launched two rockets” at the university complex, which lies in a government-controlled area of the battleground city

The University is located in a government controlled area of Aleppo
The attacks- rocket attacks- emanated elsewhere.
-Since we know the NATO mercs harbour disdain for the people of Aleppo.
-Since we know the rebels have launched many, many deadly attacks against ordinary Syrians from car bombs to mortar attacks, causing mass casualties and devestation
-Since we know that the rebels have brutally massacred non-compliant Syrian civilians
How would it make sense, to believe that this attack was perpetrated by anyone other then the NATO backed hired killers?
It would not!

Here is another clue that this attack emanated with the NATO mercs in Merc terrorized section of Aleppo
 Syria on offensive after University attack

Syrian armed forces launched a renewed offensive in the northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday, state media said, a day after 87 people were killed in explosions at the city's university

Government forces also killed militants in al-Laramon, a area of Aleppo from which Damascus says two rockets were fired into the University of Aleppo on Tuesday, it added.

If confirmed, the government's report of a rocket attack would suggest rebels in the area had been able to obtain and deploy more powerful weapons than previously used.

And how is it that NATO’s mercs are getting their hands on more powerful weapons?
How indeed!
Via Turkey? With the help of Israel, France, GCC, the US and the UK?
This ain't rocket science. It is obvious and goes without stating and yet, I am.

One last story before I  put this one to bed-
From an interesting source-  The Russia/India Report

A silver lining in Syria’s storm clouds 


 Syrians long for peace

Indeed, the West may have attained some important geopolitical objectives already in the Syrian situation such as the deployment of the missile defence system under the NATO umbrella in Turkey (which would have implications for Russia and Iran) on the pretext of a possible threat from Damascus to Turkey’s security as well as the overall degradation of Syria as a military power (which would tilt the military balance in the region in favour of Israel) and indeed the overall weakening of ‘Arabism’ itself, taking into account the disarray in Iraq and Egypt as well (which would have broader implications for the Arab-Israeli conflict).

Nonetheless, Russia has succeeded in stopping a Libya-like scenario of western military intervention developing over Syria and that by itself would have positive significance for the strengthening of the international system based on the United Nations Charter. Following the talks in Geneva, in media briefings, UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi pointed out that “it is the wider international community, but especially the members of the Security Council that can really create the opening that is necessary to start effectively solving the [Syrian] problem.” Brahimi is scheduled to brief the Security Council later this month.

Conceivably, the 5-hour long parleys at Geneva on Friday would have gone into some details of the Syrian problem. This becomes evident from the fact that on the very next day, on Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry has attempted to flesh out the steps needed in the coming period to initiate a political process. The statement in Moscow, while emphasizing that last June’s Geneva communiqué remains relevant as “the only platform” for overcoming the Syrian conflict, underlined that the “priority task is to stop all violence and bloodshed immediately”.
 In parallel to that, Moscow said, “it is necessary to launch a political transitional process in Syria aimed at formalizing legislatively guaranteed and equal rights for all ethnic and religious groups in that country.” The vague suggestion of an accord evocative of the Taif Agreement (1989) that brought the Lebanese civil war to a close and reorienting that country to the Arab world becomes interesting.
The Foreign Ministry statement clarified that the Russian position remains consistent insofar as Moscow is “firmly adherent to the thesis that the future of Syria should be decided by the Syrians themselves, without external interference or imposition of ready recipes for development, taking guidance in the fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter.”

Put plainly, Russia’s message is that first, any solution to be durable needs to be all-inclusive and broad-based, and, second, neither the big powers nor the regional states in the Middle East can be prescriptive toward Syria. Taken together, the Russian stance amounts to a practical advice based on realism that the Syrian regime is as much a part of that country’s political economy as the exiles based in Paris or elsewhere or the rebel fighters and the country’s democratic opposition.
Last paragraph

 The Russian warnings have been prescient that in the rush to bring about regime change in Syria, Washington shouldn’t fail to visualize the anarchy that might well follow the morning after. The singular success of the talks in Geneva on Friday could prove to be that the Security Council would deliberate on the issues of war and peace in Syria in a new chastened mood of sobriety and realism.
 My bad there is yet on last item in this post that must be addressed

The UN Security Council will meet at then end of January 2013 to discuss Syria

  The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are set to discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria at a meeting at the end of January, a Russian diplomat said Monday.

 Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mikhail Bogdanov, told the Interfax news agency that the meeting is likely to take place as Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN’s peace envoy to Syria, presents a new report on the situation in the country.

Bogdanov said the meeting would be held “before the end of January, around the 25th, 26th, 27th.”
Although he did not go into details of the participants, he said a ministerial meeting was unlikely.
“It will be on a vice minister level,” he said.

The permanent members of the Security Council are Russia and China, which have been traditional Damascus allies, and the United States, Britain and France, which are calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and actively support the opposition.

Bogdanov also indicated that the UN was looking at ways of sending a new observer mission to Syria.
“It seems as if the need will emerge to send a solid team of international observers there. I think several options are being discussed,” he said.

International Observers? Peacekeepers? How many? From where? A situation worth watching


  1. Hi Pen,
    Some good info here, found it at Chamberlin's site.

  2. that is a good piece
    that some of the scummy mercs are profiting personally is not a surprise
    the level of abuse by the rebels against the Syrian people has been appalling.
    Really horrific
    I have talked on that topic repeatedly here

    " It is worthy of note that soldiers from the Syrian army often find weapons of Israeli manufacture lying next to murdered rebels"

    Israeli weapons, Israeli special ops
    Mossad agents. Israel is all over this one
    You can draw that out from the msm reports, though it is very subtle

    Israel itself has acknowledged that its citizens are fighting in Syria against the Syrian regime.

    Yes, they have. They even had a tv show about it. I had the link up to the video that aired on Israeli television

    It is not even that Israel has tried to hide it
    THough they have their hasbara trolls on line playing "muddy the water" and other bullshit games to cover that up

    "the plot against Syria has failed due to the courage of Syrian soldiers and the support of the population are gaining credibility"

    Wow, I feel as if this article is regurgitating many things I have said here.
    Validation. It was pretty obvious anyway
    The Syrian people stood with the Army, for the obvious reason the Army is filled with members of their families
    Because these are members of Syrian families they were never going to commit the atrocities the NATO mercs did.
    No matter how much Western spin, lies and propaganda came out to create a false belief in the western audience

  3. Last night, as I finished up this post, talking to hubby at the same time
    I said " Do you know it has been almost two years I have been blogging on Syria?"

    When I think about it, it is unfathomable to me what the Syrian people have had to endure so some bastards can play geo-political games.

    I just shake my head

    I think of Tozz, always saying "God Bless Syria"
    And wonder does he think the continued survival of Syria, so far means God has blessed them.
    I don't know?
    Me being a SBNR person and all
    It has been an emotional experience for sure

  4. Hi Penny,
    Maybe some help making the case that terrorists perped the attack on the uni -
    Syria Online facebook Jan 16
    Syria: Dar'aa - Convoy Targeted, Rockets Seized Arrests Made
    Special Armed Forces targeted a convoy of Terrorists in the "Tal Mattouk" neighborhood of rural Dar'aa, where Authorities confiscated vehicles loaded with dozens of Thermal Rockets, Launchers, Mortars, Machine Guns and Anti-Aircraft in addition to arresting a number of Terrorists.

    There were 2 attacks using missiles
    ALEPPO, (SANA) – A terrorist group on Tuesday fired two rocket shells from al-Lairamoun area on Aleppo University, causing casualties and material damage.
    An official source told SANA that the rocket shells caused the death and the injury of a number of students on the first day of exams.
    It added that there were also causalities among displaced people whose areas were affected by the terrorist acts and who are staying at the University dormitory.
    In a relevant context, SANA reporter was informed that terrorists fired two rocket shells on Bani Zaid area in the city, with the initial information indicating victims and injuries among the citizens.

    BBC suggests it was SAMs that went astray. A second attack suggests otherwise to my mind.

    Home has been as busy an English soup kitchen since before new year's eve and work is busy too so I haven't had so much time to get here. Sorry about that.

    1. thanks clothcap!

      No apologies, please
      Everyone just pitches in as they can

  5. Israel itself has acknowledged that its citizens are fighting in Syria against the Syrian regime.

    probably turncoat Palestinians, it is known Hamas are in Homs. I wonder how long before the Iranian missile technology used in the last Gaza war reaches these rodents. Yet again Palestinians led by donkeys.

  6. Hi Penny! Happy new year. And good post.

    Regarding the show at the U.N. . . .

    What else is there for the UN to observe? What further information does Russia and China need to find? As Russia and Iran have already noted, this conflict will only end when the outside support for the attacks stops. Why sit down with perpetrators to discuss an investigation into their crimes? An investigation in which the perpetrators will get to control!!

    The basic facts are very clear. Western governments and interests are funding/assisting/participating in a criminal attack on the Syrian government and committing acts of sabotage and terrorism against civilians. Period. They have no legal justification. Russia (and China) knows all this. The rest is all noise.

    If insurgents fired rockets at civilians in America, and they were openly supported, funded, and supplied by, say, China, wouldn't you think America and her allies would treat this an an act of war by China and would skip the fact finding and would instead go right to projecting force or doling out punishment? Could you imagine Britain reacting in this hypothetical as Russia has in in real life in Syria? Can you imagine Britain ruling out military support for America early on in the 'insurgency', criticizing the U.S. government for its use of force in quelling the attacks, canceling military contracts and refusing to sign future contracts? Then calling for an investigation while it [Britain] takes few concrete steps to defend America (like surging troops and material), let alone counter attacking China? Britain would certainly at least punish or sanction China economically. Yet Russia joins the WTO and levels no diplomatic or economic sanctions against the West and its allies in the attacks on either Syria or Libya!!

    Russia should know better than dignifying the Western attack on Syria with these upcoming discussions.

    There is nothing more to talk about.

    Plus, playing footsie in the UN is a distraction (and good cover for Russia--acting like it cares while doing nothing to change events). The plotters don't need the U.N. to take Syria down. They will claim to be justified in whacking Syria if Turkey gets so much as a scratch on it.* Or make up a fake attack by Syria. Or come up with some other justification. They don't need the UN.

    So, why doesn't Russia engage in sanctions/punishment against these countries? Why not isolate Turkey? Sanction the sale of oil to Turkey? Rush troops and material to the region? Why not sanction the U.S. and France as well? That's what Russia should be having talks about.

    Or talks about sending UN forces into Turkey to stop the smuggling of weapons and terrorists in the south and immigrants in the North. Turkey is a problem country. Why not sanction the sale of oil to Turkey?

    *note the double standard in the MSM with regard to Syria and Iran, who are also military allies with a mutual defense agreement. Almost no one in the MSM mentions that the U.S. is picking war with Iran when it picks a war with Syria. If Iran attacks the U.S. because of its treaty obligations with Syria this rationale will be instantly rejected in the West whereas most in the West won't hesitate a second in agreeing the U.S. is justified in attacking Syria if Syria attacks Turkey, because of its NATO obligations.

    1. Hey WWM
      I wondered where you gotten to?
      Glad your still around.
      When I have more time I will write a lengthier response
      but all the best to you and your in this new year!!

    2. Hey Penny,

      Took a mental health break for a bit . . . guess I had some stuff built up as I went long with my comment.

      But didn't miss much. Seems like the "news" re Syria has been the same for at while now.

  7. This is what UN observers should observe or investigate:

    The U.S./NATO/Western NGO conspiracy against Syria.

    After all, this is the original crime. It led to the other alleged crimes, if true. No country, even a permanent security council member, has the right to attack another sovereign country by proxy and commit acts of terror against it, as has been done against Libya and Syria. This is extrajudicial thuggery. These thugs just happen to be the most powerful on earth and getting more emboldened.

    I found this article from the Guardian from last July, 2012 regarding the evidence the U.S. and its proxy NGOs planned the assault on Syria (and Arab Spring?) from at least 2005:

    It discusses and names the main perps of these projects, like:

    The Syrian National Council, Bassma Kodmani, Radwan Ziadeh, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Radwan Ziadeh, Ausama Monajed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and many others.

    It's a pretty good perp list in a mainstream source. Of course a lot of names/orgs should be added.

    The article notes how George Bush set us on the current war course at least by 2005 ("Around this time, in February 2005, US-Syrian relations collapsed, and President Bush recalled his ambassador from Damascus. A lot of opposition projects date from this period. 'The US money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005,' says the Washington Post").

    Although there is evidence the U.S. and west intended to attack Syria before 2005.

    Speaking of which I'll have to share the 9/11 connection I recently discovered . . .

    1. WWM
      do share the 9/11 connection....

      And indeed there is plenty of evidence the NATO world army planned to attack Syria long before 2011
      Some of it has been covered here

    2. Wayne Madson evidently has an article about a 1967 document that shows the CIA's efforts to destabilize Syria and the region, and is quoted in more detail here,'s the real link: but have to join)

      January 17-18, 2013 -- U.S. trained Muslim Brotherhood to bring down Arab socialist governments

      Using Central Intelligence Agency-funded private foundations, the United States helped train members of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, According to an April 4, 1967 document recovered from CIA archives, the CIA funded the American Friends of the Middle East (AFME) and "other private voluntary organizations" to organize opposition to Egyptian pan-Arab Socialist President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Syrian Baath President Nureddin al-Atassi, the Baath government of Iraq, and Nasserite Lebanese Prime Minister Rashid Karami. . . .

      Syria's government complained that AFME funded "secret members" who infiltrated "many Arab states." The term "secret members" was often used to describe Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Iraq accused AFME of conducting "espionage" and promoting "hatred and dissension."

      Aware that CIA money was being funneled to Muslim Brotherhood activists and other anti-Israeli groups, Bernstein questioned "the wisdom of any secret subsidies to American organizations which are engaged in public action or propaganda on the American scene." Assistant Secretary of State for Public Information Dixon Donnelley responded to Bernstein in writing and stated: "The President has just directed that no Federal agency shall provide any covert financial assistance, direct or indirect, to American private voluntary organizations and that any such support that has been provided shall be terminated as quickly as possible. . . .

      However, there is no actual proof that CIA indirect support to the Muslim Brotherhood ended with President Lyndon Johnson's directive. In fact, after maintaining low-level contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood during Anwar Sadat's presidency of Egypt, the CIA's contacts increased dramatically when the Muslim Brotherhood was used to recruit mercenaries to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979. Instead of organizations like AFME, the funding for the Muslim Brotherhood operations came directly from Saudi Arabia with the support of the CIA. . . ."

      Have to share the 9/11 connection when I have more time . . . .

    3. will have to check it out, the late '60's was that when Assad senior put down an uprising amongst the MB in Syria?

      I can't recall the date that happened?

      When ever you wish the share the 9/11 connection...
      I will read it

  8. Warmongers Jump at "Secret" Cable Leak About Syrian Chemical Weapons
    The CFR tries to strangle the truth and peddle lies. The "state dept" says it was tear gas.

    On the mind control thingy, this gives a background and details on MK ultra.
    Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order
    (I had to use "ctrl -" to reduce the text to a comfortable size.)
    Do I get tuppence for 2 thoughts? :)

    1. clothcap

      You can have the same pay as me?
      gratitude and appreciation
      Hope that will suffice?

    2. I am in the process of working on a post regarding the chemical weapon ruse, I actually covered the story christmas eve...

      Oh and hubby said, only spin doctors get paid, you and I don't appear to qualify

  9. :)
    Couple of unrelated new posts on
    (My other hobby)

    1. ty clothcap
      I shall check it out

    2. Yah, I am not a cultish believer in the man made global warming hype

      I also do not believe the globe is overall warming
      It is cooling and has been for a bit now.