Friday, January 11, 2013

SSRI's: Mass murder and the havoc they wreak on society

 My humanity is bound up in yours,  for we can only be human together-Desmond Tutu 
This post was written by another blogger, LVB, and it is excellent.
It is extensive but well worth the read.
That is in my opinion. I hope in yours also?
I am only going to excerpt and urge you to get over to read the rest at LVB's place.
I firmly believe that we humans need to watch out for one another
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SSRI Drugs Cause Mass Murder - Suicide Events: CENSORED BY US GOVT


  I saw this article today about the Aurora, Colorado mass murder investigation, which reveals a very important fact that I told you about years ago in my article "MK-Ultra 2.0 : SSRI Drugs and Mass Mind Control".
Specifically, when these mass murder/suicide events keep happening in the US and around the world, the critical facts about whether the alleged (or known) murderers were taking SSRI "antidepressant" prescription drugs are suppressed and censored by the United States government, due to a law called HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (signed into law by degenerate former US President Bill Clinton).
The very false pretense given for this censorship is the issue of "patient privacy" - but the real motive behind it is clearly to protect the US government, pharmaceutical corporation profits and, to a lesser extent, the doctors and psychiatrists, from criminal liability.

Seriously - do you actually believe that the US government really cares at all about respecting your privacy rights anymore?? Look around and take a moment before you answer that question


 While the public is routinely informed by mass media when people commit crimes while under the influence of any ILLEGAL DRUGS (such as cocaine, methamphetamine, PCP - and even alcohol for DUIs) - the article explains that the prosecutors had to fight just to get the information about what prescription drugs the alleged shooting suspect was taking - or should have been taking, according to whatever was prescribed and ordered by his doctors and/or psychiatrists.

What is Akathisia?

However, what the article referenced above cleverly avoids mentioning - as all mass media has done for decades now - is the fact that all SSRI "antidepressant" drugs that are involved have significant and clearly proven links to causing a very serious (and very common) "adverse side effect" of all SSRI drugs -  known as "Akathisia".

Akathisia is a state of uncontrollable restlessness and anxiety, which frequently causes severe panic attacks and full-blown psychotic episodes that far too often result in suicides, homicides and spree killings involving mass murders and the eventual suicides of the SSRI-impaired murderers.

It is important to mention here that most of us are not aware of even a fraction of the SSRI-induced suicidal and homicidal events that have occurred. 

You can thank the globalist mass media criminals for that fact.

You will have to read the rest at LVB's place. The entire article covers much ground.
Moving through mkultra. Touching on gun control. Fast and Furious and much more.

Speaking from personal experience:
A person can get through a rough patch/depression or down period with the help of other people. 
 Without SSRI's being shoved down their throat. Additionally, people need to realize a 'pill' is not going to solve or resolve any of their 'issues'. Only human experience, learning and growth will result in the necessary change needed to bring about and resolve issues that weigh one down.
Let LVB know how you like the article. I already have.
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  1. Thank you, Penny - you are very kind and I appreciate your support more than you know!!

    1. Your welcome LVB

      whatever we can do to get the word out

  2. Michael Moore changes his mind on Columbine: SSRIS could have been involved

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    I will see if I can find that converter program so I can change the colours.

    It's so frustrating as there are many blogs using white on black and I simply cannot read more than one sentence in that format.


    Penny as you know I know someone close who just went through hell with these things. Clean for a couple months now but she says she still has the 'side effects'. Ack.

    I went to the doc for my arthritis, and he tried to give me an anti-depressent to use as a 'muscle relaxant'. I raised my eyebrows and simply said: Umm no thanks, I'll use some ibuprofen with a nice merlot thanks. Now, he did give me what I wanted at least, which seems to be the optimum relationship I can expect from him. I tell, he does. He suggests, I say NO.

    Now, off to find that software... so finally I can read white on black blogs!!

    1. he tried to give me an anti-depressent to use as a 'muscle relaxant'. ....

      Wow, I heard a story very similar to that previously

    2. you visit an orthodox doctor at your own peril...they will prescribe dangerous drugs, either because they dont know they are or because its just the orthodox thing to do...just as once they routinely gave calomel (a mercury compound)

      my advice: avoid orthodox medicine and try alternatives

    3. Magdalena, If you use Firefox you might find the add-on NoSquint to be helpful.

    4. Freethinker - THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

      If you were here I'd kiss ya!! :O!!

  4. If James HOlmes were on this

    I think Pharma would have liked to keep it out of the public eye :)



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  6. My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together-Desmond Tutu Where was Desmond when his government let the biggest supporter of the ANC revolution MQ, did he stand up for the Libyans. Or come to think of it where was that saint Mandela!


    He also apparently struggled at times with depression, writing in a 2007 blog post: “Surely there have been times when you’ve been sad. Perhaps a loved one has abandoned you or a plan has gone horribly awry. ... You feel worthless. ... depressed mood is like that, only it doesn’t come for any reason and it doesn’t go for any either.”

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