Tuesday, January 15, 2013

“Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control”

Jan Irvin @ Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera : "“Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control"

 Where to begin? WOW!
 Does wow work for you?
I first listened to the audio only, which is included below the video.
Then I watched the video and that made all the difference in taking away the ideas being presented and also understanding how deep the mind control programming runs.
Or, for people who for whatever reason find the term mind control to out there, this video makes very clear how the implementation of specific images and rituals are used, EVERYDAY, to manage your perception of society & your place in the society.
Or in other words the mind control runs deep.

Audio only version:

Additional info: http://www.josemariabarrera.com/


Supernatural: Magic, Spelling & Mind Control- Out of the Shadows


  1. I really, really, really liked this presentation.

    Very thought provoking.
    Kind of frightening.
    Brought up many thoughts about recent events
    Sandy Hook being one.

    For what it is worth, I hope thoughtful people that hang out here watch it and share some productive thoughts.


  2. Saw this a few days back, thought it was the best elucidation of this idea i've seen in a while. The etemological info i find fascinating and certainly had some "A-ha" moments in regards to "supernatural" and it's implications.

    The hollywood intrest in all things magical appears in a new light. Our perception of what magic actually is needs to be constantly tampered with for it seems to be quite central to the operation. And they didn't need to twist it much for us to be blind to it, just turn the pen into a wand, and hey presto, we fall for it.

    In attempting to discuss this very presentation with a friend i ran into some interesting mental blocks, or slides as they may be called. The real sticking point was the usage of the word "magic" itself, he could not divorce himself of the attached associations.

    I'm not quite sure most of really know just how pervasive the psychic tampering is, or just how we are going to do anything meaningful about it.

    But sure we'll plough on ahead anyway.

    Well worth a second or third watch, and as penny has stressed, SERIOUSLY.


    1. Hey Ragnorak

      I have just finished watching it for a second time and you are correct it is most definitely worth watching more then once
      You caught my 'seriously' usage? Glad of that :)

      At the end where Jose says "images blind you/us"
      Just pondering that thought..alone!

      How all the images that are bombarding us continually, so much to visualize and yet it is these very images that are blinding us to what is really going on in so many facets of our lives

      Images that skew our thoughts
      Images that control out thoughts
      Images that lie
      Images that mislead
      Images for sales
      Images that frighten us...
      And on and on and on
      How these images blind us?!
      I hadn't even considered all that in it's enormous entirety.

      "The real sticking point was the usage of the word "magic" itself, he could not divorce himself of the attached associations"

      In other words the friend could not break free of his mind control?
      I mean, that is it, isn't it?

  3. Very interesting, I'd like to comment on his point about Dawkins and the Creation believer, as I too feel they are the but two sides of the same coin. Both belief systems put the mind into a box with finite sides and no windows too look beyond.

    I know some very aggressive athiests and they have always reminded me of the born agains I also have had the displeasure of meeting. Neither group will give. Then of course we come to what the definition of 'God' (a word) means. As it can and does mean very different things to different people. Language must be defined before a debate can take place. Spelling, making words, magic coming to consensus creating a 'supernatural' understanding which does not exist as a tangible thing.

    Fascinating. I will no doubt be thinking on this for a while, though I will say that much of this I knew, but certainly very interesting twists and turns. Words are amazing things.

    1. Thanks for leaving that Magdelena

      This is the interview I was discussing with you last week
      I just had to get my head around it a bit better

      One thing I was discussing with hubby over dinner was the picture at the end of the prisoners lined up outside of the work camp in Germany circa WW2

      All those prisoners and only 4 guards. And yet they all lined up. What held them in place was 'belief'

      I thought about that and actually still am
      One of the thoughts I had along this line, but opposite, actually pertained to Syria
      The msm wanted us to believe that when the very large pro-Assad pro- sovereign Syria gatherings that took place..... that all these people had been forced by a minuscule amount of soldiers, to come out of their homes to gather

      At the time, I pointed out that this was nonsensical that no amount of soldiers could go door to door in Syria to the hundreds of thousands of homes and coerce the persons outside. (not a big enough army)

      The people that went out en masse didn't need to be coerced because they believe in their leader, their country and themselves as a people and the right of their nation to determine their own way.

      But that thought of having beliefs and not questioning them? When we think of the small number of elites who we allow to rule us and we comply?
      Because we believe?
      It's scary.

      Then of course there was the 'save your kids' or the 'threatened child' mind control
      I thought of Sandy Hook and the lack of photos from the crime scene and an earlier thought I had regarding that situation

      rehashing my previous comment Focusing on the lack of visuals from Sandy Hook and certain ideas being bandied about wrt that

      "Regarding the lack of imagery from Sandy Hook?
      I have thought about this..
      Here is what comes to my mind
      The use of the imagery is not necessary for any kind of trauma/shock value
      Most of us are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc
      Most of us have family.
      We have all gone to school
      As have our family members

      We can all imagine the horror of this situation without the help of images by personalizing this in our own minds.
      This is the psychological 'advantage' in school shootings And mall shootings....
      These are everyday places that all of us go to
      These settings and the potential for harm in all cases is terror inducing enough. Leaving us all feeling threatened and vulnerable. No imagery necessary.
      That's my thinking about it anyway
      For whatever it may or may not be worth
      I don't know?"

      Now more then ever I realize that the mind control regarding harm to our children is so ingrained, so deeply, deeply ingrained that the images may have not been necessary to inflict trauma upon the masses

      However, I understand the school had security cameras and would like to know where the footage from those cameras is
      To confirm the number of shooters etc.,

      ramble, ramble, ramble
      glad you enjoyed it and in all likelihood I will take it in again

  4. Sorry Penny, I tried - I really did, but I just can't stomach Jan Irvin's projected drawl and the way he keeps 'out-smarting' his guests. But I'm sure there was much in what was discussed.

    I am reminded that the Kabbalist & Rosicrucian Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) had significant input to the formation of 'modern English', no doubt adding some magic.
    Seek...and you shall find
    "The Baconian-Rosicrucian work carried out during the 16th/17th centuries was called the 'First Day' of the Six Days' Work, its intention being to provide an inspirational 'Light' from which everything else would proceed and which would give illumination on the path in the centuries and ages ahead."

    "Bacon was known to his king and contemporaries as 'Solomon', and he referred to his work as building a Temple in the mind of humanity"

    The magic of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) as performed by Julia Middleton of Common Purpose. Here she launches into an utterly nonsensical story about sailing-
    Tie a rope to Tom! But NOT the anchor rope! Complete bollocks to anyone who knows anything about sailing; but this story has nothing to do with that. Here it is decoded-

    Not so magical but more of the odious Julia for the curious-
    Beyond Authority A key part of Common Purpose is 'leading beyond authority', or as I would say being an arrogant prat.

    Cameron & Blair use NLP

    Somewhat related-
    Delphi Technique used for herding the sheep

    Also the curious should look into The Frankfurt School and The Tavistock Institute.

    1. I know others who find him tough to take
      Though he does not bother me
      I would skip the first ten minutes and once Jose comes on go from there.

      Sometimes the toughest things we do are the most worth doing

      Just the info on supernatural
      defining 'supernatural' that which occurs outside of nature

      toss in the natural law vs mans law debate and the fact that the entire society is contrived becomes quite obvious

      If you can't get through this there is a smaller video, sans Jan


      you might also try


      where Jan plays a lesser role

    2. I gave it 1/2 hour and the guest was quite interesting although they seemed to be stuck in low gear - but Jan kept butting in and his voice is soo much louder and slower and more forceful than his guest's I just couldn't continue. I know I should put substance before style, and I usually do, but I'm sensitive to voices - mea culpa.

      I'll gladly have a look at the other links.

    3. Try the other links, they might work out better for you

      Yes, I agree, the first bit was a bit slow, but it picked upand I had some definite aha moments

      Which is why I think you might like the first of the two links I left in the above response
      It is basically the same presentation but less time and without Jan

  5. I forgot to say that I was reminded of Middleton's NLP drama when viewing Gene Rosens' theatrical productions at Sandy Hook.

  6. Hey Freethinker, I agree with you about Jan, sometimes I'm not crazy about him, but the ideas discussed here were very good and thought provoking.

    Wrt your link for the Magic of Gun Control, wow. I've heard of and read about Mack for a while now, he doesn't stop impressing me. I hope he's careful.

    I guess, in short, we can all agree that MAGIC is REAL, but not what we think (read: are programmed) it is!

    1. Hi Magdalena, I don't know anything about Sherrif Mack - I just got a link sent today. Syncronicity - weird.

  7. Hi Penny, I watched the first third. I'll catch the rest when I have more time. I'm guessing from the fact that you watched it twice that the use of this type of population manipulation is far more prevalent than you were aware of. It is used extensively in free masonry. Reading H. Makow's blog and other sites it seems parts of the secret services and the upper levels of the free masonry (illuminati) make extensive use of far more brutal methods on their initiates.
    To properly understand what is going on with mass control it is useful to understand what hypnosis is and isn't. All mind control can be related to hypnosis. Some things to bear in mind. It is basically true that you can't be hypnotised to do something against your will without chemical aids. To do something like a murder requires long term programming for example, even in a willing subject. People on psychiatric drugs could be programmed subliminally to respond to key words where they would perform an action in response. Subliminal is misleading. For it to work it has to be audible or with a picture or written image has to be displayed long enough to register subconsciously, I think 15 milliseconds is the shortest. Watching TV conditions because there is a reward e.g. with taped laughter over people making a joke. Also I think the frequency of the images plays a part where the brain tracks the frequency. Conditioning that is not constantly repeated wears off in around 6 weeks. Advertisers use that knowledge. Beanz meanz ...
    The brain is still frontier science. The NWO pursuers use old and new methods that are known to work and fund experimentation to further develop, mainly by chemicals (spraying calmatives on an enemy before attacking for example).
    You've lifted the stone, before you pursue it too far publicly be aware you will attract all kinds of ridicule from normal people as well as trolls. There is extensive info on mind control available, even through google - and plenty of disinfo.

    OT This might be interesting -
    Is the universe powered by cocoa cola? Is coke "dark matter"? :)
    What is plasma tech and what does it have to do with low cost energy?
    See here. http://www.keshefoundation.org/new-horizons/fields/74-plasmatic-magnetic-fields-and-sepmafs-en.html
    If you have a basic understanding of the concepts of magnetism and gravity the explanations are fairly easy to follow.
    Petition (closed but interesting note.)

    1. Hey Clothcap:

      I will have to check out your links but rather then hypnosis this presentation is more demonstrative, IMO, of how contrived our entire society is.....


      Deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.

      But not just contrived, contrived via occult practices
      defined: characteristic of magical, mystical, or supernatural arts, phenomena, or influences

      yet hidden in plain site

      Using defintions to explain what exactly I am talking about or how I am interpreting this video

    2. Clothcap: "I'm guessing from the fact that you watched it twice that the use of this type of population manipulation is far more prevalent than you were aware of."

      I was aware the population was massively manipulated what this made me realize was the depth of that manipulation
      And also made me aware of some info that had not ever occurred to me

  8. PS
    This page gives a good presentation of what hypnosis is.

  9. Chiming in here... I agree the host is rather a blowhard who interrupts too much abd seems to like the sound of his own voice. Great presentation.

    I keep thinking: in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

  10. Hey AP!

    In the beginning was the Word and the word was God.... and the spell was cast

    Like that?

    because, wow, and how deep is the mind control?

    1. well i guess i always thought it was odd that the Word was God, that they were equivalent, until i got older and realized how much words matter. so i see this as the ancient knowledge about the real power of the Word, and it's purpose being good. but it has been corrupted by people who think themselves God. they think that by controlling words, they become God, they control God. ie: if the Word is God, and you then take control over Words, you can then play God. which is all consistent with what we know including this latest layer of understanding about the occult, and how it works.

    2. AP et al

      regarding all the temples Jose showed in his discussion
      You know the bank of england
      federal reserve etc
      What to make of Obama's inaugural 'temple'
      The Pergamon Altar
      video clip

      I was listening to an interview in which more esoterica was being discussed and this was mentioned and I was
      "what the hell"?!
      So I went to look into this and sure enough, It looks like it
      And what of Obama building a dam temple to himself?

    3. Doesn't the reincarnated (or cloned?) Akhenaten deserve a temple, Penny? ;)

      Since you are peering down the rabbit-hole.. did you ever see I, Pet Goat II It's quite amazing from various points of view. Clearly TPTB like to tease us. Some of the decodings of that little video are interesting, some are just wacky.

      Also, you might like to have a look at some of Vigilant Citizen's articles. I particularly like the ones on architecture (http://vigilantcitizen.com/category/sinistersites/).

    4. " Akhenaten ???

      that's a new one

      As for I Pet Goat II

      I have seen something like that previously, maybe it was I ?
      shall check it out and see

    5. A few Sinister sites-

      If Denver Internation Airportport doesn't make you go WTF? nothing will.
      St. John The Divine Cathedral with some curiously detailed
      Not so creepy, but since you're a Canadian - The Manitoba Legislative Building

      Anubis en-route to Denver stops off in New York to greet Isis.

    6. shall check them out
      especially the manitoba legislative building

    7. Ok so I am gobsmacked
      Obviously a temple and more


    8. So what did you think of Denver, Anubis and Pet Goat?

      And if you were gobsmacked by that then this will blow your mind, if you can spare 20mins-
      Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, the London Olympics and 007
      its a bit 'out there' and much of the numerology stuff seems contrived to me, but she expands on some of the Kabbalistic influences on the Elizabethan court I mentioned previously.

    9. Hey Freethinker

      Denver is creepy, I mean can you imagine passing through that airport?
      It would make me worry about my plane crashing.
      Oh then I checked out the Rockefeller Centre stuff..

      Still can't get over the place in Manitoba? When my husband's family came from the old country they settled in Manitoba.. Originally.
      The Canadian government gave land for farming..

      The building seems so advanced for a province that always seemed rural???
      Makes you wonder.............
      Another one?
      I will look at it right now

    10. still watching it, some of it I am familiar with
      John Dee- the first person who ever spoke of John Dee was my hubby long ago when we were teenagers still

      The New Atlantis stuff, I think I saw that documentary

      Have you ever read the books by what's his face???
      Geez, off to bookshelf..
      The Sinister Forces Trio- Levenda
      much of that is covered in the first book, I think, it is has been so long now since I read them...
      trying to think where else I have read this kind of stuff?

    11. Ah right, so you are a few decades ahead of me - in wisdom, not years ;)

      I've come across Levenda related to NASA and project Paperclip. He seems to think the NAZIs/DVD/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Germans are the root of all problems and ignoring a more obvious bunch of supremacists. There's a lot of that going about just now. Has the USA been taken-over by Germans? Too close to the Alex Jones perspective for my liking.

      I did watch your posted video again and managed to tolerate Jan rather better this time. Yes its interesting up to a point but it didn't give me the epiphany that it gave you. As I said - stuck in low gear, mired in minutiae. I must be missing something.

    12. Yeah, I know... Wiser, but not older. ;)

      As for Levenda, agreed.
      but still there was much good and interesting in that trilogy
      Heard him in some interviews over at Red Ice and he is all 'nazis'
      oh how horrible, i tune it out

      No epiphany? Perhaps next time?
      Perhaps you have already crossed that bridge and I was still on the hesitant side?
      I mean, I don't know
      I just always think of it as doors opening to people when they are ready
      Maybe it was just my time

    13. I think my doors (of perception?) were blown completely off their hinges when I came very late to 9-11.

    14. 9-11
      I was an early questioner
      actually that very day
      looked to much like a controlled demolition
      as many talking heads commented on that day

  11. Just an FYI
    Troll seems very offended by this presentation
    Derogatory comments
    Pities my husband
    Hung up on anus's
    Something about sex
    Also obsesses over premature ejaculation
    In case you all wondered, it is still here and still resenting it's blockage
    Now why would HHT be bothered by this presentation

    1. We got a hold of the secret squirrel decoder ring...

    2. given the infantile mind of HHT it is possible?

  12. Thanks for so many thoughtful comments! Regards, Jose Barrera

  13. thank you jose!! for a well thought out and fantastic presentation.
    Enjoyed by all here judging on the comments and the hits

  14. Hi Penny,
    I finished watching the vid. It would be unfair to compare it to a TV presentation where there are a host of behind the scenes peeps working on the research and the presentation. That said it was watchable and I think very good as far as internet TV goes. Some light editing for length would improve it. For the content, first class. Well done to Jose for sharing the info and Jan for delivering.
    The lighter side of mind control... http://www.zengardner.com/15-sick-logos-you-wont-believe/
    Also, (I think I mentioned in a later post but should be here)
    Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System
    Hypno by microwaves - repetition, reinforcement etc. (Grappelli could make his violin talk.)

    The people behind this kind of research must be devoid of humanity.

    1. I was still talking about this video with someone last night, encouraging them to watch and think about the info presented in it.

      I agree the content is first class!

      There is another presentation done by these two having to do with the endocrine system, started it but got sidetracked so must get back to it

      As for the people doing mindcontrol research, devoid of humanity or willfuly ignorant?
      Choosing to 'believe' that their research will not be applied to them

    2. Talking of the endocrine reminds me of this Roger Dommergue - Interview 1-4 Very un-PC!

    3. will take some time later

    4. I've added some input on SH to W'Patriot

      and on Dommergue: http://winterpatriot.com/node/642

  15. Hi Penny,

    Here is a follow-up on this presentation. An interview I gave yesterday.


    Jose Barrera


    1. will listen first and then post
      this way I can provide some background info to the readers
      btw: I see this presentation is still making the rounds
      that is fantastic IMO
      Thanks for stopping by and updating me Jose
      Regards :)

  16. Hello,

    My name is Karin and I found your blog via MoA about 5 months ago. Have been following and trying to be a voice against the aggression in Syria.

    I failed to do so with Libya, but at that time I had no experience and a strong aversion to any social media. Have regretted that, but know full well what transpired I could not have changed as greusome as it was.

    Try to drop by your blog at least a couple of times a week, but got sidetracked with some new blogs and websites and had not been in awhile. I came on the day you predicted the Isreal attack on Syria. This struck me first off as a statement verging on the bazarre, but then I thought about it and thought to myself, "she might be right" ! Then it quickly faded.

    The attack happened as we both know. I came back to see your slant on that and any information you might by privy to that I was not. That was when I say the post about the Jose Barrera video and came to this page.

    I think we may be of same minds when it comes to this presentation he gives. Personally it was a culmmination of so many things I already had thought about, reasoned, even felt that there was a KEY to how these people could hold such POWER.

    It wasn't just the money to them, it's a game of Power and Control, but the bottom line to me all along since I realized that part, was HOW and WHERE did this come from and how is it USED.

    This video was the key I needed. It may well not be the answer to all, but it was vital to my mind.

    The social venue I chose when I was gullible as all other people to think Occupy could accomplish what we needed as a people, took me to twitter. This is my avenue. I refuse FB or any other, but have slowly grown some numbers, a bit of respect for my dilligance in trying to learn the "truth" and expose the horrid acts perpetrated by these / this grp of people in Power.

    My impact is minimal, I am aware of that, but at least I am doing somthing. I am trying and I am accomplishing albiet small, strides in exposing what ever it is that is destroying TRUE humanity, not UN, NGO, Corperate vision of Humanity.

    I'm so damn glad I found your blog, and that you found that video!
    Sure the guy is a bit of an ass in the beginning, but it is so inconcenquential when you get into Jose's presentation.

    It is stark, in your face, Here it IS as far as I'm concerned.

    Thank You,
    I have tweeted and will continue to do so as I feel this is a true gem in the 'scheme' of things.

    My best,
    Karin rougk67 on twitter

    1. Hi Karin:

      "This video was the key I needed. It may well not be the answer to all, but it was vital to my mind."

      I agree with you on that. For me it clarified many things.
      Hoping you listened to the follow up talk in which, though long and chatty as those types of interviews tend to be, there were some very worthy points brought out.
      I did my best to expand and clarify some of what was discussed
      Jose seemed to appreciate that fact :)

      "My impact is minimal"
      Alone, yes
      But, in combination with all the other individuals.. the impact is huge
      Did you see the comment in the other post about the quantum consciousness.
      Or watch the video by Rupert Sheldrake linked in the comment section
      About thoughts affecting outcomes
      In my humble opinion this is key, thoughts affect actions, actions affect outcomes
      The best thing, again in my opinion is to stop living as a zombie start being mindful of your surroundings
      Pay attention to the agendas pushed by the ptb's and resist them
      As individuals doing their own individual activities it should fall under the radar and yet cumulatively cause an impact
      My small protests are using cash- rejecting being pushed into the digital money
      Shopping local- buying from farmers direct
      Patronizing local businesses
      When in public speaking about the insecurity of our personal information despite the lies of the corporate talking heads
      I drop memes, about any number of topics
      If everyone made a choice to live as consciously as they could, this would be a different world
      We have to stop pretending that so called 'leaders' are worthy of leading
      Stop 'voting' which does nothing but give our power away
      If there is anything you can think of, do it
      And always talk up something...
      War does not equal peace, whatever
      Break the mass mind control spell

    2. Oops meant to push preview, always happens when I type early morning

      Minding my manners here, which I think is important because using manners and kindness shows that one respects the other

      do you notice that is lacking today- common courtesy and manners
      It is way more then consideration
      Using our manners says " I respect you"

      Anyway, you are most welcome. I loved your very thought filled comment
      you keep doing what your doing and I will keep doing what I am doing
      and the atoms will turn :)

    3. Hi Karin: hope your still around
      I just had a thought

      when you said "my impact is minimal"
      Think about it this way...
      I am one person;
      I posted this interview because it resonated
      You watched it and it 'struck' you
      You passed it on
      How many persons will it resonate with? I don't know?
      But I was thinking from Jose, to Jan, to me, to you
      From one person this presentation originated with to taking in minimally 3 more people
      And so it goes exponentially
      Though I know it went further then that
      So you took it a ran with it and how many others will it resonate with?
      So from Jose, to Jan, to me, to you, to ? to ? to?
      By my counter this post has now had almost 600 hits
      I see on you tube there have been over 80 views emanating from this blog
      And there has been steady hits daily here since i put this up...
      I am rambling but i just wanted to expand on how the act of 1 snowballs and takes in many more then we realize

      over explaining? I don't know? ....
      Just had to get it out

  17. I concur Penny on all you say.

    I too try to shop local, have for decades made a samll as possible "footprint" and engage people when I do go out.
    Every time this happens, even if at first rejected a bit, it plants a seed. I'm a gardener for most of my life and I look at "networking' in a similar manner. I give free food to my neighbors, I'm respectful of others, but helpful if needed. I open doors for people far younger than myself, my twitter # is my age btw ;^)
    We moved here just over 2 years ago, a very, very rightwing religious place in N FL. for reasons concerning my husband's work and logistics for him to get to and from home easier from mostly North Carolina which is the home of the Co, and where alot of theip pipeline maintance work is done. It's a straight shot for him to drive home now.

    I read alot of out of country info , watch alot of news NOT US propoganda machine, listen to a bit of talk radio and podcasts and research stuff along with posting choice stuff on twitter.
    The girl from the cornfields of Midwest who always wanted to travel speaks now with people from all over the US, EU, MENA.

    I venture to say as many people abroad follow me as stateside. :)
    It's enjoyable and I also feel these people realize ( as most already know) that what this Gov does is not condoned by alot of the people which is a good thing to teach :)

    Anyhow, I just listened to this better than usual Corbett Report, he is one of my favorites and I"m crazy about Pepe Escobar and his slant on the Geopolitical scheme of things.

    I did vote for the first time in some years for obama 1st term. Dammmit they got me with the Hope and Change game which I have compared speeches and it is almost verbatum Bubba Clinton ! How did they do that ;^)
    That's it for me tho, I'm done till we fire them all and start over. :)

    James speaks in the second half of the episode with Sibel Edmonds on Operation Gladio and (who knew) Turkey ! This is some information you will LOVE. I took notes like a mad woman lol. This is even better than spy v spy stuff ;^) And all documented. Can we say Chicago later in the talk ? again, who knew? ;^)

    She starts right about 25 minute time stamp :
    http://www.corbettreport.com/episode-256-gladio-revisited/ about 23 minues in lenght.
    There is a link to the longer interview I will probably watch tomarrow.
    My best,

  18. Oh Shoot!

    I did listen to the radio show and yes it was long, I need to do it again when not so late and I'm tired.
    I did enjoy it but should have taken notes. I tend to remember stuff with the aide of using notes. There are hundreds of lauge index cards with my scribbles in stacks around my chair.

    My husband has orders to never try to figure them out, just pitch them in case of death ! lol

    Thanks for the replies,

    1. HI Karin

      What a funny image your description conjured
      Scribble on stacks of papers
      Just tell your husband same as I tell mine, "there is a method to the madness"
      then laugh
      that will scare him off ;)

      I will catch Mr Corbett later, and yes he is someone I like as well as a fellow Canadian
      re: gardening, we also garden.
      I think anyone who gardens tend to see things differently then those who shop at big box stores and buy everything in plastic wrap.

      The radio show, is worth listening to more then once anyway, I always seem to glean some additional info out of stuff like that if I do listen more then one time.

      It's funny about the spy v spy stuff, ya know?
      I have said for so long now, who needs fiction when real life is so much more fantastic
      Then Jose said that and I was like... WHAT?!
      And you are basically suggesting the same, it is strange why others do not realize that

      If you can take in the Red Ice Radio interview with Rupert Sheldrake, do.