Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Supernatural: Magic, Spelling & Mind Control- Out of the Shadows

Judging by the number of hits on the previous post,  “Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control”, many individuals have found the information contained therein thought provoking.

 Jose stopped by and left a link to a follow up discussion @ Cosmic Blueprints

joseJanuary 28, 2013 at 5:20 AM
Hi Penny,

Here is a follow-up on this presentation. An interview I gave yesterday.


Jose Barrera
I have listened a few times now. I notice that Jose picked up on some of what was being discussed in the comment section of the previous post. Or at least I like to think so........
Thanks for so many thoughtful comments! Regards, Jose Barrera
A couple of comments that jose may have found relevant?
Penny January 16, 2013 at 7:38 AM

“toss in the natural law vs mans law debate and the fact that the entire society is contrived becomes quite obvious”
A. Peasant January 17, 2013 at 3:49 AM

I keep thinking: in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
AP @ Twelfth Bough really hit the nail on the head with that comment

God spoke the world into creation. Right?
Not literally. But, figuratively.
This indicates or should indicate to us the power of the ‘WORD’.
How the ‘word’ is used to create perceptions?
How the ‘word’ is used to create reality?
How the ‘word’ is used to evoke thoughts and images?
How the ‘word’ is used to control
The word is powerful. We need to be aware of that.
And then, there are the images!
To much ground to cover here. So, listen if you wish. Leave some thoughts in the comment section.
What were the highlights of this more then 90 minute discussion? Or what resonated with myself?

First: ascribing values to everything cheapens humanity
The discussion of how everything has had a ‘value’ ascribed to it.
Therefore, when everything is quantified with a ‘value’ the things that transcend value cannot be quantified so they are discarded or destroyed.
We see this happening with human life. If it does not have value in a quantified manner, example as a taxpayer, then humanity is to be discarded or told to ‘hurry up and die’
The commodifying or commodification of everything is degrading our human life.
Our human experience. And the planet as a whole. And humans are letting this happen.

Look at Emotions.What is the value of love?
This must be why sex has been pushed as a the replacement for love
Sex is a commodity that can be bought, sold, traded or stolen.
But, love? What can one do with love?

Second: Sigils

I also like the discussion of sigils. Specifically corporate logos as sigils
And corporate logos truly are sigils
Sigils are simply signs that have been ascribed ‘magical’ attributes
Jose uses the Starbucks sigil. When you see it, you think about getting a coffee.
Therefore the Starbucks sigil, or the Tim Hortons sigil, has the power to influence your thought patterns.
 To put you under a spell. To direct or control your thought.    See full size image

Third: Humankind as the walking dead
A discussion of the msm zombie phenomena..... and how the masses are the zombies
In the eyes of the elite.
Or the eyes of the awake.
Because I have to admit some time ago I wrote here at the blog about how far too many people in society reminded me of zombies.
The walking dead. Soulless. Lacking humanity. Barely alive.
Just going through the motions of a life.
That observation was made almost 5 long years ago.

Concluding: If you liked the Jose’s initial presentation and want to take in a discussion expanding on the thoughts presented there, you should enjoy the second interview. No visuals included. You will just have to conjure your own.


  1. Kurd/Iraq is a lit fuse....(Turkey positioning, Exxon (US) also)

    Kurdistan Regional Government and Ankara are discussing a ‘secret’ deal on transporting and marketing the fuel from the autonomous northern Iraq, claims Aytun Çıray, an main opposition CHP deputy. If aforementioned deals come into force, a dissolution within Iraq will be inevitable, he says

    Israeli air force jets attacked a target on the Syria-Lebanon border on Wednesday night, an unidentified diplomatic source told Reuters. The attack came amid reports of a sizable deployment of Israeli planes in Lebanon. The missions comes days after after Netanyahu warned that Syrian chemical weapons could fall into Hezbollah hands. Was it a transport convoy?

    Patriots go active...Syria in a box
    The overall Patriot anti-ballistic missile system will protect nearly 3.5 million Turks living in towns close to the Syrian border from a potential Syrian Scud missile attack, according to NATO officials. The first unit of the Patriot systems went operational on Jan. 26 in Adana. The remaining five batteries being deployed in Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep are expected to be active by the end of January.

    IDF deploys Iron Domes in North amid Syria worries

    And resource finds on Syrian border...
    The mined terrain along Turkey’s Syrian border contains oil and other natural resources, according to Turkish officials. The Sub-regional Preparations Project for mine clearance along the Syrian border, where mines were placed 60 years ago due to security issues, will be completed in one month, Sadrettin Karahocagil, President of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Regional Development Administration under the Ministry of Development, said Jan. 26. He noted that they have been working on models for how to use the terrain after the mines are cleared.

    The Turkey Iraq dance...
    Turkey should secure a place for itself in both the northern and southern oil and gas fields of Iraq since its energy future is inextricably linked with its southern neighbor, despite frequent recent friction, sector representatives have said. “If there is energy somewhere, then it has to flow somewhere else. You can’t escape that fate,” said Mehmet Öğütçü, the head of Global Resources Corporation, implying that fuel drilled in Iraq would be transported outside the country regardless of political or economic obstacles. “Iraq will be producing around 19 billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2035, which means it will become the fifth or sixth biggest producer in the world,” said Tahir Uysal, a partner at Silso Oil. Turkey should not only conduct energy investments in northern Iraq, but should also pursue ties in the southern part of the country as well, he told the Daily News on the sidelines of the meeting. He said Turkey should consider using northern Iraq’s gas rather than transporting it to Europe in the long term. Uysal also suggested that Turkey should follow a balanced energy policy between northern Iraq and Baghdad.

    1. thanks anonymous
      I myself have so much stuff bookmarked
      Caught the news of Israeli overflies on Lebanon
      This cannot be a good sign
      Also saw the Iron dome news.
      I am suspicious that Israel will make a move on Syria, now that nuttyahoo 'won' the election
      And the spectre of war criminal sharon has appeared.

      It's definitely ugly
      Oh and I saw somewhere that Saudi Arabia confirmed the death of Prince Bandar?
      It was an older piece but still?
      that news regarding Bandar? Is he dead? Alive?
      Or dead/alive?

    2. Egypt is being fueled by Mossad, UAE police Chief and a group called the Black Bloc

      Fars also reports that “a senior Iraqi politician said his country has obtained information which shows that Qatar and Turkey are leading efforts to disintegrate Iraq.”

      Curiously the Fars reports make no mention of Saudi....which begs question of that promotion of Nayef...

      and the ongoing push by Abdullah to press reforms

      Assad says his war would be over in 2 weeks without outside meddling

  2. Just a wake of recent reported LEbanon airstrikes..

    Senior IDF officer: Israel is preparing for the next Lebanon war
    Officer says instability in Syria could ignite violent confrontation with the Lebanese army, says 'Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time.'

    And the gas fields
    U.S. drafts compromise for Lebanon-Israel dispute over natural gas resources

    The U.S. initiative was driven by Frederic Hof, who served with the State Department in President Barack Obama’s first term. Although his chief responsibility was Syria, Hof was handed the maritime boundary portfolio as he is a recognized expert on the borders of the Levant. Hof, who is currently a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, declined to comment for this article. However, two separate sources familiar with the proposal said it was an impartial and balanced attempt to find a solution.

    Hezbollah Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan accused the U.S. Sunday of indirectly aiding Israel to claim part of the Lebanese maritime economic zone by presenting a plan to resolve this issue, the National News Agency reported. The American plan to settle the boundaries of the maritime region under which the gas is found, we believe this plan is an attempt by Israel to put its hand on parts of the Lebanese maritime economical zone,” Haj Hasan said during a ceremony for Al-Imam al-Mahdy Scouts in the Bekaa city of Hermel.

    Cyprus, Lebanon agree to boost cooperation in oil exploration

  3. Penny, talk about synchronicity. Two hours ago I finished Levenda's Sinister Forces. The Jung/Penrose axis re:quantum consciousness and the ability to shape reality chimed with what I have started touching on regarding natural selection at my shop. Forget the money power stagesideshow called Darwin. Lamarckian solution explains the real selection process as applied by the "select" UPON us. Forget survival of the physically fittest, that is for slaves. Shaping of the arena of survival is practiced by the spiritually selected.

      sometimes I say "another atom turns" and people likely go what the hell is she on about!

      I believe Levenda discusses that regarding the two aformentioned persons/ scientists and great interest from RAND

      Because the ramification of recognition and cohesion and the atom level, must just scare the shit out of the elites, because they can't control it.
      They can't even see it happening
      It just is
      I listened to Rupert Sheldrake? the biologist talk in this over at RIR
      (Loved the interview so much, bought the dam book)
      how the experiment at .Cern/the god particle whatever.????? (name escapes me).. will be affected by the thoughts of the scientist working on it.

      Therefore as consciousness expands and changes.....
      The parameters shift

    2. INCOMING et al

      the Rupert Sheldrake interview I am referencing in the above comment

  4. Penny,

    Thank you very much for a wonderful article. This is the kind of thing that pays for the long hours of research.


    1. Your welcome
      could not have done it without you! :)