Friday, January 18, 2013

US shoots down Syrian Chemical or Hallucingenic Weapon Report

Have you all noticed the news or what passes for news about allegations/denials that the Syrian government  had used chemical weapons?

It seems as if the US is doing damage control on a bogus claim made by a "third party" or "unnamed" US partner.
"Did not accurately convey the anecdotal information that we had received from a third party regarding an alleged incident in Syria in December.”
Nevertheless, according to CNN, the State Department did ask “a U.S. partner” to follow up, interviewing Syrian doctors and chemical weapons specialists.
Care to take a stab at just which nation is most probably the unnamed, third party US partner?
 We will get to that!

 First, a refresher.
A flashback... to the alleged chemical weapons usage.
Christmas Eve, December 24/2012, these allegations were covered  in this previous post
 I am, of course, keeping in mind that you all may have been makin’ merry, so it could have been missed...
My conclusion at that time, based on the reporting was....

"Suuuure...... This is either complete bullshit. Or someone had an asthma attack and the NATO mercs filmed it for propaganda purposes or the NATO mercs messed something up ( mixing chemicals) and got themselves hurt."

That seemed the most sensible reasoning at the time

Vindication via the very last paragraph (that almost no one is going to read) in  an article from Wired 

So what was that mystery gas in Homs? Raffi Khatchadourian of the New Yorker puts together the clues, and comes up with the most credible suspect yet.

    There are similar chemicals out there that cause the same symptoms but are not nearly as potent and do have an odor. They are organophosphate pesticides, which happen to be among the most common pesticides in the world and are also cholinesterase inhibitors. They can cause symptoms identical to their military counterparts, including death, and are treatable with atropine. If the chemical used in Homs was a commercial pesticide, then it appears that someone has manufactured a crude, poor-man’s chemical weapon out of a commonly available item.
Exactly what I had suspected on Dec. 24/12!

What "third party- unnamed  US partner" nation might have been behind this yarn?

HHQ  @ Undeleted Evidence was good enough to send me this vital bit of info. 

Who tipped the US off about this potential chemical weapon threat? 

Thanks HHQ. Much appreciated!

At the same time as the chemical weapons story broke there was news expressing concerns about Russia's presence in Syria. Just a reminder. Something to consider when we think about the latest news that has Russia delivering munitions to Syria

Stay tuned..

The US had discounted this 'narrative, as covered above and yet today Le Monde is reporting this.
Being picked up by Reuters

The weapons were used in four rockets fired on December 23, according to unnamed sources in Western intelligence services cited by the newspaper. Le Monde suggested Western powers played down an isolated event in the hope it would not be repeated.
It was clear late December this was nonsense.
Also important the December stories, containing the original reports mentioned absolutely nothing about  rockets being used or fired or even being a part of this narrative.
The allegations were that the alleged chemicals had been 'sprayed'


  1. Glad to help where and when I can. Thank you Penny for keeping at this and educating us all to what's really happening in Syria and hidden hands orchestrating it all.

    1. Your welcome HHQ.
      Given the amount of corporate media lies someone has got to dig up the truth, somehow

  2. Very interesting, Panetta, Vietor and Nuland have all come out to downplay their own State Dept 'Secret' cable. Of course the US state dept is owned by a foreign power who has access to all their secrets - even the ones they don't fabricate themselves. But why are the Americans so keen to disown this story instead of just letting it go down the memory hole like all the other propaganda stories that don't take?

    Good catch on the organo-phosphate angle.

    1. " But why are the Americans so keen to disown this story instead of just letting it go down the memory hole like all the other propaganda stories that don't take?"

      I posed this question over at MoA
      Someone suggested it was a facesaver since Obomba had drawn one of his many redlines
      I suspect Israel leaked this one to the media, Israeli and Al Jaz hoping the US would take the bait and then Nuttyahoo would be a war leader for his election/coronation
      And also the news of Israel's land theft in Golan would go unnoticed