Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies" John Baird

When I saw this news story...... It was like "what in the hell"!!
I just mentioned the persistence of the  "zombie" meme  the other day!
In this post Zombie Alert broadcast during US televised programming

The zombie meme and semiotics
It's worrisome. Why does this meme keep cropping up?
In medical drills?
In comic books put out by the  CDC
The meme is used to describe random killings. 
It is a meme.  Clearly.
What is the purpose of this meme? Who are the "zombies' being referred to?

This is an analogy 

*The Zombies represent the citizens of their respective nations, Canada and the US, in their fully animated state. That is when the dead or inanimate become undead or reanimate. The people will become alive, fully spirited and aware. At that time they will  realize the governments and institutions have not been serving the people. These institutions have been serving themselves and their ilk at the expense of humanity as a whole
* The Zombie drills are being undertaken or have become necessary because the elites and their lackies have become fearful of this inevitable rising up.
*That is the zombie threat. The awakening of the people.

‘Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies’

John Baird and his mirror image?

“I don’t need to tell you, Mr. Speaker, that zombies don’t don’t recognize borders and that a zombie invasion in the United States can easily turn into a continent-wide pandemic if it is not contained,” Martin said to chuckles and eventually cheers.

“So on behalf of concerned Canadians everywhere, I want to ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs, is he working with his American counterparts to develop an international zombie strategy so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse?”



The exchange comes after Quebec’s public security department said it will be using a hypothetical zombie attack against the province as a preparation exercise during a symposium on civil security next week.
Similar exercises have been used by the U.S. and B.C. governments. 

Oh look another hypothetical zombie attack prep and exercise... Imagine my surprise? Not.


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    1. This zombie stuff is starting to smell of fear in high place

  2. Absolutely, the fear of these bastards from the resolute justice they will reap is palpable. They won't back down, negotiate, give up or acquiesce in any way either, they are going to floor the fascism accelerator to the endgame. They know this, which is why they are deploying drones, buying up ammunition, running "zombie" and intimidation drills and trying every trick in the book to disarm the populace.

    1. "Zombie Drills"

      I was thinking about this more last night. HHQ
      I had been talking with hubby about this zombie meme and he was sitting on the fence. That said, I think he fell off the fence with this news article.
      No, I don't think it. I know it. As he helped me write up some of the post

      Because, it is the government running these drills.
      They are drilling a potential zombie attack. And who else could the zombies be?
      Really. When one thinks about it, it becomes obvious
      It is after all their (government) language. Their name calling.
      But who is being referred to? The people.
      This is standard propaganda type stuff
      No different then we have to get "terrorists"
      Be scared of the "communists"
      The reds
      The gooks
      Insert derogatory name and dehumanize
      This is standard labeling.
      Very common in warfare
      And there it is, really
      I never thought I would see the day that government would stoop to this so blatantly:
      zombie drills: readying for what they see as they inevitable awakening of the people

  3. Canada does seem to be quite active regarding the zombie meme. Only back in October did Toronto have their Zombie Walk and already they have another scheduled for March 2013. Some drone footage of the 2012 event (just to add another meme du jour into the mix). In the upcoming event they will include a showing of the John Carpenter cult classic 'They Live' which of course is a very subversive film nothing at all to do with zombies. For the unaware, the 'They' refer not to zombies or the dumb masses but the controlling elite who have infiltrated and subverted the masses. Is this a deliberate attempt to dilute the message of 'They Live'? Looking at photos of the 2012 event it is clear that these events are highly organised and well funded - not your typical students' fance dress party as it would first appear.

    SARS also was a big deal in Canada. Now we have a 'new SARS' in the form of the Coronavirus being talked about in the press. Is there a connection here?

    1. The zombie walk has been going on in Toronto for better then 5 years now
      Very big amongst the University crowd- get'em while their young
      Last Halloween, the first ever 'zombie walk' took place in the city I reside in
      I was wondering whether or not the zombie meme was being promoted in Europe or are we looking at a NA phenomena?

      SARS was a very big deal in Canada some time ago
      And yes, I saw the 'new Sars' news
      connected? Anyone's guess? I don't know enough about this latest
      But remember well the the TO cases and the subsequent SARS stock concert etc

    2. excuse the "the the" the phone rang and I got a bit distracted
      that should just be one " the"

  4. A report by Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald said Zygier had been under investigation by Australian intelligence agency, ASIO. The newspaper said it had confronted Zygier over the investigation of at least three dual Australian-Israeli citizens who had emigrated to Israel in early 2010, but that Zygier had denied the allegations. The report cited unnamed sources who said the men had traveled to Australia separately to change their names and obtain new passports to travel to Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

    Remeber the NEw Zealand Earthquake, and the various passport scandals (including the blown Dubai op)

    Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'
    The Israeli secret service Mossad has been accused of conducting an intelligence-gathering operation in New Zealand which was unearthed because of February's Christchurch earthquake. Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, the Israeli man who died in the damaged van, was found to have five passports on his person, the Southland Times newspaper reported. Security experts suggested agents for Mossad may have been on an identity theft “trawling” mission for information, so that the passports of unwitting citizens could be cloned. They included the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, made four calls to John Key, his New Zealand counterpart, on the day of the earthquake.

    And the Blown Dubai op

    1. Hey anonymous

      I have seen the chatter all over about prisoner x
      very interesting and yes, I recall the blown Dubai op
      I must have four or five posts on that here, somewhere

      New Zealand and Mossad intelligence gathering...
      Can it be coincidence that the troll that sullies my blog is from New Zealand?

  5. Iranian media is reporting Israeli agents killed Lebanese commander (Israel Radio)

    Lots of ISraeli offiicals making their way to the US for consults
    (1) IDF defense Chief
    (2) Barack in surprise visit
    (3) Obama to israel in march

    (4) Wapo running an article on Iranian purchase of magents for centrifuges whilst the IAEA talks fail and Lieberman says diplomacy useless...

    1. rumours of war???
      I got to get back to Syria today..

  6. I love the pic of baird and his true mirror image! Ha! Seriously though that exchange was pretty funny.. 'dead-icated'.. that was pretty good. Better than most tripe one hears during 'question' period.

    Do you think that the zombie meme could also be a 'blaming of the victim' type thing?

    1. "blaming the victim" don't know?
      Could you explain further, I don't think I am getting what you mean?
      as you know, sometimes I can be a bit slow- hehehe
      and it is easier to talk-right maggie?

      I am convinced the zombie meme is us, the masses and all the drills are the prep for the has a zombie drill upcoming and think of how big the student protests got along with the pot banging..... that could have gotten out of control

      I am sure the Quebec gov got a whiff of the potential awakening

    2. Oh yeah the picture of Baird, perfect
      Mirror image reflecting back to Baird the reality of his soul

  7. I mean as the zombies don't chose to be zombies - we didn't choose to be unemployed, sick or our countries in near bankruptcy, but we will be the ones who pay for it. It's the zeal in killing the 'zombies'. How often do you see any empathy for the zombies in these flicks? You seen little to none. They are simply to be killed, no questions asked. No looking for a zombie cure.

    I don't know maybe I am making no sense... it sorta reminds me of people blaming the homeowners who lost their homes for the entire crash. We aren't meant to see them as human - just idiots who got what they deserved?

    Certainly it does lend itself to the desensitisation of murdering fellow humans. Zombie or not.

    1. Hey Maggie
      ". it sorta reminds me of people blaming the homeowners who lost their homes for the entire crash. We aren't meant to see them as human - just idiots who got what they deserved"

      I getcha now and yes, this will make it easier for the people to be killed
      Or the justification will be easier to sell to those who remain dead ie. ignorant and willfuly blind.
      Blame the victim right?
      Very predominant in out western culture.

    2. divide and conquer. get the people to hate each other.... getting what they deserve. there is a lot of that going on...

    3. Hey AP

      It was the stuff about the rabies vaccine...did you not do some work on that?
      Look at the synopsis of this WorldWarZ below.
      Until John made me aware, I hadn't heard of this
      We have zombies and rabies vaccines and that just have me, yet another, what the hell moment?

  8. Got this via email from John Frampton, who is having difficulty leaving comment here

    ""If you haven't seen anything about it yet check out the upcoming movie World War Z and note the countries involved in the story. There's a good plot summery of the book at wikipedia. Also the movie was supposed to premiere on last years winter solstice but due to various production difficulties this has been put back to this years summer solstice. A curious choice of dates no?"

    Thanks John, I am going to check that out
    with apprehension..
    I do hope you get your computer problems addressed and thanks for the comment! :)

  9. OK John I looked and "only Israel takes it seriously"
    I watched the trailer and thought to myself, the zombies are outside of the Apartheid Wall
    What is that saying to us?
    reinforces the bullshit god's chosen people and of course is derogatory to the arab "hordes" right? Outside of the walls?
    It all starts in China
    Hits the US hard and most everyone in NA flees to Northern Canada where they die due to exposure??

    I don't know what to say
    Does life imitate art?
    Or does art imitate life?

    How f'd up is this film?

    Through a series of oral interviews, Brooks, as an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, describes the history of 'World War Z'. Although the origin of the zombie pandemic is unknown, the story begins in China after a young boy is bitten; he becomes the pandemic's "patient zero". The Chinese government attempts to contain the infection and concocts a crisis involving Taiwan to mask their activities. The infection is spread to other countries by the black market organ trade and by refugees, before an outbreak of "South Africa rabies" finally brings the plague to public attention.

    The black market organ trade?? Isn't that Israel's forte?

    As the infection spreads, the State of Israel is the only country to take the reports of zombies seriously, initiating a nationwide quarantine and closing its borders to everyone except uninfected Jews and Palestinians. Pakistan and Iran destroy each other in a nuclear war after the Iranian government attempts to stem the flow of Pakistani refugees. The United States of America does little to prepare; although special forces teams are used to contain initial outbreaks, a widespread effort never starts as the nation is sapped of political will by several "brushfire wars", and a rabies vaccine, marketed as effective created a false sense of security.

    When the world recognizes the true scope of the problem, a period known as the "Great Panic" begins.

    The "great panic"???

    "As zombies freeze solid in the cold, many civilians in North America flee to the wildernesses of northern Canada and the Arctic, where some 11 million people, unprepared to deal with the cold Canadian winter, die from starvation and exposure"

    I see by the movie trailer, the movie features Brad Pitt, the handler of Angelina Jolie as the brave UN whatever?

  10. israel may have a problem: a loss of flow thru the blood drip

    Budget cuts may force reduction in Israel aid
    Kerry Warns of Serious Sequestration Cuts for State and USAID

    By Josh Rogin

    February 15, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - The State Department will have to stop humanitarian aid to millions of people, cut foreign assistance to Israel, and delay efforts to ramp up diplomatic security abroad after the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, if sequestration goes into effect next month, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

    At the beginning of March, across-the-board cuts to all discretionary spending accounts will go into effect, based on the 2011 Budget Control Act and the failure of the "supercommittee" to agree upon discretionary budget cuts in 2012. Congressional appropriators are planning to reorganize those cuts when the continuing resolution that has been temporarily funding the government expires at the end of March, a GOP Congressman told The Cable.

    Until then, State and USAID are working on how to adjust to the impending new budget reality and Kerry is warning that the consequences will be severe.

    "Sequestration would force the Department and USAID to make across-the-board reductions of $2.6 billion to fiscal 2013 funding levels under the continuing resolution," Kerry wrote in a letter to Sen. Barbara Milkuski (D-MD) on Feb. 11. Cuts of this magnitude would seriously impair our ability to execute our vital missions of national security, diplomacy, and development."

    Kerry also said that sequestration would hurt the State Department's efforts to ramp up security for diplomats abroad. State is still waiting for Congress to approve State's request to shift an additional $1 billion to that effort.

    "These cuts would severely impair our efforts to enhance the security of U.S. government facilities overseas and ensure the safety of the thousands of U.S. diplomats serving the American people abroad," Kerry wrote.

    Here are some specific cuts that Kerry said would be necessary if sequestration happens:

    $200 million cut from humanitarian assistance, which would impact millions of disaster-stricken people$400 million cut from global health funding, hurting efforts to stop HIV/AIDs and child death

    $500 million cut from global security accounts

    $300 million cut from foreign military financing accounts, which could result in cuts to assistance to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan

    $70 million cut from USAID operations accounts

    Unspecified cuts to international peacekeeping operations, counter narcotics programs, counterterrorism efforts, and non-proliferation activities

    Kerry also warned that the State Department might not be able to effectively provide emergency services to Americans in trouble abroad, to properly vet visa applications, and or issue passports to Americans in a timely manner.

    "I hope that Congress can act to avoid these severe, across-the-board cuts to programs that further U.S. national security, advance America's economic interests, protect Americans at home and abroad, and deliver results for the American people," Kerry wrote.