Monday, February 11, 2013

Israel, Canada & the Bulgarian Bus Bombing

The bombing in Bulgaria is fitting nicely into the Israeli strategy of propaganda to justify an attack on Lebanon. Overt. Covert. Whichever. It doesn't matter for Israel.

Recall my comment here regarding the alleged strike by Israel on a convoy in Syria?

I had difficulties in believing the convoy of weapons from Syria to Lebanon narrative. It seemed false for multiple reason

 “I am not buying the convoy story, I  just don’t think that specific part of the narrative is true.
It’s to tidy. It fits too well into the usual Israeli propaganda regarding Lebanon. It feels as if Israel is framing a future narrative reference.”

It felt like a future narrative was being prepped. 
And within days of the convoy attack, that never happened, what appears in the news???
The Bulgarian bus bombing redux. As if on cue! I mean the timing, bloody fortuitous or what?
This could not have any better if it had been planned! And, I would say, it was.
Your supposed to get this message: Hezbollah getting weapons from Syria + Hezbollah persecuting the eternal victims = Hezbollah a threat to Israel

That is the message. The meme. The mind control. But, this message is simply not credible

Israel retains a huge military advantage over any potential foes including Iran."
And also Lebanon.
Only by playing the perpetual victim card can Israel sell it's false flags and cruel campaigns to the gullible.

Thanks for this link, anonymous linkie person, who ever you are?
Pay attention to the language used in the article

Netanyahu: Bolstering bogus narratives with cartoonish drawings?

Netanyahu:“The attack in Burgas was an attack on European soil against a member of the European Union. We hope the Europeans will draw the necessary conclusions about the true character of Hezbollah,”.

We hope the Europeans will draw the necessary conclusions?
What does Netanyahu mean by that “the necessary conclusions”
He doesn’t say the valid conclusions. He doesn’t say the correct conclusions?
The sensible or lawful conclusions. He says “the necessary conclusions”
Necessary for what?

Necessary to find Hezbollah a terrorist organization rather then a democratically elected governing body.
Of course!
Bus bomb investigation raises pressure on EU to outlaw Hezbollah
How very convenient. For Israel, that is.
Cui Bono? Not Lebanon. Not Hezbollah. Certainly, Israel does.
In fact this would fit the Israeli agenda to destroy Lebanon so very nicely
Like the icing on the cake.

As anonymous linkie person also pointed out, just days before the bus bombing, the seeds of a narrative were planted in the Israeli press
Detained man in Cyprus was planning attack on Israeli targets for Hezbollah
Not likely. Read the story for yourself. We have an unnamed man.  Who was detained, allegedly.
But, that was never reported. (Can’t be verified)
“His detention was not made public”

We are supposed to believe after his initial court appearance and detention he was then brought to the courtroom, again. And his detention was extended.
 (But that, like the first go round, can’t be verified either)But we are supposed to believe he had a closed hearing at a local courthouse?
Why would we believe any of that?
It’s not credible.The whole story sounded contrived.
That said, the seed was planted in this sentence
“Investigation of the man revealed that he planned to blow up a plane or a tour bus.”

But the detained man couldn’t have blown anything up, because the unnamed man was not released.
He continued to be detained.
There appears to be no follow up to this story.
There is no news reporting that says “unnamed man, detained with no public knowledge was released’ Because, that would be absurd, right?
Therefore this whole story as published in Haaretz is hogwash. It was the starting point for the false flag that some agents undertook on Israel’s behalf  to terrorize the EU into ‘drawing the necessary conclusions”. Those conclusions being, of course, the ones that are most advantageous to Israel.

And imagine my surprise. OK, you can't imagine it because there was no surprise
The terrorists had a real, allegedly, valid Canadian passport.
Most often, one nation and one nation alone comes to mind when I read this. With a notoriety known the world over. That is the Israeli use of foreign passports.
And John Baird playing  sly & stupid is simply not credible

"I can confirm that the individual in question is a dual national who resides in Lebanon"
The individual is a 'dual national" Of which two nations John Baird?
Your supposed to assume it is Canada/ Lebanon.
But, Mr Baird did not state that. He said "the individual is a dual national" and that he resides in Lebanon.
That does not tell us the individual has citizenship in Lebanon. Or is Lebanese born.
 That merely tells us the 'dual national' individual is allegedly resident there.

 "I couldn't even tell you the last time this person was in Canada,"
Yes, you can Mr Baird. Yes, you can.

Keep in mind that Canada and Israel have a "Public Security" agreement

flags intertwined

Ottawa & Tel Aviv collaborate in counter-terrorism & Homeland security

Canada and Israel have signed a far-reaching public security cooperation agreement. 

At the same time,  the Declaration establishes a de facto complicit relationship whereby Canadian officials (RCMP, etc) would contribute to assisting Israel in its domestic police and border activities (e.g. Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank), not under the auspices of the United Nations, but directly in cooperation with Israeli police and security officials.

What  would  Canada help Israel with regarding 'counter-terrorism'?


  1. Great article Penny.

    Continuing on the same theme
    Israeli strike in Syria might be first in series
    "Israel, he said, has defined four types of weapons whose transfer to militant groups would not be tolerated: advanced air defense systems, ballistic missiles, sophisticated shore-to-sea missiles and chemical weapons.
    In accordance with this policy, Yadlin said, “any time Israel will have reliable intelligence that this is going to be transferred from Syria to Lebanon, it will act,"
    I'm sure they can conjure that evidence any time they like.

    "The real dilemma facing Israeli officials, Yadlin said, is not whether to attack, but whether inaction would mean a greater threat later." Since when was that a dilemma for Israel - they always attack first pleading self-defence!

    “If Hezbollah attacked [Israel], they would basically be admitting that the air defense system was on its way to them, infuriating the Russians” who supplied the weapons to Syria with the understanding that they would not be moved to Hezbollah" Naturally they want to drive a wedge between Syria and Russia. Any pretext will do.

  2. thanks freethinker
    This was supposed to be posted last week (Friday) but, no time
    "Reliable Intelligence" lol, yup I am sure that Israel can conjure that up

    The real dilemma- If they say it is,does it make it so?

    " would not only threaten Israel’s reconnaissance flights over Lebanon but also Israeli airspace, according to an Israeli official monitoring the buildup of such weapons.

    See how nicely I pegged the narrative creation with regard to the non-existent convoy
    This stuff is so obvious!!

  3. After reading NORTHERN TRUTH SEEKERS blog posts and many others recommended by him including you Penny.
    I also must say that I agree with all of you, but while reading your blogs and comments--in the back of my mind something was bothering me. For the last 20 yrs plus, I have been doing research on Hitler for the reason of trying to find out why he did wanted to rid the world of Jews!
    Now the answer is obvious
    To Prevent the Future we are now facing from the actions of Israeli control of United States and Canadian governments and more!
    Not because Hitler was insane like they want you to believe.
    None of this grim future we now have would have been if he had succeeded in wiping out the Jews!
    Now they are going to wipe us out.

    1. Hi John:

      First comment and it is an interesting one.

      I am not sure what you mean here "I also must say that I agree with all of you"
      I don't assume so I will ask you to clarify that, since I don't know what exactly you have been reading.

      This I can deal with " For the last 20 yrs plus, I have been doing research on Hitler for the reason of trying to find out why he did wanted to rid the world of Jews!"

      I actually do not believe that Hitler did want to rid the world of Jews.

      I understand we are supposed to believe that, but, I don't believe that specific mind control

      Here is why:

      -Hitler did not specifically or solely target the followers of Judaism descended from the Khazars. If he had that would be more indicative of a genocidal attitude, but, he didn't. (see reference to Israel & forced birth control of Ethiopians)
      He targeted many others.
      And, he targeted the others (homosexuals, retarded, gypsies etc.) with the same vigour as the Khazar descendants.
      -Hitler admired the zionist movement
      -Hitler promoted the meme of the Jews as a people rather then converted religious followers- See the 13th tribe and Shlomo Sand.
      -Which then enabled the elitist class to steal Palestine out from under the feet of the indigenous people, the people resident in Palestine.
      -Hitler also enabled the elite class (zionists) to create the mythologized version of 'antisemetism' as a form of racism- which could only work if the masses were sold on the illusion of the followers of judaism as a race which they are not.

      Again see 13th tribe, Shlomo Sand ( The myth of the Jewish People)and the abuse the modern day Israelis heap on their Ethiopian convert brethrens as an example
      -Hitler rid the elite zionists of the dregs in amongst the converted individuals

      "The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important". -Chaim Weizman

      There is an entire book written on the betrayal of the elitist zionist against the average follower of judaism

      "None of this grim future we now have would have been if he had succeeded in wiping out the Jews!"

      there is no way that can be proven to be correct or incorrect

      You may also find some interesting quotes from so called zionist leaders

      and reference for the Israelis targeting Ethiopian followers of Judaism
      (not Khazar descendants)

    2. BTW: Hitler could not have "rid the world" of the followers of Judaism, because many followers were already resident in other parts of the world
      Therefore that spin is flawed

  4. Penny - if you don't mind me saying this: you handled that inquiry well. It was a tricky one. Btw thanks for amending the roll ;-) Carol

    1. I don't mind you saying that at all
      Thank you!