Thursday, February 7, 2013

Media Deceit: Baby Boomers unhealthy because they are lazy

And they make poor choices. You have been  judged!
This article and other like it raise my ire!! Grrr....

The offensive article

“Boomers, who are between 47 and 64 years old, are fatter, less active, drink more and are more likely to have mobility problems compared to the previous generation. They’re also have a higher incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Why so little improvement in health among boomers, despite better medication and advances in medical care? Obesity and inactivity could be the culprit. More than half (52%) of baby boomers reported they don’t exercise at all, compared to 17.4% of their parent’s generation. And obesity rates have risen from 29.4% to 38.7%.”

Why so little improvement in health despite better medication & advances in medical care?
That’s the question posed by the writer of this article? A question riddled with assumptions.
Is the medication "better"? Are their "advances" in medical care? Who says so?
Have no worries. The assumption filled question had already been answered. Right when the article started. Easier for the dumbed down reading audience. It’s your fault. You drink more and are less active

I have a different view on that theory

What if one of  the culprits is the alleged ‘better medication’ and the alleged “advances’ in medical care?
Let’s take a gander at just a few problems created by alleged better meds & advances in medical care......

Antibiotics linked to asthma

A widely used antibiotic can increase the risk and severity of asthma, according to groundbreaking Canadian research that could help explain why millions of children now need to use puffers.
An anti-biotic that increases the risk and severity of asthma. Is that better medication?

Acid-Blockers linked to increased C Dif and Mineral Deficiencies Etc, Etc.,

The (FDA) has issued several warnings associated with long-term or high-dose use of PPIs, including: an increased risk of bone fractures, risk of low magnesium levels, and risk of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea -- a potentially life threatening condition
The little 'purple pill' and others of it's ilk are not so harmless. Better meds, really?

Merck cholesterol drug fails; risks seen

Increased Cancer and the cholesterol drug Vytorin 

Allegedly lower your cholesterol... and increase your cancer risks! That reads like better medical intervention to me. Yes sireeee.....

How about all those vaccines: Replete with the deadly neurotoxin mercury. Oh and Formaldehyde.
Yummy. Baby boomers have certainly been indoctrinated to stand in line for more of that year after year, unlike their parents

Global Mercury ban exempts......vaccines

What does one suppose are the cumalative effects of all that mercury accumulating in the tissues of humans?

How about  the contamination in big pharma drugs?

What havoc will these unwittingly ingested contaminants play on human health over time?

Antibiotics damaging long term immunity & Drug recalls

More problems with antibiotics, including but not limited to destroying your gut bacteria which is absolutely vital for your immune system

Back to the so called news article

The most important message here is that pills and medical breakthroughs can’t overcome the negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle – something all generations need to keep in mind.”
Reinforcing the meme- Your bad. It's your fault.

The most important message you should take from this article is that pills and so called medical breakthroughs could be the very cause of your dis-ease. Because, as the article states, despite all that pharmaceutical filth available, the large cohort of baby boomers are less healthy then their parents who ingested vastly smaller quantities of pharmaceutical snake oil.

What other relevant to your health issues were not mentioned in this article? 

The main stream whoring media won’t dare mention, the industrialization of our food as another major culprit  for our dis-ease The food eaten by the parents of boomers was cleaner, less toxic, less processed and therefore vastly healthier. Often grown right in their own back yards! A practice discouraged today.

Just a few stories regarding the toxicity of food

There are probably other posts here on this topic, but, just to give you an idea of how toxic the food really is and why your ill health is not entirely the product of your ‘laziness and bad choices’

How Your Chicken Dinner Is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug

Carcinogenic Coca Cola and Pepsi cola

Flame retardant in your thirst quenching drinks- There is more to those then some electrolytes

How about Pink Slime and Ammonia? Two Main Ingredients in Some Ground Beef
Yes, Ammonia. Should you be eating ammonia? I don’t think so!

Don’t even get me started on the monumental problems involved in the factory farming of live stock such as cattle and pigs. Or the mono-culture farming of our vegetable crops  And, the tremendous toll on human health brought on by increased pesticides, GMO and  bacterial contamination of foods. The parents of the boomer generation did not have to deal with this filth until much later in their lives.

Articles, like the guilt inducing one that started this post,  are abundant in the mainstream media constantly barrage us with the message that we are at fault for the bad health that abounds amongst the human race.
The message in all these articles is: This is all your fault!
You are making poor choices. You are lazy.
I am calling bullshit on this!
You should too.


  1. I am calling bullshit on this!
    You should too

    Ok, Pen. It's bullshit! :)

    1. Hey James

      Like I said the article raised my ire
      And sometimes when I get angry I swear

      I am getting tired of being an icky poo human blamed for everything.
      The health of human kind is poor and it is not solely because of bad choices made by people.
      Of course, the media pushes that as a way to blame us and let big pharma and filthy food producers off the hook

    2. Blame the victim is always the way to go. And it's universal. We are always being blamed for being greedy, uncaring and violent. It's 'human nature' they say.But the 'they' are always the psychopaths and the idiots that believe them. It is human nature that is caring and co-operative and only violent in defence of ourselves (which technically isn't violence in my book). However, psychopathic nature is violent and predatory. So the psychopaths and their mouthpieces are describing themselves and shifting the blame (as always) onto the rest of us, the victims.

      When this becomes clear to enough people, our problems will cease.

    3. "When this becomes clear to enough people, our problems will cease."

      Sigh.. I hope that will be soon. I am at the point where I wish to shout at people and say look at how stupid you are
      the shiite you believe


  2. Love the new design Penny! Very nice!

    That said, you still are an icky poo human being Penny, who of course should be blamed for everything! Not only your own expanding mid-section, but you are to blame for destroying the planet, government debt and of course - mosquitoes!

    We don't teach critical thinking in school, we don't teach science anymore either - couple that with this 'the government wouldn't lie to me' belief system and it's a clear recipe for disaster.

    Some of it is, however their fault. I know a guy who is 300 lbs, drinks diet sodas and eats blue menu type prepared foods, then wonders why, oh why am I so f*n fat? We've tried to tell him it's the crap food he is ingesting, but he simply won't believe that the authorities would allow 'poison' into our food supply - so hey in this instant - it IS his fault. He's also on SSRIs for 'mild situational depression'. Go figure....

    1. Thanks Maggie
      It seemed it was time to spruce it up.
      Next month begins my 6th year of blogging and this is my third makeover so, it was time
      Diet soda's: no wonder he is 300 lbs!!
      "but he simply won't believe that the authorities would allow 'poison' into our food supply"

      that is a real problem: the fallacy of appealing to authority
      He can discount what your saying because a 'higher authority' the government would never do that.
      What a maroon!
      The government would do that. They have done that. They will continue to do that.

      Another problem is the lack of info. I mean I am digging daily, but, most people aren't.
      And the media does there best to lie by omission
      To cover up
      And just to plain lie
      Never mind to promote agendas
      Example being the piece that inspired this post
      Another sigh....

    2. Oh and if this neighbour is on line tell him to read the post, including all the links
      Get informed and get empowered
      Take back his power. Stop acting like a useless feeder, walking dead type human

    3. Hi Magdalena, your friend's answer starts here. But he'll have to give up the junk food he defends against all odds! But, then, that's addiction fer ya

    4. Hey James
      hoping maggie stops back by to see this
      if not I will let her know

  3. Thanks James, I've been a big Weston Price fan for a while now. I'll check out your link, but I doubt our friend will do anything. Nice enough guy but totally brainwashed and wouldn't have an original thought if his life depended on it (which sorta it does... but anyway...)

    We try to eat almost everything from scratch. It's certainly healthier and usually better tasting! I'm not much of a baker but am learning and experimenting with older grains - next up is spelt bread! Wish me luck...

  4. The saturated fat scam: What’s the real story?

    It's actually far worse than the linked article above covers though.

    We have been made into sugar addicts by the ubiquitous addition of fructose or maltose etc. into every processed food product. And the excessive sugar is the health culprit.