Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteorite Shower hits Russia in advance of Asteroid pass

 It's not the cleanest footage, however, it captures the emotion of those that experienced this first hand.

The Telegraph did a "science behind the strike" video

The meteor strike comes in advance of the "to close for comfort" Asteroid pass set to take place today at 2:25 pm Eastern Standard Time

Asteroid arrives today for extra-close flyby

Closest approach to Earth will occur at 2:25 p.m. ET

The space rock is currently zooming toward Earth at 28,100 km/h, or 7.82 kilometres per second.
It will be just 27,000 kilometres above the Earth's surface — one-tenth of the distance between the Earth and the moon — when it makes its closest approach at 2:25 p.m. ET Friday.
At that point, it will be closer to the Earth's surface than the man-made communications and weather satellites in geosynchronous orbit, meaning the ones that complete their trip around the Earth once each day.

 Meteor crash in Cuba -after the crash in Russia. Not sure about timing in relation to the asteroid passing


  1. Russian nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, long known for his flamboyance and outrageous remarks, said Friday that meteorite fragments had not rained down on Russia in the morning, but that the light flashes and tremors in several of the country’s regions resulted from US weapons tests. “Those aren’t meteors falling, it’s the Americans testing new weapons,” Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, told journalists several hours after the Emergencies Ministry began issuing statements on the incident, which has injured hundreds and damaged scores of buildings. He also said US Secretary of State John Kerry had wanted to warn Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the “provocation” on Monday, but couldn’t reach him – a reference to US State Department comments earlier this week that Kerry had spent several days trying to speak to Lavrov by phone to discuss North Korea and Syria. “Nothing will ever fall out there,” he said. “If [something] falls, it’s people doing that. People are the instigators of wars, the provocateurs.”

    1. Secret Weather Weapons can kill millions, warns top Russian politician: A top Duma political leader caused shock waves in a recent television interview when he warned that Russia could deploy an arsenal of new technology to destroy any part of the planet and kill over a hundred million people using secret weather weapons if the United States, the UN or Georgia tried to stop Russias entry into the WTO.Saying that the American government in Washington DC had no future and would collapse, Zhirinovsky cited Russias supremacy in space and stated that the country had, Lots of money, resources, and new weapons that no one knows about. With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes, he sensationally warned. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon, added Zhirinovsky, warning that whole continents will be put to sleep forever and that 120 million will die if anyone interfered with Russias claim on the Kuril Islands, which are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan.

      Also this odd one on Russia building a massive laser...

  2. Telegraph (the spooky) finds al-Qaeda document in Mali; The Telegraph's chief foreign correspondent explains how he found an al-Qaeda document in the rubble of a building in Timbuktu. It’s first page set out the aims of the meeting – namely that Abu Musab Abdul Wadoud, the leader of AQIM, and his key advisers decided to take "command and control" of all jihadist activities in the Sahara.

    1. Hey anon
      oddly enough I bookmarked that one to use, so thanks
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  3. Well, if it was going to hit us, and 'they' knew that do you think 'they' would tell us?

    This could be the end of the world today... when is it due? Around 2:30 this afternoon or something?

    Well, at least we can avoid taxes!!


    1. If the ptb's knew I would not expect them to tell us
      Because then "we" would expect them to act to save us
      Which they couldn't
      Therefore they would go on with their illusory world
      Via tv programming

      Avoid taxes?
      If only

  4. Urals = Russian Nuclear complex

    Enterprising businessmen in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk lost no time in finding a way to capitalize on the meteor strike that shook the city on Friday morning. By early afternoon, several websites were already selling "fragments of meteorite." Two-centimeter fragments of the celestial body that hospitalized dozens and injured hundreds more in the Urals early on Friday were being offered for 500 rubles a piece by 2 p.m. Moscow time.

    Read more:
    The Moscow Times (no less)

    WIKI: Mayak Production Association (Russian: Производственное объединение «Маяк», from Маяк "lighthouse") is an industrial complex which is one of the biggest nuclear facilities in the Russian Federation. It housed plutonium production reactors and a reprocessing plant. Located 150 km south-east of Ekaterinburg between the towns of Kasli and Tatysh 72 km northwest of Chelyabinsk, the closest city to the nuclear complex is Ozyorsk, the central administrative territorial district. As part of the Russian nuclear weapon program, Mayak was formerly known as Chelyabinsk-40 and later as Chelyabinsk-65 after the postal codes of the site

  5. The Earth survives all it's celestial visitors
    Cuba was struck by a meteor also
    Added the link to the post

  6. a new space based US weapon? this has some merit as cuba also had its meteor strike...why cuba and russia?

    The leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party and vice speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky accused on Friday the United States of testing new weapons over Russia immediately after reports of a meteorite explosion appeared.

    “There have been no meteorites. It was a new American weapons test,” Zhirinovsky said.

    “(US State Secretary) John Kerry tried warning (Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov) on Monday, but failed,” Zhirinovsky said, obviously referring to reports that Lavrov on a visit to Africa had failed to answer Kerry’s repeated phone calls.

  7. no meteor hits huge US/canada,,,but it does tiny cuba,,,,food for thought

  8. more here

    its like war of the worlds!