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Ratzinger Resigns: Follow the Vatican Bank Money


Ratzinger's sudden resignation; The first such resignation in hundreds of years

                                             Pope Ratzinger emulating the Grinch

An opinion piece from Kevin Annett

The Rat Scurries from the Vat: The Latest Coup in Rome: by Kevin D. Annett

Theories are abounding this week now that the first pope in seven centuries is resigning his office. But as always, the most direct way to the truth behind the world's oldest corporation is simply by following the money: and specifically, Vatican Bank money.
Let's put to rest, first of all, the fallacy that "looming scandals" about child rape and coverup are behind Joseph Ratzinger's resignation. That's just the cover story.

Nobody in the church hierarchy is losing much sleep over their standing, canon-law endorsed policy of concealing and protecting child rapists in their ranks. Even the International Criminal Court application about such crimes has been stymied by catholic-run legislators and jurists.

 What pronounced the death knell on Pope Benedict was his personal implication in the bribery and money-laundering practices of the Vatican Bank, comically known as The Institute of Religious Works (IOR); and how that dirty connection gave the anti-Ratzinger faction in the College of Cardinals the lever they needed to dump the obstinate German from the papal throne.

We had a whiff of that dump-Rat Boy agenda last year, when "Vatileaks" broke into the news with a ludicrous story of how Ratzinger's loyal butler Paolo Gabriele disclosed the pope's dirty secrets to the Italian media. In fact, the damning documents detailing Ratzinger's secret rewarding of Vatican contracts to his friends and family members originated in the Vatican Secretary of State's office, which the fall-guy butler could not have had access to.

The Secretary of State and the real power behind the papacy is Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, an old insider who also engineered the sacking of Gotti Tedeschi, head of the Vatican Bank, last May.  Tedeschi had taken seriously the call of the European Parliament for "greater transparency" by the Vatican Bank /IOR, and was about to disclose to Brussels how his bosses had been laundering money for the mob for decades. The last Pope who had tried such a disclosure, John Paul 1, died from poisoning in September, 1978 after less than a month in office.
But even with Tedeschi silenced, the IOR house of cards kept tumbling, as the European Parliament seized from it 300 million Euros fraudulently acquired, and even the American Securities and Exchange Commission declared the IOR's assets and practices "insecure". A major Vatican housecleaning was required; or at least, the appearance of one.

It was the pivotal Cardinal Bertone who leaked the pope's diary and other incriminating papers to a catholic-friendly journalist in Rome last year the same month that Tedeschi was sacked, to prepare the world for Ratzinger's removal. For it is Bertone who is now reaping the benefits of the papal housecleaning; he is not only a primary contender for the pope's position but a key player in the IOR.
 "Nobody becomes pope without a sordid past, because only with such liabilities can he be controlled by the Curia. It's the same in any big company. Well, Ratzinger made many indiscretions as a Cardinal and made many enemies. His signing letters ordering criminal concealment was just one sin. He was to be the scapegoat for all of the trash that the church knew would surface"
FLASHBACK:  Vatican Bank being Investigated- Again

JP Morgan was involved back when this news was breaking...Refresh your memory


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    1. Bashar al-Assad http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2013/02/assad-1-on-mossad-agents-wish-hitlist.html

  2. Hi Ali

    glad you stopped by here :)
    Had been wondering if all was well in your neck of the woods
    Thanks you for keeping me informed
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  3. What the president should have said last nightFebruary 13, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

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    I learn my lines and do not make a single decision about anything myself. If you don't like how the US is becoming an Orwellian police state - please take it up with my boss Rothschild, I just work here and deliver my lines.

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    Good night and good luck!
    Barry Soetoro "President" of the USA

    1. Thank you Barry, your efforts are soooo appreciated!
      See you on the golf course, remember, we Never talk bizness!

  4. Penny there is more to this then what you have written. It is a battle to control of the Holy See from the Jesuits dominated Mafia. We all know which tribe dominates this Mafia. Read the history of Jesuits, they have not only dominated the finance they have also rewritten the bible, signed MOU between the Zionist state and the Holy-See. Did not provide any support for Christians in the holy land and now in Syria.

    1. Hi hans,

      I am quite certain there is much more to this then meets the eye and much more to this then I have written

      What do you mean by "signed MOU"? I am not getting that?
      Clarify and thanks in advance

    2. MOU = memorandum of understanding
      The Holy See has been signing these MOU with the Zionist entity for control of Christian Holy Sites, selling land for settlements, collecting finance on behalf of the Vatican. The land deals are a serious point of concern as it is land belonging to Palestinians donated to the Church. Both the Vatican and the Greek Orthodox have truly compromised their positions.

    3. Thanks Hans:

      I was unaware of this.

  5. Pope wanted to oust the CIA off VAtican!

    google transl

    In 2009, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi he appointed to head the Vatican Bank ( IOR). He was cleaning out the store, which was built here for decades. The aim was to all international standards "for the prevention of money laundering, fraud and forgery" (as the joint agreement between the Vatican and the European Council) to fulfill. That was a challenge. The last Pope who has tangled with the secret financial apparatus of the Vatican survived, this attempt does not last long. John Paul I died on 29 September 1978, after only 33 days in office - disempower than 24 hours after his decision, major money managers of the Curia. Cause of death as heart attack was given, but remained at an autopsy, and the sister who had found the dead as the first, was sworn to silence. The Secretary of State of the Vatican took all the personal belongings of the deceased and his will under wraps - and a list with the targeted personnel decisions.
    assassination of the secret P2. Their confidant was overthrown in 2009 by Joseph Ratzinger (and replaced by Tedeschi) Vatican bank chief Angelo Caiola.

    The new Pope Paul VI. wanted to infiltrate the Roman tax evasion as much money abroad and entrusted so two people: the American Paul Casimir Marcinkus, who was president of the Vatican Bank from 1971, as well as the Sicilian banker Michele Sindona. This had bought with dirty money from the millions of reptiles fund the CIA the goodwill of the Curia. Sindona was again in league with Roberto Calvi, who once boasted that dominate this business partner to clean up the Milan Stock Exchange. What is more important: Calvi was also treasurer of the Masonic Lodge P2. Once this was uncovered in 1981, the military intelligence service SISMI, declared to a parliamentary inquiry the reasons behind the formation of P2, "It was Ted Shackly, director of all CIA covert operations in Italy in the 70s, the chief of the Masonic lodge P2 (Lucio Gelli ) Alexander Haig presented. Haig and Kissinger gave Gelli in the fall of 1969, the authorization for the recruitment of 400 high Italian and NATO officers into his box. "The membership lists of the secret society comprised the early 80s 962 names, including three intelligence chiefs, 50 senior army officers, eleven police chief, five Prefect, ten bank president, three ministers in office, two ex-ministers and 38 MPs.

    John Paul I wanted and was disempowering Marcinkus, supra, therefore liquidated. His Polish successor, John Paul II protected the dark men and took their money in collusion with the CIA, among other things, to finance the underground Solidarity movement.
    Calvi fled to London, where he was found hanged under a bridge in 1982. Sindona was poisoned in 1986 in an Italian prison. Against Marcinkus was adopted in 1987 warrant - but the Vatican, which is headed still the Pole Karol Wojtyla was refused his extradition, replaced him only at the head of the Vatican Bank by Caloia, who on behalf of Marcinkus - died in 2006 - the dark businesses continue to operate. It was only with the replacement of Caiola by Tedeschi 2009 created Benedict XVI. Air for a fresh start.

    Among the worst of the recent developments VatiLeaks affair heard that the general climate of suspicion against just one witch hunt began Tedeschi. Led the Halalili was from the United States: end of March 2012 announced the U.S. investment bank JP Morgan, the accounts of the Vatican bank, at the same time, the Holy See first emerged in the strategy report of the U.S. State Department to combat drug-related crime and on a list of states that because of the suspicion of money laundering can be observed on. Tedeschi finally capitulated and resigned. The consequences are devastating.

    secret papers of Tedeschi - just that Monti, of the board of the Bilderbergers, a leading member of the Trilateral Commission and consultant. U.S. bank Goldman Sachs.

  6. Ratzinger fought against CIA-insiders with concealed accounts in the Vatican bank, which had whacked his predecessor. COMPACT reports in an interview.

    Jurgen Elsasser, born 1957, worked through the 90s primarily for the left media like Junge Welt, Konkret, Freitag, Neues Deutschland. Since there the climate of opinion became increasingly more restrictive, he went on his own way. Today he is the Chief Editor of COMPACT magazine.

    Pope wanted to oust the CIA off VAtican!

    google transl

    In 2009, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi he appointed to head the Vatican Bank ( IOR). He was cleaning out the store, which was built here for decades. The aim was to all international standards "for the prevention of money laundering, fraud and forgery

  7. Pressure grows on Pope to leave Rome after he retires so he does not interfere with successor's work
    Fears a close presence of a retired Pope will create difficulties for the new man who takes over this spring
    Vatican gripped with rumours of faction fighting as candidates jostle for position

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2278387/Pope-Benedict-Pressure-grows-Pope-leave-Rome-retires-does-interfere-successors-work.html#ixzz2KuI9PSs4

    1. Well isn't that all interesting...
      It almost seems as if the Pope is being hung out to dry..

      ‘On background, one Vatican prelate said today that some cardinals are concerned about Benedict’s decision to live on Vatican grounds after his retirement, fearing it might cast a shadow over the new Pope.

      ‘Perhaps it would be better, he said, for Benedict to find a monastery in Germany to call home.’

      If he leaves the Vatican City.. and the protections afforded him
      Will he be found dead somewhere
      I see that the other Pope that willingly left died in prison
      Is this the fate that awaits "Benedict"
      It seems odd that the Cardinals appear hostile to his presence..

      "According to reports, influential figures have indicated to Benedict that it may be unwise to live in an apartment block within the Vatican walls"

      And yet it appears this is already a done deal?

      "The four-storey block, built in 1992, has been used to accommodate orders of nuns, but is currently being refurbished as a retirement home for the Pope and a small entourage of assistants and servants."

  8. Anonymous 12:10

    "Ratzinger fought against CIA-insiders with concealed accounts in the Vatican bank, which had whacked his predecessor"

    Google translate is poor, so I will give it a whirl

    Was Ratzinger ousted by CIA insiders, who were using accounts within the bank for nefarious purposes?
    Is this what is meant by that sentence?

  9. The hacking of the Bush family’s private e-mails and home addresses as well as the widespread publication of paintings of Bush Jr. in the bathtub, meanwhile, is a visible sign of the Bush family’s fall from power within the military industrial complex. The Pope resigned because he has been fingered as a mastermind of 911, 311 and the wars in the Middle East by both George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair, according to P2 lodge sources.

    The Rockefellers, now hiding out on an Island near Fiji, are leading the offensive against the Bushes, according to a Rockefeller source. The Rockefellers contacted this writer to say the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attacks against Japan were directed against the “Rockefeller Island” of Japan by elements of the cabal in Europe. According to their version of the story, the Rockefellers were told in advance the attack would take place. A Rothschild family source did previously tell this writer that the 311 attacks were meant to force the evacuation of 40 million people from the greater Tokyo region into Korea. A new Rothschild controlled Asian financial center was then supposed to be set up in Pusan, South Korea. However, if the Rockefellers wish to portray themselves as victims they need to explain why they did not issue a public warning about the attacks and order evacuations before they took place.

    From http://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/benjamin-fulford-more-behind-the-scenes-shananigans-pitching-for-pole-and-gold-more-monarchy-rumblings-mi5-say-queenie-wont-budge-but-there-is-lots-of-house-quarrels-as-the-pope-slides-int/

    I don't know how credible Benjamin Fulford is.

    1. I heard the Bush family emails were hacked.
      Apparently featuring some pictures of Junior in the tub?
      As for Benjamin Fulford?
      I must agree with you, I don't know how credible his is either.

  10. Yes, it seems, Pope and Tedeschi were ousted by CIA insiders,
    who had been using IOR bank for many years.

    WMR’s well-placed sources in Rome report that the current scandal involving the disclosure of sensitive Vatican documents to “VatiLeaks,” is largely the work of White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs chief Cass Sunstein. The effort by Sunstein, who has been dubbed President Obama’s “information czar,” is to weaken the Vatican and subject its inner workings to greater transparency.
    WMR has learned that some three weeks ago, Sunstein stated to his inner circle, “After the Arab Spring, we will have the Vatican Spring.”
    According to our sources in the Vatican, the arrest of papal butler Paolo Gabriele by Vatican authorities for allegedly leaking the documents is a diversion. “When have you last heard the butler did it?” one Vatican insider told WMR.
    The Vatican is being subjected to a full-scale assault by the same nexus of George Soros-funded non-governmental organizations, Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration” operatives, and controlled media elements that helped bring about “themed revolutions” and the downfall of governments in Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries.
    The controversy surrounding the Vatican Bank, formally known as the Institute of Works of Religion (IOR), began when J.P. Morgan Chase closed an IOR account at its branch in Milan, citing a lack of transparency. That was followed by the firing by the IOR’s supervisory board of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a former Banco Santander executive, for pushing for more transparency for the Vatican Bank and compliance with the EU’s laws on financial transparency. However, the J.P. Morgan Chase action was, according to our sources, prompted by Sunstein and his colleagues at the Treasury and State Departments. On March 7, the State Department, for the first time, added the Holy See to its list of money-laundering nations. That move triggered a wave of financial pressure on the IOR and Vatican, which was aided and abetted by Tedeschi. The IOR board then ousted Tedeschi.
    WMR has been told that the Vatican came under pressure after it had backed the initiatives of the BRICS bloc of nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—to seek a realignment of the world’s financial system to provide greater influence for the emerging economies of BRICS and a reorientation of financial control away from London, Frankfurt, New York, and Washington. The Vatican’s policy placed it on the list of de facto enemies of Soros, the Rothschild baking cartel, the European Central Bank, and the World Bank/International Monetary Fund.

  11. Ousting Pope is a Soros/CIA operation. Pope was against arming dCIA death squads in Syria.
    There has been speculation about the role of the IOR’s secretary, Carl Anderson, in the push-back by the Vatican against the Obama White House’s Vatican Spring operations. Anderson is the head of the Knights of Columbus and he served as an official in the Reagan White House and as an aide for the late North Carolina Republican senator Jesse Helms. In the 1980s, the IOR and the partly-Vatican owned Banco Ambrosiano were used by the CIA to covertly fund a number of anti-communist operations around the world, including the contras in Nicaragua who had the strong support of Reagan and Helms.
    In 1982, Banco Ambrosiano chief Roberto Calvi was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London. Calvi was a member of the powerful Masonic Propaganda Due (P2) lodge in Italy and after his firing it was feared by P2 that he might reveal the nature of secret payments by the lodge involving the Vatican and the bank. P2 members called themselves “frati neri,” Italian for “black friars.” There is strong evidence that Calvi was murdered by P2 agents.
    In 1983, Emanuela Orlandi, a 16-year old student and Vatican citizen, was kidnapped, used for sex parties, and was murdered. Orlandi’s father, Ercole Orlandi, was an official of the IOR who had knowledge of the P2 and the Banco Ambrosiano covert payments scandal. WMR has learned that the same operatives who murdered Calvi in London also murdered Emanuela after her father refused to provide P2 with requested information. The P2 agents held Emanuela and may have sexually assualted her but after Emanuela’s father refsued to cooperate, the young girl was murdered. The exhumation of the grave of mafia gangster Enrico De Pedis this past May 12 in a search for clues about Emanuela’s murderers yielded nothing. Howveer, the exhumation provided a backdrop for Sunstein, Soros, Rupert Murdoch, and neo-conservative media outlets to run headlines, such as “Emanuela Orlandi Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties.” The recycling of the Orlandi “cold case” murder was timed to put additional pressure on the Vatican.

  12. Soros/Rotschild OPeration against Ratzinger
    The White House-initiated Vatican Spring has opened up a schism within the Vatican hierarchy, similar to what has happened in China and Russia as a result of other White House/Soros political undermining tactics. Pope Benedict XVI is now isolated and the Vatican’s powerful number two official, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, is circling the wagons to defend the Holy See against the Vatican Spring operations. Tedeschi and his allies, who reportedly include former Vatican Secretary General Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, now the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, DC, are arrayed against the traditional Vatican hierachy, particularly Bertone. Vigano replaced Cardinal Pietro Sambi, the former Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Palestine, who was a fierce opponent of Israel’s seizure of Christian church property in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Sambi died after routine surgery in Baltimore that later resulted in lung complications. A source close to Sambi said he believes that Sambi’s surgery involved “medically-assisted homicide.”

  13. WMR
    The surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first papal resignation since Gregory XII's forced resignation in 1415, is the result of months of internecine battling between rival factions inside the Vatican, according to informed sources within the Vatican.

    The battle between the Cardinals has pitted Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, the number two official of the Vatican and a supporter of the right-wing Opus Dei sect that has been protecting pedophile priests in the church, against more reform-minded Cardinals, particularly those from the developing world who lack the traditional Eurocentric view of the Vatican. The reformers also have the backing of the influential Jesuit order, longtime opponents of Opus Dei.

    It is believed that the in-fighting among Vatican officials, coupled with the release of embarrassing confidential documents by the papal butler, prompted Benedict XVI, who himself steered the Roman Catholic Church to a more conservative stance, to decide on the unusual papal resignation. It is also known that the Italian government is investigating financial fraud charges against the scandal-plagued Vatican Bank, also known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), and that the investigation of money laundering by the bank may have discovered Benedict's culpability in the matter.

    The scandal forced the firing of Vatican Bank president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi eight months ago. The Vatican Bank has been linked to a money laundering scandal involving the Spanish Group Santander bank owned by the powerful Botin family. The Botin banking family maintained close ties to the Francisco Franco regime and its patron saint, Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei.

    Benedict rides off into the sunset

    Recently, Benedict vocally voiced at a private birthday luncheon in his honor his misgivings about the problems the "Italians" were causing for the Vatican.

  14. Ratzinger's multiple cover-ups were meant above all for the mighty Karol. Those who have ears to hear - let them hear...

    1. The "mighty" Karol was a pedophile himself. Just have the courage to say it clearly!

  15. I'd suggest you to read EU news and wake-up instead of being so fearful to speak out the truth in this blog...

    1. I'd suggest you stop passing judgement
      Your comments are through, this is an old post now.
      If you have an issue, don't read here

  16. Mine was a "suggestion" and I am not passing judgement but speaking out of FACTS. This is your blog, of course, but you'd better use your tone of voice with those you control and you mind wash. Not me!

    1. I don't "mind wash" anybody
      Am I beamed into your home?
      You search this place out.
      Whatever your problem is and it is your problem
      I really do not understand, what point you are attempting to make or even what you are talking about
      The comments you have left are incoherent

      "The "mighty" Karol was a pedophile himself. Just have the courage to say it clearly!"

      Who is the mighty Karol?
      I don't know?
      You don't explain
      Yet you have proclaimed this as fact?
      Well, perhaps in your opinion?

      Then this one?

      "I'd suggest you to read EU news and wake-up instead of being so fearful to speak out the truth in this blog..."

      If you have something to add that clarifies what it is you are speaking of then feel free
      but instead you have proclaimed and judged
      It is ridiculous.
      Be clear, be concise, offer an explanation, clarify just what it is you are speaking of
      or stop coming here
      simple as that

  17. The definition "mighty" Karol was NOT MINE! Someone chose the anonymous selection as I did (since I don't have other subscriptions) so it looks like we are the same person, but we are not.

    I did not search out your blog, it just popped out in my google search and I read it.

    You keep assuming I have a problem which is not the case. For what it matters I am not even Catholic.

    As I ascertained before, you have a "frustrated" military tone which is not conducive to any exchange whatsoever, typical of so many people running .de blogs but being registered in CA, USA. All the best to you...!

    1. Dumbass, .de blogspot shows where you are, not where the blogger is. It's a load balancing thing of blogger. For me pennyforyouthoughts2 is a .be blog. omg she's Belgian now. If you enter .com in your address bar, it's atomatically changed to the nearest server at the time of the DNS request.

    2. Thanks Gallier
      I don't have a clue who this is or what this person is on about?
      Not a clue?
      Ps: good to see you around :)

    3. I'm always around. You're one of the best in cutting through the media bullshit. I do not comment often though, because it's often a pain to change to right posting account (we wouldn't like to appear with real name, would we), or remembering only after having written the comment and losing it to some technicality. Also, you know from where I'm posting from (right in the belly of the "beast") and while there's low risk of problems, I prefer not to use it too much.

    4. Ah, thanks Gallier :)

      I understand your situation location etc.,
      And don't blame you for a moment
      No worries, good to know you are still reading, that's all that matters

  18. Certainly not someone who uses your language, gallier2. You are both clueless anyway...that is what most humans are anyway. Cheers and peace.