Thursday, February 7, 2013

Senator Patrick Brazeau: Could the charge be murder/s ?

The way this happening is being reported has left me wondering. About exactly what happened?

The question is why Stephen Harper made him a Senator in the first place.
Senator Patrick Brazeau- His appointment always made me go “What in the hell ?”
Hand picked by Stephen Harper, no less.  Highly unusual and suspect in my opinion
But, let’s not talk about that.
Instead we will discuss the possibility Patrick Brazeau murdered someone.
 Either intentionally or accidentally? I don’t know.
Whatever happened his immediate removal from the Conservative Caucus indicates this is serious.

I think it’s known that in light of the serious events that have been reported today, I have removed Senator Brazeau from the Conservative caucus,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper told politicians during afternoon question period. “Our understanding is that these are matters of a personal nature rather than Senate business, but they are very serious and we expect they will be dealt with through the courts.”
What is the story?
Interesting how this news is being reported. Or not reported?
Despite what the PM suggests "serious events" have not been reported
"These are matters"
Are you getting a plural vibe?
You know, more then one?
How serious are we talking?

Lanthier spoke to reporters just before 4 p.m. ET. He there was a "strong possibility" that the house — a crime scene — would be searched soon.

No charges have been laid as of yet. But they arrested Brazeau this morning? Would the police be waiting for news of the status of the victim/s? Will the victim/s make it? Or not?
Would the charge be murder? Attempted or premeditated? Or manslaughter?
Will the charges concern more then one victim?

Red Caution Tape around the house?

And speaking of the victim/victims....

Absolutely no indication of who the victim/victims are or were. Nadda.
Which is highly unusual. The media loves a victim, always. Real victims. Fake victims.
Provocateurs posing as victims. It is all victims, on parade, all the time.
The media loves to give us victims to play our emotions. To pull our heart strings. To draw us into a narrative.
And yet here, nothing. Why?
No name.
No indication if the victim/s are man/ woman or child. No age. No status report on the victim/s.
Nothing at all

*Makes one wonder if this is all being held back pending notification of next of kin???

*Or is the Conservative government engaging in serious damage control and the media is assisting in time buying?

Brazeau is scheduled for a court appearance tomorrow morning. That is Friday February 08/13.

So many questions?

No ambulance/s shown at the seen?
No rescue vehicles of any kind?
Who called 9/11?

Perhaps the situation will be more clear tomorrow.
I will update then!

Update #1:

Patrick Brazeau could face domestic, sexual assault charges

 Update # 2

Brazeau released on bail: Charged with assault and sexual assault

Sen. Patrick Brazeau is out on bail as he faces charges of assault and sexual assault.
The 38-year-old senator from Quebec made a brief court appearance Friday morning after spending the night in a Gatineau jail. He hasn’t yet had a chance to speak with his lawyer and will reappear at a later time.
And still absolutely NO WORD on the victim. Nothing.
No name. No age. No Gender. Nothing on the condition.
Absolutely nothing.

The only mention of a victim is in reference to Brazeau's bail conditions. He is to stay 150 metres from the unnamed, unknown, unmentioned, unaccounted for, unknown status of: victim

The media is not attempting to find anything out on the victim at this time
Not interviewing distant relatives? Random people in the neighbourhood?
You know the usual kind of stuff we see the media doing?

I will keep waiting...


  1. The media loves a victim, always. Real victims. Fake victims.
    Provocateurs posing as victims. It is all victims, on parade, all the time.
    The media loves to give us victims to play our emotions. To pull our heart strings. To draw us into a narrative.

    Except if the perpetrator and victim belong to a certain tribe.

    1. I get what your saying here hans.
      So, we are going to wait and see..
      The way this news was being reported really caught my ear.
      I listen more then watch

  2. We see the media doing similar things in the states.

    The Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut and the Batman movie shooting in Colorado are good examples. Even though the perp the authorities claim committed the crimes is dead, they have sealed the records in part because of their fears of "conspiracy theorists."

    The spokesman for Connecticut police threatened to prosecute citizens investigating the incident. There were a number of purported hoaxes that have the effect of making 'conspiracy theorists' look bad: a just released felon impersonated a Lanza family member to the media; a person gave an interview to the media claiming to be the principal after she allegedly died; there were many false reports that seem designed to get attract conspiracy thoerists (e.g. Lanza's dad was going to testify about LIBOR, Lanza's mother worked at the school, etc.).

    Actually, what these conspiracy theorists are doing is the work the police, prosecutors, and media should be doing.

    If you look at this video of Sandy Hook (that probably comes from a military style drone!!!!), you can see that the shooting was a drill.

    Citizens are better off looking at this clip without audio then they are listening to all the media stories combined. Where are all the kids? How does the scene look like this a mere 45 minutes or so after the shooting? These look more like 50 something year old intillegence agents play acting victims than it does a real

  3. The Sandy Hook Hoax is being used to condition us to accept the official government story.

    Gene Rosen is being treated by the media as a "hero" who is being hounded by conspiracy theorists.

    Here's one such guy who made an 1 hour 37 minute video of his research on Gene Rosen!

    I haven't watched the whole thing but it's good so far and I like how he points out (around 7:00) how this grandfatherly man who protected innocent life has violent urges to hurt "conspiracy theorists." Gene Rosen reportedly said he "wanted to f*&@ing decimate" conspiracy theorists in a fit of rage at a restaurant. Really? The MSM is passing along Gene Rosen's violent fantasies as well as his weepy stories about vulnerable children and teddy bears in his lace-filled living room?

    Then they say you will be prosecuted if you snoop around this stuff too much. Hmmm. And Anderson Cooper and Yahoo and Salon and Huffington Post all "debunk" the conspiracy theorists and pile on the scorn.

    p.s. I wonder why that field behind Gene Rosen's house was mowed in weird symbols. Who owns that parcel? It appears it might have been a triangle shape at one point.

    Seems like we don't have enough info about Senator Brazeau yet to know if this is a psy op or a set up or what but one must now consider the possibility. Bravo for your skepticism and inquiry.

  4. Hey WWM

    Yes, Sandy Hook was an odd one!
    The Brazeau incident is weird as he was already under fire
    along with another senator
    the pompous pig at the trough Mike Duffy
    But Brazeau is a native Canadian (handy scapegoat) who is full of himself and the native population don't have much good to say about him.

    I saw an article that a publication ban of the victims name has been put into effect.
    Publication ban = something to hide
    Canada witnessed that previously wrt the Karla Homolka case

    1. So maybe it's like an Assange type "set up"?

      There are a couple of deeper levels to this though. One, I don't think Assange is the real deal but a perp so he wasn't "set up", or more precisely he helped set it up himself. Maybe they are going to promote this guy as a savior like Assange was and then to have him embroiled in some conspiracy-laden event.

      Will he be seeking asylum in Ecuador? Tribal land? Quebec? Ha.