Thursday, February 7, 2013

Syria: No truth to the Convoy attack saga promoted by Israel & others

Following up on Syria notification at the UN regarding the Israeli attack

 The latest

Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said in identical letters to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council dated Jan. 31, and circulated Thursday, that Israeli aircraft flying at low altitude to avoid radar headed to the research centre in Jamraya, Rif Dimashq, and bombed it, killing two employees and injuring five others. They returned by the same route over an area north of Mount Herman, he said.

Ja'afari warned that the Security Council's failure to condemn "Israel's grave aggressions ... would lead to instability and undermine regional and international peace and security."
(Israel and cohorts relish the thought)

"Syria holds Israel, and those in the Security Council who are protecting it, fully responsible for the consequences of this aggression, and affirms its right to defend itself, its territory and its sovereignty," he said.
Ja'afari said the airstrike followed several failed attempts over a period of months by armed terrorist groups to enter and take control of the research centre, "and occurred after Israel, in co-operation with states hostile to the Syrian people, had ordered its lackeys inside the country to strike selected vital Syrian military sites."

Syria called on the Security Council "to condemn unequivocally this blatant aggression by Israel against the territory of a sovereign state and its violation of the Charter of the United Nations" as well as international law, council resolutions, and the 1974 agreement that separated Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights following the 1973 Yom Kippur war.

These determined efforts and the subsequent attack by the Israeli aircraft against the scientific research centre prove beyond a doubt that Israel is instigating, benefiting from and, in some instances, carrying out, whether directly or through its lackeys on the inside, the terrorist attacks against Syria and its people," Ja'afari said.
Syria says there is no truth to the convoy narrative

Obviously. A conclusion that can be drawn quite easily by simply paying attention. A conclusion already drawn by myself and others who pay very close attention


Syria takes complaint, regarding Israel's unprovoked attack, to UN


Israel's strike on Syria: Practice runs for Iran and target softening


Turkey's FM confirms Damscus hit & Israel confirms it is destabilizing Syria


  1. Why such an aggressive effort to recast US weapons transfers?

    Panetta Says the Pentagon Backed Arming Syrian Rebels

    1. Hey anon:
      If your my same linkie person
      I hope you don't mind me calling you that?
      Just don't know what to call you.
      I have a post in the works on the bus bombing- using some of your links
      I read this news article but must read it again

    2. Divided Syrian opposition ponders leader's offer of talks with Assad

      Moscow backs talks

      Assad regime calls for dialogue with Syrian opposition, for first time since conflict began
      For first time since 22-month conflict began, the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad says it is willing to negotiate with the Syrian National Council, so long as talks are approached without preconditions and that arms are put down.

      Smoke signals?
      So is this why the US floated that story from the outgoing DefSec and StatSec? Was it a message to the opposition that any further support wasn't likely or had be scuttled..

      Assad offering sure seems to support the supposition. So the question remains in the wake of the Israeli strike and what seems to be a multilateral push for talks, what does that say about the remaining pieces on the board (Iran, Iraq, Kurds)? The US just tightened up sanctions (again) and the Russians have warned not to expect much from the next round of talks (and a strike is disastrous). Iranian elections are coming and the lingering question of Rafsenjani and his kids return, arrest then release lingers. Brooking sis calling for a big bang negotiation with Iran no preconditions. Obama goes to Israel in M Arch (The Israeli defense chief was just here for consultation) and the Israelis have said spring deadline (with Kissinger chiming in). (note where he was in exile),_2013

      As a matter of economics, with the FX was in full bloom (Yen, EUR, GBP, BRL, CHF, USD, etc) note the recent Dec US trade data saw the largest M|M export gain in non monetary gold. Also note Bernanke mentor Fischer just stepped down from Bank of Israel..Does economic termination point mean hot war...

    3. Hey anonymous
      thanks for the links

      I am at the point right now, where it looks as if the external opposition is attempting to buy time.. if there is any truth to the news about the dam
      and a bomb at the Turkish border (which initially was being reported as possible petrol smuggling)
      but has now morphed into something else
      I think the rebels blew themselves up, accidentally
      And the spin is on

      Deadly car blast hits Turkey's Syria border - Middle East - Al Jazeera ...
      8 hours ago – "We don't know whether this was a suicide bomb or whether a car that was smuggling petrol across the border blew up,"

      that news regarding petrol smuggling has all but disappered from the Al Jaz story as has the original picture which showed one vehicle damaged

      So Turkey is making hay out of this
      Of course Jabhat al Nusra is at the forefront of the fighting
      that is special ops NATO' islamists

      As for the economic side of the equation, its' looking ugly
      for sure

  2. if israels air attacks killed 2 isnt that a cause for war? remember what the casus bellus for the 2006 war was.

    the deads relatives must take israel to court

    1. Taking Israel to court, would be akin to going to the UN.
      A dead end