Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UN to Israel: Remove Settlers & Israel to 'buffer' Syrian land

Israel, ignored the Human rights report.
Because that is what you do when you live under the delusion of chosen and entitled as set out by your own special version of "God"
The UN report  hit the mainstream right before Israel launched it's unprovoked attack on Syria and was largely ignored.
 It seemed obvious that Israel’s strike on Syria last week had to have served more then one purpose. There is never just one reason for such an outrageous action to be taken.

So, there is the continued destabilization/destruction of Syria by giving aid to the NATO’s mercs which benefits Israel immensely.
The attack also ensured the UN report was knocked off the radar.
At then end of this post I will add a third reason this was action was resorted to.

First the UN report

“Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions. It must immediately initiate a process of withdrawal of all settlers from the OPT (occupied Palestinian territories),” said a report by the inquiry led by French judge Christine Chanet.

The settlements contravene the 1949 Geneva Conventions forbidding the transfer of civilian populations into occupied territory, which could amount to war crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC), it said.
“The mission believes that the motivation behind this violence and the intimidation against the Palestinians as well as their properties is to drive the local populations away from their lands and allow the settlements to expand,” it said.
The settlements are“leading to a creeping annexation that prevents the establishment of a contiguous and viable Palestinian state and undermines the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination,” it said.
Israel ignored the report and continues doing whatever the hell it wants.
Will the US hold Israel accountable?
Will the US and other allies form a coalition of the willing under R2P?
Don’t hold your breath.

I borrowed one brilliant remark made at the G&M site, because it said so much, in so few words.


The 1917 Balfour Declaration to Baron Rothschild on Palestine (as it was then called) perfectly encapsulates the root of the conflict: a colonial power pledging to European Jews land that belonged to neither.

The attack also distracted from this news: Israel plans a 'buffer' zone in Syrian territory
Buffer zone is code for land theft, whether it is Lebanon or Syria, makes no difference.
Thanks to anonymous linkie person. freethinker and WWM for all the info

‘Israelis plan buffer zone in Syria’

 According to report, the plan calls for a buffer strip stretching over 16 km in the Golan Heights

 The plan envisages two Israeli infantry brigades and a tank battalion being based at outposts in Syrian territory. The current border, which is not internationally recognised, was redrawn after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. . . ."

Rick Rozoff interviewed by Steve Lendman, approximately 30 minutes in length.
What do I find interesting?
Lots of it, but, I particularly like the fact that Rick Rozoff calls bogus, the alleged convoy attack.
As does Steve Lendman. " A ludicrous contention" "Absurd"
Glad to know I wasn't alone in calling that claimed attack, FALSE.
 "I am now more inclined to believe there was one strike and only one strike, on the research centre in Damascus, that Israel undertook in aid of the NATO mercs."


  1. Russia developments...
    A slick documentary film has mysteriously emerged on the Russian Internet where former ambassadors, an ex-general and even an ex-prime minister line up to accuse Dmitry Medvedev of betraying Russia's interests while he served as president. It is unclear who could be behind the anonymous but professionally-shot film accusing Medvedev of treason over the NATO-led air campaign in Libya, or if the movie has high-level backing. In the summer, an equally mysterious documentary accused him of procrastinating over using force against Georgia in the 2008 war. Evgeny Primakov, a veteran former prime minister and foreign intelligence chief, and several former ambassadors to Libya and officials from Russian arms makers lent their voices to the documentary. The film quoted Vladimir Chamov, who was fired as Russia's ambassador to Libya after disagreeing with the official policy, as saying that the losses would unlikely be recovered. Hardliners current hero in the cabinet is the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defense issues Dmitry Rogozin, a former ambassador to NATO fond of nationalist rhetoric and Soviet nostalgia.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for the link that provoked these thoughts:

      The documentary is a distraction because the difference between Medvedev and Putin is like the difference between Democrats and Republicans, or Coke and Pepsi, or Bush and Obama.

      It's interesting so much effort is made (like funding documentaries) to support the idea that some Russians politicians want to save Syria. These tyrannical acts must be easier to pull off if you have a fake opposition. The Democrats serve this purpose in the U.S.--it keeps people invested in the political process, gives them false hope, and convinces them to forgo other alternatives.

  2. Israel deploys third Iron Dome battery in country's north (Israel Radio)

  3. Bulgarian government said Tuesday that the Lebanese militia movement Hezbollah was behind a bomb attack

    4 days before Burgas
    Man detained in Cyprus was planning attack on Israeli targets for Hezbollah

    From 2011
    Netanyahu visits Romania, Bulgaria
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Wednesday morning for Romania and Bulgaria, considered among the most friendly countries toward Israel in the EU, making it the first prime ministerial visit to either of those countries in some 20 years. Netanyahu will be accompanied on the trip to Bulgaria by some eight ministers who will take part in a joint government meeting. Israel’s relations with the two countries benefitted from the deterioration in Israel’s ties with Turkey, as Israel sought to spruce up its ties with Turkey’s historic rivals in the region: Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. The visit has taken on increased importance in the run-up to the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN in September.

    Netanyahu / Eastern Europe

    1. "Bulgarian government said Tuesday that the Lebanese militia movement Hezbollah was behind a bomb attack"


      I understand Canadian and Australian passports were found at the scene...
      That casts suspicion one one nation in particular
      One that often uses other countries passports....
      I haven't looked into the attack in Bulgaria, though, there might be some stuff here
      But.......Hezbollah doesn't come to my mind

    2. The story in Haaretz reads like future narrative creation
      same as the convoy hit by Israel does

    3. "His detention was not made public, and the Lebanese citizen was brought in for a closed hearing in a local courthouse, at the end of which his detention was extended by five days. On Saturday, he was brought to the courthouse once again, and his detention was extended by another week.

      The Cypriot newspaper Sigma Live reported that the man initially denied any connection to terrorist activity, but that after intensive questioning"

      Unnamed person, who was detained in secret, then his detainment extended again in secret, who is allegedly Lebanese with immediately links him to Hezbollah, right? Not necessarily but that is clearly the way the story is spun.
      Then said unnamed man spilled beans after intensive questioning...

      Imagine the reader from Israel reading this?
      There is not one fact that can be corroborated in this story

    4. Bus bomb investigation raises pressure on EU to outlaw Hezbollah


      A finding that Hezbollah is to blame for the bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last July adds to pressure on the European Union to label the controversial group an outlaw terrorist organization.

      Re: the false flag Bulgarian bus

      Who would benefit from the labelling of Hezbollah as a 'terrorist' organization
      Not Lebanon
      Would it be Israel?
      I think so!
      Cui bono? Sure as hell not Lebanon

  4. We've long seen Russia's military assistance to Syria and Iran exaggerated, like here:

    "SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE CAN CONFIRM that Syria has disclosed technology to the Zionist enemy as a final warning. SyrPer has gained access to news not being revealed to the West or the East; Syria possesses over 30 MiG 31B Foxhound jets which can fly at Mach 2.83, the finest produced by the Russian Federation, and has sent a message to the leader of the Zionist Abomination by order of her president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, to strafe the Dimona reactor in Southern Palestine in retaliation for the bombing of the military facility in Jamraya. Here is a video of the MiG 31B:


    Syria purchased the MiG 31B from Russia in 2010 but never allowed any fanfare to accompany its delivery and no photos of Syria's own MiG 31B are available. But the Zionists got a quick look at one of our two-seat interceptor/bombers as it fired 3 missiles at the Zionist reactor in the Negev Desert. Needless to say, the fact that our jet penetrated Zionist airspace and returned unscathed to its base near Tartous says a lot to the Zionist settlers in Palestine about the effectiveness of their air defense system."


    I find this hard to believe.

    Just this summer Putin cancelled delivery of even less advanced jets to Syria, not the more advanced fighter jets SyPer refers to and which have been the subject of discussion [disinformation/propaganda] for years (since around 2005):

    http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/07/09/225372.html ("Russia will not deliver Yak-130 fighter planes to Syria while the situation there remains “unresolved,” the country's service for military cooperation said on Monday, according to the RIA news agency.") http://en.rian.ru/military_news/20090903/156008438.html ("Russia and Syria are in talks on the delivery of at least eight MiG-31 Foxhound interceptors under a contract signed two years ago [2007], a Russian business daily said on Thursday, citing an industry official.")

    The totality of evidence indicates Russia was influenced by Israel and the U.S. and cancelled/modified/delayed its military contracts with Syria and Iran the last 6 years or so. It's entirely possible (probable in my mind) this was always a ruse--a trick to get Iran and Syria to give up other procurement alternatives and rely on the Russians for their best weapons who would then fail to deliver at critical junctures. I highly doubt any Mig-31s or S-300s have been or will be delivered for instance. A true ally would rush these weapons to another ally facing attack. If Russia were sincere it would rush as many Mig-31s as possible to Syria and Iran.

    Putin's administration also cancelled the sale of advanced missiles to Syria, the S-300, just after visiting Israel last year: http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Article.aspx?id=275480

    Previously, Medvedev had cancelled, or suspended, the sale of these weapons to Iran (as well as prohibiting almost all future weapons sales to Iran) and appeared to base this decision on UN prohibitions! Notice that Russia will follow UN prohibitions on arms sales to Iran while it does nothing about other security council members illegally arming terrorists in Syria! Putin has similarly followed Medvedev's policy/order on the S-300 sale to Syria, despite propaganda to the contrary. Of course we hear BS excuses like we hear from liberals about why Obama can't close Guantanamo or something, 'Russia was willing to comply with the contract, eventually, and choose the Syrians as BFF over the Israelis, but since the Syrians were so rude and filed a legal case Putin is mad and isn't going to help now, even though he was totally going to before, unlike that jerk Medvedev.'

    1. In the last paragraph, it should read "Putin has similarly followed Medvedev's policy/order on the S-300 sale to Iran", not Syria. The Syria deal was allegedly signed in 2011 (during Medvedev's administration) and cancelled under Putin.

      The propaganda I refer to are the claims by some that Putin was considering reversing Medvedev's 2010 decision to cancel the sale of S-300 missiles to Iran. Just like Obama really, really, really wanted to close Guantanamo or end the wars or enact single payer health care or tax the rich.

  5. Also we had Israel and Russia conducting military exercises, together, in 2011 in the Med! This is what BFFs do. When did the Syrian and Russian military conduct massive exercises together? Oh yeah, never, unless you count the false rumours from Debakfile that were never confirmed by either Syria or Russia or anyone else.

    Almost the entire Russian navy just conducted joint exercises, in late 2012 and 2013, and who knows what interaction they had with the Israelis. They probably trained together like they did in 2011.

    Israel also briefed Russia on its attack of Syria before it happened last week. Russia was in the Med anyway, doing exercises as explained above, and it didn't observe or intercept the Israeli jets! Russia is refusing to bring anything in front of the Security Council regarding breaches of Syrian sovereignty and instead is actually considering Brahimi's recommendations for a transition government in Syria in the Security Council!

    Israel is also now supplying Russia with weapons (UAVs) and this was the supposed 'carrot' for convincing Russia to turn its back on Syria and Iran.

    Then we have Russia's logistical and de facto political support of the Mali adventure and the Afghanistan adventure and Somali/African adventures (and justifying it as fighting terrorism or piracy or drug trade, etc.).

    Russia also quietly allowed the U.S. to leave the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty and there is no public talk about the U.S. projection of conventional forces! In fact, Russia is allowing the U.S. to fortify Turkey and the region apparently without much protest (as they did when it happened in Poland). The Russias and the U.S. 'discussions' about nuclear ballistic missile treaties seems more of a distraction than a good faith negotiation between powers.

    Of course Russia also joined the WTO this summer, under Putin. Tightening economic ties with the West while agreeing to sanctions against Syria and Iran (economic warfare) says more than any propaganda does.

    I really fail to see any difference between Putin and Medvedev. In fact, the differences seem contrived, therefore I'm suspicious of people that are selling this as an important distinction, like the people funding the documentary blaming Medvedev for Russia's pro Israel, pro-Western foreign policies. It feels like the hard sell we got in 2008 and before in the U.S., about how the Democrats were going to "change" Washington, and to the extent they came up a bit short it wasn't for lack of heart or will, but political expediency, or change was too hard (e.g. 'Why go for a UN resolution? It's just going to fail.').

    1. For the record, it was Fars news agency, not Debkafile, that falsely reported the massive Syrian, Russian and Chinese military exercises that were to occur summer of 2012. http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/06/19/221583.html

      Syria and Russia promptly denied it.

      At the time I wondered if Fars got hijacked by the West but now I wonder if this was planted by the Iranians as a dig at the Russians--it forced the Russians to deny any military involvement with Syria.

    2. WWM:

      I would not jump to any conclusions re: fars reporting this news
      Fars could have picked up the story elsewhere.
      Fars is a news agency and it picks news up from other sources
      Al Arabiya is basically a Saudi mouthpiece and could very easily have had an agenda in publishing this story

      If Fars reported this, you should be able to find the original Fars reporting and see if the story originated with them or if they picked it up elsewhere.

      If you cannot find any of that, IMO & also what I would do, is not touch this story with a very long pole.

      Onto the denials, the US denies all the time. What is the value of that?

    3. Good point about Fars maybe not doing the original reporting . . . maybe Debkafile played a role.

      As far as denials . . . I agree that as a general rule one should not assume government denials of military maneuvers are truthful. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Israel and Russia just kept their January 2013 joint exercises secret, as I wonder above.

      But in this case I expect the opposite. If Russia is going to take the step of military training or supplying Syria in the face of this crisis they will do so openly. They need to announce these actions to prevent a further Western attack and to prepare the diplomatic/legal groundwork. If the U.S. knows war against Syria is war against Russia it will be less likely to wage war against Syria. They also need to propose UN resolutions condemning the arming of terrorists and breaches of Syrian sovereignty and stop all their efforts with the UN to impose a "transitional" government.

      So I do think the story is important, or instructive, as far as how it's being used for propaganda. Again, my spidy senses have picked up a propaganda campaign to buttress Russia as a savior of Syria and against Western imperialism. Places like MofA have a very heavy and perpy hand on one side of the scale and as I've said, this same strategy was used by Democrats and liberals and antiwar politicians in the U.S. to bamboozle people to support the corrupt two party system. This is a very common and time tested scam . . . Russia pretends to be friends with Syria as it sells them down the river.

      I think Syria is onto the scam by now though . . . but they have to basically ignore it publicly and act as if Russia is on their side.

    4. "Russia pretends to be friends with Syria as it sells them down the river"

      I don't think Russia has pretended to be friends with Syria.
      It isn't about friends, it is about interests
      Russia has interests
      Syria has interests
      If the interests intersect..fortuitous
      If not, well not so much.
      Russia has been very clear on that
      Very clear
      They have said repeatedly this is not about the government
      This is about international law.
      And the Syrians choosing their own leaders
      They have had the same message from the beginning of this and it has not changed

    5. I agree that Russia has it's own interests I'm being a bit flippant by using "friend" and "BFF").

      But the fact of the matter is Russia has decided it's in its interest to sell Syria down the river. Russia is doing the selling because its purporting to be assisting Syria but it is brokering its downfall.

      The fact Russia's message has been the same is fairly irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. It reminds me of how Obama has carefully calibrated his "cave-ins" on domestic politics so that he can make similar claims to his base ("I've always said I support single payer but that it wouldn't work in America and we had to use an insurance company model."). It's consistently empty rhetoric. [nor, should the blame be switched to the victims who should have known Russia would sell them out]

      In all likelihood, Russia never intended to back up its empty rhetoric about respecting sovereignty. Russia's actions in the Security Council are ten times more important than what it SAYS about sovereignty. And in the Security Council Russia is considering a transitional government in Syria (a breach of Syria's sovereignty) while it refuses to introduce anything condemning the Western terrorism and attacks on Syria's sovereignty. If it is "pointless" to introduce a resolution then Russia should vow to veto every single resolution coming from the Security Council and effectively neuter the organization. Walk out and/or shut it down. Russia's consistent message that parties must respect Syria's sovereignty are meaningless in light of its actiosn.

      Indeed, Syria has been duped to rely on Russia for its military protection and procurement. Russia won't even deliver the less advanced fighter jets it signed a contract for (if we can believe these reports--we know Syria is looking for advanced jets so they are most likely trying to get them from the Russians).

      Plus, signing a contract and then breaching a contract is certainly changing ones position. And when this contract is vital for the security of a nation this is a major betrayal! Russia has breached very important military contracts with Syria and Iran.

      Not to mention Russia is hypocritical . . . Russia says Syria should choose its leaders, well, why is Russia playing footsie with Brahimi and the Western attackers and terrorists and negotiating a transition government with them? Seems like Russia is violating Syrian sovereignty by doing this. Why doesn't Russia acknowledge the reforms and elections Syria already conducted in response to these attacks?

      Russia is using consistent rhetoric alright . . . . consistently duplicitous and empty. I'm sure Syria is well aware of this now and simply uses the empty rhetoric for its own purposes while it makes alternative plans.

      The Israeli strike last week while the Russian navy and its fighter jest were in the Med was huge. This was a huge indicator to Syria. Had to have been. As well as the Israeli "briefing" about possible strikes against Syria.