Sunday, March 3, 2013

Election in Aleppo could Show Syria a way Forward??


Aleppo, Syria, is holding the first free election for 25 city council seats and 26 province council seats. This election will be far from perfect. However, those involved say they want to set an example for other revolutionary towns.

Aleppo is not a 'revolutionary town'

What sort of 'elections' is NPR referring to in this report?
Is this the creation of an alternative government, NATO style?

The NPR reporting on this so called election in Syria has now morphed into a more bizarre story
Is it possible for the main stream to continue on in this manner?
The new story: The election is not taking part in Aleppo "the revolutionary town", if that claim wasn't absurd enough. The election is taking place in Turkey. Yes, Turkey.

This weekend, delegates from across the province are taking part in the first free vote outside of the control of President Bashar Assad's regime. Its location: Gaziantep, Turkey.

Therefore this is not a Syrian election. 

This is an attempt to create a NATO parallel "Syrian" government the destabilizers will  move to install in Northern Syria. Libya redux, folks.

Continuing on with this farcical election and equally ludicrous report

 The election moved to southern Turkey because of safety concerns. The voters are limited; only 224 selected delegates will cast ballots.
224 selected delegates will cast ballots. This isn't an election, it's a show. And a bad one at that.

Isn't this interesting?

-But how these councils are elected matters to 26-year-old Maha Grer.
- Grer is part of a workshop on election monitoring.
-The course is sponsored by the National Democratic Institute in Washington, D.C.

National Democratic Institute is the sibling of, or offspring to, National Endowment for Democracy

 Hillary Clinton:

Thank you. Well, it’s a great pleasure for me to be here this evening. And I thank my friend and my predecessor, Madeleine Albright, for not only that kind introduction, but for her extraordinary leadership, and in particular of NDI.

 "I think it’s important to recognize that back when the streets of Arab cities were quiet, the National Democratic Institute was already on the ground, building relationships, supporting the voices that would turn a long Arab winter into a new Arab Spring"
Acknowledging the role in destabilizing so many Arab nations. Barf bags handy.
And tonight I want particularly to congratulate the winners of NDI’s 2011 Madeleine Albright Award, the women of Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development. Women risked everything to demand their rights for the Egyptian people

 Hillary discussing Syria:

 And as he drove into Hama, a city under assault by Assad’s regime, the people of that city covered his car with flowers.(?) Please join me in giving our own warm welcome to Ambassador Robert Ford and his wife and fellow Foreign Service Officer, Alison Barkley. (Applause.) Thanks to you, Robert, and to you, Alison, for your dedicated service (?) to our country.

 Nauseating stuff from Hillary and company- Newspeak to control thoughts

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Regarding parallel government implementation via 'humanitarian' assistance and a possible no fly zone
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  1. Listening to NPR's coverage of Syria must be somewhat similar to how listeners to state run news tried to figure out what was truth and what was pure propaganda in the former USSR.

    When one knows there are alternative venues of reporting, listening to NPR on Syria is infuriating. Same for how the BBC has been covering, for the most part, Syria.

    Both Pravda on the Potomac (WaPo) and Isvestia on the Hudsonm (NYTimes) are such good outlets for US gov't propaganda, one would think NPR could report objectively.

    Et tu, NPR??

    (Threats to funding? affecting both NPR and BBC?)


    1. Hey Jawbone

      Clearly this 'election' is cover for setting up a NATO protectorate government to install in Syria and then to get that no fly zone up and running...
      "to protect" the people of course

  2. i hope NPR is getting its moneys worth out of its professionals!

    1. NPR: National Propaganda Radio, as it is more commonly known.

      Or so I have heard