Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exiled Oligarch Boris Berezovsky dead at 67- Suicide

This is breaking and the timing of this is most curious. I will move this over to  the suspicious deaths blog  at some point in time.

As this is being reported right now- Suicide.
Expect this to change. Expect fingers to be pointed at Putin.
But, I don't think so.

Mr. Berezovsky’s death was first reported in a post on Facebook by his son-in-law Egor Schuppe, and confirmed by Alexander Dobrovinsky, a lawyer who had represented him.
Mr. Dobrovinsky, who runs a law firm with offices in Moscow and London, wrote in Russian on his own Facebook page: “Just got a call from London. Boris Berezovsky has committed suicide. The man was complex. An act of desperation? Impossible to live poor? A series of blows? I am afraid that no one will know the truth.”

Is this connected to the opening of the Litvinenko investigation?
Which will undoubtedly point fingers at Putin.

 BUT .....

Since Berezovsky was with Litvinenko the day he was poisoned, was Berezovsky's death a necessity in order to make the case against Putin?

Mr. Berezovsky helped Mr. Litvinenko flee Russia in 2000 before he, too, left the country to seek asylum in London.
On the day he was poisoned, Nov. 1, 2006, Mr. Litvinenko went from a meeting with several Russians at a four-star hotel in central London to Mr. Berezovsky’s nearby office. There he met with a Chechen exile, Akhmed Zakayev, another Berezovsky protégé, and the two drove together to adjacent homes financed by Mr. Berezovsky, in North London.
Only recently Mr Berzovsky had written to Mr Putin...

A spokesman for Mr. Putin said that Mr. Berezovsky had recently sent a letter asking President Putin for forgiveness and permission to return to Russia
Some time ago, maybe a couple of months, Berezovsky sent Vladimir Putin a letter, written by himself, in which he admitted that he had made a lot of mistakes,” the spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, said on the Russia 24 television channel. “He asked Putin for forgiveness for the errors to be able to return home.”
Makes me wonder if Berzovsky knew his days in London were over and that perhaps he was looking for some security. Some safety. In Russia.

Yes, I am suggesting that Berzovsky knew someone was going to kill him.
You don't really think he killed himself do you?


  1. Wow! I didn't see that one coming. Didn't know about his letter to Putin, either.

    BABs had deep connections to the terrorists operating in Russia, western security services, the Jewish mafia (org. crime) and the ZPC. All these can be considered as sources of his death if he was murdered. Recent developments had gone against him, signaling some loss of favour with his own establishment. Once somebody becomes a living liability with these people, they are not above killing their own.

    The tone of the letter also raises another possibility that he may have had a terminal illness, and just wanted to go home to die.

    вот так

    1. "The tone of the letter also raises another possibility that he may have had a terminal illness, and just wanted to go home to die"

      Bot tak

      that is a good thought and it had crossed my mind, however, there is nothing to indicate a terminal illness. I have saved a bunch of news stories reading them all
      (knowing how the news morphs)
      Nothing was mentioned about him being ill.

    2. Penny

      The terminal illness thing I put out just on a vague hunch. I've since seen it reported he had gone to Israel for some kind of treatment fairly recently and some are claiming he died of a heart attack. It was reported he wanted to return to Russia to go back to his science research work, if true, it's not likely he was termally ill then. The Israel trip may have been to transfer some of his dwindling funds to an untouchable Israeli stash and the treatment may have been a cover. Apparently he was almost broke. That raises another possibility related to the letter he sent Putin. Perhaps he borrowed from his Jewish mafia associated and wanted to return to Russia because he could no longer pay them back. That would be another reason he could have been murdered, took out debts he couldn't pay back with the wrong people.

      Getting back to his Putin letter, if his associates found out about it, they could have figured he was going to exchange what he knew of their activities for safe haven. Being terrorists, Jewish mafioso, very dirty spook services of several countries, they could have killed him to make sure there would be no chance of him ratting. Also, if they thought he was sick, or otherwise potentially unreliable due to depression or whatever, they may have killed him to prevent him "confessing".

      He was found around 11:00am, yet it was more than a couple of hours before an ambulance or the cops were called. That's suspicious, as a lot can be done in that time to "arrange things". The cops are also checking for chemical, biological and nuclear substances at the scene, and the body still had not been removed from the site according the most recent report I read prior to writing this. Possible another "Putin killed him" set-up in the works. I'm sure the lot that blamed the Litvenenko death on Putin would love to do a rerun.

      I'm just speculating here, listing possibles. But one thing is for certain, with BABs dead, many very unpleasant folk, mafia, terrorist, government and corporate, are probably resting easier knowing his, and their, secrets are now more likely to remain secret.

      вот так

    3. “Just got a call from London. Boris Berezovsky has committed suicide."

      The author of this is a lawyer and a lawyer for Berezovski. Why would he be so certain it was suicide? It is not how lawyers speak. And why would he say anything at all?

      The man was complex. An act of desperation? Impossible to live poor? A series of blows? I am afraid that no one will know the truth.”

      When ever I hear or read someone saying that we'll will never know the truth, it rings alarm bells for me and I strongly suspect that the speaker knows exactly the truth and is implicated in it.

    4. Besides, if Boris was a psychopath (and there's a high likelihood of that) then it would be a thousand to one shot that he would suicide. So I'll go with the option that he knew he was in danger and sought refuge in Russia where his enemies couldn't pursue him with ease as Putin would keep them out of Russia. This then indicates that his enemies were of his own kind.

    5. "Getting back to his Putin letter, if his associates found out about it, they could have figured he was going to exchange what he knew of their activities for safe haven."

      Sounds a lot like Robert Maxwell

    6. Looks like the cops have ruled out another po-210 scenario and are saying it doesn't look like "foul play". Unless there is a dodgy autopsy, it doesn't look like they will try and blame Putin like with Litvenenko.

      But that leaves just about everybody else on the planet who could have done the deed. ;)

      вот так

  2. Three people I knew committed suicide. I knew of their demons [war], but they never ever mentioned offing themselves as a solution. I also knew a few people who kept talking about ending their lives that are still alive today.

    This does not make me an expert on suicide or suicidal behavior. However, over the years, I've observed many so called life styles. A few are very open, but most remain shrouded in the fog and mists of secrecy.

    'Guestimating' is a funny thing when contemplating the next set of powerball numbers, but when dealing with 'world affairs' my guess is as good as that of anyone else.

    I tend to stick to 'gut' feelings. Although I didn't know it for the first part of my life, it's the very thing that saved my biological dad's life, so I stick to it as well. Dr. Kelly, Vincent Foster are both cases that keep nagging in the back of my mind [as do the Kennedy brothers, MLK, et al].

    As 'suicide' has been used as a tool to derail investigations into too many things to mention here, one should always keep an 'open mind,' so as not to miss information that might be hidden in the clutter of daily news garbage.

    1. DR

      Thanks for your support at the zionist gatekeeper's place - I didn't see your comments in time to respond there unfortunately.

      вот так

  3. " I am afraid that no one will know the truth.”


    That sentence is the tell if you ask me. The author may as well have said, " Ok yeah, we know what really happened but just leave the rest of us the hell alone and we will tell everyone how his death is impossible to make sense of. "

    As in please everyone stop looking at this now.

    1. And great point by James above that it was not normal for the lawyer to leap to the conclusion there was no foul play like he did. Unless the lawyer was instructed to do so. Sounds a lot like how one would fake his death if you ask me. Unlike the more theatrical Michael Jackson style offing, they chose the simple hanging with official autopsy this time.

  4. Berezovsky little empire did seem to be falling apart, and he reportedly was having serious money troubles for some time now, which was what the attempted raid against Abramovich was about (which cost him massive sums in legal fees).
    He'd been throwing around enormous sums at his various dodgy enterprises for years & still acting like he was king of the hill in 90's Russia.
    Then no.x wife divorced him for a big settlement...

    With someone as dodgy as Berezovsky you've got to have some doubts, & the cast of characters he pulled together were a truly appalling bunch - Zakayev is flat-out a major terrorist organiser - but still, there is plently to suggest this is nothing more than it seems.
    Dodgy ego-maniac oligarch's world starts to fall apart on him, & he tops himself (& good-riddance to bad rubbish).

  5. dangers of being a repentent oligarch?

  6. So many dead Russians!

    - Aangirfan

  7. Add this to mix
    A Russian businessman helping Swiss prosecutors uncover a powerful fraud syndicate has died in unexplained circumstances near his mansion in Britain, in a chilling twist to a Russian mafia scandal that has strained Moscow's ties with the West. He is now the fourth person linked to the Magnitsky case to have died in strange circumstances.

    Britain’s MI6 Paid $136,000 to Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy - Paper

    Secrecy battle forces new delay in Alexander Litvinenko case Mar 13: Trial of Dead Lawyer Magnitsky Begins in Moscow

    Hermitage Capital founder accused of working for British Intel

    Arafat Poisoning Results Due in Several Months

    1. Magnitisky was an accountant
      Myself and a couple of bloggers worked on this post
      AP, A13 and HHQ

      while digging up info for this, I came across old reports of magnitsky actually being an accountant
      the browder/magnitsky hermitage mess makes more sense when one knows magnitisky was an accountant

      Was Berezkovzky linked to Browder linked to Magnitsky and this other deceased fellow
      Oh and Litvinenko?

      It looks as if loose ties are being cleaned up.
      I will be back later to check everything else out
      thanks for stopping by

    2. Syria’s opposition chief Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib has announced his resignation from the National Coalition on Sunday.

      “I announce my resignation from the National Coalition, so that I can work with a freedom that cannot possibly be had in an official institution,” Khatib said in a statement published on Sunday on his Facebook page.

      “I had promised the great Syrian people and promised God that I would resign if matters reached some red lines,” he said in the statement. He did not explain what had prompted his resignation.

      Colonel Zakaria said the support that the FSA receives from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar “must not be with the condition of imposing particular issues.” Hitto’s election, and the move to form a government, were opposed by some Coalition members who suspended their membership

    3. And then there was Gareth Williams...and the Russian flat

      The MI6 agent found dead in a holdall at his London flat was working on secret technology to target Russian criminal gangs who launder stolen money through Britain.

      The revelation adds weight to claims that Gareth Williams was killed because of his secret work and raises the possibility that the Russian mafia has targeted British spies.

      Read more:

      Cars registered to the Russian Embassy were spotted near the home of a British spy just days before his body was discovered in a locked holdall at his London flat.

      The unexplained presence of Russian diplomats in the area will add to suspicions that the MI6 officer was killed because of his work.

      Read more:

  8. Rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime have seized a 25-kilometre (15 miles) strip of land stretching from the Jordan border to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a watchdog said on Sunday.

    Israel fires retaliatory missile into Syria, wounding two soldiers
    IDF fire comes in response to two rounds of gunfire shot from Syria into Israel in last 24 hours; Defense Ministry: Israel will respond immediately to any breach of sovereignty.

  9. “Specially trained officers are currently at the scene, including C.B.R.N.-trained officers, who are conducting a number of searches as a precaution,” said a spokeswoman for the Thames Valley police, referring to the force’s chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear team. “This is to enable officers to carry out an investigation into the man’s death. The body of the man is still in the property at this time.” Hmmm.

    1. Yes. The most cynical observations often turn out to be the most accurate in the end.


  10. US brokers Turkey/Israel apology,
    Israel fires into the Golan after Syrian (or rebel posiion?) gunfire


    Clashes in Lebanon as PM Mikati’s resignation accepted. Fighting intensified in northern Lebanon on Saturday as outgoing Prime Minister Najib Mikati called for a “salvation” caretaker government to take over, a day after he resigned due to a political standoff with the Hezbollah movement. Mikati’s resignation has sparked fresh clashes in Lebanon’s northern port city of Tripoli. Tripoli is home to a Sunni Muslim majority largely supportive of Syria’s Sunni-led uprising, and they have sporadically clashed with a small enclave of pro-Hezbollah minority Alawites – the same sect to which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad belongs.

  11. Thanks for turning this out quickly Penny. Good work.
    Well Boris certainly will not now be giving evidence at the Litvinenko inquest. Timing of this highly suspicious.
    Reports that BB was depressed after the recent court defeat.
    Have these reports been placed for a reason? Was he targeted for psychotronic attack (i.e. suicided)?
    The other day a new experience: synthetic/telepathic taste. Eating just bread and butter and can only taste tuna fish - weird weird weird. They can now do incredible and wicked things with technology. Over and out.
    Carol A. Valentine

  12. Abramovich has a very nice mansion in Limassol, Cyprus.

    Just thought I'd throw that in!


    1. Well spotted, someone must have tipped the Russian "oligarchs" to get their loot out of Cyprus before the proposed raid by the EU STASI. Not Russian intelligence. The pure rubbish coming out from UK MSM tells me that the children must not look at an EU/BIS wet job.

  13. Billionaires don't commit suicide. Follow the money, where BB's money got off to and you'll have your answer.

  14. Hey Pen,
    It is very strange timing. I agree not suicide. People like this do not kill themselves, and they rarely die of the diseases that the rest of us deal with. Seems to me they are killed by their own kind.

    A detail here

    "Meanwhile friends who saw him just before he died said he had been in a Park Lane hotel drinking tea, dressed in black, struggling to control a shaking hand and looking 'very depressed and lost'.
    Witnesses described how he looked like a 'mourner' and had push his right hand against the table he sat at or against his body but continued to tremble.
    Less than 24 hours later he was dead in his giant home, where he lived alone.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Hard to say what that is all about, especially with the unidentified friends, but it reminds me of the guy spotted in the dumpster in DC, cant think of his name at the moment. He was hunted down and killed because he knewtoo much about lots of things.

    I would love to help with the post but i am sure to be a disappointment as i have barely any time to blog and e time i have is so frustrating with my computer.

    London is crawling with vermin so the theory that boris was looking to escape to russia sounds very plausible to me.

  15. Hi Penny.

    You don't really think he killed himself do you??

    I'm very skeptical of any story. Especially Facebook stories. ha. Actually though, the first thought that crops into my head is his death was faked. Haven't really looked into it yet and need to read the comments now.

    I'm also recalling the previous discussion we had regarding Berezovsky and the trial, here.
    I speculated that the hostility between Putin and Berezovsky was created on purpose to further some other purpose . . . . originally maybe to keep the Kursk incident in the news . . . maybe later to hide who the real power players in Russia are, etc.

    1. Actually the announcement on social media is one thing that really bothers me.
      I find that very crass.
      I find that hard to believe a family member or lawyer would do that kind of stuff
      Announce it on face book
      Unless people have turned into real idiots these days
      The sudden and unexpected death of anyone requires personal contact
      The facebook announcement does not sit right with me at all

  16. Looks more and more fake by the day. Aan has some more info up. He is probably back in russia, all part of the dialectic. Too many reports of friends seeing him moping around in public, having tea, muttering about his awful life being meaningless, and of course the scarf. He hung himself with a silk scarf. Sure he did.

    It sounds just like a bullshit story with the fake details intended to create a visual narrative for the sheeple.

    1. Hey AP

      the thought that this was faked crossed my mind....
      not sure though.
      I saw many of those descriptor tales
      thought they could also shore up the 'depression' narrative
      which seems to be what the msm is going with.
      however, I don't buy that
      BB was used to shit happening all around him and was involved with god knows what?
      Highly doubtful that he would get so down about just another of many intrigues in his life

    2. What color was the scarf? Please tell me it was azure/blue celeste.

      Just another association I had . . . is that the people milling about after the Sandy Hook shooting were wearing a lot of scarfs and it just seemed odd . . . like they were props.

  17. I think the scarf had to be apricot

  18. Here's another weird association about Berezovsky's death: bears.

    In the comments they identify a bear in a Mindy McCready music video and the bear in the Shining.

    Of course the movie Ted prominently featured a teddy bear too.

    Don't know what to think of these connections other than I find it interesting.