Monday, March 11, 2013

Fukushima's radiation saturates the planet: Two Year anniversay, today.

It was two years ago today that the triple disaster at Fukushima took place
Yes, that is right a triple disaster. An earthquake, the tsunami and the total and complete meltdowns at 3 of Fukushima’s nuclear power plants. If you were a reader here two years ago you were already aware of that fact. Not conspiracy theory. FACT.
It was obvious that multiple meltdowns had occurred the very day of the earthquake and tsunami two years ago. Despite the msm lies. Despite the spin from the msm
Despite the snide comments from corporate whores
One of the worst being George Monbiot: Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power What a media whore! What a whore for the elite classes pushing the bogus man made global warming agenda and nuclear energy as clean and green. When nothing could be further from the truth.
Monbiot is a spin doctor. More on that here: The UN Would Never Lie to George Monbiot

Today the msm is talking up the meltdowns.Yes, the same msm that was hiding the meltdowns from the people of the planet. This article admits, that the meltdowns occured almost immediately
Japan has struggled to rebuild communities and to clean up radiation from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, whose reactors melted down after its cooling systems were disabled by the tsunami.

Yet, what is missing from the msm coverage even today, is the mention that these plants are continuing to radiate the planet. Yes, even two years later radiation continues to be released.
It is in the water. The food. The air. And it is circling the globe.

Severity of damage found at Fukushima Daiichi forcing TEPCO to reanalyze approach to disaster
The reactor containment structures which house the nuclear reactors at Fukushima made by GE, Hitachi, and Toshiba, have so many holes in them that they are preventing workers from making any substantial progress on improving conditions inside of the destroyed reactors, and will ultimately delay the removal of melted fuel from the reactor buildings, the question is just how long?
Radiation levels around the site and inside of the reactor buildings are so high that workers main priority is to attempt to manage dose by conducting work from as far of a distance as possible, but TEPCO is working in a confined space, which is becoming ever more restrictive every day.  The utility has been forced to construct temporary storage tanks for over 320,000 metric tons of contaminated water so far, with plans for another 75,000 metric tons to be added, but each tank is filled up every two and a half days at the current rate of contaminated water being generated.
Since no progress can be made in the most critical areas of the reactor buildings, TEPCO has been forced to put most efforts towards removing the 1,533 spent fuel assemblies from the Unit 4 spent fuel pool, but even that requires special construction, unique equipment, and will be a process that takes years to complete.  The next question becomes where to put the spent fuel once it is removed from the spent fuel pool.  There is a common fuel pool building which houses spent fuel from multiple reactors on-site, but it only has a capacity of 6,800 assemblies and already holds 6,300.  TEPCO is hoping to remove some of the oldest spent fuel from the common fuel pool and put it into dry cask storage ahead of its pre-disaster schedule.
“It will take a considerable amount of time before this site will become history, what we need to do is isolate, remove and store the damaged and broken nuclear fuel safely,” said TEPCO plant manager Takeshi Takahashi. “This work will take 30 to 40 years to complete.”
In a best-case scenario, those holes would not be present, (best case scenario being; no meltdowns) and workers would be able to fill up the reactor containments with enough water to provide sufficient cooling for melted fuel that is attacking the concrete liner, reduce radiation exposure, and allow operators to prepare for the investigation and removal of melted fuel debris.  However, this is not the reality of the situation, and every day hundreds of metric tons of groundwater is seeping into the crippled reactor buildings, and mixing with water being pumped in through an ad hoc and wholly inadequate cooling system.
TEPCO is building tanks to hold the water and has capacity for 320,000 metric tons of water but wants to increase that to 400,000 metric tons by June.  The utility is considering several measures to dispose of the water, including treating and releasing it into the sea, which the international public has shown itself firmly against.   Many public figures and organizations have voiced their opposition to this plan, but TEPCO officials said they would go ahead with that plan if given the consent of authorities.
Who are the authorities that would give such consent?

Still there is more....

US Navy sailors blame Fukushima meltdown for giving them 'lasting ailments'
Washington, Mar. 11 (ANI): U.S. Navy veterans are blaming the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown for making them sick.
Immediately after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, the navy diverted their ship from South Korea to Japan to provide aid. It was called Operation Tomodachi, reports CBS News.
For days, The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, told the world the Fukushima plant was under control. (And so did all of the western corporate media, in unison, singing from the same song books) But in reality, three nuclear reactors were melting down, and radioactive gases were being released.

Enis has a lump  between his eyes, another in his jaw, and another lump on his thigh.

Plym reportedly developed gynecological issues.
The duo is joining a federal lawsuit filed in southern California against TEPCO brought by fellow sailors who accuse the Japanese power company of giving out "false and misleading information" about Fukushima while being aware that the potential health risk was greater than its agents were reporting.

More than 115 sailors are signed up to be plaintiffs, seeking compensatory and punitive damages

And finally: Fukushima workers 'told to ignore radiation alerts'

A nuclear worker has told the ABC how he was ordered inside wearing insufficient protective gear to tackle the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.

Just a few days before the second anniversary of the crisis, a picture is emerging of what workers endured at the crippled plant.

In an exclusive interview with the ABC, the man also said two of his ill-equipped colleagues suffered beta-ray burns when they had to wade through radioactive water.
The main stream media lied and continues to lie. Lies of omission. Lies of obfuscation
In a few years time, when you are paying even less attention then now, the corporate whores will finally tell you that this disaster, was worse then Chernobyl.  I have mentioned this already and will say it again

When time allows I will relink some of the older posts on Fukushima


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  2. The AGW paradigm has always been first and foremost about perpetuating the nuclear industry.

    More at:

    1. Hi atheo

      I read the three mile island article previously

      AGW has been about many things
      Largely about duping the gullible, who are not really paying attention.

  3. The site by Jim Stone has some interesting angles to the Fuku disaster.

    The PTB gave us the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and Fuku, but have been quiet lately, except for their usual BS in the ME. Time for another FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB to be blamed on someone, most likely Iran, but this one will be a Cyber attack from the same sorry SOB's who were behind 9/11.

  4. hate to upstage you Penny, but the triple disaster was preceded by a 4 th and has been succeeded by a 5th: the colluding corporate-govt nexus that made the disaster possible(siting a nuke plant on s coastline known for tusanmis and quakes), and the election of new PM Abe, a known nuke advocate

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