Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NATO's mercs use chemical materials in Syria- Updated!

Syria's state media say rebels have fired a chemical weapon in the north of the country, killing 15 people.
The report by the official SANA news agency marks the first time the government has accused fighters seeking to topple President Bashar Assad of using chemical weapons.

It says "terrorists" fired a rocket "containing chemical materials" into the Khan al-Assal area in the northern province of Aleppo on Tuesday. The regime regularly uses the term terrorists to refer to rebels fighting Assad's forces.

SANA says around 15 people, most of them civilians, were killed and a number of others were wounded.

 Really, "the first time"? According to the NATO media outlet making the claim.
"The regime regularly uses the term terrorist"- That is the most accurate descriptor to the nation of Syria and the Syrian people
Also notice the western media uses the "chemical weapon" meme. While Syria actually reported on the use of "chemical materials"

SANA: Terrorists Launch Rocket Containing Chemical Materials on Khan al-Asal in Aleppo Countryside- Mar 19, 2013

ALEPPO,(SANA)- Terrorists on Tuesday launched containing chemical materials on Khan Al-Asal in Aleppo Countryside.

Initial information shows that about 15 citizens were killed, and others injured

Do I doubt this report regarding NATO's mercs using chemicals materials of some sort
Absolutely not.
This is not the first time NATO mercs have used some sort of chemicals.
The first time the mercs injured themselves.
This time, perhaps with all that extra aid from the NATO nations, they may have been able improve their attacking skills.

I had initially covered  reports of NATO mercs using some sort of chemicals here (December 2012) At that time the Israeli media was spinning hard on a need to attack Syria.
Refresh your memory, please.

This is in a rebel held area : Allegations of a 'gas attack'

Poisonous gas' used in a rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs, medics there say: 


 What makes this 'story' appear all the more false is that the alleged casualty count is 7. Yes, allegedly this gas attack resulted in just 7 dead.

Back to the latest:

This news of  NATO's mercs using some sort of chemicals, comes hot on the heels of yesterday's strike near the Lebanon border. Just who struck the area near Lebanon is anyone's guess.
If you missed that news, it is linked below.

 Strikes near Lebanon border: Syria? Israel? The US?


US rejects Syrian claim that rebels used chemical weapons
 Check out the victim photo: Syrian Army Soldier. Regular Syrian Army

 Medics move a Syrian Army soldier wounded in what government officials are calling a chemical weapon attack near Aleppo. 

 A U.S. official is rejecting the claim of Bashar Assad regime's that Syrian rebels (NATO mercs) used chemical weapons in an attack that allegedly killed 16 people and injured around 100 others. 

 Russia said that the evidence of rebels getting hold of weapons of mass destruction had taken the confrontation to a new stage.

At this point in time, it looks to me, without a doubt, the 'rebels' aka NATO mercs are using some kind of chemical materials as weapons. Who provided this stuff to the mercs? It would not have been Syria. So was it .....Turkey? Jordan? Israel? Which nation/nations? Under the NATO umbrella?


  1. Just in time for Dear Leader OBAMA's visit to Stolenland.

    My, my, my, what a coincidence. Surely they won't have another attack, this one focusing on Israel to impress Dear Leader and give that foaming at the mouth 'news' reporter, Wolfie Blitzoid some fodder?

  2. P.S. Maybe some 'rogue' missile will accidentally will fly out of Syria or Lebanon and hit Cyprus, to teach those ingrates that you don't mess with bankers?

    1. Cyprus is really something else
      It is surreal
      Time to keep the banks out of our lives as much as possible

  3. Same kind of CW as Bani Walid?

    1. I don't know?
      What was being used in Bani Walid? Can you recall?
      And sheesh I had forgotten about that..
      how is that possible?

      rather horrid video here


      Claims of some sort of mustard gas?

  4. Hm. It looks like chemical weapons were used on two occasions in Libya..
    with NATO's help of course
    in both 2011 and 2012


  5. From SyrinGirl-
    Chemical Weapons Attack On Aleppo by Rebels Syria
    25 dead so far now, most SAA soldiers, sounds like chlorine gas. I don't know what was used at Bani Walid.

    1. I am going to add this video to the post
      Possibly a chlorine gas?
      Last night the death toll had risen.
      SAA: when I used the pic in the blog already ..it seemed this had to be an area of Aleppo still safe from the terrorists supplied by NATo
      Then Obama denying the use was like the icing on the cake
      He has no choice but to deny. After all the 'rebels' are the 'good guys' in this black is white bullshit war
      how could the 'good guys' backed by NATO do such a thing
      not possible
      in the word of lies and propaganda via our NATO media
      makes me ill

  6. http://english.alarabiya.net/en/2013/03/16/CIA-sizing-up-Syrian-extremists-for-possible-drone-strikes-report-.html

    Chemicals make sense now...

    As russia rejects the US missile shield "delay"

    This former MI-5 says US deployments in Alaska to counter Russia in Arctic..

    Last year Russia deployed to a fighter wing back to arctic base

    Gazprom rumored interested in Cyprus omnibus deal for offshore blocs.

    Lebanon maritime border with ISrael being brokered by US


    Russia signs gas deal with Israel

    New Cyprus president sponsored the Cyprus push to join NATO circa 2011

    EU, IMF want Cypriot natural gas, but will get nothing - Archbishop

    Curious IMF warning last year of the chronic capital flight form Russia

    IMF warns on flight

    Rumor putin wanted the bank rolls data as bail QPQ...

    Why? maybe deposits not as important as seeing which accounts the money flowing in and out of is coming from....Soviet Union redux...

    The sharp drop in oil prices, from $66 a barrel in 1980 to $20 a barrel in 1986 (in 2000 prices) certainly was a heavy blow to Soviet finances. Still, adjusted for inflation, oil was more expensive in the world markets in 1985 than in 1972, and only one-third lower than throughout the 1970s. And at the same time, Soviet incomes increased more than 2 percent in 1985, and inflation-adjusted wages continued to rise in the next five years through 1990 at an average of over 7 percent.

    Maybe getting hold fo the bank data is the real threat; not the devaluation...


    1. anonymous


      Chemicals make sense now..."

      I have that news bookmarked from a couple of days ago
      perhaps not that source,but, from somewhere
      drones to strike terrorists is the excuse to begin striking Syria with drones
      If the US does the about face on the chemical narrative then yes it would seem the drones may start flying
      The west did not designate al nusrah 'terrorists' for no good reason at all
      They had a reason
      Same as for al quada

    2. Admiral James Stavridis, the commander of U.S. European Command, says several member countries of NATO are considering ending the two-year civil war ravaging Syria by giving support to opposition forces. (Reuters)

      Al Arabiya -

      A number of NATO countries are looking at several military contingency plans to intervene in the two-year civil war ravaging Syria, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

      Commander of U.S. European Command, Admiral James Stavridis, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that several NATO countries are looking at a variety of military operations to arm and assist the opposition fighters, according to UK based The Independent.

      “The Syrian situation continues to become worse and worse and worse,” Stavridis said, adding “no end is in sight to a vicious civil war.”

      However, to end the deadlock between embattled President Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces and the opposition, the admiral said NATO must assist the latter group by using aircraft to impose a no-fly zone, providing military aid and imposing arms embargoes.

      “We are prepared, if called upon, to be engaged as we were in Libya,” he added.


    3. Cyprus reject haircuts...

      IMF backs haircuts

      Lagarde house raided in paris

      Dial back: Geithner rejects accusation that US halted Irish bond haircuts (9-May)

      DSK arrested (14-May)

  7. When gangsters, murderers, liars, thieves and con artists are in charge of a nation, like they are in America, then the rule of law means nothing.

    But hey, who cares, we've got March Madness!!!

    Think I'm going to be sick.

    1. Greg: don't be to sick ok?
      I know it is difficult, believe me, I do
      "march madness"
      We have year round madness on the planet, what with the psychos in charge

  8. Anonymous 7:53

    interesting that you mention the DSK arrest
    how do you see this as connected to the whole Euro problem?
    Do you see a connection?
    I did a bunch of posts on that incident and clearly DSK was slapped down..there was talk about some alternative deal for the EU zone and the greek debt
    where this all began (the whole Euro collapse cycle)

    how, if you do, see the connection
    I do see that the US fed was behind the take out of DSK
    have to look at your link on lagarde

  9. Lagarde looks to be dirty, big surprise there
    Is the raid on her home a warning???

    French magistates and anti-fraud police have raided the Paris home of the International Monetary Foundation (IMF) chief, Christine Lagarde, as part of an investigation into alleged misuse of public office and "embezzlement" when she was French finance minister in 2008.

    The investigation concerns the payment of almost €400m in state compensation to a disgraced French tycoon, Bernard Tapie, in 2008.

    Ms Lagarde acted improperly when she created an independent panel to end a legal dispute over the sale by a state-owned bank of Mr Tapie’s holding in the Adidas sportswear company, in 1993.

    she created an 'independent' panel- that kind of claim always makes me chuckle