Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Syria: Two Years Later. Settlement or Continued Destabilization

Syria: Two years later
The destruction of Syria, unfortunately, could go on for years.

It has already been very nearly two years since the armed destabilization began.
I first caught a whiff of this destruction campaign on the weekend of March 22/23-2011.
 Resulting in a  post up on March 24/11: Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria

Almost immediately after post, I covered the fact that two Americans were arrested in Syria.
Both coming from Egypt- one having dual citizenship. Two Americans arrested in Syria
It appeared, at least to me,  something was definitely happening.
Indeed it was and I  have been covering Syria ever since
Either the readers here have enjoyed or hated it? I don’t know?
Either way the goings on in Syria have been a real eye opener.
Feeling as if  a witness to, via  main stream media coverage, a NATO/Israel/GCC destabilization campaign From the time it was physically set in motion. Of course I am not referring to all the planning.
Boy,what a learning curve! Just trying to figure it all out, for lack of a better descriptor

That stroll down memory lane completed I have two perspectives to share. One from WP.
 One from Gulf News.  Both quite different
One spinning erosion of power accelerating with a twist.
The other talking stalemate


Washington Post

The erosion of the Syrian regime’s authority is accelerating, and the “increasingly beleaguered” government, which has been unable to defeat insurgents with conventional weapons, might be prepared to use chemical weapons, the top U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday.

James R. Clapper, director of national intelligence, also noted that elements of Syria’s biological weapons program “may have advanced beyond the research and development stage,” and that Syria possesses conventional and chemical weapons systems that “could be modified for biological agent delivery.”

The Washington Post article is raising the spectre of chemical weapons usage
Which makes me suspect WP is engaging in narrative creation to justify intervention rather then representing reality.

Then there is this paragraph.

The prolonged instability is also allowing al-Qaeda’s al-Nusrah Front affiliate to establish itself in Syria, according to Clapper, who described the group as “pretty astute” in its ability to provide municipal services amid the broadening humanitarian crisis.

But no mention of just how it is al Nusrah front is getting the funding to provide services.
Who is putting up the money? I would suspect it is NATO via the Gulf monarchies or Israel.
The Washington Post doesn't even ask the question. Why?

Officials said al-Qaeda’s core leadership group is so degraded that it is probably unable to carry out large-scale attacks in the West. A serious threat, said Matthew Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, emanates from “homegrown extremists who may well be inspired or radicalized by the message that al-Qaeda sends.”

Homegrown extremists? Come on!

Gulf News: US-Russian efforts can end Syria crisis

Putting a stop to the killing of innocents, enforcing United Nations control and creating the space for dialogue is critical since those who persist in feeding the conflict with arms know it can last for years.

Hundreds (thousands?) of jihadists have descended on a country — from Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya — whose regular army, like it or not, is still in command.

The core of Damascus is still under the control of the Bashar Al Assad regime. He can easily convince an increasingly tired population how life was better some years ago.

“In no way can the rebels win, write it down in your magazine, they are not going to win!” former Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati told Politique Internationale. The Syrian army still has enough materiel; local militias supporting the government are increasing in number and foreign allies – the presence of Iran’s Al Quds units was even confirmed by the Pasedaran Major General Mohammad Ali Ja’afari — will make up for the rest.
                               Anti Nato Syrians parade their flag

Local militias on the increase and being supplied by the Syrian government
Doesn't appear to be a government afraid of it's people. Nor does it appear to be a "popular uprising" as so many in the media and the mouthpieces of Israel would have us believe

The Al Assad regime, on the contrary, seems now to be prepared for talks, but nobody wants to talk with it. Meanwhile, arms are being poured into the country, so that more Syrians can die.

Europeans continue to favour the Syrian National Coalition route. But it is clear that the collection of jihadists, deserters, genuine freedom fighters and exiled, talkative intellectuals would lead nowhere.

The Arab League already demonstrated some months ago its pathetic response. Whatever the reasons, some Arabs thought it judicious to help destroy another Arab state instead of concentrating on other targets.

Why would Arabs think it judicious to destroy another Arab state?
Who could be encouraging that action? What nation in the ME would benefit and encourage certain lackey Arab nations to destroy another Arab state?
Of course, Israel would be the beneficiary of that type of discord.
Funny, how is it that the perpetual victim nation is not being threatened by all this destruction?
Instead Israel is benefiting, gaining land and resources and clearly aiding in fomenting the death and destruction taking place in Syria. Israel, a victim? No, looks to be a big beneficiary, perpetrator and possibly a victor.

Gulf News continues....

Secretary of State John Kerry has confirmed the US wants a political settlement and Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t make Al Assad’s fate a key issue: he knows his departure alone would solve nothing.
                                               Obama won a peace prize, remember?

So, nearly two years later is there going to be a political settlement?
Will the US, Israel and GCC allow that to take place?


  1. Yeah, Israel is the main beneficiary of the war against Syria. They are also deeply involved, though most material one finds about this war intentionally leaves out the Israeli involvement. Or minimizes or intentionally misrepresents the Israeli stance (the Israel supports Assad lie being one example).

    Came across an article about the ANNA news site which I have posted material from. Here it is in case others were curious about who, or what, ANNA are.

    'Crazy Abkhaz' Journalists Cover Syria Frontline

    вот так

    1. bot tak

      I have noticed the intentional misrepresentation of Israel's involvement and benefit from the ruin of Syria..

      This misrepresentation has to be promoted in order that Israel remain the perpetual victim in the ME as opposed to the intentionally placed and created 'thorn in the side" of the Arab populaces and nations of the ME.

      as brian often points out here, thousands and thousands of heavily armed, so called Jihadists, right in the neighbourhood and not one of them are playing into Israel's nightmare.. How is that possible?

      If these 'jihadists' were really fighters of any sort, other then NATO mercs
      Israel would be, as a nation, shitting it's collective underwear..
      and yet, they aren't
      So what should that tell anyone exercising common sense and rational thought processes?
      Clearly it tells us these fighters are not as presented and that Israel has a hand in the flow and provision of the fighters..

      Logically speaking

    2. Oh and ty for the link re ANNA

  2. That giant wall the Israelis built - they walled themselves into a ghetto in a sense - is not going to save Israel when the cruise missiles start flying all over the Middle East.

    All the Israelis had to do was work together with the Arabs in joint business ventures - joint water-work projects,for example -instead the Israelis chose fomenting turmoil and war throughout the Middle East.

    There was a lot of good will on the part of non-Jews all around the world - even in the Middle East - when the Jews got their State of Israel in 1947.Yet, the Israelis did everything they could to turn the world against them. Very stupid.

    The big-shot Jews like the Jewish bankers in London and New York, and the American big-shot warmongering Jews in AIPAC aren't doing their fellow Jews in Israel any favors.

    Search Term : " Kissinger + Israel Only Has 10 Years Left"

    Kissinger is the mouthpiece for the London Jewish Banking/Rabbi Sanhedrin. He follows orders. He makes the "prouncements".Looks like the big-shot Jews have plans to get rid of Israel, or Kissinger would never had said "Israel only has 10 years left".

    Israel is not my concern, however, the USA is my concern. I mention Kissinger's pronouncement in passing. I thought the pronouncement quite amazing, myself, when I first heard it a few months back.

    I thought it might be interesting to the readers who may not have heard of "The Pronouncement" from The-Mouthpiece-of-the- Banking/Rabbi-Sanhedrin.

    From : Joe

    1. I did see the Kissinger quote previously
      'That giant wall the Israelis built - they walled themselves into a ghetto in a sense'

      I have thought that myself, walls to keep things out can also keep people inside
      Like "shooting fish in a barrel"???

      The Khazar crowd did often intentionally ghettoize themselves so, what can be expected?

      The definition of insanity.
      doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...
      Which brings me to your comment
      "Looks like the big-shot Jews have plans to get rid of Israel, or Kissinger would never had said "Israel only has 10 years left".

      As was done before.. will be done again
      because it is insanity

  3. If not for permanent war, the USA would collapse.

  4. Good job on keeping the focus on some of the key events happening over there - a lot of the propaganda depends on always changing the focus, so a record of key events over time is extremely important in trying to make sense of it all.

    RE: a political settlement happening, the only way I see that happening is if Saudi/Qatar starts to go up in flames as the chickens (or salafi psycho's, to be accurate) come home to roost.

    There has just been too much money & political capital poured into this, too many committees/"ngo's"/front companies/smuggling_'banking' lines created, & it would take a major disaster on the Saudi front for it to start to unravel.
    Qatar seems to be the home-away-from home these days for most of the neo-liberal elite & their money-laundering, tax-evading 'comittees/ngo's/thinktanks/etc.', & they and the Saudi's are the real drivers no matter how deluded the Qatari 'royals' and their 400,000 'subjects' get.

    The Neo-liberal/Fuedal alliance - maybe the worst imperial mindset yet...
    Expecting anything resembling sanity out of that lot we're going to be in for a very long wait.

    1. Hey KenM

      How are you doing?
      Long time, no comment!

      "Saudi/Qatar starts to go up in flames" I wonder if Saudi Arabia has the beginnings of "going up in flames"

      Syria - "There has just been too much money & political capital poured into this, too many committees/"ngo's"/front companies/smuggling_'banking' lines created"

      Agreed. Barring something major, it seems that yes, so massive are the tentacles of manipulation it would be unlikely there will be a political settlement
      BUT: besides Saudi Arabia.... one other deterrent that could emerge is the fact that the cost of not settling will be to high
      But then I am not so sure NATO is worried about global war outbreak.
      Unlike myself

  5. Hi Penny,

    There is an interesting comment on this posting at Aangirfan

    Someone seems to think the recent developments in Cyprus are interlinked with Syria. Cyprus is a forwarding base for arms to Syria that much is clear. This dimension adequately explains the Russian presence there.


    1. Boy, oh boy.
      Cyprus is all in the news right now
      what with the thievery by the banksters
      Have you noticed the news that the savings accounts of Cypriots are being pilfered for the good of the nation
      Of course

      I would think that, yes, definitely Cyprus and Syria are interlinked
      but not that this is anything new
      There is a NATO base there and Cyprus is more or less occupied by the Brits
      Marie if you are around???
      Have you been keeping tabs on the old stomping grounds?
      It is looking ugly