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Syrian news roundup: From Peacekeepers through to propaganda tools

A roundup of news regarding Syria-

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The accuracy/credibility of the main stream media?

Video-game image of Syria used in TV news segment

  Image from Assassin's Creed

Had it not been for the talk on social media the msm could have easily pulled the wool over the eyes of  it’s viewers. Most of whom would have accepted the image without question.

Following up on the UN Peacekeeper hostages:

The individuals that were abducted by paid mercs, most likely in the employ of Israel..
Yes, Israel as previously discussed. If you still have doubts, take a gander at the group providing intel and info including pictures to the NYT’s

“Rebels” agree on deal to release peacekeepers

An image from a video released by the SITE Intelligence Group, showing a militant commander with three captured United Nations peacekeepers.

SITE Intelligence.  It’s been a while. In case you are unaware SITE is for all intents and purposes an extension of Israel intel and propaganda A private/ not for profit group.So who pays the bills? Greg Bacon can likely enlighten us all on Rita Katz and SITE.

Despite the damage control/spin/lies of the main stream media the peacekeepers were not guests
They were not held for their own safety. They were kidnapped. Held against their wishes.
It's entirely possible they were kidnapped with the rebels intending to use them as human shields and when their usefullness was over,  their dead bodies waved around for all to see as victims of Syrian army and Assad.

Amos Gilad, a senior official in the Defense Ministry, told Israel Radio that “we can rely on the U.N. to persuade” the insurgent fighters to release the peacekeepers and that “neither the rebels nor anyone else has an interest in clashing with the international community, which it needs for support.”
While the first bunch of peacekeepers, totaling 21, were being held, 8 others walked off the job and straight into Israel

 Eight UN peacekeepers abandon posts near Syria, retreat to Israeli territory
Filipino soldiers leave demilitarized zone in accordance with UNDOF command, as Syrian rebels refuse to release 21 kidnapped peacekeepers.

Who is filling the void? Who is keeping the peace in the area? Not that the UN peacekeepers have been doing anything related to keeping the peace. By all appearances, it looks as if the peacekeepers have been complicit with Israel in allowing paid merc terrorists through the border and into Syria.

Curious? What is with all the Filipinos at the border? Canada pulled their peacekeepers. Croatia is supposed to have pulled their peacekeepers. Are the Filipinos being used like cheap labour? Just a thought/

Arab League sanctions weapons to Syria

Syrian revolutionaries have had access to weapons for almost two years without the approval from the Security Council or the Arab League

Since the destabilization of Syria is almost at it’s 2 year mark, this admission makes very clear there was NEVER a peaceful revolution in Syria. Peaceful protests did not exist. The 'revolutionaries' were always armed.  Which is nothing new to anyone who reads here

Meanwhile...the NATO backed opposition is still having difficulty getting it together
Another Setback for Syria Opposition: SNC Delays Meeting to Form Gov’t

In a new setback for the Syrian opposition, the so-called Syrian National Coalition has postponed a meeting to form a “provisional government.”Moaz al-Khatib

Reuters news agency quoted coalition sources as saying on Sunday that a meeting to elect a provisional prime minister, which was due to be held on March 12 after being postponed once already, has been rescheduled for March 20.

However, it was uncertain it would be held even then, the sources added.

Syrian Girl

Pointing out the lies and spin via the msm regarding the kidnapping of the UN peacekeepers

Syria Girl  references a document, that  freethinker was good enough to leave a link  for us to access the paper.

I took some time to read through it. Very enlightening. The paper is basically a background on the cultural beliefs prevalent in Syria. Based on their shared history. With information presented on how to use these beliefs to manipulate the Syrian people into loving the imperialistic slavery that is hoping to impose itself on the nation.
No doubt  there is a paper just like this on how to manipulate the persons in the West into loving their slavery and kowtowing to their slavemasters

freethinker suggests:  "This also looks interesting"Al-Qaeda Master Narratives and Affiliate Case Studies: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

SAJ left some interesting info also : SAJMarch 10, 2013 at 9:06 AM

Syria’s Jaafari Says Israel Facilitated UN Peacekeepers Abduction

without a doubt!

Details of the Israeli plan to change the shape of the region

Official Source: Israeli Espionage System Detected on Syrian Coast Spied on Sensitive Target
Israeli Spy Devices on Tartous Coast to Trace Russian Ships

Syria urges the UN Security Coundi to deter Israel from oil drilling in Golan
Syria on Thursday complained to the UN that Israel intends to carry out an oil drilling project in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, in violation of UN resolutions, and urged the Security Council to take a "genuine action" to deter Israel from committing this "aggression and provocation." 
 In identical letters to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Security Council President Vitaly Churkin of Russia, Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said that according to an article by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth last week, the Israeli Ministry of Energy has authorized the American company Genie Energy to drill for oil in the area, and that the Energy Minister Uzi Landau had agreed to an application from the company's Chief to begin drilling.
Ja'afari said Syria "deplores Israel's dangerous attempts to exploit the current circumstances in the region to consolidate its occupation of Syrian territory and plunder its resources," and stressed that Israel is "blatantly violating the principle of the permanent sovereignty of peoples under foreign occupation over their natural resources," and that the inalienable rights of peoples under occupation "include sovereignty over their land, water and energy resources, which must not be exploited, depleted or wasted." 
 He said Syria "demands that the Council should go beyond mere formal condemnation of Israel's violation of Syrian territorial integrity, and establish a mechanism compelling Israel to respect and implement relevant Council resolutions.All in all, lots of good reading and thanks to everyone for participating!
 I made mention of Israel's move to usurp Golan here
The Israelis also appear to be taking advantage of the violence and chaos in Syria.

The timing of the decision "is directly related to the fact that the Syrian government is not free to deal with this problem
All claims of Israel watching from the sidelines are false.


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  2. Nicely brought together. Lots of Info to digest.

    "All claims of Israel watching from the sidelines are false."

    I think Israel, or the zionist faction of the NWO, are the leading actor calling the shots in the Syrian war crimes, and that this destabilisation op is primarily their doing, and to benefit Israel. I also think the Israeli role in this war against Syria is being deliberately ignored by both the zionist msm (which is to be expected) and much of the alternative media (which should open a few eyes about who runs much of it).

    вот так

  3. Сирийский сайт опубликовал информацию о несостоявшемся покушении на Путина


    "Syrian electronic poster Syria today (Surya al-AN) has published an article which talks about the failed assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, which was planned during his recent visit to Turkey.
    According to an unnamed source in Moscow, an attempt was planned to take place during the Russian president's visit to one of the Turkish naval bases on the Bosphorus, during which a large contingent of Turkish troops was officially going to greet Putin.
    The plan was to use a car bomb driven by three suicide bombers, "al-Qaeda" - two Chechens and one Turk - disguised in the uniform of the Turkish army.
    The plan was disclosed by Russian secret services and the Turkish security forces, Putin's trip on the Bosphorus was then canceled from the visit.
    It is reported that the car that was prepared for the terrorist attack, was found. There has not been any information released about the fate of the terrorists.
    After the disclosure of plot to assassinate, the security measures during the Russian president's trips abroad were reviewed."

    The Americans or Israelis, probably both of them were behind this, are getting quite reckless in their terrorism. What if this plot had not been discovered and been successful?

    вот так