Monday, March 18, 2013

US shells out big money for small pox vaccine? Bed bugs/small pox link.

Can this all  be a coincidence? Perhaps? Perhaps not?

 -Bed bug populations have been on the rise all over North America.  Actually all over the World
-Also the latest incarnation of  bed bugs happen to be  resistant to pesticides, making their population difficult to control.
-Even more curious is that no other insects have mutated to have this resistance....isn’t that odd?
-Oh and last but not least bed bugs have historically been connected to the spread of small pox.
-And the US is spending 200 dollars per dosage for small pox vaccinations

Bed Bug bites

Bed bugs infestation surges globally- Bed Bug Infestations Up 500% Worldwide
April 20, 2009

Resistance to pesticides increased and curious?

Our studies revealed that most of the resistance-associated genes functioning in diverse mechanisms are expressed in the epidermal layer of the integument, which could prevent or slow down the toxin from reaching the target sites on nerve cells, where an additional layer of resistance (kdr) is possible. This strategy evolved in bed bugs is based on their unique morphological, physiological and behavioral characteristics and has not been reported in any other insect species.

Many, many other insects are exposed to this very common pesticide, Pyrethroid, and yet these insects have not built up the same resistance?
Therefore I have to ask the question. Because it has to be asked.
Was this resistance to Pyrethroid that is unique to bed bugs, created in a lab?
Were the genetically modified bed bugs then released into the populace, to do as bed bugs do?
This scenario is certainly not farfetched.
 As we have all seen reports of  ferrets being  used to genetically manipulate ordinary flu viruses into very deadly flu viruses. That terrifying news updated at the beginning of 2013

 Mutant mosquitos have been created, allegedly to stop disease spread.
When Mutant Mosquitoes Attack

So, there is virtually no reason to discount man made tinkering with bed bugs.

Historical research connects the spread of bed bugs and the scourge of small pox
But, not only is a connection made between the two, what is also noted is the poor performance of the small pox vaccine in protecting individuals from small pox

-At their first meeting the Doctor told the writer in close detail about his experiments on bedbugs and smallpox, and then-and-there converted him to a belief in the theory of their connection.
-All that Dr. Campbell then needed for his proposed investigation was the pitifully small sum of twelve thousand dollars. The writer gladly promised his aid in securing that amount from some rich American philanthropist or from some established fund for research; and during several years he did his level best to keep that promise, but all his endeavors were unsuccessful. The fund moneys appeared to be so tied up with red tape that they could not be utilized for outside purposes; and the millionaires did not care to spend their dearly loved dollars for any such philanthropic purpose.
-However, the Doctor was not in the least disheartened—quite the contrary. This failure to procure for him financial aid only sharpened his dogged pertinacity; and, notwithstanding the burden and care of a family to be met by the lucrative (?) occupation of practising medicine for a living, he has never swerved from the goal he had set for himself, viz., aiding humanity by the results of his numerous and varied experiments on insect-borne diseases and how to combat them. This is proved by the success of his monumental work in relation to the prevention of malaria by the extermination of the malaria-bearing mosquito through the propagation of its natural enemy, the bat. This work he accomplished unaided, single-handed, and under most trying conditions; and, in no uncertain terms, it testifies to his great value and places him in the front rank with the world's leading scientists.

    The writer has not yet given up all hope of seeing these bedbug experiments carried out in Mexico, because the conditions there today are just as favorable for the purpose as they ever were. It may be that the publication in book form of the wonderful results of Dr. Campbell's life-work will induce some rich man or woman to offer the necessary money for the prosecution of the good cause.

    Such a person, though, would have to be of a different temperament and caliber from those of one of the directors of the Rockefeller Institute, who, when approached by Dr. Campbell himself with a request for this money, held up his hands in holy horror and exclaimed ''What! Furnish you with money to experiment upon human beings! What do you think the American people would say, were I to do such a thing as that?"

    Some seven years after his first meeting with Dr. Campbell, the writer read in a scientific paper that a Russian scientist, whose name has escaped his memory, had, independently without doubt, made the same discovery as did Dr. Campbell in relation to the connection between bedbugs and smallpox. Curiously enough, although the fact of such a relation has been mentioned several times in the press, very few members of the medical profession appear to have heard anything about it. This has repeatedly been made evident to the writer during conversations with medical men.

    In the writer's opinion, Dr. Campbell has proved beyond the peradventure of a doubt that smallpox is transmitted in one way only—by the bite of an infected bedbug, or possibly in rare cases by that of another blood-sucking insect, the "chinche volante." Such being the case, is it any longer necessary to continue that most objectionable practice, vaccination? While the great mass of humanity may have been benefited by that practice, many individuals have suffered greatly and even died from the poisons vaccine sometimes introduces into the blood. The writer has long felt that he would far rather risk catching the smallpox than undermining his health by taking into his system a poison that might have much worse effects than those of la petite vérole.

Of course, the preceding paragraphs are just a bit of what you should be reading at the above link.
So please do.

Notice that the great philanthropist (lol) Rockefeller would not fund Dr Campbell’s research because there was no money to be made from expensive and mostly useless medical treatment. Rather small pox was an issue of pest infestation. Ok for the pest controller, not good enough for Rockefeller, his ‘medicine men’ and the creation of the for profit medical industry. If you have not read Rockefeller’s Medicine men, you should! (That link will make it most easy for you to do so)

 Small Pox lesions

But there is always money to fund pharmaceutical corporations to have unnecessary vaccines on stand by......

Mystery Over Government Spending on an Eradicated Disease
People actually smell mystery as the Federal Government is spending almost half a billion dollars and acquiring smallpox antivirus that would allow treatment of up to two million people.

The US government has paid Siga Technologies $463 million for Arestvyr with around $200 per dosage, which is quite high.

So is the government preparing for a biological war?  
Since 1980 when smallpox was eradicated, the remains of the viruses were stored in government laboratories in the United State and Russia. 
Thus, it is a mystery why the government is paying so much in the tune of billions for a disease which does not even exist in the modern world. "Is it appropriate to stockpile it? Absolutely", said Dr. Richard H. Ebright, a bioweapons expert at Rutgers University. "Is it appropriate to stockpile two million doses? Absolutely not. Twenty thousand seems like the right number".
 It is anyone's guess.


  1. Good research Penny. I am glad someone is keeping an eye on this one. This post immediately brings to mind various snippits picked up on my wanderings. It is at times like this that i kick myself for not being a scientist or medic. Will keep an eye out for anything i find that may be useful.

    1. Thanks Carol

      I worked pretty hard on stringing that one together
      Humbly, I admit to not being a coincidence theorist..
      Yes, if you find anything that might be connected to this topic
      let me know
      Because, I think something is up here