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Pt 1-Cristiano Tinazzi: A spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Italy via Croatia

Recall this news? : 4 Italian Journos kidnapped in Northern Syria: Who did they get photos of ?


Way, way more to this news then initially met the eye. Not a surprise, really. Is anything ever as it seems?
A most interesting commenter stopped by named Nikola. Nikola is Italian and has left info for which I have had to use the translate to sort through it all. But, Dammit! It has been worth it! What a saga.
Of course, I did a bit of digging on my own. Hoping we can get this narrative filled out.
Stay tuned for real life dramatics and intrigue. I am not kidding!

Euronews spoke to Cristiano Tinazzi regarding the 4 journalists. Cristiano "a journalist who has worked in Syria and with one of the reporters detained"


 Nikola, seems to be very much in the know about Mr Tinazzi. And has left some interesting information

:“Tinazzi, is a nazi reporter who works with military branch of Italian intelligence. In Lybia, he's try to kidnap and kill, by his new friends of ragtag of the TNC, a jamahiriyan member who hosted him for four months. In Syria, he travel from Hatay to Aleppo, alongside with the salafi-taqfirist terrorists killers of the FSA.”

You can only imagine how this disclosure took hold of my interest? Cristiano reminded me of another so called journalist. More aptly a journalist/spook. In case you have forgotten the individual I am thinking of
Let me remind you all about Marie Colvin:

 Marie Colvin was a spook. I covered her death. By nail bomb ( I have to dig that post up). And moreMuch more . Thousands read those posts.

Cristiano Tinazzi is equally spooky and considers himself a “gonzo journalist’.
Think.....Hunter S Thompson: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


 Marie Colvin was clearly known to Cristiano. Cristiano even went so far as to pay homage to her upon her death at the hands of her compatriots- her terrorist friends La Piratessa di ferro

 "When I saw her for the first time in Libya and me Rano immediately flashed to mind the stories of Salgari and the latest saga 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or Captain Hook, Harlock and so on and so forth. The pirate in question was Mary Colvin.”

I wonder if he was on location at the time of her death.

Cristiano Tinazzi is very spooky as you will see:

Nikola leaves a translation from the gonzo journalist's blog regarding Lizzie Phelan and company:

Nikola: "In this link, Cristiano Tinazzi, the little nazi-spy who works alongside the Italian military intelligence, denigrates Thierry Meyssan and Lizzie Phelan, describing them as agents of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi, in order to have them killed by the terrorists of the TNC, with which he was connected. In fact, Tinazzi, in previous years, had joined a committee of Italian-Libyan Jamahiriya friendship. He presented himself as a friend of Gaddafi. During the aggression against Libya, Tinazzi was a reporter and host of a member of the People's Committees of the Jamahiriya. But when NATO intervened, he suddenly began to exalt the NATO bombing and to demonize the Libyan Resistance. He even say, to the Iranian Radio - IRIB, he saw the mass graves (non-existent) of the Libyan regime... in order to support the TNC's narrative about the destruction of Jamahiriya.
After the fall of Tripoli, the TNC terrorists raided the house of the host of Tinazzi, in an attempt to torture and kill him. After Lybia, he flies to Syria, to conduct the same work alongside the same salafi-wahhabi libyan terrorists.

FYI: TNC is the Transitional Council that NATO installed in Libya. In case this is forgotten
Tinazzi seems to be a real user/looser. Leaving the person who hosted him while he stayed in Libya to be raided and attacked by his terrorist TNC pals. Nice guy...

Nikola indicates that Cristiano Tinazzi is in Syria. As the news of the 4 kidnapped reporters makes clear and obvious.Further bolstered by this...
His own profile from a group called “Lightstalkers” makes  his location perfectly clear

Profession:     photojournalist
Location:     Aleppo , Syria
Home base:     Rome
Email:     •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken:     italian, english, a little bit of french and spanish
Organization:     freelance
MSN Messenger:     cristiantinazzi@hotmail.com
Skype:     Cristiano cristiano.tinazzi
Mobile phone (while in Aleppo):     +963938042039
Mobile phone:     +39 3200891869
Blood type:     A+
Last login:     3 months ago
Member since:     29 Mar 2009 21:03

Let’s look at Cristiano's itinerary?
08/03/12     Aleppo , Syria
07/28/12     Rome , Italy
06/20/12     Tunisi , Tunisia
06/15/12     Tripoli , Libya
10/14/11     Tunisi , Tunisia
08/21/11     Tripoli , Libya
03/30/11     Tripoli , Libya
08/03/10     Baghdad , Iraq

07/08/10     Baghdad , Iraq
03/29/09     Rome , Italy
03/23/09     Tripoli , Libya

Take particular notice of the fact that Mr Tinazzi is heading for Iraq 
11/07/13     Bassora , Iraq

From his current location:
cristiano tinazzi is currently in Aleppo , Syria
Cristiano is going to Iraq. Bassora, Iraq
Is Bassora, the same as Basrah? Looks to be. Basrah Iraq. Quite near the Iranian border.
Why Basrah? 
What could soon be going on in Basrah, Iraq that will require the presence of the spooky “journalist”  arms smuggler, Cristiano Tinazzi.?

Perhaps a separatist movement. An ‘autonomous’ region wanting to break away from the alleged tyranny of Maliki... Is NATO looking to get  a divisive destabilization campaign going in Iraq?!

“Wail Abd al-Latif -- a Basra member of parliament and a former Basra provincial governor -- is leading the drive and has hinted that he wants the region to receive its own share of the oil income generated there, Visser said. The effort is also backed by a powerful local movement called the Fadhila Party.

Iraq is a collection of ethnicities and religions, and there has been a tug of war between a central government attempting to tie the country together and various groups pursuing their own interests”

The news from /08 indicates a separatist movement , armed, is a possibility.

Alternatively, with the help of Tinazzi, the intrepid spook/journalist who is linked to arms smuggling, could Basra be used to start a destabilization campaign of Iran from the border?

 Options? We got'em.

                Cristiano Tinazzi ( with Elio) in Libya (Yellow tshirt/bad sideburns)

Elio Colavolpe interview with Globo TV from Emblema Photo Agency on Vimeo.


Nikola helps makes the connection between Cristian and a covert arms shipment from Italy to Libya.
 And perhaps onto Syria??????

Pt.2:Cristiano Tinazzi: A spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Italy via Croatia


  1. Part two will be up tomorrow, sorry

  2. Nice piece of digging Penny & an interesting part of the puzzle. Keeping an eye on where such characters pop up is a major part of finding out what is going on, & this is an essential service.

    MK Bhadrakumar has also been doing some following of some interesting characters manouvering around Syria, & he thinks Obama is pushing for the endgame in Syria after the G8 summit on June 19th:
    Obama’s choice - grab Syria or keep Nobel

    This could be the realization that things are slipping away from them in Syria & this is the GCC/NATO alliance's last chance before the whole thing unravels. Inspite of consistently upping the stakes with more & more jihadi's, more weapons, more political manouvering, the Syrians are winning & look to be on the verge of a decisive tipping point.
    If the prepping for a full-scale military intervention doesn't come off this could be the end of them, & the West/GCC will have to deal with the vast of horde of weaponised jihadi's that they've created from turning on their makers.

    Only Russia & China can stop this in its tracks & hopefully they get their act together in time...

    1. Hey KenM

      I can't read the rediff stuff
      Just comes up blank. Yes, Tinazzi really looks to be a Marie Colvin type spook

      It does look as if, despite all the guns and fighters that have been transported into Syria
      Syria is kicking butt. I mentioned in the previous post that Syria had taken back some very strategic area to the North.

      Anonymous below left info that Syria is taking back portions of the South
      So, yah... it looks as if Syria is taking back or gaining ground

      I do suspect that Syria is getting help at this point in time, from Russia and Iran
      This has been ongoing for more then two years... The Syrian military, though large, one would think would be getting fatigued
      Instead they are taking back swathes of territory and whomping the NATO mercs.
      In the previous post the internal opposition asked that all fighters
      for and against the Assad government leave


      "We also call for the departure of all non-Syrian fighters regardless of where they came from or the title they are fighting under; whether it was for supporting the regime or to fight against it," he added."

      This tells me that the SAA is getting help from elsewhere
      Besides just regular Syrians

    2. I've often wondered if Moscow had something going with Belarus ie. there are apparently quite a few 'private' military/security outfits in Belarus, & Lukashenko has openly come out in support of the Syrian government.

      Perhaps the Syrian government is contracting some of them for 'training & support' & the Russians use them to send in counter-terrorist experts & some high tech support to track the salafis radio traffic, etc. & everyone keeps quiet about it.
      Belarus has pretty good stuff in that area by itself, but had read an interview with a former Russian officer running one of the Syrian special forces units a while ago & it sounded that this was not that unusual.

      RE: the Syrian military getting fatigued, The Saker at Vineyard of the Saker made a good point to me recently that gets overlooked by pretty much everyone - most of the Syrian army isn't even the battle. Approx. 80% is still guarding against an Israeli/Turkish invasion so they can just keep swapping out troops while changing the focus on training up for the jihadis.

  3. I posted this the other day at MoA, but think it makes a useful quick summary of some of the manouvering going around Iraq:

    My view is that there is three major strands that have lead to this steady escalation in Iraq - all of which has been covered in various parts by other posters here & at MoA, but I like to summarise:

    1) The enormous sums of money & arms flowing into the salafi horde from the GCC/NATO alliance moving on from Libya & now into Syria. This has been well covered here, with the enormous jihadi recruitment drive weaponizing thousands of jihadis streaming from across the globe into the staging grounds around Syria.

    2) The now accepted wisdom across the board that the Shia gaining power in Iraq was an enormous loss to the West, & that Iraq has now been moved into a subset of the anti-Iran file across many of the major Western thinktanks. The Saudi's have been extremely hostile from the start, & the current Western elite factions in the driving seat appears to have accepted their 'solution' to the problem, ie. chaos followed by open insurrection.

    3) The fact that Syria isn't going that well for the jihadi's inspite of the vast levels of Western/GCC support & they are taking enormous losses. As numerous propaganda videos & their actions attest, many of these 'Warriors of God' are in fact cowards that are much happier slaughtering helpless civilians than engaging in a standup fight, or even in protracted guerilla warfare, ala Hezbollah. They are now looking for easier targets away from the meatgrinder that is Syria...

    Some of the attacks are obviously orchestrated, likely by the Saudi's utilising some Western off-the-books intelligence resources, ie. the assaults & bombings of independant politicians standing for the coming elections, especially targeting independant Sunni voices. Others attacks appear to be more opportunistic - an obvious result of recruiting, arming & sending the thousands of jihadi's into Syria, from where they spread to what seems to be easiest target of opportunity but where their actions will still be supported by GCC money train.

    The Iraqi government seems to have only realised the extent of their predicament recently, as the US seems to of kept soothing them with promises of official backing (again, there seems to different factions at play - the conventional US military seems to want to back them & have been doing so to a certain extent, but they keep getting over-ruled by the 'liberal/humanitarian' imperialist factions & the CIA. There are also the oil majors along with the new Middle Eastern pipelinistan great game).
    Finally they seemed to wake up & went through with the major Russian arms deal. They will need to expedite this quickly, especially the Mi-28's. The salafi's next move will likely be to set up staging areas from which they can expand from, & these need to smashed fast. With the amount of heavy armament that have been given to the salafi's, the weaponry the US has been selling to them won't cut it, but the heavily armoured, armed, & sophisticated Mil's will chop right through them.
    They also need to stop sitting on the fence about Iran & start supporting the Iranian channels of support into Syria much more pro-actively instead of just looking the other way now & then.

    One of the 'good' things that may result from all this carnage is that the West/GCC alliance seems to be inexorably driving Iran, Syria & Iraq into a block of mutual support, as each will need the other to help survive the onslaught.

    A post at MoA summarizing some of the recent attacks for those who haven't seen it:

    1. KenM

      One base for destabilisation would be the Israeli-American Kurdish units. The Iraqi Kurdish establishment has long been considered an asset of theirs, and in any I'm sure they'd use them. The Iraqi Kurds are already an Israeli-American source of cannon fodder used in attacking Iran.

      вот так

    2. Ken M

      "The now accepted wisdom across the board that the Shia gaining power in Iraq was an enormous loss to the West, & that Iraq has now been moved into a subset of the anti-Iran file across many of the major Western thinktanks. The Saudi's have been extremely hostile from the start, & the current Western elite factions in the driving seat appears to have accepted their 'solution' to the problem, ie. chaos followed by open insurrection"

      I have touched on this angle, way, way back. The ruin of Iraq was a gift to Iran, which indeed annoyed the Saudi's to no end. One reason was that it would embolden their downtrodden populace, which it has. Surely there are others.
      So, yes, it looks as if the agenda is open destabilization. While everyone is fighting, the ptb's will do as they wish. Which was why I found it very curious that Mr Tinazzi was heading to Basra, Iraq. I will be keeping an eye on that.
      He will surely be up to the same type of shenanigans he engaged in, first in Libya
      now in Syria... expecting Iraq to heat up

    3. bot tak

      One base for destabilisation would be the Israeli-American Kurdish units. The Iraqi Kurdish establishment has long been considered an asset of theirs, and in any I'm sure they'd use them. The Iraqi Kurds are already an Israeli-American source of cannon fodder used in attacking Iran.


    4. Agreed bot tak,
      For some of the targeted assasinations, etc. the Kurds would likely be considered much more reliable than the hodgepodge Sunni factions. There were numerous reports a while ago that Mossad had been directly training up a very nasty secret police unit for Barzani that organised the ethnic cleansing of large parts of Kirkuk when the US were still officially there - using staged incidents to set off ethnic strife which was then used as a pretext to clear out neighborhoods of other ethnic groups by US troops.
      Can't remember the name of the unit offhand, but they sounded nasty & 'professional'.

    5. Not sure why you can't get Rediff, which is a shame as Bhadrakumar has a great eye for official manouvering, being a long time Indian diplomat with plently of experience. Here's the article by him, which unfortuantely won't show up to all the pieces he linked to. All credits go to him:

      "Obama’s choice - grab Syria or keep Nobel
      written by MK Bhadrakumar @ http://blogs.rediff.com/mkbhadrakumar/2013/04/16/obamas-choice-grab-syria-or-keep-nobel/

      Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Alquds Alarabi newspaper published from London — and a familiar face on BBC World’s weekly program Dateline London — has a startling blog, here, citing “sources close to Arab and Gulf decision-makers” that there could be western intervention in Syria as early as in the month of June. Now, here is one of the Arab media’s well-informed journalists saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised, and can’t rule it out, if this June becomes one of the most incendiary months in the history of the Arabs.”
      A similar Xinhua commentary last weekend seemed as if China was taking a swipe at US secretary of state John Kerry for indulging in doublespeak — although the commentary detailed, here, tell-tale signs that something is cooking in Washington.

      Now, it could be a clincher when an ‘insider’ like Vali Nasr urges that Barack Obama administration should intervene in Syria and “not hide behind the Russian veto.” Nasr is a bit of a cult figure when it comes to the US’s ties with the Muslim world — although his views on Pakistan appear naive — and the point is NYT carried his opinion (here).

      But the real clincher would be the two BBC reports. One (here) says that 5 major UN agencies have issued a rare joint appeal to the international community to do something to end the “cruelty and carnage” in Syria. What the BBC didn’t report is that this followed UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon’s consultations in Washington.

      Ban took instructions from Obama and is trying to find a way to open a UN file on Bashar Al-Assad’s WMD. Why the big hoax? Shades of Iraq!

      In the case of Syria, Obama has warned that use of chemical weapons by Bashar’s army will be the “red line”. This is what makes the second BBC report (here) very ominous — which says Britain is “increasingly concerned” there could be evidence that Bashar has already used chemical weapons! Bravo!
      Meanwhile, Obama has despatched NSA Tom Donilon to Moscow with a letter addressed to President Vladimir Putin that was apparently oozing with goodwill. But Moscow seems unimpressed. Donilon didn’t get a one-on-one with Putin, who apparently walked into the room where Donilon was being heard out by a battery of Russian officials.

      Meanwhile, Moscow forewarns that it will oppose any fresh western resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council. So, if Atwan is right, Nasr is genuinely influential, and BBC is truly state-owned, Obama will have to take the call to bypass the UN and invade Syria.
      That, of course, will do lethal damage to the Obama legacy – although it may not necessarily lead to the recall of his Nobel. Therefore, let us wait till the Simoom, the hot dusty poison winds of June blowing from the Sahara, which scour the plains of Syria whisking the chaff from the wheat harvest — so that the grains become easy to separate.

      Having said that, one thing I can tell for sure — US won’t invade Syria till June 19. How do I know? Well, the G-8 summit is scheduled to be held in Northern Ireland on June 18-19 and Obama just invited Putin for a meeting on the sidelines. Obama is a smart politician with an ambitious agenda on disarmament, which he sees as one of the foreign-policy legacies of his presidency. Remember his famous 2009 speech in Prague on disarmament? Well, Obama needs Putin to hold his hand, and he can’t afford Bashar to come in between."

  4. As long as outside support forradial Syrian rebels continues and as long as money and weapons are pumped in,no solution is possible, says Director of the Moscow-based Institute of theMiddle East Yevgeny Satanovsky.

    "What is happening in Syria is a civilwar. It is inspired, financed and orchestrated from abroad. That Qatar, SaudiArabia and Turkey are involved in that and have full support from the West isan open secret. The situation in Syria is such that there is absolutely nochance for a settlement. Lakhdar Brahimi may have harbored some noble illusions,which certainly does him credit, but his mission was doomed from the very start."


    Also looks like Syrias sweeping down south...
    The Syrian army is advancing on several fronts as part of its fresh wide-scale operation to wrest control over rebellious areas across the country, local media reported Wednesday. It also said that the road between the capital Damascus and the southern province of Daraa and the borders with Jordan is open, adding that the army is "cleansing" the road between Damascus and the central province of Homs in the areas of Jobar, al-Nabek and al-Qalamoun.

    1. Thanks anonymous:
      The info that Syria is sweeping down south is good news for Syria.
      And still I sigh...