Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Genetically Modified Salmon a DEFINITE threat: Study

I took the "could" out of the headline. For the simple reason that "could" was included to quell fear.
Or to create the perception that this threat will not come to pass. And that my friends is utter nonsense.
We have already seen that GMO have posed a threat to our real world.
 Let me give you just one example, though there are more, this one will be plenty sufficient to make the point: SUPERWEEDS: A long predicted problem for GM crops is here

After a decade of intensive genetically modified plant cultivation, weeds have emerged that are resistant to the most popular herbicide.

Therefore, there is no reality in using the word "could" to describe the potential for threat. 
There is a guarantee that GM salmon will pose a threat.

A genetically modified salmon swims behind a non-genetically modified salmon. A new study is the first to show that GM fish that breed with other species have a competitive advantage over their parents.

Genetically modified Atlantic salmon that were cross-bred with wild brown trout had offspring that grew faster than the GM salmon, and outcompeted other fish for food, potentially posing a risk to wild fish species, a new study has found.

Therefore, these GM abominations will wipe out the wild fish. I am quite certain the GM company looks at this as beneficial. Think about it as wiping out your competition. 

“Our results identify this new avenue for potential environmental impacts, and make it clear that extra vigilance might be required when producing GM species in areas where they could come into contact with closely related species,” said researcher Krista Oke, now a biology PhD student at McGill University. “It shows that there needs to be really stringent safeguards to ensure that GM fish are sterile and that they don’t escape.”

What this should show, very clearly is that this is a very bad idea.

Brown trout is a species that sometimes breeds with salmon. While cross-breeding between salmon and trout occurs infrequently in the wild — at a rate of only about one per cent — previous studies have found that when farmed salmon escape from hatcheries or fish farms into the wild, the rate increases to as high as 41 per cent, the researchers said.
“That’s important because if GM salmon were present in the wild, it would probably be because they had escaped from aquaculture,” Oke said.

The researchers used GM salmon eggs and sperm, which had been engineered to grow quickly and exhibit risk-taking foraging behaviour, from the Prince Edward Island fish farm owned by AquaBounty Technologies Inc. It is the U.S. company seeking approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its fast-growing GM salmon.


  1. Is Yemen another supply depot for Syrian mercs?

    Qatar forces moving using Yemen Republic Guard?

    The Yemeni proxy gov't has been in a systemic purge of Saleh Army - the Republican Guard just saw his some moved out in a restructuring.

    Directly in the wake of the Libya US compound attack, there were embassy violations in Yemen and Sudan. The Sudan rejected the US request to deploy marines. Sudan saw a coup attempt a month later

    In Yemen the embassy raid resulted in multiple marine deployments along with a slew of armored vehicles. Even a report of 100 tanks delivered.

    (see comment here on Yemen raids/deployments)

    Question is with the rumors of the Saudi King's death and the recent self immolation by a vegetable seller of all things (Tunisia again..) was the embassy raid in Yemen used as cover for troop and weapon deployments for the Syria op (or was it in preparation for the coming Saudi op).

    First on the weapons. In view of the allegations around asking Yemen to supply troops and weapons, there was an alleged Iran arms shipments intercepted off the coast. Iran "strongly" denied.

    (Feb weapons ship intercept)

  2. Back to Saudi Arabia (see comments last year)
    Rumor out yesterday about Kings being clinically dead.

    If reports are anywhere accurate, how then did the king promote his son to run new defense ministry?

    Dial back to the death of crown prince Nayef (the most ardent anti Brotherhood

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    Of course Bandar was also allegedly taken out and reported by as well. (alleged fallout with US faction? or his Syria/Hariri involvement?)

    As has been long speculated, is there an east west split inside Saudi Arabia?

  3. Last year the Saudi's skipped a few of the Syria conferences

    Also, Saudi is now fully surrounded by US forces (Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Jordan, Israel, Dijbouti, Iraq)

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    The Recent drumbeat of reports about the US shale gas and oil revolution is another frontal on KSA

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    Discussion of internal Saudi rift here...

  4. There is war starting on wild food and it is not so much about money, although that will help to co-op the greedy management class, but about control of access and content. This goes hand in hand with the war against independent farmers and even individuals growing their own food.


    Arpad Pusztai

  5. GM is major issue but notice how, especially in the UK, the latest Monsato protests weren't mentioned AT ALL in a lot of mainstream media!


  6. Thanks Penny

    GM is completely out of control. The robber barons get a new tech and they exploit it to the full without thought of the consequences. This gains them untold riches, and now, a lot of monopoly power, but results in unimaginable suffering to those not on the gravy train, and run over in its path.

    GM is very new and little understood. The fascists have learned just enough to get a profit/monopoly angle and ram the stuff through all safeguards. There is far too much still unknown about the effects these changes are causing. It's playing Russian roulette with other people's lives and making a killing doing it. Literally.

    вот так

  7. Monsanto occidentally releases unapproved experimental GMO wheat

    The discovery of a Monsanto-created, genetically modified strain of wheat in the US that was never approved by the United States Department of Agriculture has imperiled US exports of a staple world food commodity.

    Japanese authorities have already opted to cancel part of a tender offer to buy US western white wheat and have suspended imports of both that variety and feed wheat, Reuters reported on Thursday.