Thursday, May 16, 2013

Groundwork to justify strike on Syria being laid out via the media by Israel ?

 This has false flag possibility written all over it.

Coming days after Israel downplayed these previous strikes as 'errant fire' JP is promoting a different narrative altogether

First, here is the news about this being errant fire

Mortar shells fired from Syria have hit the popular tourist site of Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
However, an Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson told Haaretz that based on similar incidents in the past, they were most likely to have been errant shells fired during fighting between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's army and rebel forces.
No one was hurt and no damage was reported.
 Just the other day, the shells were not a biggie

Then last night Israel announces it may strike Syria again, whenever it feels like it.
As linked in yesterday's post 

And suddenly, today, we have a new, previously unheard of, Palestinian group making very beneficial to Israel claims?

 An unknown Palestinian group, the Abdul Qader al-Husseini brigades, on Thursday claimed responsibility for firing rockets at an Israeli observation point in the Golan Heights to mark Nakba Day.
How very convenient.

Thanks to the handy video work of persons with recording devices & perhaps satellite connectivity able to upload  incriminating video to You Tube???
Gosh, I wonder who that could be? NATO mercs?
Complete, with dramatic music.

We have a false flag potential.....

The claim follows Arabic media reports that Syrian authorities are considering allowing Palestinian armed groups to launch attacks against Israel across the Golan Heights border. ( I did not ever believe those claims, they seemed improbable, no actually they seemed preposterous)

Two Syrian mortars slammed into Mount Hermon on Wednesday morning, marking the first time that the area has been hit since the start of the Syrian civil war two years ago.
Following the incident, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz held consultations with senior defense officials.
Consults with senior defense officials? What happened to errant shells?
Notice that the JP article is mentioning two incidents thereby confusing the facts of the story
The IDF’s policy on Syria continues to be to try and contain the incidents stemming from across the northern border.
The shells exploded in open areas, failing to cause damages or injuries. The IDF is still seeking to determine whether the shells were fired deliberately, or were part of a battle between rebels and the Syrian army.
The IDF's policy on Syria has never been about containing anything.


Relevant news from WSJ

Israeli soldiers of the Golani brigade take part in an exercise Monday (that is May 13/2013) near the border with Syria on the Golan Heights, which Israel has annexed.

After two Israeli airstrikes inside Syria in the past week, Israel deployed Iron Dome rocket interceptor batteries in the north on Sunday and shut down its airspace to civilian air traffic for nearly a day. Residents reported an uptick in soldiers moving around the Golan and Israeli jets overhead.

On Monday, mortars fired by one side or the other inside Syria again crossed into Israeli-controlled Golan. Most of the time, including Monday, the shots seem errant, but Israeli troops have fired back when they thought the parts of the Golan under their control were being targeted.

So many wounded Syrian rebels have run, limped or crawled up to the fence separating the Golan from Syria that the Israelis have quietly started treating them in a local military hospital.

Israel may be safer overall with enemy Arab states such as Iraq and Syria in disarray, say many Israeli military officials. (that should not be a surprise to anyone who has read here for more then 2 years now)

 Some of the most intense fighting in Syria is shifting to the country's south, close to the borders of Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

 "Every additional airstrike endangers the fragile status quo between Israel and Syria," wrote Amos Harel, the military commentator for Haaretz. "The troublesome question now is, where is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's red line?" (Where is Assad's red line? Interesting.  Is Israel baiting Syria?)

So, will Israel take another shot at Syria? As they have threatened? To see "where Assad's red line" is?
I can't discount this.


  1. posted in haste, it ain't pretty or neat, but hopefully you get the general idea?

    1. I have tidied up the post and added additional info
      Apologies for posting in haste, but, there I was eating my lunch, minding my own business...
      Israel has leadership that is, well, insane.
      Not so different then all the other delusional western leaders
      Who have believed their own lies for so long
      But that delusional insanity is what makes them dangerous
      That and the fact that the US has their back

  2. Once Syria is taken down, it will be Iran's turn.

    1. And where are you going with this, or are you just stating this as fact?
      Syria has stood far longer then the west has expected
      Don't underestimate the brave Syrian people

    2. clarifying

      "Don't underestimate the brave Syrian people"
      In fighting against the NATO/Israeli imperial agenda

    3. Business as usual in zio-land:

      U.S. slaps sanctions on Syrian ministers, airline

      "Story highlights

      US imposed a fresh round of sanctions on Syria, targeting 4 ministers, one airline and one TV station.
      The airline was accused of transporting weaponry to the Syrian government.
      Al-Dunya Television was targeted for providing services to the government."

      вот так

    4. ty bot tak
      I saw that news
      Yup, business as usual

  3. Pen did you see the interesting (alarming) report from Ynet? here it is via Chamberlin's blog:

    coming on the heels of bibi's meeting with putin....

    per the discussion over at WPC, i am not sure what to make of this development.

    1. Hey AP
      I did see it, in fact the news is in my post from Wednesday.

      I don't see it as connected to the Putin visit
      I am wondering if Israel is baiting Syria??
      I see the NATO world army team trying to play every angle

  4. Moscow will promote preservation of Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty - Putin


    West wants to limit participants of coming conference on Syria, to virtually determine result - Lavrov

    вот так

    1. Hey Bot tak, I will get a post up today, sometime
      there is lots going on judging by the news this am

  5. Hi penny,

    I still do not see the no fly zone scenario any time soon, not sure why you do. You need to separate the dirty talk from actual foreplay which is not happening.
    Points to consider, Russia has obviously planted its feet hard on the syrian ground and not about to give up on this battle, way too costly for them. Netanyahu visit I am sure came as a clear warning to,Israel,to keep the joker in the deck and stay out of the conflict, which won't happen of course but should keep,Israel a little more tame. When I hear more threats coming from Israel, I think this is their new weapon, again, dirty talk.
    Obama is satisfied with turning syria into Afghanistan for now and just helping keep the chaos with some control over who's doing what. For the intelligence agencies, syria has become a treasure for terrorists that the worlds intelligence groups are gathering more data and building databases of future groups for their own actions. Again, situation still containable by wests standards until further notice.
    SO what's next, it think things will continue to play out slowly, unfortunately for the syrian people. More deaths, more atrocities until some deal is reached that the west feels they can benefit from.
    As far as the coming meeting, well, we had those before and still no deal, this one wont be different.
    The only loser in the syria game now, apart form the people of syria, is Qatar whose agenda is not moving any closer. Also, turkey although they are getting some benefits as the frontline NATO country, so they will play this card for a while longer.
    What about Israel,? Well, the joker can still stick his head and derail things, depends whose interest this will benefit. Qatar has a good relation with this joker and might ask for additional favors so you never know.
    In the meantime, its going to be a long hot summer for the poor people of syria.
    One last point. The Russian could easily guarantee to,Israel no big weapons to hizballah, Israel would have to show a breach of this agreement for allowing it to hit targets in syria, only those relevant to transfer nothing more.
    Enjoy the summer, the syrian people are resilient. I checked Facebook pages and they seem to be trying to live around the events, going out to restaurants, weddings, and daily routines. Who knows, maybe the emir of Qatar will give up, or worse for him and things will change.

    1. "I still do not see the no fly zone scenario any time soon, not sure why you do. You need to separate the dirty talk from actual foreplay which is not happening."

      Love the analogy. that gave me a chuckle :))

      I still entertain the possibility of a no fly zone because IMO if NATO can get one on they will.

      "Russia has obviously planted its feet hard on the syrian ground and not about to give up on this battle, way too costly for them."

      We have missiles of all sorts in Syria.. Warships in Cyprus staying through the weekend and into next week and more, I will try to get this all into one post
      I have long maintained that Russia had to draw it's line in the sand in Syria..
      If they have any hope of retaining territorial integrity. Libya could slide, it wasn't great, but it could slide. Syria, no way.

      "Obama is satisfied with turning syria into Afghanistan for now and just helping keep the chaos with some control over who's doing what. "

      Obama might like this but it is doubtful Syria/Iran/Iraq or Russia are big fans of this
      Even Turkey will find this situation intolerant, I see Erdogan has plenty of domestic discontent on his hands..

      It looks that way, for now, though if NATO can get their no fly, they will.
      And then Syria can be Afghanistan rather then the coherent state it is now

      "SO what's next, it think things will continue to play out slowly, unfortunately for the syrian people. More deaths, more atrocities until some deal is reached that the west feels they can benefit from. "

      Unless Assad can clean house of NaTO's murderous mercs?
      Would you think that would change the mind of the West?

      The only loser is the Syrian People. Qatar and Turkey

      MY heart goes out to the Syrian people. It really does. What they have had to bear.
      Qatar, I know less about that nation
      As for Turkey, Erdogan, is sowing so much discontent all around Turkey that it cannot be good for Turkey or the Turkish people.

      Are you in the area?

      Israel is always a concern, the joker, they are more dangerous then Turkey IMO
      They are willing to play very dangerous games with everyone

      "The Russian could easily guarantee to,Israel no big weapons to hizballah, Israel would have to show a breach of this agreement for allowing it to hit targets in syria, only those relevant to transfer nothing more."

      could you clarify this? I am not sure what you mean exactly?

    2. "Enjoy the summer, the syrian people are resilient"

      I will enjoy my summer, thank you and I agree the Syrian people are both resilient and brave.
      I had a Syrian fellow here regular , till things got too heavy near Aleppo
      I have still to this day saved all his comments
      I think of him often and hope he is alive, safe and well
      When some of the fighters came into the city from the country side, he told us about the brigade etc and explained that these persons were bad "salafi"
      He said, in discussion with friends in Aleppo, that they did not want those people there and would fight them.. even if they died doing so
      He made the Syrian situation more real, at least for me.
      And he was Sunni, very nice, so polite, humble, it all came through his comments

    3. I to answer your question about Russia guaranteeing no heavy weapons transfer to hizballah, which irks Israel a lot. The Russians are no fools and syria is today's game, sometime you have to deal with the other side to make sure in the future you still have a door, or in this case a card to play. Russia will control what weapons hizballah gets and will not allow syria to cross this line. That's the guarantee. Putin was known as the fox in KGB, Obama is a school boy in this game, but this school boy can hurt you a lot so you have to balance things. The Russians sent many messages to Obama and the other western leaders, the last one was too public, I'm sure you know which one. Put it this way, would you rather have Putin and lavrov on your side or Obama and Kerry.
      Trick question, one is ten times smarter, the other is ten time stronger. Hell of a balance isn't it.
      In every game these folks play, there is a balance, achieved and agreed on long ago. Once in a while something happens to make it shift you,have trouble, now you have to test how much can you shift, because everyone is watching. Libya went way too far, Russia was not happy and got nothing for it, not going to happen again.
      Final words, the balance Putin and Obama are playing, can Putin guarantee Israel's safety in this crisis, if he does, Obama will stand down, for now anyway.

    4. Penny

      "As for Turkey, Erdogan, is sowing so much discontent all around Turkey that it cannot be good for Turkey or the Turkish people."

      He may not last long, he has a lot of discontent Turks who may decide that. Many of the people who supported his his party to get away from the corrupt sell-outs to israel and the USA are seeing the new boss is just as messed up as the old one, and opposition to this quisling is rising fast, I think.

      What you said about the Cuban missile crisis (another post), feeling the same. It's how the west does diplomacy, threats, tantrums and backstabbing. Turkey is being used like they were then.


      The war against Syria is not about balance or Israel's safety, in my opinion. It's about expansion of Israel, using the USA and NATO (who then use their puppets). Syria was no threat to Israel, the real threat to Israel is Israeli actions. I have a feeling that Jewish zionist hubris, after so many years riding high upon their easy dominance of western countries, is at an all time high. I think the Russians really don't want war there in the region, and that is what they are trying to defuse, while I think one of the other reasons Israel has orchestrated this war on Syria is the hope of further involving Russia, like Zbib's strategy in Afghanistan.

      I think the Russians are trying to limit damage any way they can short of all out war.

      вот так

  6. A few more Russian ships reach the Med.

    Russian warships enter Mediterranean to form permanent task force

    I think it can be safely assumed the Russian Med. fleet will include nuclear attack submarines.

    Also, my May 16, 2013 at 9:22 PM comment wasn't intended to be a reply to the comment by Harry II, I just clicked the wrong "reply".

    вот так

  7. The Turks refine their frame-up job. I don't endorse this poor quality article that gives only the Turk propaganda, but am to rushed to find something better.

    Reyhanlı terrorist attacks may have been organized by commanders of Syrian army

    вот так

    1. It makes no sense for a Syrian Army commander, the Syrian Army or the Syrian govt to plant these car bombs to kill innocent civilians in Turkey. How could they possibly benefit from this? Serious question.

      The information comes from "Turkish investigators". Presumably Turkish Government paid investigators and as such are hardly objective. The car bombs are the weapon of choice for Mossad and their terrorist proxies in Syria who are committing these atrocities in Syria on a daily basis and are being aided in this by this same Turkish Govt. They are losing the PR war as well as the one on the ground and need something to blame on the Syrian govt.

      So, it seems to me that the Turkish govt has a lot to gain from perpetrating these terrorist bombings and the Syrian govt has nothing to gain and all to lose by doing so.

      So it should be obvious what is going on here. It's a classic false flag operation and TASS and VOR are simply repeating disinformation from the Hürriyet Daily News which is owned by one of Turkeys largest corporations

    2. syrian army orchestrate terror attacks? thats phony, as so far the syrian army hasnt employed such methods and has no need to

  8. Russia sends dozens of warships to patrol near its naval base in Syria (Haaretz)

    Chaos in Turkey as police use tear gas and water cannons to put down rioters protesting over Syria; Dozens of demonstrators were faced with tear gas and water cannons by police in Istanbul today as they protested against the Turkish government's policy towards Syria. The crackdown followed similar scenes in Ankara yesterday, where clashes between students and security forces using cannons and gas saw 30 arrested and two injured.

    Lavrov: Syria not a bargaining chip in relations with West

    CIA chief Brennan on surprise Israel visit

    Twenty-six people killed after string of attacks and explosions rock Kirkuk and Baghdad among other cities

    1. Much to read, thanks anonymous linkie person :)

  9. Russia's FSB reveals identity of CIA Moscow station chief

    Putin on Magnitsky Act: Why do those behind Guantanamo lecture us on human rights?

    Russia boots USAID

    Madintsky act

    Money fled Cyprus as president fumbled bailout

    Russian nuke sub in med fleet

  10. This is an important article.
    Pope Francis attacks 'cult of money' in reform call

    German appointed to head scandal-hit Vatican bank

    "On March 30, the Milan branch of the global investment bank JPMorgan Chase will officially close the Vatican bank’s account No. 1365—held by the Institute for Works of Religion, or the IOR—on speculation that the account is being used for less-than-immaculate financial deeds. JPMorgan Chase sent a letter to the Vatican on Feb. 15 to notify them of the closure after the Vatican bankers were “unable to respond” to a series of requests about questionable money transfers from the account. The JPMorgan Chase account was a “sweeping facility” that was zeroed out at the end of each business day. The account, which was opened in 2009, had processed some $1.5 billion in funds to other Vatican accounts—mostly in Germany—during the short time it was open, according to financial documents published in Italy’s leading financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. "

    The brief Alexandrian Crusade occurred in October 1365 and was led by Peter I of Cyprus against Alexandria. Relatively devoid of religious impetus, it differs from the more prominent Crusades in that it seems to have been motivated largely by economic interests

    The Arab Spring (Arabic: الربيع العربي ‎, al-rabīˁ al-ˁarabī) is the media term for a revolutionary wave of nonviolent and violent demonstrations, violent and nonviolent protests, riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010.

    Vatileaks scandal

    An Italian investigation into money laundering at the Vatican's bank prompted a decision to shut off credit card transactions at Vatican venues, officials said.

    U.S. adds Vatican to money-laundering 'concern' list

    Power Struggle on Reforming Vatican Bank

  11. "This has false flag possibility written all over it."

    Aye, as they say is Scotland.

    I came by on the Carol anti-troll patrol but all seems well.

    Best wishes, C

  12. People of Aleppo speak:"We Want FSA OUT !! We Want Syrian People of #Aleppo speak:"We Want FSA OUT !! We Want Syrian Army" … …

  13. First, baby face needs his daily 15 minutes of exposure:

    Turkey PM to sue opposition leader over Assad comparison: media

    Erdogan should have took up acting instead of politics, like most of the neocons, that zionist drama queen in him always come to the fore.


    This wont stop the "secret" arming of the terrorists or using the "Arab" quisling countries as go-betweens, but it does mean a substantial amount of the European oligarchy is reticent on expanding their role in attacking Syria. Every little bit helps (article is zionist toss, though, as per the source).

    EU to block arming of Syrian rebels


    Meanwhile, the Russians remain consistent in their rejection of foreign interference in Syria, even potentially their own:

    Russia's General Staff Rejects Intervention in Syria

    вот так

    1. Turkey PM to sue opposition leader over Assad comparison: media

      id sue too...Erdogan and Assad are about as like as Obama and Chavez

  14. Emphasis shift?

    U.S. commander underlines military cooperation with Lebanon


    UN, EU urge Lebanon to form new gov't

    Stalled in Syria, are the zionists now switching targets? Lebanon was obviously part of the same Israeli expansion campaign Syria is from the start.

    вот так

  15. Israel keeps using Hizbollah as the main excuse to keep attacking Syria because Israel keeps claiming that Missiles are givern to Hizbollah by Syria.
    This is a big lie that has been created and repeated by Israel to sell to media and western countries, as an excuse to attack Syria.
    There is no advantage whatsoever for Syria in giving these type of missiles to Hizbollah because the distance between south Syria and Israel is the same as the distance between south Lebanon and Israel.
    The S-300 reach is close to 190 miles. It can hit Israel fighterjets upon take off, from Syria and that it's enough also to cover Lebanon's airspace, which proves that Syria has no reason to give such weapon to Lebanon's Hizbollah.
    It takes time, school, and knowledge to operate such sophisticated weapon..This is not an AK-47.
    The other navy missile P-800 Yackont has further reach and Syria has no reason to give it to Hizbollah because it covers south Lebanon and a big part of Israel.
    These missiles are huge and transporting them is not an easy task on a highway without being noticed as Israel claims.
    Not to forget Syria is currently at war and Israel's claims do not make sense.
    When countries like US, France, England, and Russia sells weapons, they all have a clause in those signed contracts that these sold weapons will not be given or sold again to a third party.
    Syria is not going to anger Russia by doing that.
    Bibi Netanyahu's rhetoric does not make sense, but media reporters who report such news probably never bothered to look on the internet to see even a photo of the weapons they are reporting about.

  16. Hey All

    Thanks for continuing to leave comments and keeping me in the loop!
    I don't want to miss anything going on involving the Syrian situation.

    We have company this weekend...So it is very hard for me to get to the computer..
    That all said, I will be letting through comments and reading when time permits

    Thanks :)
    Very much appreciated

  17. Seems the leaders in those countries opposing the Mali intervention are running into some unexpected health issues. North Africa Campaign Part 3?

    Algeria president suffers mini stroke

    Algeria censors dailies over Bouteflika ‘coma’ reports

    Algeria opposes Mali intervention

    Algeria gas platform attack: An al Qaeda affiliated group said the raid had been carried out because of Algeria's decision to allow France to use its air space for attacks against Islamists in Mali, where French forces have been in action against al Qaeda-linked militants since last week.AQIM said it had carried out Wednesday's raid on the In Amenas gas facility in OPEC member Algeria, Mauritania's ANI news agency reported

    In Algeria there has been strong criticism in the press against France and anti-intervention demonstrations also reported. The seizure of the In Amenas gas facility was clearly related to developments in Mali.
    Algeria has been under tremendous political pressure from the U.S. to become involved directly in the war against Mali. Reports of French military utilization of Algerian air space has drawn intense criticism inside the country, which is a former colony of Paris where an eight year war of national liberation was waged between 1954-62.

    Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State during the first administration of President Barack Obama, has traveled to Algeria recently in an effort to get the oil and natural gas supplier to enter the war in Mali. The Algerian government has been reluctant to get involved and has had strained relations with the authorities in Mali, including the military.

    Violence hits southern Algeria for second day

    US base in Tamrassett in Southern Algeria?

    U.S. troops arrive in Niger to set up drone base

    U.N. failure boosts Western Sahara conflict risk: Polisario: Failure by the United Nations to let peacekeepers monitor human rights in the disputed Western Sahara risks pushing the region toward armed conflict, a senior official from the Polisario Front independence movement said on Monday. Polisario accuses Morocco of routine human rights violations in Western Sahara and has called for the MINURSO peacekeepers to have the authority to conduct human rights monitoring. A Britain-sized tract of desert that has lucrative phosphate reserves and potentially offshore oil, Western Sahara is the scene of Africa's longest-running territorial dispute. Europe and the United States say their worry is that the conflict is souring relations between Morocco and Algeria and preventing them from working together against Islamist violence. Morocco and France, its former colonial ruler, have resisted the idea of peacekeepers reporting on rights abuses in Western Sahara, with Paris a longtime supporter of Rabat due to historical ties and business relations.

    Morocco cancels joint military drills with U.S. army
    According to Akhbare Alyoum newspaper and Lakome website, Morocco canceled the drills in retaliation to U.S. intention to present into vote at the UN next Wednesday a proposal to expand the mandate of the UN Mission in western Sahara MINURSO to monitoring human rights issues.

  18. SKIP

    State news: Mauritania's president mistakenly shot by his nation's troops

    Mauritanian President Returns to Paris for Treatment

    In Mauritania, the opposition is widespread from various political parties from the Islamic community to the left, which has criticized the French Socialist Party under Hollande for its actions in Mali.

    Mauritanian Consensus Against France Intervention in Mali

    Bomb explodes near three embassies in Tripoli

    Car Bomb Strikes French Embassy in Libya -

    ibya's defense minister on Tuesday rescinded his decision to resign in protest over the continuous show of force by militias that stormed government buildings in what Mohammed Al-Barghathi described as an "assault on democracy and elected authorities."

    Explosion Destroys Benghazi Police Station But No Injuries Reported
    Four days after the French Embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli was targeted by a car bomb, on Saturday morning, another explosion rocked the country's eastern city of Benghazi. This time it hit the city's police station causing extensive damage to the building. This is not the first time that Benghazi, the cradle of the February 17 Revolution that ousted from power after more than four decades former dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been hit.


    1. Islamist politician calls for ailing Algerian president to show self after 3 week absence

      Algeria is without question in the crosshairs..

      US moving 200 marines to Sicily for Libya protection

    2. anonymous
      I see that Libya looks to be getting heated up again....
      Not a surprise really
      US moving 200 Marines to Sicily????
      I wonder

  19. Israeli spy truck with Jamming equipment found in Homs by the Syria|n Army