Sunday, May 5, 2013

Israel strikes Damascus- Early Sunday a.m

The early Sunday am attack on Damascus was rejoiced by NATO's Islamist Army

Syria makes the very obvious and correct claim that this attack was done in coordination with NATO's Islamist Army

Israeli strikes on Syria 'co-ordinated with terrorists'

 "The flagrant Israeli attack on armed forces sites in Syria underlines the co-ordination between 'Israel' [and] terrorist groups," the Syrian foreign ministry statement said.

"The Israeli attack led to the fall of a number of martyrs and wounded from the ranks of Syrian citizens, and led to widespread destruction in these sites and in the civilian districts near to them."
 From SANA

Several explosions hit al-Hameh area in Damascus countryside on Sunday.

Initial information indicated that the explosions took place in Jamraya and targeted the Scientific Research Center there causing casualties.

The information also indicated that these explosions have been caused by Israeli rocket attacks.

The new Israeli aggression is a clear attempt to raise the gunmen morale after the painful blows they received at the hands of our valiant army in several places and after the achievements which were realized on the ground by our armed forces to restore security and stability to Syria.

The new Israeli aggression shows the direct involvement of the Zionist entity

in the conspiracy against Syria and the relationship that links the armed terrorist groups with the Israeli hostile schemes backed by the Western, regional and some Gulf states.

Earlier, the Jamraya site was the target of an Israeli strike on January 30 .

  UPDATE: regarding timing of attack

 Feb 03/2013: Russia invites Kerry to town

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has confirmed that Kerry had received the invitation and "expects to make use of it soon" Lavrov told Interfax news agency aboard the flight back to Moscow from Munich, where he had attended an international security conference Lavrov noted that problems would always exist between large countries like Russia and America. "They should be dealt with on the basis of equality and respect for each other's interests, and one should avoid artificially creating problems." His comments came as some of the U.S. recent moves, in his words, "have been seen as quite exacerbated in our public opinion. " "We hope that there won't be any more reason for that," said the minister.

5 days ago... Kerry announces he is set to visit Russia May 7& 8/2013

And Israel attacks Syria May 05/2013



Update # 2:  Canada open to military campaign against Syria, John Baird says

The Canadian government is open to discussing a military campaign against the Syrian regime

 Obviously we’re talking with our allies,” Mr. Baird said on CTV’s Question Period when asked if Canada supported discussions under way among Canada’s allies about a campaign. He said evidence from the United States and Israel suggested chemical weapons have been used in Syria. While he said Canada “can’t validate specifically” who has used them, “we strongly suspect it’s the regime.

 In other words, we don't know if, when or even who used chemical weapons but we're going to blame the government and start killing Syrians to save them

John Baird Lies

 As the international community discusses a campaign against Syria in support of the rebels, Israel this weekend launched its air strikes against targets in Syria.

 This looks to me as if NATO is going to circumvent the UN....

The Cabinet: The Israeli Aggression Opens the Door Wide for All Possibilities


 The Cabinet held an extraodiinary session on Sunday chaired by Premier Dr. Wael al-Halqi, in which it denounced the criminal Israeli aggression against sites in Syria, affirming that this blatant aggression is violation of Syrian airspace, territories and sovereignty and a flagrant attack on the Syrian people's properties and resources.

The Cabinet said that the aggression was carried out in coordination with the terrorist groups which answer to foreign sides and was timed with an escalation of their desperate terrorist operations in various area in a bid to raise their morale and delay their approaching defeat, as these groups are breathing their last breaths.

 The Cabinet underlined the strong link between the terrorist groups – such as the Takfiri groups and Jabhet al-Nusra – and Israel.

"The Syrian government stresses that this aggression opens the door wide for all the possibilities, especially that it undoubtedly shows the scale of the organic link between the constituents of the war on Syria, along with their Takfiri terrorist tools, and the Zionism," al-Zoubi stressed.
The statement pointed out that that the Syrian government has long affirmed this link in terms of the aim, tools and means between the Takfiri thinking and the Zionism and the terrorism gangs and Jabhat al-Nusra, which is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Syria. 

It noted that Syria has offered lots of evidence and facts proving this link, the latest was this new aggression "which came at a time when our armed forces, backed by our people, are making more achievements in combating terrorism and the terrorists who come from various countries of the world and are funded by the entities of Arab disgrace."

read the rest at the above link


  1. Report: Israel Using Depleted Uranium in Missile Attacks on Damascus

  2. "Coincidence?

    Coordination with the Americans in an attempt to pressure the Russians is my guess. The Russians are not saying much officially, but if comments after articles I read at a Russian news site are any indication of Russian thought, then mainstream Russian views on that country are more or less in line with much of the anti-zionist views here. They appear to be especially disgusted with the ex-Russians who moved there.

    вот так

    1. Sounds reasonable. Of course, as always, the question is what Russia will do after ZATO escalates.

  3. Ad in the 5.5.13 Sunday edition of the KC Star:

    Stolen syrian passport name on passport Mohamed Al-Bahra then a phone number.

    Shades of 9/11 and all those Muslim passports that survived a giant explosion, fireball and the subsequent blast, then the dropping of the Twins at free-fall speed.

    Paper that survived all that when hardened steel evaporated like it had been nuked.

  4. Russia currently chairs the security council..

  5. Penny

    If you are correct that the first Israeli attack never happened, it raises an interesting possibility. That the media jumped the gun. They were given their prepackaged stories as usual, but somebody mixed up which day to dispense the propaganda to the public, and the rest followed suit. ;) It's happened before, like when the BBC announced building 7 had fallen 20 minutes early on 9/11, while the building was still standing.

    The Israeli attacks may be only the beginning of open Israeli aggression against Syria and Lebanon:

    Israel closes airspace, declares state of alert - report

    War criminal, inc. could planning many more attacks, or maybe also a ground war, or maybe those preparations are just a precaution. With the extensive Israeli war games maneuvers just a few weeks ago near the Syrian border, it looks like Israel is planning to help it's terrorist proxies with more aggression.

    Also look at this info sourced to the UN:

    UN says chemical weapons used by Syrian insurgents

    Another reason, besides their general rout, why Israel has openly joined in helping its terrorists. Where did those terrorists get the sarin? Israel? Probably. It would be like Israel to go to war to prevent, or drown out, news of their supplying terrorists with sarin, the inate criminal element that they are.

    вот так

  6. India ready to negotiate on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline extension

    Look for more action in India

    Musharraf returned in what appears to be a strategy of division to split the military/ISI vs. the courts into elections. The is week the military commented on the the former leaders treatment. The prosecutor in the Bhutto/Musharraf cases killed a few days ago in assassination.

  7. Syria pinpoints targets in Israel to hit in case of further attacks

    On the line now....

  8. Yet another, egregiously illegal and transparent Israeli provocation, designed to incite a planned invasion of Syria and then Iran. The bankers need a war for various desperate reasons, and Israel wants to instigate a war that it's puppet countries will send THEIR children to die for. Meanwhile, the certifiably insane Netan-Nero fiddles and puts his own people in harms way, all whilst setting the stage for an international conflagration.

  9. the atrocity
    Turkish PM says Assad will "pay a very, very heavy price" after mass killings over weekend in Syrian towns of Banias, Baida.

  10. Now that it is obvious that the terrorists attacking Syria are working for Israel, I've been wondering how the hasbara machine will incorporate this new inconvenience into their propaganda. It's still pretty early, but some preliminary "adjustments" are already in.

    "The Angry Arab" had his "Juan Cole turnabout" moment.

    Israel Bombs Syria, Again

    it didn't take him long, either. Bet he was sweating bullets trying to think up how to write that piece without looking like a total weasel. He failed. Interspersed with the "new" info about Israeli involvement in the terrorists operating against Syria, and his "oops, I goofed" paragraph is still a lot of the old hasbara he has been shilling for Israel all along. He realised everyone will see the extent he had been shilling for Israel if he didn't do a "damage control recant" quickly. This should allow fellow shills and sayanim to continue to use his hasbara and pretend it is legitimate anti-zionist views.

    At the MoA blog, Bernhard, the owner of it, has apparently discovered Israel is indeed working with the terrorists in Syria, after earlier pretty much ignoring Israel's role altogether - being hostile to those commenters who pointed out that role. But unlike the Angry Arab zionist shill, Bernhard wrote up a decent piece:

    The Angry Arabs Will No Longer Fight Against Syria

    Including Israel in the analysis couldn't be avoided any longer due to their attack. The elephant was being too obvious to ignore any right now. But will Bernhard continue to include the Israeli aspect of the Syrian war crimes, or will he go back to pretending there is no Israeli factor? Will he include Israel only to minimise their role - another tactic I've seen used extensively by covert zionists pretending to be on the left (the "it's all America running Israel as their strongman in the ME, that's why Israel is so rank" argument).

    At the moment, there is a lot of Israel and zionist criticism going on at MoA that must really chaff those of the closet zionist persuasion. Likely, the jewssansfrontiers/notthetalk/harrysplace/greenstein sayanim network will demand a "herem" of the "antisemites". As Bernhard is part of that network, their influence at MoA is primal.

    BTW, Penny, when I was looking through MoA just now I noticed the discussion you and several others were having about Russia with a commenter called Copeland. I agree with what you guys were writing about the NED propaganda that Copeland was repeating. He used Politkovskaya as his main source and apparently worships her. You mentioned you were looking for some more material at MoA to continue the discussion there. Then Israel attacked Syria. I've got some good stuff on her that you, and probably a few others here, might find of interest. She was definitely not the person western Jewish dominated media has made her out to be.

    вот так

  11. One of the reasons Israel attacked is definitely to provoke a Syrian military response, which then Israel's quislings can then use as their excuse for going to full scale war against Israel. This piece goading Syria to respond militarily in the zionazi rag haaretz makes that part of the plan abundantly clear:

    Syria's army is not quite what Israelis have been led to believe

    Meanwhile, Israel's Turkish quislings are adding their 2 shekels as another Israeli propaganda site gloats:

    Turkey: 'Assad the Butcher' will be Tried

    One of the things I've noticed about the sort of Jews who are zionists is their very cowardly habit of taunting from a safe position.

    вот так

  12. its ironic to see servant Erdogan acting outaged at president Assad, when its Erdogan whos lodging islamic terrorists who are shooting up syrian towns. The emotion he uses is to conceal his complicity, BIG LIE method never had such traction under Hitler

  13. for the interested, a twitter account to do with Erdogan @RT_Erdogan

    why not send him message

  14. Erdogan so ready to use BIG LIES against Assad, is silent over israel...