Monday, May 27, 2013

Journalist: Yara Abbas killed by NATO mercenary fire in Qusair, Syria

Or Qussayr ?

 NATO merc terrorists snipers killed her as she reported from the town Syrian Army is taking back from NATO's rebels.

Sniper fire killed a well-known Syrian journalist working for a Syrian television channel near the Lebanese-Syrian border on Monday, the state news agency said. Yara Abbas, a reporter for the al-Ikhbariya news channel, was killed near Debaa airport in Homs province. Forces loyal
to President Bashar al-Assad there have been trying to recapture the base from the rebels seeking to oust him. Syria TV said Abbas, in her mid-twenties, was targeted by "terrorists", the term commonly used by Assad supporters to describe the rebels.

NATO's mercs have killed many reporters. Marie Colvin, journalist/ spy, in Syria unlawfully, was one of the first. There was the cameraman from France and others.

However, the western media will barely mention this woman, because she did not die for the cause of imperialism and pipeline routes. Control of resources or global domination.

She died while covering the fighting from the perspective of a besieged nation under invasion from foreign fighters, backed by foreign governments.
A woman in her mid twenties gone well before her time. She knew the risks and was willing to take them.
I think ordinary Syrians will  miss her.

Below is her final report:


  1. Rockets into lebanon
    Kuwait tells citizens to get out of lebanon ASAP
    Le monde reports that Syria using chemical wepaons, again.
    Turkish FM says Hezbollah need change name to hez evil.

    Backfire plan into effect.

    1. The Turkish FM, should keep his lips sealed.

    2. NPR gave large amount of time to the Le Monde report that the government (really???) was using chem weapons on the outskirts of Damascus. Again, reeeeaaaallllly? They would risk their own lives with an ill blowing wind getting the poison gas into their own neighborhoods?

      Sorry, seems like a false flag op being picked up by another Western newspaper which wants to support its government's current war madness.

      Granted, I have no proof of this. But, realistically, how often do governments use poison gas in their own next door blocks of neighborhoods?


    3. jawbone

      "NPR gave large amount of time to the Le Monde report"

      NPR is part of the same zionist network of war criminals. NPR is also very Jewish centric, another reason why they peddle Israeli propaganda. They are sold as being "liberal", "progressive", even "leftwing", but are the exact opposite, like most Jewish zionist run media, and are slightly more sophisticated con jobs (as opposed to Fox or CNN) to sell Jewish zionist fascism, bigotry and war crimes to the more "educated" American upper middle class.

      вот так

    4. Don't believe anything coming from Le Monde. It is the worst propaganda paper you can imagine. Even NYT (AIPAC) or the WaPo (CIA) are more balanced. Look who are the owners of Le Monde: Pierre Bergé (pedophocracy, satanism, zionism), Mathieu Pigasse (director of Banque Lazard which is one of the 12 banks controlling the Fed).

    5. Hey all

      I don't believe the chemical weapons fiction being presented for a minute
      It seems timed to coincide with the push on the EU to give more weapons to the NATO merc/killers and also timed to cast a shadow over the Geneva talks

      In other words, hoax much?

  2. Home
    Last Update: Monday, 27 May 2013 KSA 12:23 - GMT 09:23
    Neighbors in Lebanese city fight Syrian proxy war
    Monday, 27 May 2013
    The latest round between Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen over the past week has been the bloodiest yet, leaving at least 28 dead and more than 200 wounded. (File Photo: AFP)

    The Associated Press, Tripoli, Lebanon -
    In a rundown district of Lebanon's second largest city, residents have adapted to waging war with their neighbors.

    Whenever violence breaks out, they string large cloths across intersections to block snipers' view, sleep in hallways to take cover from mortar shells and abandon apartments close to the front line.

    The sectarian fighting between the two neighborhoods stretches back four decades to Lebanon's civil war. But it has become more frequent and increasingly lethal since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. The two districts support opposite sides.

    The latest round between Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen over the past week has been the bloodiest yet, leaving at least 28 dead and more than 200 wounded.

    Bab Tabbaneh is mostly Sunni, while Jabal Mohsen is home to most of Tripoli's Alawites, followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

    An 18-year-old with a patchy black beard and a Kalashnikov assault rifle had nothing good to say about Jabal Mohsen. “They don't fear God, they are bad people,” he said of his neighbors.

    The teen said he is one of 10 brothers who have taken up arms, including one who tried to join the Syrian rebels but was captured and killed by Assad's troops.

    Lebanon, a fragile patchwork of more than a dozen religious and ethnic groups, has withstood many sectarian flare-ups since its 15-year civil war ended in 1990.

    But there are signs the spillover from the Syria conflict is getting more serious. In addition to the Tripoli fighting, gunmen from rival religious sects are increasingly engaged on opposite sides in Syria.


    1. “They don't fear God, they are bad people,” he said of his neighbors.

      why speak like this?
      why believe this?
      why fight amongst one another?

      People, when you are divided, you are the conquered.
      This 18 year old is already conquered.

  3. I did notice over the weekend it appeared as if NATO's mercs were drawing Lebanon into the war
    More overtly, that is.
    Obviously NATO mercs have involved Lebanon into the the destabilization of Syria and the wider regional war, long before the rocket attacks this weekend
    The fact that NATO's mercs were using Lebanon as a transit to sneak into Syria
    And the fact that some persons in Lebanon assisted these mercs tells me that some, but not all people in Lebanon were involved in the imperial/NATO agenda

  4. The non hezbollah factions have been fighting in Syria for the zionists, banks and corporations from the get-go.
    In this life money is god. As long as the usurers are allowed to print currency they can buy and control the governments, military, security, civil services and local government, then energy, food, water and air. Energy is controlled by wars, commodity trading and CO2 tax, food and water are semi controlled already. Food via crops to fuel, share prices and tax, water by owning source land then creating shortages downstream by weather control. The giant aquifer in N. Africa that spans several countries contains enough water for N. Africa for centuries. The destabilised countriessit on it, only Algeria has not been hit yet.
    We know the people at the top. They have to be compromised or the madness will never stop till we as humanity have been decimated by ourselves at their behest.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Clothcap

      Humanity had better wise up and quickly
      If it takes 'fools' such as us to shake the sleepy heads out of their slumber.. so be it

  5. PS "Qusayr" according to wiki.,_Syria

  6. Brave woman and a good patriot. May she rest in peace.

  7. Syria: TV reporter Yara Abbas killed near Qusayr

    "...Some rebel groups specifically target journalists who work for government-affiliated outlets and international media, RT reporters were told by colleagues in Syria.

    “I received confirmed news that some of the armed opposition forces are looking after the journalists working with international TV stations. This armed group is collecting a list of names. Mine is one of them. They are going to collect information about them from the Internet and keep them for future trials or assassination. You know for sure that the websites of RT, CCTV and Iran TV will be the first to be checked,” a local reporter told RT on condition of anonymity."

    It's a conscious terror tactic. The Israelis and their proxies direct these sorts of murders, like they do the executions and other terror tactics, specifically to scare away opposition to their terrorist "army". In Iraq, the U.S. military specifically targeted journalists reporting critically of that war crime. In this case, kill a few reporters and many will then stay away. The propaganda in the Jewish media will then be harder to counter with facts on the ground.

    R.I.P. Yara Abbas

    вот так

    1. 'Some rebel groups'

      only they arent 'rebel groups': that language plays into the 'its a civil war' propoganda

    2. that's why I call then NATO mercs
      I feel that is the better more accurate description

  8. a bit off topic, Penny, if youve not seen it, the movie Oblivion has an interesting take on Drones, clones and upside down pyramid power

    1. thank you brian
      I don't know anything about the movie Oblivion, but, drones, clones and upside down pyramid power have got my attention!