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Pt2: False Flag to Frame Syria. NATO intervention?

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A BBC article with some pertinent points I wish to get out before they are get altered to fit an officially sanctioned theory of conspiracy...
Syria denies Turkey Reyhanli car bombs role

- Turkish police say that nine people have been arrested in connection with Saturday's attacks in Reyhanli.

 -All nine of those arrested in connection with the attacks were Turkish citizens, officials said.

Nine Turkish citizens...

 -Turkey, a Nato member, is a strong supporter of the opposition in Syria's civil war and a vocal critic of President Bashar al-Assad's government.

 -The US and Nato have condemned the bombings and expressed support for Turkey. 

Turkey is a strong supporter. Which means Turkey is enabler of terrorists, backed by NATO, who have been terrorizing Syrians for more then two years now. 

 Damascus issue strong response

- Mr Zoubi said that "it is not anyone's right to hurl unfounded accusations"

- "It is [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan who should be asked about this act. He and his party bear direct responsibility."

- Mr Zoubi said it was the Turkish government that had facilitated the flow of arms, explosives, vehicles, fighters and money across the border into Syria.

-He said that this had turned the border areas into centres for international terrorism and the Turkish leadership had to take political and moral responsibility for it.
Mr Zoubi would be absolutely 100 percent correct- since Turkey is a "strong supporter of the opposition", Turkey has indeed turned the border into a government controlled, sanctioned, supported free flow of arms, explosives, fighters and cash.

There has been some speculation that the bomb attacks may strengthen the hand of those urging the creation of a no-fly zone and safe haven for the Syrian opposition inside Syrian territory.
Ask yourself, always, who benefits? Who has the motivation?  Who wants a no fly zone?
That will point you to the perpetrator.

Turkey wants a no fly zone!- NATO wants a no fly zone!

Turkey PM 'will support' Syria no-fly zone 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister, has told a US television station that his country will support a US-enforced no-fly zone in Syria.

 "Right from the beginning ... we would say 'yes'," Erdogan told NBC when asked if Turkey, a NATO member that shares its longest border with Syria, would support a no-fly zone.

 Hours after the explosion, officials with Turkey’s government, which has backed the rebels fighting President Assad of Syria, said the suspects in the bombing belonged to an organization linked to Mr. Assad’s intelligence services, though they did not offer an explanation of how they reached that conclusion.
 Fixing the intelligence?


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    1. ZATO doesn't care about a car bombing or two, and they may have done them in any case. They care about the pain that the opponents can inflict. If more and better stuff gets to Hezbollah, that might stop Israel. For all we know, Russia's threats have stopped a mini-nuke or two inside Syria.

      The good news in all this is that time is running against ZATO in a big way. The political pressure has been building, and this war is not seen as bringing freedom and capitalism. At the same time, the insurgents will be extinct inside all of Syria except the Turkish border within a month. Soon, Syria will be able to focus on military infrastructure, such as radar facilities. Also, she can go on the offensive in certain ways. And Iran is probably much more prepared to deliver appropriate equipment now. All this spells a hint of panic in ZATO.

      The real question is what kind of different approach ZATO could take. Maybe Israel will invade Lebanon and try to create a civil war. Maybe a civil war in Iraq is possible to cut off Iran.


    2. If it was just the car bombing.. I could maybe see this as much ado about nothing
      Because there have been previous car bombings along the Turkish border
      Which always reek of the NATO mercs

      But,there is also the chemical weapons proof that Erdogan is supposed to possess???

      Along with the fact that Syria is cleaning house of NATO filth... combined with the weak position that US and company are in.

      That makes it appear to me that the 'allies' are more willing to take a chance to move an agenda forward

      RE: Iraq, I believe a destabilization dressed up as a civil war is already in progress.

      As for Israel and Lebanon?

      Was reading this am someone's opinion that the bombing of Damascus by Israel last week and the car bombing this week, clearly concocted by Turkey, were done in collusion with one another to force the hand of the US?

      It's possible?

    3. The allies are probably more willing to take a chance, but that's not surprising. They have a huge amount on the line here. This is about controlling the Middle East and, to a large degree, Russia and China. If they lose, Central Asia will likely become part of a China-Russia sphere.

      I'm just trying to say that force is what is relevant, not PR. Look at al-Jazeera or even the BBC. They will flagrantly use false images for their war aims. They just don't care about their image in the future. The future is ZATO control of the world or it isn't. Everything else is irrelevant, except they probably don't want to see Israel wiped out, but even that may be negotiable.

      To stop them may require the Russians handing over pictures of killer weapons in Hezbollah's hands and enough advanced Russian systems inside Syria in a workable and protected way that an attack seems foolish.


    4. On Penny's comment "But,there is also the chemical weapons proof that Erdogan is supposed to possess???"
      I saw mention of a vid showing an insurgent with the same missile type which Erdogan is touting as responsible for the chem weapon attack. Couldn't find the link again, sorry.

  2. Tarnaev's Burial Handled Properly - Sheriff

    Tsarnaev's Burial Handled Properly - SheriffThe sheriff of Caroline County, Virginia, where Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been secretly buried, said that “all paperwork is in order," suggesting the interment was legal and nothing can be done about it, CNN reported

    1. Yes, I saw the news regarding that

      Thanks for posting it :)

  3. Aside, Gordon Duff wrote some details about the likely weapon used in the Damascus bombardment by Israel and nuclear bombing by the US.
    "Was Syria ‘nuked’?
    Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable."

    Some other info in the article, worth reading carefully.

    Could the Hatay bombing be to distract from US guilt in the Damascus war crime?


    1. Could the Hatay bombing be to distract from US guilt in the Damascus war crime?

      Anything is possible?

  4. Hi caught something on this on RT and Aljazeera yesterday. It started off with Erdogan talking about the peace initiative with the Kurds being destabilized by outsiders. It obviously didn't take them long to switch it to blame Syria!

    What's even more stupid is the town, which is NOT directly on the border, has a large Alawite population, so why on earth would Assad want to target his own supporters in Turkey? ! hint hint!


  5. Is this a peek into what goes on at those exclusive parties among the western oligarchs? You know, like the crowd that attends Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, etc... ;)

    Richard Branson works as stewardess for a day after losing bet to AirAsia owner Tony Fernandes

    The upper photo says it all. Off topic, but WTH. :)

    вот так

  6. Some interesting info about the town, Reyhanli, and the tension between the local Turkish residents and the Israeli owned ex-Syrians there.

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits Suicide

    "...Few days ago witnessed clashes between members of the Jihadist terrorists in the same Reyhanieh town with local residents and tensions escalated when members of the FSA burned Turkish flags in a show of ‘who controls the land’. The same city voted 68% in favor of the Erdoğan AKP party in the last elections before having their town turned into a base for these Mujahideen in their holy war against the ‘Kuffar’, the infidels. Economic and social tensions also increased as families of the Jihadists opened shops in the town selling stolen goods from Aleppo at very low prices.

    Yesterday, May 11, 2013 the city of Reyhanieh was the scene of bombings of at least 2 cars killing at least 43 and wounding over 100, of course we cannot get further and reliable information as the Turkish government has enforced a total media blackout on the events where ironically for over 2 years it was criticizing the Syrian state for not opening up sensitive locations for western media..! Using this media blackout the Turkish state is able, or think it’s able, to market its version of the events which was immediately conveyed by a swift accusation against the Syrian state involvement in the events, though Erdoğan tried to add an option that it might be people opposing the recent peace deal between PKK and Turkish government in addition to accusing the Syrian state...."

    вот так

  7. Israeli expansion continues:

    Israel sets up 'secret' diplomatic mission in Persian Gulf

    "Israel established 11 new diplomatic missions worldwide between 2010 and 2012, the country’s Finance Ministry reported. Among them is a diplomatic mission in the Persian Gulf, but officials refuse to disclose its location."

    Likely the diplomatic side of the already reported Israeli alliance with the Arab "monarchies" which would officially allow, among other things:

    "Such an alliance would give Israel access to radar stations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in exchange for its own early warning radar information and anti-ballistic missile defense systems, the source said."

    Those Arab "monarchies" have long been aligned with Israel unofficially, they and the Israelis are working up to make it official. The Israelis have long dominated these Arab "monarchies" through using their American colony as the "middleman". My guess the Israelis are now moving to take over the direction of these Arab "monarchy" quislings directly, leaving out the need to use the USA as a go-between. This gradual take over of the role the USA has played for Israel, by a more direct Israeli role, has been slowly implemented by Israel over the years. As Israeli/zionist control of the USA has increased, there has been less need for zionists to pretend to be the junior partner (to avoid repercussions by Americans against Jewish/zionist interests there). One can also see this changeover happening in Europe, where countries are starting to take orders directly from Israel more, when before the zionists delivered those orders through the USA.

    вот так

  8. Timing:

    Turkish protesters blame govt. for blasts

    "...The Syrian minister also stated that Turkey has planned the attacks to use them as a pretext to justify foreign intervention in Syria.

    "Why this timing? Why these attack, just days before the meeting between Erdogan and (US President Barack) Obama? Does he (Erdogan), whose country is a NATO member, want to incite the United States (into intervening in Syria) by telling him his country has been attacked?" Zohbi said.

    He added that the Turkish government has turned its border areas with Syria into centers for international terrorism..."

    вот так

  9. Direct and to the point:

    Turkey bombs: domestic opinions

    The next session of NATO’s North Atlantic Council to be held in Brussels on Wednesday will most probably be dominated by a debate on how the Alliance should react to the twin car bombs that went off in the Turkish town of Reyhanli near the border with Syria Saturday killing 46 people. Turkey has so far not sought an emergency session on the issue.

    We have an opinion from an advisor to Turkey’s opposition Republican People’s Party, retired Brigadier General Ali Er:

    "The Reyhanli bombings were one the deadliest terror attacks in Turkish history. I believe the Assad regime is the least likely culprit. Indeed, the bombs went off shortly ahead of a planned Moscow visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose talks with Vladimir Putin are expected to focus on alleged Russian sales of S-300 air defence missile batteries to Syria. To bomb a Turkish town in these circumstances would amount to utter lunacy on Assad’s part. I believe the Free Syrian Army or Al-Qaeda is to blame.

    As for NATO, of which Turkey is an old and very loyal member, it is unlikely to take collective action against Syria. First, Turkey is a powerful anti-Assad force in its own right. And second, NATO usually spells the United States, and the latter is not under threat from the Assad regime. The deployment of NATO’s Patriot batteries on Turkish territory was by no means meant to protect Turkey or its regional neighbours. It was intended to protect American military and infrastructure installations in the Middle East."

    A defence expert of Ankara’s Bilkent University, former chief organizer of Turkey’s army veterans Dr Koray Gurbuz directly blames the United States for the Reyhanli bombings:

    "These bombings fall into the overall pattern of all other similar attacks carried out on Turkish territory close to the border with Syria. All were blatant Western provocations aimed at pushing Turkey to war with Syria. As soon as Turkey goes to war with Assad, Israel will follow suit. A regional conflagration would follow, letting all hell loose on the Middle East. This would blow into the sails of the United States, which pursues ambitious geopolitical plans in the Greater Middle East area. The Americans would be happy to have these plans implemented without American blood being spilt."

    Not exactly the sort of Turks allowed to speak in the zionist owned western media.

    вот так