Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Russia catches a US spy- linked to the Embassy/CIA

Quite a public expulsion........ Odd? Timing?
Coincidentally or not, the actual post I am in the midst of working on was about Russia.
Making it more timely then ever.
Later today or tomorrow it will be up

Caught red-handed: Russia releases alleged U.S. spying letter after arresting CIA agency



In this handout photo provided by the FSB, acronym for Russian Federal Security Service, a man claimed by FSB to be Ryan Fogle, a third secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, sits in the FSB offices in Moscow.
Some of the confiscated belongings of Ryan C. Fogle, the third secretary of the political section of Washington's embassy in Moscow, being displayed at the Federal Security Service after his arrest.caption

In this handout photo provided by the FSB, acronym for Russian Federal Security Service, a man claimed by FSB to be Ryan Fogle, a third secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, is detained in Moscow, early Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

The detention of Fogle, however, appeared to be the first American diplomat accused of spying in about a decade and seemed certain to aggravate already strained relations between the two countries.

Russian state television showed pictures of a man said to be Fogle, wearing a baseball cap and what appeared to be a blond wig, lying face down on the ground. The man, now without the wig, was also shown sitting at a desk in the FSB offices. Two wigs and packages of 500 euro notes were among the items displayed on a table.
No immediate comment was available from the U.S. Embassy. Ambassador Michael McFaul, who was doing a question-and-answer session on Twitter when the detention was announced, said he would not comment.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said it has summoned McFaul to appear on Wednesday in connection with the detention.
In Washington, the White House referred questions about the detained diplomat to the State Department. There was no immediate response from the State Department.

No immediate response. Which means this is a surprise and the State Department was caught unaware? 
No 'plausible' explanation ready.

 While taking the time to peruse several msm websites. I notice the tones of presentation from the western media ranged from amusement to ridicule and attempts to downplay this as commonplace.
Which it most likely is. However, publicly displaying CIA agents from Embassy's abroad is not the usual mode of handling situations such as this. I would suspect that most often spies are handed over to their home nations quietly.

 CIA career officer detained in attempt to recruit officer of Russian security services in Moscow

If I may suggest?  
This appears to be a message from Russia to the US.  Something like, we got your number!
What do you think about this situation?



  1. Trying to recruit a Russian security specialist on the Caucuses? Perhaps a hint that the Russians are prepared to leak some more info on the botched Boston false flag.

    Just my guess.

  2. Michael McFaul established a terse reputation when he arrived. There was the tweet scandal & the ushering in of opposition into the embassy.

    Twitter outreach fail

    From 2012

    Russian Opposition's Confab At US Embassy

    1. ty

      Yes McFaul has been antagonistic all along
      I think we have discussed him here previously
      I think???

  3. CIA agent detained in Moscow (PHOTO, VIDEO): Scandal to aggravate Russia-US relations and hamper all attempts at cooperation after Boston


    From that Russian account he doesn't appear to be very professional.


    Russia, Israel believe continuation of Syria conflict detrimental to entire region - Putin


    Did Putin convince the Israelis to back off, or is it just diplo-speak for nothing's changed?

    вот так

    1. What struck me about him was that he was young
      Which makes sense because the destabilizers generally target the young
      so perhaps he didn't have to look professional, just young and hip
      I dunno, thinking out loud..

    2. They used to recruit college guys who had done a military stint, from what I've read of ex-agents' descriptions - such as McGehee. With all the "color revolution" work they've been doing, they might be recruiting and training younger guys, and I'm sure a lot more women in the field. Younger agents can mix better with the "color revolution" crowd they are targeting. Which is a major part of their work in Russia. This busted agent, though, appears to have been doing regular non-color revolution stuff - trying to recruit a cop involved with anti-terror work. Had the Americans succeeded, that cop could have helped their terror ops in Russia, which are quite different from the "color revolution" stuff, and more like what the CIA does in Syria.

      It's the sloppiness of it that has people wondering if the guy was tasked to deliberately get busted to create an "incident". Wearing that wig was very "special". :) Anyway, just speculating.

      вот так

  4. There seems to be an internal struggle in Russia by the Putin forces against those who like Western money. By doing this in a visible way, it will remind those who want that Western money that it is risky. The authorities will make a big effort to talk to everyone who had any dealings with this spy, and that could make some folks nervous.


    1. Hi Paul

      " By doing this in a visible way, it will remind those who want that Western money that it is risky."

      A message to those internally who may play ball with NATO destabilizers
      good point

  5. US diplomat turns out to be CIA agent...the big question is are there any REAL diplomats in US embassies?

    1. Hey brian
      I don't think so
      I think they are all cia operatives

  6. Russian said today another us spy ejected earlier this year. The story about the nuke sub joining the med fleet was a bit of a message, no. And gertz reports china tested and anti satellite missile yesterday.

    1. another one?!
      missed it
      Saw the news about the nuclear sub etc
      Unaware of china testing anti-satellite missile
      if you have a link would you leave it?

  7. Lobe the captcha

    Curtains amiocia

  8. that is a funny one
    curtains friend cia?

    1. "Curtains amiocia"

      "curtains friend cia?"

      A slang term Germans use for Americans is "Ami", sort of like a Brit using Yank. IE: Curtains ami-o-cia. ;)

      вот так