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Syria: Strategic battle for Qusair. Israeli talkin' tough. What about Qatar?

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Consider this an update on the post from yesterday: Syria: Turkeys' military escapades; Israeli jeep enters Syrian territory & more

Concerning the taking, by the Syrian Army, of a strategic town near Lebanon
This town has got to be extremely important, judging by today's news

NATO merc footage:

Syria opposition calls for reinforcements in embattled Qusair
(this story has changed from this am. quotes below are from original.)
Syria's leading opposition group called on Wednesday for rebels across the country to send reinforcements to the strategic border town Qusair

George Sabra, acting head of the opposition National Coalition, called on fighters to send arms and men to the area

Seizing Qusair would also allow Assad to sever links between rebel-held areas in the north and south of Syria.

Rebel leaders have warned of sectarian revenge attacks against Shi'ites and Alawites on either side of the Syrian-Lebanese border if rebels lose Qusair.

The above highlighted sentence causes me a bit of consternation-
I read this sentence as rebel leaders aka NATO mercs , largely fanatical Sunni’s (wahabbi/salafi)  threatening slaughter of  the Shiites and Alawites on their way out the door. 
Thinking realistically and rationally about this situation. That can be the only conclusion taken away from warnings made by rebel leaders. They will engage in mass slaughter. As they have done previously on innumerable occasions. (Has anyone forgotten the organ eating rebel?)

Location of the continuing battle: borrowed from here

Continuing on with the ‘rebel’ aka NATO mercs:

"If we lose Qusair, we lose Homs, and if we lose Homs, we lose the heart of the country," said Ahmed, a rebel speaking by Skype from Homs as explosions and gunfire crackled in the background.

One rebel source, who asked not to be named, said Assad and Hezbollah forces had cut most of the oppositions overland supply lines into Qusair. But he said the rebels were still able to bring some supplies and fighters in through secret tunnels.

An analyst close to Qatari officials said the Sunni Gulf state, which has funneled money and weapons to the opposition, was looking for new routes to send in supplies to Qusair.

Rebel forces from other parts of Syria appear to have taken seriously the call for support seriously.

The large Islamist Tawheed Brigade in the northern province of Aleppo published a video of a 30-car convoy it said was heading to Qusair.

Sedans and pickup trucks loaded with artillery and fighters sped down the highway, with rebels waving black Islamist banners ( AQ/ Al Nusra fighting on behalf of NATO?)
shouting "God is Great."

I would think Syrian army will be watching for such travelers? In the air and on the ground.

In the previous post Qatar and their role in all this mayhem was mentioned in the comments.
And yes, Qatar has been very important in the destruction of Syria. I have covered the reasons for that participation previously, so I won’t rehash all of that yet again.
I will limit my commentary to kick off this next section with this statement: Qatar would benefit immensely from Syria’s destruction so their starring role should be unsurprising. So lets talk Qatar and their so called "court intellectual". A man I find highly suspicious.

Financial Times: How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution
Qatar has emerged as a driving force: pouring in tens of millions of dollars to arm the rebels.
Yet it also stands accused of dividing them - and of positioning itself for even greater influence in the post-Assad era.

A short drive from the rising skyscrapers of Doha’s West Bay, emblems of the once-sleepy Qatari capital’s frenetic growth, the three-starred flag of the Syrian revolution can be seen fluttering over a modern villa guarded by police cars. The villa is the new Syrian Arab Republic embassy in Qatar, representing not the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but opponents fighting for his removal.
The opening of the Syrian Arab Republic embassy in Qatar, March 2013
The opening of the embassy was a theatrical expression of this small, massively rich country’s single-minded lurch into Syria’s crisis. When it comes to backing Syria’s rebels, no one can claim more credit than the gas-rich Gulf state. Whether in terms of armaments or financial support for dissidents, diplomatic manoeuvring or lobbying, Qatar has been in the lead, readily disgorging its gas-generated wealth in the pursuit of the downfall of the House of Assad.
In the shell-blasted areas of rebel-held Syria, few appear to be aware of the vast sums that Qatar has contributed – estimated by rebel and diplomatic sources to be about $1bn, but put by people close to the Qatar government at as much as $3bn.
Qatar’s role in Syria seems uncharacteristically prominent for a country that lacks the diplomatic experience and traditional heavyweight status of a more discreet Saudi Arabia.
Most of Doha’s neighbours in the Gulf are hostile to the Islamist trend in the region, but this is of little consequence to a state that takes pleasure in being contrarian. Nor are the al-Thanis embarrassed by the contradictions of an autocracy cheerleading for revolution.
In other words the al-Thanis are shameless. Big surprise.

The part below is most  interesting. This is where we meet Azmi Bishari a man of influence in Qatar:

“One person who influenced the emir’s thinking at the time is Azmi Bishara, a prominent former Arab Israeli MP, exiled in Qatar (like many other Arab dissidents) after the Israeli government accused him of passing information to the Lebanese group Hizbollah during Israel’s onslaught on Lebanon in 2006 – a charge Bishara denies.

An adviser to the emir and the crown prince, Bishara has become something of a court intellectual in Doha.”
What is the background on this so called “exiled” Israeli MP? Was he exiled to give him credibility?
To make him appear as if he was hostile to Israel while he conducted business in such a way that was beneficial to Israel?

You decide for yourself. I have already made up my mind
Azmi Bishari


If this man is a so called “court intellectual” in Doha, then I get the Israeli role in all of this!
And if Israel really wanted this man.....they would have had him. Dead or alive.

Back to Qatar;The FT article concludes:

Whether Qatar’s venture into Syrian opposition politics will have any returns will depend on whether Syria survives as a country – something that is by no means assured. Perhaps for the Qatari emir, the demise of Assad will be sufficient satisfaction. In theory, Qatar could also emerge with multiple points of influence through Islamists and loyal brigades. But it has already created many enemies inside Syria, and not just among pro-regime supporters. So torn apart is the fabric of Syria’s society, and so radicalised and suspicious its battered population, that the Qataris are more likely to find that they are neither thanked – nor even wanted – there.

Also included is a ‘who’s who’ list. Good piece for background info

WP had a rather large piece on the Israeli incursion into Syria

Apparently Israel is moving away from diplomacy... I was unaware of Israel engaging in diplomacy?

In blunt language marking a turn away from diplomatic caution..... 
“We will not allow the area of the Golan Heights to turn into an easy target for Syrian attacks,” IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said.

Just a target for Israeli attacks from occupied territory into Syria, right? This cackling from Israel seems to have much to do with the Lebanese border town mentioned at the beginning of the post.
This town has to be very important in the whole scheme of things. A game changer as WP makes clear

Gaining control of Qusair could be a game-changer for Assad’s government.

I am getting this “Stalingrad” sort of feeling...close quarters, intense battles. Keeping in mind the invader (Germany) retreated from that battle. Both sides sustaining devastating losses.
Maybe a bit to dramatic?

On a more humourous note?
To believe this nonsense, is to suspend all sense of reality.
I mean, come on!

Court: US Can Keep Bin Laden Photos Under Wraps

A federal appeals court Tuesday backed the U.S. government's decision not to release photos and video taken of Osama bin Laden during and after a raid in which the terrorist leader was killed by U.S. commandos.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but, didn’t the US government release alleged dead Osama photos that were quickly demonstrated to be fakes? I recall seeing some.

The court said that it was undisputed that the government wasn't withholding the images to shield wrongdoing or avoid embarrassment, but rather to prevent the killing of Americans and violence against U.S. interests.

The court said “it was undisputed that the government wasn’t withholding images to shield wrongdoing or avoid embarrassment”

Well if the court said that, that must be the truth of it all.....(wink, wink)
That is a blatant, obvious, appeal to authority.
Because the government would never withhold any information to ‘cover their asses’ if it was to their benefit. And the court says that is undisputed?
Right? Right.........
And you just take the court’s word on that!


Russia: Syria opposition too divided

 Russia said on Wednesday that the Syrian opposition had not yet shown enough commitment to efforts, to arrange a peace conference with President Bashar Assad's government.
 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praised the Syrian government's response to joint US-Russian efforts to seek a resolution to the more than two-year-old conflict but said the opposition was too divided to agree on its participation.
  "We value the constructive reaction of the Syrian leadership to this proposal," Lavrov said at talks with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad in Moscow.
 "We also hope that a constructive reaction from various opposition groups... will follow. So far, however, the news is not hopeful."

UPDATE # 2 BEGINS - Anonymous comments that Israel is promoting a pre-emption narrative
As I went to sign out, lo and behold:  Amid Syria tensions, IAF chief says 'surprise war' a threat
"surprise war" sure.

Israel Air Force chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel warned that Israel must be prepared for a "surprise war" developing.
Addressing a national security conference in Herzliya held by the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies,  Eshel stated that "a surprise war can develop today in many forms. Isolated events can escalate very quickly and require that we are ready in hours to act in the full spectrum - and when I say the full spectrum, I mean activating the full capabilities of the Air Force."

He said in a future war, the IAF will have to pave a path for the Ground Forces through very heavy bombings that will hit the ground and turn a ground offensive into something that is far easier and faster. "We must be the central component in a ground maneuver, and we are dealing with this a lot."

Is Israel suggesting they are going to massively bomb Syria and then send in the troops?
JP article ends:
Ya'alon played down the prospect of anyone on the Syrian side starting a war with Israel "because they understand the heavy price they would pay".


  1. If anyone can shed some light on the opening video that would be great!
    Location, is what is being claimed matching what is shown
    what is being said ?
    anything else at all
    Insights, would be great
    thanks in advance

  2. HI Pen, If I remember correctly you did some posts a year or two ago on the tie up between the Rothschilds and Doha.

    1. Hey James
      not that I can recall?
      Perhaps it was AP?
      I think she has covered Doha
      though it wouldn't surprise me to see a connection between Doha and the banking/oil elites
      Recalling that when Russia put Khordokovsky in the 'slammer' he promptly signed over ownership of his shares to one of the Rothschilds'
      That's a post I recall doing and hell it even got msm coverage

    2. Yes, apologies to APea! And, yes, it was Jacob Rothschild and the documents stated that Rothschild owned the funds. In other words, Khordokovsky was Rothschild's agent as I'm sure most of the other oligarchs are and many before them. Many people over the years have said that JP Morgan was another.

  3. Has the table been set for a big bang?
    With Obama's troubles growing by the day - between IRS and stingers in Libya - will the Rafsanjani ban be the straw the breaks the back. Would the US not be keen in wake of Russia scandal to put a thumb in the eye? [Yet still unclear how an alleged US operative was running a facebook page under his own alias?]. Lebanon sectarianism is being brought to boil (Tripoli, border towns) after the government there collapsed under revision to pro rata representation (as the US tries to draw up a compramise set of guidelines). Turkey has forced through a PKK truce to open the energy cooridor - which apparently set of some alarm bells in the US over Turkey's Northern Iraq land grab. [side note Haywood of BP fame and Turkish Energy play Genel just took over the Chairman of Swiss COmmodity trader Glencore].

    Is this alleged UK terror attack related to a coming strike?

    Lebanon fighting
    Deadly clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli rage into fourth day

    Turkey has shut border
    Turkey locks down border with Syria

    After Turkey intel leak that car bombing planned; all Turks arrested
    Turkish hacker group RedHack has leaked some documents reportedly belonging to the Gendarmerie Intelligence Department that claimed that an anti-regime group in Syria with links to al-Qaeda was planning a car bomb attack and this might take place in Turkey. The hacker group released the documents after announcing on Twitter that they had seized secret documents belonging to the Gendarmerie Intelligence Department

    1. Hey anonymous linkie person!

      ``Has the table been set for a big bang?

      Can't be discounted. I guess nothing can.
      Yes, I saw that Turkey had shut down that border crossing into Hatay province.
      Why? Why now?

      Regarding the terror attack in the UK?
      convenient distraction?
      I don't know?

  4. Now the Syrian Rebels invoking the time out call, again
    Syria opposition urges Qusayr humanitarian corridor

    Yet another report of leader killed; 9 lives?
    Syrian army kills Nusra Front leader in Qussair city: report

    Has Israel sold the preemtion case?
    Syrian missiles in Israeli cities "a matter of time": Israeli minister

    Is the DQ of Rafsenjani a game changer on Iran?
    Iran qualifies 8 candidates for president election; Iran's Hashemi-Rafsanjani

    Rafsanjani son just returned from London (Hariri in Paris/Saudi Arabia)
    Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani arrived in Tehran late on Sunday having spent three years in Britain following the widespread protests at the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani has denied claims of torture and imprisonment in the 1990s by a business rival as Canadian court officials issue a writ for damages in absentia.

    Iran nuke program being brought back to boil?
    Iran is updating nuclear technology programme: Diplomats

    Israel just found some more oil and it is getting closer and closer to that diputed Lebanon border area
    Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NBL) announced today a natural gas discovery at the Karish prospect offshore Israel. The discovery well was drilled to a total depth of 15,783 feet and encountered 184 feet of net natural gas pay in high-quality lower Miocene sands. The Karish well, located in the Alon C license approximately 20 miles northeast of the Tamar field, is in 5,700 feet of water. Discovered gross resources, combined with the de-risked resources in an adjacent fault block on the license, are estimated to range(1) between 1.6 and 2.0 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) with a gross mean of 1.8 Tcf.

    lebanon moving to auction blocs
    Lebanon opens bidding for East Med gas

    Why the Lebanon gov fell

    1. Syrian rebels calling for 'humanitarian' anything is an oxymoron
      Israel definitely could be priming for pre-emption- they are the 'joker' in all this
      (Jokers are wild)

      And Lebanon has opened the bidding for Med gas??
      I am sure that isn't lost on Israel
      because in the minds of Israels leaders that gas belongs to Israel


  5. "(Jokers are wild)"

    They are also surplus. ;)

    Turkey closing their border could be a sign they are getting ready to invade. It could also mean they fear the mischief Syrians who are pro-government could do (I don't mean they fear terrorist bombings, they fear Turks getting the "wrong ideas" by associating with pro-Assad Syria refugees). The Turks probably also don't want most of the routed terrorists they've been supporting retreating into Turkey, as these are cannon fodder, not allies.

    вот так

  6. Update on the Israeli command vehicle captured several days ago (not the vehicle destroyed in Golan):

    FIRST POST - MAY 22, 2013


    He updates the situation in Al-Qusayr, also.

    The Germans are one of the EU members who are baulking at Israel's Syrian war plans. According to this, they have written off the terrorists as having any chance to succeed.

    From Spiegel Online:
    Syrian Rebels in Trouble: German Intelligence Sees Assad Regaining Hold

    As the terrorists lose ground, the zionist media hysterics are mirroring the panic among the zionist colonials and Israel. A few people among the colonies are recognising that this aggression against Syria should not be expanded, and are speaking out. Most are doing so for selfish reasons unrelated to the suffering these people cause with their fascism, but it will do , for now.

    вот так

  7. With regard to Qatar, here is an interesting history of Al-Jazeera:

    Wadah Khanfar, Al-Jazeera and the triumph of televised propaganda

    The outfit has been a zionist tool from the beginning, but in order to promote the zionist war crimes against Libya and Syria, they ceased the pretense that they were not.

    вот так

  8. It mustn't be overlooked either the browsers east west financial war being played out for most in the yen. Today a us naval commander called for a joint us and Japan carrier group for collective defense. This after he us cut a LNG deal to supply the still shut nuke plants. The rise of Abe and th ldp has it's analog in the India congress party whose pm and FinMin are fully thrown in with the us pivot. Look n Pakistan and the odd case of imran khan falling from a stage. Day before the election. His part official was then killed in Karachi. Recall the recent leaks about a us base in Karachi to rival gwadar. The dollar war trumps all else. Goldman has been bleeding out it's icbc stake and the IMF is ominously warning of shadow bank liabilities. The china pmi went into contraction tonight as the rush of hot money drives up the yuan. Sounds very British WW2. The Chinese are seeing a financial hot money assault. The Chinese took direct aim at the us last week indicating that Okinawa was in dispute? And xi first overseas trip to India Pakistan Switzerland and Germany. Interesting choices? Especially in context of gold flows and german repatriation juxtaposed against the india FinMin overt war on the massive Indian private stock (see 1991 IMF current account gold firesale). All of this occurring in context of bric bank proposals. Look for us to push India into opposition to launch. Early reports are disagreement over capital injections. Curiously as us keeps pushing this endless oil and gas supply meme Russia announced today that there a massive fields in Siberia that were located from satellite scans. The russians just came out with a scathing attack on the us arctic paper calling the strategy a landgrab for resources. As noted in prev thread Algeria and Saudi look next to be put min play. Algeria underway while Saudi just had it own immolation moment. Meanwhile Kerry is out touting a few billion dollar arms deal with Oman as the yemen strikes continue. Will it be the geopolitical or economic dam that snaps first?

  9. In the Azmi Bishari video I can't help but being struck by the Masonic symbolism - chequered floor (they make a point of showing you) and twin pillars of illumination.
    Where's Suraci when you need him?

  10. At least 28 dead, 250 wounded in Sunni-Alawite clashes in Tripoli

    "At least 28 people were killed and 250 wounded in weeklong clashes between Sunni and Alawite Muslims in Tripoli, Lebanon, according to security officials. The violence is another sign of the Syrian conflict spilling over to Lebanon.

    Last night, four Sunnis and one Alawite died in clashes, the Daily Star reported. The casualties raised this week’s death toll to 28.

    Fierce fighting has raged in Tripoli since last Sunday, with assailants firing rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns. The violence is seen as a spillover from the recently intensified fighting between rebels and government forces in Qusayr, Syria, near the border with Lebanon..."

    My gut feeling is that Israel-America is attempting to expand their terrorist ops to now include Lebanon, to weaken Hezbollah directly. I believe Lebanon was part of the zionist Syrian destabilisation plan from the beginning. It could be they feel the damage done to Syria is enough, so it's time to move on to the next stage of destabilising Lebanon. Or, they are trying to save what is becoming a failure by spreading the terror to Lebanon in the hope this will keep the terror going. Possibly so Israel can once again try and take over Lebanon physically with a Hezbollah too weakened and distracted to defeat them this time.

    вот так

  11. Rocket fired from south Lebanon towards Israel


    US may review aid to Syrian rebels over Hezbollah’s declaration

    More evidence Israel is now shifting concentration to Lebanon. The rocket attack was obviously fired by Israeli agents, and timed to go with the American announcement about Hezbollah. Having failed to get NATO into a hot war in Syria, the zionists are now staging their usual rubbish to justify their plans of expansion of aggression against Lebanon.

    вот так

  12. Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks the recent Israeli staged violence in Lebanon is intended to bring the Syrian war to Lebanon.

    Ливан пытаются втянуть в междоусобную войну

    (barely adequate translation)

    "Trying to drag Lebanon into civil war

    Against the backdrop of events in Syria dangerous incident occurred today in Lebanon, where the morning along the southern suburb of Beirut by unidentified persons were released 2 missiles "Grad", resulting in injured 4 people.

    In the south-east of the capital in the area between the villages of Sbaba Aytat forces and intelligence agencies of the country have been found two rocket launchers, of which was shelled.

    Lebanese Minister of Interior Marwan Sherbel visiting the place of the incident, called the missile attack provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

    TV channel "Al-Manar", citing a source in the security services, said that the southern district of Beirut was fired rocket-propelled 107 mm rockets flight range of 8 km.

    Meanwhile, the situation remains tense in Lebanon's Tripoli and the surrounding area, where a week ago, there were clashes
    as a result of which 25 people were killed and more than 200 injured.

    Thus, those interested in further destabilization of the region, by all means continue to push his country to the fratricidal wars in sectarian basis, hoping to remove the Arab arena hands of the Arabs themselves objectionable and supporting the existence of a threat to their power."

    вот так

  13. Most of Israel's false flag attacks happened during drills about those very kinds of attacks.

    Israel drills unconventional warfare

    It is obvious Israel is planning on doing a lot more aggression in the region.

    вот так