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The curious killing of Ibrahim Todashev and the very tenuous link to Boston

When I first read the news about this killing, my first thoughts were:
Timely. Convenient. And wondered is this about tying up loose ends?
Dead men tell no tales. But, many tales can be told about dead men.

Interesting interview with friend:

found at this link, I will re embed video at a later date (see comments below),0,2776677.story

-Ibrahim was supposed to go home to see his parents had he not been killed by the FBI agent

-The friend mentions FBI having had multiple previous meetings with Ibrahim. The difference being at this last meeting Ibrahim ended up dead. Just before he was going to leave the country to visit  his parents in Chechnya.

-  The FBI agent, named Chris, had set up multiple previous meetings? Why? This time three  additional agents came from Boston?

-The friend, is clearly giving first hand testimony of his conversation with Ibrahim, prior to Ibrahim's meeting with FBI agents.

- Ibrahim did not want to go to this meeting. He was scared.  But, why? Why would Ibrahim be scared this time, when he had multiple previous meetings with an FBI agent named Chris in Florida?

More from the friend and Ibrahim heading home

A 27-year-old man reportedly acquainted with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and killed by an FBI agent in the wee hours of Wednesday morning in Orlando, Fla.

In the "wee hours of Wednesday morning"? How long were the FBI agents holding/interrogating Mr Todashev? How was this interrogation being conducted? Was there beatings or torture?

Khusen Taramov, who identified himself to WFTV as Todashev's friend, told the local TV station that Todashev had purchased a ticket "to go back home." CBS News reports  Todashev was planning a trip to Chechnya, heightening the interest of authorities. (Why? Were they afraid he was not going to come back? Afraid of who he might talk to in Chechnya?)

According to Taramov, FBI agents "were pushing him, saying, 'Stay, don't leave.' They said, 'We want to interview you one last time and talk to you a last time.' And he decided to stay, and today's interview was supposed to be the last time, and they said they were going to leave him alone."

 Taramov said his friend didn't know Tsarnaev very well. "Back in Boston, they used to hang out," he told WFTV. "Not hang out, he just knew him. He met them a few times because he was an MMA fighter, [and] the other guy was boxer. They just knew each other that's it."

 “The [FBI] agent along with two Massachusetts State Police troopers and other law enforcement personnel were interviewing an individual.....
So, we have one guy alone, with minimally 4, perhaps more, law enforcement personnel. That much is clear.

Who was Ibragim Todashev?

 Was he connected in a meaningful way to the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings? Did he play a role in the brutal murders of three people in Massachusetts who had their throats slashed?

Or was he, as his friends contend, a good guy who just happens to be Chechen — and for that reason had attracted the attention of federal authorities?

Todashev was shot to death by a Boston FBI agent in an Orlando condo (in the wee hours of the morning) while being questioned about his connections to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and a triple-slaying in Waltham, Mass. in 2011, federal law enforcement authorities said. Federal officials said he lunged at the agent with a knife during questioning, and the agent opened fire.

Little is known about Todashev — who federal sources said was in the U.S. legally — aside from the few details that emerged Wednesday through law enforcement, public records searches and interviews with friends.

The media is making mention of a previous arrest in which Todashev was charged with aggravated battery. That is being brought up to bolster the official narrative that Ibrahim Todashev was capable of attacking the FBI agent. This is spin.  That Mr Todashev got into a fight with one other individual in a parking lot, a one against one fight, does not tell us he would act in the same manner, in the company of several heavily armed FBI agents. That kind of information is included to obfuscate the issue at hand. I find it unlikely that he would attack anyone in a situation where he was alone, scared and as mentioned confronted with multiple armed individuals.

The FBI questioned Todashev at least five times in person plus numerous times by telephone since the bombings, according to interviews with three of his four former roommates.

Where is his fourth room mate? Has the media interviewed this person?

They (all three friends)  told the Orlando Sentinel the interviews and surveillance began two days after two Chechen brothers — 26-year-old Tamerlan and 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — were identified as the suspected bombers.

"They pretty much kidnapped him in front of his place," said 22-year-old Khusen Taramov.

The three friends said all of them — including Todashev — shared the same sense of outrage over the bombing in Boston. And none had heard of a triple-murder there a couple of years ago in which their friend was allegedly a suspect, they said.
None of the roommates considered Todashev a political or religious radical, saying simply that he was faithful to their shared religion.

“It's not clear whether Todashev lived in the Orlando condo where he was shot early Wednesday.
He has an address in Kissimmee, but friends there said Todashev's girlfriend lives in the Orlando complex and he stayed there frequently”

We know Todashev lived in Kissimee with his 3 roommates. They have all mentioned that fact.

Is the inclusion of the girlfriend resident in the condo complex being reported on to give reason to Mr Todashev being in the Orlando condo, he was shot to death in by the FBI?
Is it even the same condo? If not, how is this aspect relevant to the narrative being presented?

A girlfriend according to his friends. A wife according to the media?
Would his friends mistake a wife for a girlfriend and vice versa?
I find that a bit hard to believe..

I feel uncomfortable with "the wife"? The picture just seems off and her story... ?????
I don't know?


  1. Medet Unlu, a businessman and prominent figure in Turkey's Chechen diaspora, has been killed in Ankara, according to media reports.

    & From 2011
    Kremlin hit squad 'assassinate Chechen Islamist in Istanbul'; The relatives of three Chechen men gunned down in Istanbul last Friday have accused a Russian secret service hit squad of executing them on the Kremlin's orders. One of the murdered men, 33-year-old Berg-Haj Musayev, was said to be close to Doku Umarov, an Islamist terrorist leader who is Russia's most wanted man. Acting on a tip-off, Turkish Special Forces were reported to have stormed the Russian man's hotel room three days after the killings but to have missed him by a matter of minutes. They reportedly found the murder weapon, a passport, binoculars and a night vision scope however. Russia's daily Izvestia newspaper quoted security service sources as saying that one of the murdered Chechen men was linked to the Moscow airport blast in January.

    Incidentally, a terror attack in Niger of all places and at a Uranium mine no less
    Uranium mine in northern Niger is "badly damaged" after attack

  2. Local media reported that Unlu, a Turkish citizen of Chechen origin, was shot dead in his office shortly after 7 pm local time on Wednesday.

    Unlu was a critic of the Chechen government, and the Anatolia News Agency cites his relatives as saying that he “suffered oppression” by the Chechen authorities.

    Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesman told RIA Novosti “we have not heard of anyone by that name.”

  3. Russia's daily Izvestia newspaper quoted security service sources as saying that one of the murdered Chechen men was linked to the Moscow airport blast in January.

    I covered that story. The man that was being mentioned as responsible was a chechen but his family claimed he was already dead??

    Will have to read a bit more on that one

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    I will leave it up for a short while and then I will disable it
    It's even annoying me

  5. Yes it stinks.

    I'me reminded of an earlier curiosity-
    MIT Officer Killed Is Sean Collier and Attended Same Boston Gym As Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev As Both Spent Time At Somerville Boxing Club

    Hmmm. Although according to the club owner they didn't cross paths and attended at different times.

    Is there an inter-agency war going on between DHS,FBI, and CIA? Why were CIA assets used as patsies in what appears to be a DHS/FBI operation?

    Sibel Edmonds had a theory that the stooges were sacrificed as part of a deal between US and Russia to get Russia to sell-out Syria in exchange for US sacrificing their Caucasus agents.

    I think it's pretty clear now that Russia hasn't sold-out Syria and is not likely to. So why were CIA assets used as DHS/FBI stooges?

    'Mossad agents have been posing as CIA'
    Is this part of the puzzle? Israel's fingerprints were all over the Boston psy-op and DHS is controlled by Israeli-American dual-nationality citizens. Could the Tsarnaevs have been duped by Mossad posing as CIA to get them set up as patsies?

    1. "So why were CIA assets used as DHS/FBI stooges?"

      As near as I can figure in all this they were used because they were Chechen and were resident in Boston. So they were convenient?

      Did you happen to see the news story about the Tsarnev family getting something like 100,000 in gov benefits? It was over numerous years, but still, that seems substantial?

      Freethinker or anyone else what do you think about the curiously timed big drop in gold the very day of the Boston bombing?

      Someone definitely kneecapped the gold market on April 15 and that is not coincidental?
      It simply cannot be?

      8.5 percent decline in one shot!

      "April 15 when it lost 8.5 per cent"

      someone pushed down on gold that day....

      As for the mossad angle???
      It's possible

    2. Ordinarily you would expect the gold price to rise at least a little in response to a major terrorist attack. So the drop does look suspicious. And doubly suspicious given the strong buyer demand in spite of the financial press talking down the price in recent times.

      The Australian dollar is falling due to Soros speculating against it and further talking it down supported by the financial press. Both moves strengthen the US dollar which must be facing added pressure given the BRICS countries moves against it.

      There's a financial war going on and the jews in London and Wall St. are not getting it all their own way for a change.

      Here's a link from Kenny
      Clients Denied Gold At Major Banks As Shortage Intensifies

      This is exactly what will happen if 'they' ever manage to bring in a 'gold backed' currency. It's all a con.

    3. Hey James:

      didn't have time to get back to respond last night...

      You would have thought it would have rose for the very reasons you mention
      "terror attack" and demand.
      BUT, the physical market is being manipulated via the paper market..
      and many countries have been asking to take possession of their physical gold

      "The Australian dollar is falling'

      As is the Canadian dollar....and by years end the Canadian dollar is expected to go lower

      Which benefits the US dollar, allowing it to reign supreme globally...

      I was discussing this with someone more in the know then myself, about why gold and silver are down and this person explained that, when there is uncertainty everyone moves in to the American dollar, which lowers the prices on metals
      So, yes, there does seem to be some sort of financial war going on and the boston bombing covered up the kick off....

      As for the gold backed currency: It is a con

  6. See at:

    1. Thanks Nikola
      your link is in the newest post

  7. Nice work, Penny.

    It sounds like the guy had info the FBI didn't want leaving the USA. Guessing it had to do with the Israeli-American control of the terrorism against Russia.

    вот так

    1. Hey bot tak

      Yes, he definitely knew something.
      And the fact that he was leaving the country to go home and see his parents made him a definite risk to the intelligence apparatus
      Once he got to Russia he would have likely had visitors, because, he was on Russia's radar.
      (Saw that somewhere and if I can find it, I will put it into the post

  8. Was Todashev extra-judicially executed by the FBI?

    Robles asks some very good questions.

    вот так

    1. Yes, he does..
      Many along the same line as I do

  9. Penny

    This one clears up the confusion over the girlfriend and wife. Adds some other details.

    FBI used my husband and Tsarnaev borthers as fall guys - Todashev's wife

    вот так

  10. thanks bot tak

    So friends were referring to an actual girlfriend since he had split from his wife..

  11. This was an outright murder by the FBI. No knife was puled or used by this man.

  12. ' The FBI agent, named Chris, had set up multiple previous meetings? Why? This time three additional agents came from Boston?'

    would that Chris be this Chris?

    'Two FBI special agents were tragically killed Friday during a training exercise off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Special Agent Christopher Lorek and Special Agent Stephen Shaw were members of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, part of the Critical Incident Response Group based at Quantico, Virginia. The cause of the incident is under review.

  13. Todashev was pursuing career in sport, not politics - wife

    An interview with his wife.


    Similar things happening in UK, same sort of official connections to terror acts and the terrorists who committed them and the same attempts to to cover this up.

    MI5 ‘tried to recruit’ Woolwich murder suspect

    вот так

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    I have put up a new video and this one is interfering, apologies, I realize many are still reading this post

    I will try to find the link to that video and will re embed once this post has moved further down the line, then it will not interfere with the newer stuff
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  15. Different Chris...the FBI agent in Orlando and the HRT (hostage rescue team) FBI member are two different Chris. Remember its a common name. Also FBI HRT was involved in the aftermath in Boston (as was every SWAT team pretty much in the area). Doesn't mean that every HRT member was in Boston. So don't read too much into this. Yes, it makes a good story, but the FBI is not "eliminating" agents who were "involved". I've been on helicopters before. They do lose power especially in a hover. These guys were practicing fast roping (where you wrap your arms and legs around the rope). Shit happens.

    The killing of the honorary cousel in Ankara has nothing to do with Todashev or Tsarnaev.

    This is a lot less conspiracy and a lot more big giant f**k up.

    FBI picks a target who is Chechen and was an aquaintance of Tsarnaev. They are convinced he is involved, and with egg on their face over missing the Boston attack (Russian intel warned that Tsarnaevs were up to something), this time they need to get it right. So for weeks they follow Todashev and interview him countless times. They see him get in fight in a parking lot and according to police reports he knocks the guy out and knocks out a couple of teeth. The fight invovles a guy and his adult dad. So Todashev is taking on two guys and kicks their ass. They look at everyone Todashev is associated with. He goes to MMA gyms, trains, etc. There is a perception that he is a "fighter", "dangerous", a "hot head", etc. They get him to delay his return home. They press him hard. They have immigration arrest his girfriend (see this story, towards the bottom of article )

    They interview him at his home, and push him again. This time they have Mass state troopers with them and they push the tripple homicide angle. This is just another way to get him. Remember, if he was invovled in terrorism, FBI would have got him on that. So the fact that they are pulling in state police and trying to pin homicide charges means that they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    If this was a local police department, they would have closed the case a long time ago. But FBI does not operate like this. After weeks of surveilence, investigation, interviews, too much was invested. They needed a victory, a confession, to ANYTHING. Otherwise it is a waste of time. So they kept on pushing until Todashev snapped. Now they are in clean up mode to make sure everything looks cool. To make sure the agent did not overreact to this "trained Chechen fighter connected to the Bombers", and did not in fact shoot an unarmed 27 year old kid.

    So what you are seeing is an oversealous federal agency, just like back in Waco if you remember.

    1. "Different Chris...the FBI agent in Orlando and the HRT (hostage rescue team) FBI member are two different Chris. Remember its a common name"

      I am very well aware, Chris is a common name, but how can we know that it is indeed two different persons name Chris?

      The answer is we can't know either way. Therefore we can't conclude definitely they are the same person or they are not the same person. Unless you have some specific info you can share with us all?

      "These guys were practicing fast roping (where you wrap your arms and legs around the rope)"

      And they had no safety restraints of any type, for this practice ? That does not seem plausible, logical or probable. Even a parachute has a back up parachute.
      These guys were not the hollywood James bond, so, I have a bit of trouble with them "practicing" something new and dangerous without back up of some sort.

      "The killing of the honorary cousel in Ankara has nothing to do with Todashev or Tsarnaev."

      I don't think anyone was suggesting it did? That specific commenter was leaving that in relation to another angle that has been discussed here

      " So Todashev is taking on two guys and kicks their ass. "

      The information I had seen on that is a one on one fight. Would you leave a link to your information?

      " So they kept on pushing until Todashev snapped."

      Are we sure he snapped? You seem to be. I am not.

      What I think is more likely is Todashev was being tortured.
      He was being coerced (through god knows what methods) into signing a bogus 'confession' and was not cooperating. And the FBI shot him, that's it, they just killed him, because dead, he could not defend himself in anyway shape or form and the FBI could spin the story as they like. The media will eat it up, because it is always trial by media

      Your forgot that there are numerous reports that Todashev was recovering from knee surgery, having been there twice myself,,, it's extremely painful
      It is not likely he could have done a whole heck of a lot in the way of attacking numerous heavily armed agents

    2. With the information publicly available to date, I suppose you cannot rule out that HRT Chris and "interview" Chris are the same guy. I'm saying it's not because it is not probable. HRT Chris is a SWAT guy. He's based out of Quantico, Virginia. FBI has an entire office in Orlando. They don't need to fly SWAT Chris from Quantico out to Orlando to have him set up an interview, and then arrange for him to have an accident on Friday May 17. If he participated in the Todashev incident on May 22 and THEN had a training accident, suspicion levels would rise. With what we know, I'm not buying the "HRT Chris and Interview Chris are the Same Chris" theory.

      Fast roping - nope - no harnesses used. It is in fact a very hazardous training activity. It is "fast" because there are no harnesses. You slide down, and as soon as you're on the ground you get the hell out of the way for #2, who is sliding down the rope. Usually deploy from both sides of a helicopter. Remember Blackhawk Down? That kid falling out? Anyways, attaching a you tube video. You can see how fast roping works. Accidents happen.

      Parking lot fight - see Orlando Sentinel article referencing two men.

      Pasting a piece of it:
      A Sheriff's Office report said Todashev left the scene while one of the victims was unconscious on the ground surrounded by a "considerable" amount of blood.

      "I thought he was wearing brass knuckles, but it was just his fist," said Lester García Baez, one of the men attacked. "It was shocking how accurate and quick his punches were."

      I did read the reports about the surgery. I don't know the extent of it. I can only go by the publically available reporting on this, which suggests he fought two guys in a parking lot, and knocked one of the two out.

      Regarding torture, news sources indicate that they heard gunshots during the incident. No one heard screams, shouts, etc. Can I rule out torture? I wasn't there, so no. Can you prove torture? I don't think you can. Also, if tortured, there are more convenient places than the guy's condo. Like Guantanamo for instance. Or hell, sending him back to Russia and letting the Russians torture him. No doubt they'd love to stick it to a Chechen.

      Now, to be clear, I am not condoning what happened to Todashev. The FBI screwed up, and they have some serious questions to answer. I don't buy a sensationalized version of the story that includes a planned execution of a Chechen who just knew too much and needed to be silenced. There is no evidence that Todashev knew anything for that matter. Hence my theory of what happened, which I already outlined in the previous post. Less sensational, but not any less wrong.

    3. I don't think you are condoning anything
      There are things we know and things we can't know
      wrt chris?
      The condo was not his. It was supposed to be that of his ex wifes
      Can I rule out torture?
      Let me ask you this? They had this guy at this condo for a number of hours
      guesstimating between 3 to 5
      do you suppose they were drinking tea? Having a few beers?
      Or what is more sensible, they were using 'coercive technique' to extract a confession.
      If I had to chose between
      tea drinking
      beer drinking
      coercive techniques being practiced
      considering the number of armed officers vs one man?
      I am going with coercive techniques to extract a confession.
      A "planned execution"?
      Well I am sure it was an option, perhaps not preferable, but it was an option.

    4. You can't seriously believe these guys have one plan and they stick to it?

  16. FBI Agents in Florida, especially in the " BUSH " area are no strangers to murdering innocent people. One case being the gross murder of Mary Giglia Johnson. She was murdered for her Son's money in Chase Bank in in Tampa, Florida. The U.S. Attorney that spoke to a family member about his mother murder murder was no other than Lee Bentley. His take, while no one was listening was threatening the family and warning them to never contact The DOJ again. it will be interesting to see what " Song and Dance "Bentley has in-store for the family of Mr. Todashev. Florida is a very corrupt place and has seen it's better days. They will provably try to bribe him to go away.

    Read more:

  17. I agree with you Penny, the "wife" is off. There are records of her changing her name on the internet, she was living in LA and not in muslim headscarf at time of murder, her mum is in the US military, she had travelled to Georgia (Jamestown Foundation I suspect) a number of times supposedly, and she is Armenian... it was established around the time of "Misha" that Armenians converting to Islam is very highly unlikely. And his girlfriend put into solitary and threatened with deportation. It stinks to high heaven

    1. Hi Rebecca

      geez, I didn't realize this post was still getting read
      I had noticed recently the girlfriend was in the news
      She travelled to Georgia? The wife? To be clear, are you saying Georgia former satellite state of USSR?
      Initially it was like wife? Girlfriend? Which is it?
      I recall the whole Misha scenario
      At the time that seemed a smoke screen
      I wonder if there was really a wife at all?
      Rebecca do you any links to information about the wife that you mention?
      curiosty has gotten the better of me