Tuesday, May 7, 2013

US/Russia meeting. Israel bombings & FSA goes to US meets Hagel & AIPAC

 With two updates! One for the Canadians...............

Israel bombs Syria with depleted uranium bombs, which would be a war crime if it was anyone else..
Unless something changes..it appears we are looking at an expansion of war.
So it begins.....going long read to the end!

Hoping everyone noticed that immediately after Israel struck Damascus, aiding the NATO Islamic army of terrorists, the news fell off the proverbial front page?
Strike anyone as odd? Israel didn’t gloat, which they usually do.
In fact Israel went to lengths to downplay what had happened?? - Israel tries to tamp down Syrian Anger after killing dozens of it's elite soldiers   Why?

Israel is claiming they were not aiding the terrorists. That claim is not credible
Israel is claiming they were not trying to expand this into a regional conflict. Another non credible claim.
So, why is Israel downplaying this attack?  I am not sure.
I can speculate, that very heated exchanges went on between Israel and the US.
Israel and Russia. Perhaps even others? China, perhaps?
Clearly something was up, because the attack on Syria dropped off of the radar yesterday.
Instead we got the prison guard arrest and some claims about mortars or something hitting occupied Golan. Distraction and victim meme reinforcement.

First let’s look at what was said and what happened  after the Syrian bombing took place:
-Russia and China expressed alarm on Monday

Russia said it was concerned the chances of foreign military intervention in Syria were growing, suggesting its worry stemmed in part from media reports about the alleged use of chemical weapons in the conflict that has killed 70,000 people.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the reported air strikes “caused particular alarm”.

“The further escalation of armed confrontation sharply increases the risk of creating new areas of tension, in addition to Syria, in Lebanon, and the destabilization of the so-far relatively calm atmosphere on the Lebanese-Israeli border.”
China said:
China on Monday also implicitly criticized Israel's air strikes in Syria, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived in Shanghai for a visit.

"We are opposed to the use of force and believe that the sovereignty of any country should be respected," foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a regular press briefing when asked about the raids.

She added that China urged all sides to "exercise restraint and refrain from actions that may escalate tensions".

As Netanyahu arrived in China? Interesting timing.

-Oil prices spiked above $105 a barrel

-Lebanon has called on the U.N. Security Council to condemn violations of its airspace by Israel.

-And as mentioned Israel downplayed their dirty deed

Israel, whose prime minister visited China on Monday in a sign of business-as-usual, sought to persuade Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday that the air strikes did not aim to weaken him and dismissed the prospects of an escalation.

“There are no winds of war,” Yair Golan, the general commanding Israeli forces on the Syrian and Lebanese fronts, told reporters while out jogging with troops.

“Do you see tension? There is no tension. Do I look tense to you?” he said, according to the Maariv NRG news website.
If you were like me, wondering what had happened to Syrian air defences?

According to this article Syrian defences had been substantially reduced by all the domestic terrorism.

Indicating ever more clearly the collusion between Israel and the NATO Islamist Army, terrorizing Syria

It was too late when air raid sirens wailed at one of Syria's most fortified military compounds. Israeli jets were already attacking the Hameh complex and civilian employees in nearby housing were scrambling for cover with their families.
That’s right boys and girls, Israel harmed women and children!!
Israel terrorized families. Babies. Small children. Grannies and Grampies.

"Families ran to basements and stayed there,"
The witness said windows were blown out in workers' flats several hundred meters (yards) from Hameh's perimeter,
One rebel commander said Assad's forces have been fortifying their positions on Qasioun since the uprising began in March 2011. "The Israelis still managed to get to the weapons stores. The secondary explosions indicate that they were right on target," he said, adding that Syrian air defenses, already weakened by the civil war "could not do anything".

 -That rebel commander and his terror brigades must be pleased at their ‘success’ in  enabling Israel to hit Syrian territory.

I have to include this paragraph. Simply to demonstrate the corporate media absurdity factor
 However, it was unclear whether Israel was effectively helping the rebels by raiding the Qasioun sites, as Damascus has said, or attacked the air defenses purely to safeguard its own operations against Iranian-supplied missiles.

It is very clear that Israel helps the rebels and the rebels help Israel. It is not unclear at all.

We know Kerry left for Russia last night. There was some interesting reporting regarding that visit.
Noting the language..
Kerry to talk Boston Bombing and Syria with Russia
Why the Boston Bombing gets first mention will become clear... Keep in mind that I had warned about the potential for a frame/blame angle being played with Russia

Secretary of State John Kerry was on his way to Moscow this evening amid new unrest in Syria and at a time when the United States is investigating the biggest terror attack on American soil since 9/11 -- an attack that has ties to Russia.

While Kerry will be discussing a wide range of issues, one topic on the agenda will be an increase in counter-terrorism cooperation between the countries, particularly after the Boston Marathon bombing, where the suspects had ties to Russia.

Brief digression: I had mentioned Israel had a phone call from Putin after the attack on Syria....

Russia condemned the attacks - which Israeli sources said targeted missiles destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon - as a threat to regional stability.

President Putin had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Kremlin said

Back to Kerry's visit to Russia:

“Ahead of Mr Kerry's visit, Russia's foreign ministry called on the West to stop politicising the issue of chemical weapons in Syria, BBC Moscow correspondent Steven Rosenberg reports.

It expressed concern that world public opinion was being prepared for possible military intervention, he adds”

And Russia's Foreign Ministry would be correct in that assertion:

 Eagle: Hagel To Meet Free Syrian Army – Israel/AIPAC Hosting Free Syrian Army in Washington DC on 9 May — New War for USA?

This Thursday, Tzipi Livni, the “Free Syrian Army” and Chuck Hagel will confer here at the Ritz-Carlton. What are they planning? As an activist for Peace and Non-violence, are you comfortable with their secret negotiations?
Why would the AIPAC funded and staffed, WINEP, at their upcoming 2013 Soref Symposium, scheduled for May 9, host members of the Free Syrian Army…?
— Noon: Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni delivers remarks on “Israel’s New Government and the Challenge of Peacemaking with the Palestinians”
— 2:30 p.m.: Anwar Esmat El Sadat, founder and chairman of the El Sadat Association for Social Development and Welfare; and Dennis Ross, former senior Middle East adviser to four presidents and counselor at WINEP, participate in a discussion on “Egypt’s Revolution, Two Years On: Transition in Distress?”
— 4 p.m.: Col. Abdul Hamid Zakaria, commander and spokesman for the Free Syrian Army; and Col. Abdul Jabbar Akidi, Free Syrian Army commander and head of the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo, participate in a breakout discussion on “Inside Syria: The Battle Against Assad’s Regime.” (The session is off the record)
— 7 p.m.: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel deliver remarks on “U.S. Defense Policy in the Middle East”
LOCATION: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 1150 22nd Street NW, Washington, D.C.CONTACT: Brittany Parker,  202-452-0650  ext. 244; press@washingtoninstitute.org [Note: Speeches by Tzipi Livni, Anwwar El Sadat and Chuck Hagel will be available via live-stream at https://www.washingtoninstitute.org. RSVP to Brittany Parker at press@washingtoninstitute.org for media credentials]
(This schedue is no longer available on the WINEP website. I copied it from a blog, which also has Col.Wilkerson interview on Young Turks.)

As I have contended all along Israel is not the least bit frightened of these Islamist mercs.

UPDATE: Russia and US to Convene Peace Conference aimed at ending Syrian War

Russia and the United States announced on Tuesday that they would seek to convene an international conference aimed at ending the civil war in Syria.

 Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov, announced their agreement to arrange the conference, possibly within the next few weeks
 Pretty vague stuff, really. Is the US and friends going to stop arming and funding the rebels?
Can Israel be counted on to not launch further attacks on Syria?
Is Turkey going to stop allowing terrorists through the border?
Are the GCC going to stop paying the rebels?
Considering all that is at stake .....I am not jumping for joy over the convening of talks possibly in a few weeks. Much can change on the ground, in Syria and in surrounding nations.

UPDATE # 2- For the Canadians: MP's Debate roll in Syria

MPs are holding an emergency debate in the House of Commons on Canada's role in Syria amid renewed concerns about chemical weapons and Israel's involvement in its ongoing civil war.

 This evening’s emergency debate is an opportunity to ask the Canadian government vital questions about the conversations it is having with our allies, what actions it is taking, and equally, to debate the role Canada ought to be playing in the international effort to support the Syrian people,” Rae said in a statement on Tuesday.

 The foreign affairs minister said earlier in the day that he doesn’t see Canadian Forces getting involved in Syria’s civil war right now.

What the heck does that mean?

And this, below, saw this earlier..load of  bull biscuits

A Palestinian militant group’s spokesperson told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Syria's President Assad has given them permission to set up missiles and attack Israel.


  1. As always a fantastic job by Penny.

  2. Hi Pen, your post and one from Richard Edmondson prompted me to write one of my own! Here's my take on the situation

    1. thanks James, I read it this am before hitting the couch with the pot of tea and snoozing most of the day
      Yuk. But if I get up, I find myself glued to what is going on in Syria
      Off to make some soup, to calm that queasy tummy

  3. Today, 3:34
    Syria cut off from internet


    "Internet connections between Syria and the outside world were cut off on Tuesday, according to data from Google Inc and other global Internet companies.

    Google's Transparency Report pages showed traffic to Google services pages from the country, embroiled in a civil war that has lasted more than two years, suddenly stopping shortly before 3 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT).

    The vast majority of websites within Syria were rendered unreachable as well, other experts said, as the county appeared to shut itself off.

    Voice of Russia, Reuters"

    Was this something the Syrian government did, or was it sabotage or outside interference?

    вот так

  4. Hamas represses pro-Syria rally in Gaza


    "The Hamas police on Tuesday repressed a rally held in southern Gaza in protest of recent Israeli airstrikes against Syria, witnesses said.

    The protest was organized by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Khanyounis city, the witnesses said, adding several participants were beaten and four journalists were detained by Hamas' forces on the grounds of holding unlicensed rally.

    The demonstrators waved Palestinian and Syrian flags as well as banners slamming the Israeli bombing in Damascus, and chanted slogans rejecting "any Israeli aggression against any Arab capital."

    Hopefully, many Palestinians will take note that Hamas is now openly defending Israeli war crimes against Syria. The Israelis now have full control of the Hamas leadership, just like they do with Fatah.

    вот так

    1. Hamas has been a problem through this whole thing...
      And since Hamas was started up by Israel.....

  5. Turned on my BoobTube set yesterday evening at 1900 hours, and on ZNN, FAUX and MSNBC, all were reporting on that Cleveland kidnapping case.

    Not a word about Syria.

    With the Internet going down in Syria, for all we know, Israel and the NATO butchers could of bombed that nation to bits.

    1. Hi Greg:

      I noticed the msm was going wild with that one
      Never mind being on the brink of major war..
      One thing I will say about that case. what a black mark on the police force!
      Likely to busy handing out speeding and parking tickets to load up the city coffers
      Or to at least justify the presence of what looks to be an ineffective police force?

  6. The rebels in Libya used chemical weapons against the town of Bani Walid.


    Many of the Libyan rebels shipped out to Turkey to go into Syria and they took their weapons with them.

    1. Good point. Good point. See I had forgotten about that until you reminded me
      So much has gone on!

  7. Penny

    "If you were like me, wondering what had happened to Syrian air defences?"

    One possibility I've read about is the 1st attack was by Israeli aircraft in Lebanon firing missiles into Syria from across the border and that the 2nd attack was from Israeli ss missiles or cruise missiles. In the 1st attack, the Syrians probably don't attack Israeli aircraft flying over Lebanon for the obvious international law reasons and because they probably cant identify the aircraft conclusively to avoid attacking civilian aircraft accidentally. In the 2nd attack, I don't think Syria has the ability to reliably shoot down missiles with its AD.

    Another possibility is the Syrians may have withheld interception so the Israelis wouldn't be able to gather intelligence on Syrian AD capabilities. The Israeli attack could be a preliminary attack designed to trigger a Syrian AD response that could then be studied and the info then used to help defeat the Syrians in a much larger scale attack later. A common tactic by Israeli-American forces.

    вот так

    1. "One possibility I've read about is the 1st attack was by Israeli aircraft in Lebanon firing missiles into Syria "

      It's possible? I mean really anything is?

      "The Israeli attack could be a preliminary attack designed to trigger a Syrian AD response that could then be studied and the info then used to help defeat the Syrians in a much larger scale attack later. A common tactic by Israeli-American forces"

      I am no military strategist.... who would have thought of that?

  8. First, now BIBI is going to visit Putin to discuss weapons
    Israeli PM to Visit Russia Over Weapons Supply to Syria

    This after the US says Russia withheld information on the Boston suspect, who has since joined OBL in an undisclosed location


    [curious that Russia could have ponied up the few thousand dollars to fly the body back to the Caucuses, but didn't? Was there nobody that could come up with a few grand. There was a curious story about a neighborhood do gooder trying to raise the money to send the body back form the funeral home]

    Apparently the alleged missed text messages by the Boston suspect were not picked up by the new fusion center in Utah

    Yest Lebanon reported it was anxious to take on game changing weapons

    US general was in Lebanon a few days ago, plotting coordination with the Lebanese army.

    "- U.S. Army Central Command (ARCENT) Commander Lieutenant General Vincent K. Brooks stressed Tuesday the U.S.' support to the Lebanese army as well as its willingness to carry on bilateral military cooperation, the U.S. embassy here said in a statement.

    Brooks visited Lebanon on Tuesday, and met with Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji and other senior military officials.

    He reiterated the U.S. military's ongoing support in " strengthening the professional capacity of the Lebanese Armed Forces to serve the Lebanese people as the sole legitimate defense force to secure Lebanon's borders and defend the sovereignty and independence of the state."