Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vitamin C kills drug resistant TB

Vitamin C can kill multidrug-resistant TB in the lab, scientists have found. 

The surprise discovery may point to a new way of tackling this increasingly hard-to-treat infection, the US study authors from Yeshiva University
An estimated 650,000 people worldwide have multidrug-resistant TB.
Studies are now needed to see if a treatment that works using the same action as vitamin C would be useful as a TB drug in humans.

While the findings of this study appear promising, further research to confirm the observations would be essential before Vitamin C can be used to supplement TB treatment”
In the laboratory studies, vitamin C appeared to be acting as a "reducing agent" - something that triggers the production of of reactive oxygen species called free radicals. These free radicals killed off the TB, even drug resistant forms that are untreatable with conventional antibiotics such as isoniazid.

To bad that Codex Alimentarius is set to make it that much more difficult to access vitamins
Unless, of course, big pharma can find a way to manipulate the effect of the free radicals and make a very expensive pharmaceutical product. Notice the highlighted wording?
Because that is the agenda. Profits over your health.

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the big pharma parasites tried to patent vitamin C in the USA and got away with it. Meet the new Vitamin C - vitamin Monsanto. Enjoy it with your starch ration of freedom fries, your veggie ration of ketchup and your Soylent Green burger. In post 1980 America what people used to joke about facetiously is now how things are there.

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