Sunday, June 23, 2013

Egypt's Army delivers an ominous warning

This news caught my eye. 
Leaving out the spin because I don't want CBS telling me how to think about this situation.

Egypt's army chief warned on Sunday that the military is ready to intervene to stop the nation from entering a "dark tunnel" of internal conflict.

Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi spoke a week ahead of mass protests planned by opponents of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. There are fears the demonstrations calling for Morsi's ouster will descend into violence after some of the president's hard-line supporters vowed to "smash" them. Others declared protesters were infidels who deserve to be killed.

El-Sissi's comments were, his first in public on the planned June 30 protests, made to officers during a seminar.

El-Sissi also appeared to lower the threshold for what warrants intervention by the military. Earlier he cited collapse or near collapse of the state.
He said that while the military has recently stayed out the political fray and focused instead on its combat capabilities, its patriotic and moral responsibility toward Egyptians obliges it to intervene and stop Egypt from "slipping into a dark tunnel of conflict, internal fighting." He said sectarian violence and the collapse of state institutions would also justify intervention.
He urged all parties to use the week left before the June 30 protests to reach a "genuine" understanding to defuse the crisis. "We have a week during which a great deal can be achieved. This is a call that is only motivated by love of the nation, its presence and future."

 "Those who think that we (the military) are oblivious to the dangers that threaten the Egyptian state are mistaken. We will not remain silent while the country slips into a conflict that will be hard to control," he said.

Problems with this?
CBS wants us to believe this is displeasure with Morsi. But, is it?
Could it really be support of Morsi?
“We will not remain silent while the country slips into a conflict that will be hard to control"
At a time when non Islamist Egyptians are going to stage protests?
The military implies they could step in to keep the peace?
This sounds quite supportive of Mr MB Morsi
Thinking back to when Mubarek stepped down to the big show in Egypt...
The military stood down while the protests roiled. Why, at this time, would the military threaten to step in?
If Egypt gets itself too off kilter how would this play into the whole middle east being in an uproar
And how will Israel react to instability in Egypt?


  1. Sounds like it could be support for the Morsi side, or support for the protestors. It could also be the military sees a potential situation they could use to their own advantage, independent of Morsi, or those opposed to him, in which they can increase their power, or usurp power.

    Regarding Israel, I suspect they want chaos in Eqypt, or at least an Egyptian government too busy with internal strife to interfere with zionist interests. They are probably supporting at least 2 sides in Eqypt, as is their usual, and setting them against each other.

    вот так

    1. hey bot tak
      it's hard to read what is really going on
      The military in egypt doesn't have to usurp the power, it is the power
      same as in Turkey
      leaders stand or fall on the grace of the military
      I suspect Israel wants chaos in Egypt also

  2. those who plan to go see the movie World War Z may like to read this blog review first:
    '....But the utopia is short-lived. This easing of borders becomes Jerusalem’s downfall. At the crossing, the noise of an Arab woman’s celebratory song attracts a zombie horde. The zombies form a pyramid to climb over the apartheid wall as the IDF tries to kill them. This is a very disturbing image. It is impossible not to see this scene as an apocalyptic evocation of Israeli fears of Arab invasion, whether through literal acts of violence or “demographic threat.” The city is finally overtaken by zombies. In compromising security for brotherhood, Israel’s worst fears are realized.

    In the final escape from Jersualem, an IDF soldier sacrifices himself with a grenade to help Gerry get away (ironically, a suicide bombing). Gerry and a wounded female IDF soldier are the only survivors and become the film’s central heroes. The US and Israel (with a benevolent assist from the UN) working together to save civilization from a unknowable, unstoppable terror.'

    i went to see After Earth, and found it a very good film, tho some are claiming its Scientology dressed up...and used that to bash it.
    In comparison World War Z...sounds like out and out racism/propaganda: TO make israels jews look good and the arabs bad

    1. goodness brian that sounds like a truly horrid movie
      I am so tired of the whole zombie meme

  3. You're right Penny, there is a deceptive spin there.

    It's an AP story not a CBS story - you can read exactly the same story on Times of Israel, for example.

    Here's one not from AP -
    Who is Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi?
    Intelligence, British military college, American military academy, Saudi-Arabia, Washington, Wall st., Brennen, blah blah - you get the picture. He might not be of the MUSLIM Brotherhood but he is for sure of THE Brotherhood :wink:. Morsi's handler?

    Ahram has a more neutral version of El-Sisi's statement-
    Military gives Egypt's political powers a week to reconcile
    'Minister of defence gives ambiguous warning that the armed forces will not allow Egypt to slip into violence'

    And that seems to have been in answer to this-
    Protesters at defence ministry demand Egypt's army take power
    Provocateurs at work (agents of TPTB playing dialectical games), or just pissed-off citizens? Who can tell? However, any Egyptian protesters who think that El Sisi is going to be anti-Morsi, anti-Brotherhood, anti-west or anti-Israel are heading for disappointment.

    More on the Morsi-Sisi 'Punch & Judy' show -
    Sinai crisis heightens tension between Egypt president, army chief: Sources those being un-named military and intelligence sources.

  4. From one of the links left by freethinker
    ahram online

    In the eyes of Israel, according to one diplomat, both Morsi and El-Sisi are already perceived as a president and defence minister in a bras de fer that may reduce their capacity – or, rather, Egypt's capacity – to maintain security in Sinai.

    Israeli, US reactions

    According to several Egyptian diplomats, this argument is already being made by Israeli diplomats in several world capitals and in the corridors of the UN.

    "The Israelis express satisfaction over Egypt's commitment to observe Israeli security interests and pursue traditional security and intelligence coordination, but add that the instability within the Egyptian state could lead to unexpected chaos, said one unnamed diplomat. "They are already suggesting that there might be a need to consider expanding the MFO."

    1. and sevens soldiers were kidnapped in the Sinai?
      strange, no?

  5. if this headline is true US Sends Planeload of Equipment, Officers to Syria via Turkey

    Then the war has started in earnest, killing of a high Shia Cleric in Egypt, and Iran adamant Iran Won’t Allow a Foreign Prescription for Syria The lines are now drawn. This is the date 23 June when the conflict went global. Lets see how well FUKUS manage this time.

  6. El-Sisi :

    General Command and Staff Course, Joint Command and Staff College, United Kingdom, 1992.

    War Course, US Army War College, United States, 2006.

    Does the US/UK/Israel want to keep the Muslim Brotherhood in power?

    And does the US/UK/Israel want Egypt broken up?

    "El-Sissi, through a series of subtle but telling hints, has shown his displeasure over Morsi’s policies."

    - Aangirfan