Tuesday, June 18, 2013

G- 8 Declaration WILL NOT mention the fate of Syrian leader Assad & Updates!


The G-8 summit's joint statement on ending the Syrian civil war will not mention whether Bashar Assad must step down from power as part of any peace settlement, a senior Russian diplomat said Tuesday ahead of the document's publication.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters the eight nations have agreed they should not specify any outcome from peace talks that all agree should start soon in Geneva.

Ryabkov said the talks should aim to create a transitional coalition government for Syria, but should not predetermine whether Assad can participate in that government.

"It would be wrong and harmful and violate the political balance," he said. "We cannot dictate to the participants in the process how it's going to end, otherwise it makes no sense to even start it."

The formal Syria declaration is expected later Tuesday after leaders of all eight G-8 members discussed the Syrian impasse over dinner Monday night.

If I have time later I will update this post.
My Comment: This news speaks louder about much more then just Geneva 2  then most will every really be aware of.

Putin torpedoes G8 efforts to push out Assad

In a final communique after two days of intense talks, global leaders called for peace talks to be held as soon as possible to resolve the Syrian civil war. But it did not even mention Assad's name.

Fact Sheet:  President Obama Increases Humanitarian Assistance to Syrians.

"Humanitarian Assistance" is continued aid to the NATO mercs

Updates begin here :

I am wondering if there is an economic attack on the Syrian dollar ongoing?
If anyone can fill us all in on this, that would be great. The timing is extremely suspicious but... I just don't know?

WP reporting the Syrian pound is tumbling... 

 Many exchange shops closed in Damascus on Tuesday, fearing more chaos a day after the Syrian currency plunged to a new record low.
 The currency woes add to the embattled president’s troubles, and government officials rushed to allay public fears by announcing Damacus’ top ally Iran was extending a credit line to make up for market needs.
Syria is already taking measures to stabilize the currency/dollar.

Syria to activate $1B loan to stabilize pound

 The head of the Central Bank of Syria, Adib Mayaleh, said Tuesday that the bank would draw on a $1 billion credit line from Iran

 “CBS will provide the exchanging institutions and the Commercial Bank of Syria with the foreign currency by acceptable prices in order to meet the citizens’ requests to buy the foreign currencies according to regulations which sell each citizen an amount of 1000 euro per month,” Mayaleh said in a statement quoted in the Syrian state news agency, SANA.

Reinoud Leenders, a Syrian expert at the Department of Middle East Studies at King’s College, said the central bank was able to stave off such a precipitous drop in the value of the pound for longer than many observers had expected.

“There has been a devaluation of the Syrian pound, but there [had] not been a double-digit devaluation when compared to the dollar, so they must be leaning on pretty substantial foreign currency reserves which must be coming from Iran, Russia,” he told The Daily Star. “It’s amazing, especially if you compare what happened to [the value of currency in] Iraq.”

PM of Canada, Steven Harper while hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible claims Russia made concessions. Hardeeharhar Harper is the joke! Harper touts progress on Syria, says Putin made concessions Just another psychopath!

David Cameron, the psycho from the UK  tries to encourage a Syrian military coup

David Cameron last night made an appeal to Syria's military and security leaders in an extraordinary attempt to spark a coup against Bashar al-Assad.
The Prime Minister said the future of the country's army and security forces would be guaranteed were Assad's regime to fall.

Outlining a future for the country, a statement said 'public services must be preserved or restored'. 'This includes the military forces and security services,' it added. Diplomats confirmed this was a direct message to the leaders of Assad's military and security forces that they would not be swept aside if he is removed.


  1. In just the last hour on NPR I heard a news summary that said Russia had a greed to Assad being "transitioned."

    I was disappointed in Putin, but, as ususal, we're getting the US government spin.

    I'm so old I remember when NPR could be trusted to give a more objective reading of news....


    1. Hi Jawbone
      the North American media is lying through it's teeth to promote what happened as something else entirely
      They are working to save face
      It is not working

    2. why do people continually believe what the MSM esp the US MSM say? those muslims who do then feel urged to go on jihad...

      pleaase stop reading them../they have nothing to offer

  2. Whilst the G7 + 1 were so say negotiating/talking about Syria NATO and the UK were already airlifting heavy weapons to the terrorists.

    Admittedly, the source is the known Zionist mouthpiece Debkafile, so caution is advised as to whether the news is legitimate. Debkafile claim that one area of black market supply of these weapons is Serbia, which is highly unlikely.

    'NATO and a number of European governments, most significantly the UK, have started airlifting heavy weapons to the Syrian rebels poised in Aleppo to fend off a major Syrian army offensive, according to DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources. They disclose that the first shipments were landed Monday night, June 17, and early Tuesday in Turkey and Jordan. They contained anti-air and tank missiles as well as recoilless 120 mm cannons mounted on jeeps. From there, they were transferred to rebel forces in southern Syria and Aleppo in the northwest.'

    1. I wouldn't doubt that NATO nutters have already started moving weapons, it would seem they are jockeying for position before Geneva 2
      I am surprised, Serbia?
      Had a georgian fellow popping in here who had mentioned weapons transfers via georgia to Turkey..
      disgusting all of it,
      but thanks for the heads up Neo!

    2. Remember the odd case of Serb NATO envoy jumping out of a carpark. Serbia also just had kosovo resolution rammed down their throat. Xinhau carried story yestd Russia will not allow a no fly. Everything else is pure positioning. Russia being probed with the Finland and Sweden NATO talk. Russia striking back with mock seden raid and alleged Finn airspace incursions. Yest rferl reported stocks of weapons found around country tied to salakash. Finally while Egypt deserves mention, Brazil demonstrations are grabbing the headline. Curiously Brazil president today called for radical reform to post war monetary apperatus. You will recall it was Brazil finmin that coined term FX war. Several stories appeared over past few days on Columbia drifting to NATO.

    3. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/world/story/russia-will-not-permit-no-fly-zone-over-syria-20130617


    4. Isn't that news so very "gladio"?

      TBILISI -- Georgian investigators say they have found several caches filled with weapons, explosives, drugs, and documents targeting opponents of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili's party.

      Interior Ministry's spokeswoman Nino Giorgobiani told journalists on June 17 that materials were found buried in barrels in Georgia's western province of Samegrelo.

      The spokeswoman said the caches contained photos and written material about people Saakashvili's United National Movement party allegedly planned to arrest if it won last year's parliamentary elections.

      Giorgobiani said videos showing sexual abuse and the torture of unnamed individuals by law enforcement officials were also found.

      Saakashvili's party has not yet commented the statement.

    5. "Remember the odd case of Serb NATO envoy jumping out of a carpark?"

      "Serbia also just had kosovo resolution rammed down their throat."
      vaguely familiar with that news, yes.

      Do you think we should then entertain the possibility of Serbian involvement in weapons movement?

  3. Convention of Wahhabi Clerics Makes Jihad in Syria a Duty & Ends Up in Door-to-Door Shia-Hunting
    A recent convention in Egypt that was attended by many Wahhabi clerics from around the world made it a "legal duty", from a Wahhabi (Salafi) standpoint, for all followers of their intolerant and bigoted faith to kill infidels, especially Shiites and Alawites in Syria. Recent atrocities where entire families were slaughtered due to their sectarian affiliation have become common practice for Wahhabis, who refer to themselves as Sunnis, while most moderate Sunnis dissociate themselves from them. The world's oldest and most prestigious Islamic school, al-Azhar, has called these calls for Jihad in Syria as completely unlawful.

    In this video, a footage from Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria shows how a group of Wahhabi rebels influenced by the sectarian preaching of these Wahhabi clerics are going door-to-door searching for Shiite (Shia) families to kill.


  4. off topic but FYI
    Russall Brand discusses Messiah Complex tour: about messihs who have become icons in a way they may not have intended

  5. FSA commander on Al Jazeera "If #Israel attacks #Syria we will not fight it" Their Treason knows no bounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6S0akZTH_o …

    and you thought zionist jews and islamic terrorists were enemies?

    1. "and you thought zionist jews and islamic terrorists were enemies?"

      Not I, brian.
      They are the best of friends
      Unfortunately much of the populace doesn't get it

  6. HERE IS VIDEO YOU REQUESTED Syria - American Dollars found with captured FSA / Al Qaeda Terrorist Jihadists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcCNEfosizs

    1. Ali:

      can you provide a rough translation
      I see the money etc
      but don't have a clue what is being said

      who are the men the reporters are speaking to
      and what is being said?

      ty in advance

  7. the F in FUKUS should really stand for the Federal Reserve, with the ability to print worthless dollars the USA would long have fallen.

    The Fed is Zion btw.