Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mash Up: UN in Turkey, Syria Army gains, Sinai, Snowden & Dzhokhar Tsarnev Indicted

Mash Up: Slang. a creative combination or mixing of content...
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UN Chemical weapons inspectors in Turkey?
Obama has already used the chemical weapons meme for justification to up the ante?
So, what is the point of these inspectors 'inspecting' in Turkey?
Most likely, to bolster the NATO/Obama  nonsense about red lines to justify  a no fly zone?
 “From Turkey, the team will be unable to gather soil samples or scientific evidence needed to prove chemical use, but could compile intelligence and interview or take blood samples from witnesses or victims of alleged attacks”
There is no chance of getting soil samples or real evidence to prove chemical use. Therefore, this has got to be about spin

Could Syrian Army advances be the reason for the new chemical weapon propaganda push?

The army took full control of Tel Kalakh, driving out insurgents.

The fall of Tel Kalakh, two miles (3km) from the border with Lebanon, marks another gain for Assad after the capture of the rebel stronghold of Qusair this month, and consolidates his control around the central city of Homs
"Terrorist groups infiltrated and terrorised the local people," an army officer said in the video. "In response to the request of the local people, the army entered Tel Kalakh to cleanse the area and restore security."
News yesterday of Russia removing personnel from Tartus?
Why Russia evacuated its naval base in Syria?

Now that Russian ships can stop in Cyprus, having personnel in Syria isn't worth the risk.   
"The first and likeliest reason for the closure is that Russia doesn't want to risk the lives of 70 military personnel stationed at Tartus," says Vladimir Sotnikov, expert with the official Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow.

"Now that the battlefield initiative in Syria's civil war is in the hands of the Assad regime, Russia might fear some [rebel] provocations against our people. Another possible reason may be to help promote the Geneva-2 talks. We have information that Russia, the United Nations and the US have agreed to a format for the talks. So, perhaps Russia wants to dispel impression that its position is based on some desire to hold on to this station," Mr. Sotnikov says.

In any case, Russian ships have the opportunity to go to Cyprus for supplies and maintenance, and it's safer for them to do so right now," he adds.

Other Russian analysts agree that, whatever the reasons for Russia's personnel pullout, it probably doesn't signal any change of the hard, pro-Assad position that Mr. Putin most recently reiterated at last week's G8 summit in Northern Ireland.
"Russia's position hasn't changed. In fact it's getting tougher," says Sergei Strokan, a foreign affairs columnist with the pro-business Moscow daily Kommersant.


 Russia replaces military with civilians at Syrian base

 Russia has withdrawn all military personnel from its naval base in Syria and replaced them with civilian workers.

 The ministry did not say when the switch at the base at Tartus took place or how many personnel were deployed there. The ministry statement said that Tartus has continued to service the Russian navy ships.

"They are continuing to work in a regular mode, and there is no talk about their evacuation from Tartus," the statement said. "Tartus remains the official base and repair facility for the Russian ships in the Mediterranean and is continuing to fulfill its mission". Moscow, however, also has an unknown number of military advisers in Syria who help its military operate and maintain Soviet- and Russian-built weapons that make up the core of its arsenals.


Next Sinai attack only a matter of time

The growing terrorist presence in Sinai continues to pose a threat to the South.

Rocket explodes in central Sinai

30 armed Islamic Jihad operatives entered Sinai from Gaza

Senior Egyptian army sources reported that 30 Islamic Jihad operatives from Gaza infiltrated into the Sinai Peninsula. According to the Palestinian news agency Maan, the operatives were well armed, and security forces in the area have raised the alert to emergency level.
 Wonder if the militants infiltrated Sinai via Gaza originating in Israel?

Recalling just last week the US sent additional troops to Sinai- covered here
I use the word additional since, ht to anon linkie person for this one, there were already troops present a receiving visitors in the Fall of 2012-  US General visited Sinai troops back in Fall 2012 in support of Sinai force

 Snowden higher perception management value on the lam.

Middle name wrong on request for arrest????

When a document of such importance is prepared it is expected that all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed and NO, I do not buy incompetence.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted- Using a weapon of mass destruction among 17 charges in indictment against Boston Marathon bombing suspect
What constitutes a weapon of mass destruction these days.!?...... I shake my head.

Yes, I have read through some of it.


  1. Nice job, Penny.

    "What constitutes a weapon of mass destruction these days."

    It's not the weapon, but who used it. When Israel or the USA use WMDs, they are not WMDs. But should anybody else even use a BB gun, that can be considered a WMD if the Israeli-Americans decide it is so.

    Interesting about the Russians and Tartus. I thought it very strange they would just up and leave. Replacing military people with civilian workers sounds more logical than just leaving.

    вот так

    1. Hey Bot Tak

      Was thinking how NATO/Israel's mercs are using 'weapons of mass destruction' every day in Syria and the US and company keep sending more of them.