Thursday, June 27, 2013

Russ Tice and the truth about NSA spying with James Corbett

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Mash Up: UN in Turkey, Syria Army gains, Sinai, Snowden & Dzhokhar Tsarnev Indicted

 Interesting Interview. With thanks to James Corbett @  The Corbett Report

NSA whistleblower Russ Tice joins us for an eyeopening hour-long interview on the real extent of the NSA spying scandal. Beyond PRISM and beyond metadata, we explore the facts of NSA spying: that every electronic communication is being copied and stored by the US government. We talk about the political implications of this information, including the almost limitless power for blackmailing that this power gives those in charge of the wiretapping. Tice also names names on who has been targeted by these wiretaps

 Second NSA whistleblower being ignored : James Corbett

 Interview transcript excerpt from link above

 So, some amazing things are going on right now behind the scenes and they’re not being reported on as Snowden sort of ‘takes the wind out of the sails’ of the NSA spying story. But people who are interested can go to for my own interview with Russell Tice the other NSA whistleblower who is being ignored in all of this.


  1. Jagger jabs Obama over NSA scandal

    "According to the Washington Post and other eyewitnesses at the sold-out show, Jagger stopped at one point to say to the crowd, “I don’t think President Obama is here tonight. . . . But I’m sure he’s listening in.”

    Other attendees tweeted during the show that Jagger’s mention of the president’s name prompted audible booing from the audience..."

    I wonder if Jagger's comment coincided with the band playing "Fingerprint File"? It's about guv snooping. Class Stones tune.

    вот так

    1. thanks bot tak
      will watch later
      saw the stones long ago, when Jagger was a much younger man
      and I was younger too
      Though Jagger is still older then me

  2. Here's the REAL story on Snowden and the NSA. Keeping in mind, the fact 70% of the NSA's work is handled by private corporations.

    1. Well since Snowden worked for Boozey Allen Hamilton (private)
      and yes I know it is Booz..
      that would make sense

  3. antony albanese is new deputy PM in australia: he also knows syria well lets hope this promises good for syrians

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